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On Sunday last, the Rev. Mr. Waite, of Bristol, preached two eloquent sermons at the Tabernacle Independent chapel, on the anniversary of that place of Divine Worship. Very full congregations attended, and evinced their approba- tion of the rev. gentleman's ministration by a fixed attention to the eloquence and beauty of the discourses, and by liberal col- lections at the close. A tea party was held at the Town Hall on Mon- day afternoon last, in celebration of the anniversary of the Tabernacle Independent chapel, in this town, on which occa. sion, R. Mullock, Esq, mayor, presided. The assembly was not very numerous, but the enjoyments of the evening were of the most pleasing kind, and afforded unmixed delight. The Rev. J. Waite, of Bristol, whose instruction of a musical class, comprising nearly every denomination of Dissenters in Newport, was lately attended with such striking results, ad- dressed the assembly in a speech replete with excellence o! style and appropriateness of matter; and was followed by the tuneful voices of a large number of the audience, in singing appropriate hymns to tunes selected for the occasion. The Mayor, the Rev. Mr Gillman, minister of the chapel, and the Rev. Mr Davies, of Highbury College, London, also delivered excellent speeches, which elicited much applause. The singing was marked by a high degree of excellence which, previous to the lectures of the Rev. Mr. Waite, in Newport, had never been a'.tained and the rich treat it afforded to all who listened, will long be remembered. The receipts on the occasion were to be added to a fund contributed by the ladies of the Taber- nacle chapel, towards the liquidation of the debt on that place of worship. We have been informed that a singing class, upon the Hullah system, as recently taught by the Rev. Mr. Waite, in this town, has been formed in the English Baptist Sunday school, Commercial-street. The class commenced on Wednes- day evening, and numbered upwards of fifty. Mr. Theophilus Morris,—one of the honorary secretaries of the Institute,—has kindly undertaken the office of teacher and there is no doubt but that under his able and excellent tuition, the class will speedily attain a mastery of the sweet science of singing. We hope the example thus set, will be followed by all the Sabbath schools in Newport. A potatoe of the prolific class, lately turned out a produce of eIghty. one, in a garden on Stow HIli. This was indeed "prolific." An accident of a frightful nature, but which, hap- pily, did not prove fatal, occurred on board a schooner lying at the Moderator wharf, in this port, on Tuesday evening last. It appears that the schooner Venus was discharging oats, and that John Boyce, one of the seamen belonging to the schooner, was upon a stage, erected for the purpose of carrying the cargo ashore. While employed upon this stage, which was at a great height above the deck, Boyce, by an accident, slipped his foot, and fell with terrible violence on the deck. When the poor fellow was picked up, it was discovered that his left arm was almost smashed, being broken in two or three places, and his skull was cut and bruised in a frightful manner. He was im- mediately taken to the Seamen's Hospital in Charles-street, and under the skilful treatment of the surgeon, there are hopes of his speedy recovery. At the last committee meeting of the Newport Mechanics' Institute, on Tuesday evening, it was resolved that immediate application should be made to several gentlemen in the town and neighbourhood, to deliver lectures to the members and friends of the Institute. It is somewhat surprising that in a district containing so many gentlemen with great abilities and much leisure, and a Mechanics' Institute with so large a num- ber of members, so few lecturers should be found anxious to disseminate their knowledge amongst the less.cultivated portion of society. We hope the applications about to be made, will be successfully met. DR. BAINES.—On Thursday morning last, the interment of the distinguished and much lamented Dr. Baines, the Bishop of Siga, took place at Prior Park, near Bath. It was one of the most solemn ceremonies ever performed in this part of the kingdom. REBECCA.—Mr. Bullen, of the firm of Bullen, and Co., the extensive toll contractors, has *5^ ft'W letter from this Amazon, informing him that she ao amiable family, will visit the Witch-tree Bridge ga ej|je p,ii' I near Morristown, some milss this side of Swansea, >ot pose of destroying that gate. Mr Bullen has repfl',e I to put the toll-house in a state of defence.. d the I Salmon has been unusually plentiful duri 0 present week. It has sold at 6d per lb. ■ x, CRICKET.—On Tuesday last, our )<tI^^ played a game with the officers of the 73rd, in which were victorious. The play was good on both sides. ^jjleoS are, we understand, in expectation of feceiving a from the Mohttiouth cliib. On Wednesday af troop of the 4th ligM marched into town, and retrained till yesterday they proceeded on their route to Ll'aridilo, in CAXTN* where they will he stationed to assist in checking tnE of Hebecca's family. on sOøl CAERLEON.—A FOUL LARCEJ: night last week a fowl-house belonging to Mr Will'* }31 of Ty-isha farmer, near Caerleon, was broken into, (|(0 chicken were stolen therefrom. The foul tj the heads of their prey, and left them there, bearing .W bodies to a yet undiscovered quarter. Depredations ° are becoming very prevalent in the neighbourhood. UsK,—On Monday night last, some M wretch trespassed upon the premises of F..JTD and wantonly destroyed a number of shrubs and HR" sincerely hope the offender may be discovered, AND iustice- .itute MERTHYR.—Never were we more DE» news from this town than this week. There is D? with the exceptiou of the iron trade, which is moving ifl* continually. The miners, by working 15 hours a earn more than 31s. per month. CYMBARGOED.—A lad, aged 11 years by the machine here on Saturday last. Accidental by the machine here on Saturday last. Accidental the verdict returned before William Davies. Esq., .A f11etJ DOWLAIS.^—It is perfectly true that j were discharged ftom these works, on Monday the Temperance and Discussion Meetings near Morlais Bridge, on Monday and Tuesday Sii Alcohol was defended by a Pep y darran pudd 0Q& posed by a Manchester peddlar. There was too r?UcCo»«D'e, condoct it with propriety, besides,' the place was GOOD AppETiTE.—" The tonic propertle ch to tained in Parr's Medicine invariably restores the t> healthy longing for food, it produces a good aPP _[ly envied, but so seldom enjoyed by the invalid the$e jj<M lating powers it possesses assist the stomach to pr°P' tbe5L« the food it receives the balsamic powers it bestows itfi tem, produce that delightful feeling of goodspints* sirable, and disposes both mind and body to healt >^1, everything under its influence soon wears a joyous jt>9 J the varied duties of life are performed with P^eas"[Vf 10$> j* dition contains a fine sedative quality and instead jto"1 weary nights, gives sound and refreshing sleep. 1* and bowels require it, it acts as the mildest and ,.c>1eS*}0( purgative, and by its cleansing powers t°ially dundancy of bile, and completely removes all oD^ „ the intestinal canal* At a meeting of the Hon. Company 0 ga(P berdashers, held in London, on Monday 'asl,1Vf0pifl(,l,l|.j VVatkins, formerly of the Rope Makers Arms, I was elected to the alms-house in that town, lacal) it death of Mrs. Morgan. Off. On Wednesday last a labourer in the einp Blakemore, Esq., M.P., whilst assisting to f fell from its summit to the ground and set shoulder. Mr. Millard, of Whitchurch, speedJlY i»jured limb. fM0"* On Monday last, Mr. J. Hill,jun.hallier> °|,jcl,,f,f mouth, whilst replacing a package on his cartj fOf(0 falling from it, on his return from Coleford to l place, fell from the shaft, and one of the vV',eC|'j5 f* I over his arm, it was broken in two places. 1° a„d called to the horses, who stopped on the insta° » prevented the cart, which was loaded with c° »s ke over his body, which it must otherwise have a°D « with his back against one of the wheels. lad On Wednesday evening last, as a Cavenner, whose parents reside at Abergavenoy»^tj0u5 1 to return home from Monmouth, he met cident in the following manner. The boy had J .efi% loading his caravan, with wool, and other g00 'a to putting his horses in the shafts, he displ»ce ftj0n at the back of the caravan, which sustained a p° o* u weight. He had no sooner done so, than turned, and crushed the poor boy with i's t|et' Assistance was immediately rendered hitn. yfloO found that one of his legs was broken. M Surgeon, promptly attended, and under hi youth is likely to do well. u On Wednesday laito a son of J. a was thrown from his horse, whilst leaping a \e»? le be when on the ground the horse of a companion 10 lid the same hedge, passed over hiin before 1 .g fat checked. The youth was instantly taken to .pjute^ residence but we believe he was not seriou81? cc^|,p On Sunday evening last, a fatal acciden J0^ to a child seventeen months old, the daugh e Watkins, of the Iiadnock road, Monmouth- jPgjl creature was in the charge of an elder child, P j adjoining timber yard, but unperceived by the <V leaned across a piece o. timber, over which 0 ^ys another log was suspended. On this log two bolble playing, who caused it to tilt, when it ro e pcV creature whom it crushed between the two j was extricated immediately but was much in j died a few minutes afterwards. are r' .jo* CHANGE OF THE MINISTity.-Ruir -disso political circles in London of the appr°aC ^be' of the Peel government. It is said t'iatrpjie di*,s'°5$ has already tendered his resignation* or0°n..ji Mr; O'Brien's motion, on Wednesday a de congratulation; no less than* 164 members by their votes, a want of confidence in t e P ment.) sO&e,iJgb' ACCIDENT -An accident, which occasion all Y» r' sternation, occurred in Broad-street, in this nesday last, when the four-wheeled phaeton O' able Archdeacon Wetherel, having been left by for a moment, opposite the door of Mr, B- a| pO" butcher, something in the shop frightened the a0lt°a^^ started off at full speed down Broad-street; person was in the carriage, but as it rolled bf road speed, the most anxious lears were entertal pjog spectators. Happily, the horse, instead of Kiogs-street, dashed straight towards the Pa'a pO*'$ off-wheel of the vehicle striking against the causing it to snap right in two. Happily aga '^5 jt I did not turn down Pipe-lane, but still jjf,| to the Palace-yard, and before it arrived 3 rjy met a waggon laden with vetches, the p the for, Stephens, of Hunderton, and leaping righ' "?o0t j01 was brought to a full stop and secured, thcr mischief. The carnage was somewha }ti) the horse, we understand, sustained some tn. eJ^e'aS/ but had it turned down Kings-street or ^acfit0 result could hardly have failed lo be most Hereford Journal. to The Marquess of Lansdowne has been The Marquess of Lansdowne has been a severe attack of the gout, which has con fl0es9' t house for the last few days. The noble mar" ^go happy to state, is much better. s0fl RUNNING MATCH.—An exhibition of1 on Monday morning last, near Alstone, be pedestrian,and a Birmingham man, calling d1 The match was stated to be for £ 5 a-side, an$ five miles, in and out, commencing at the the Lansdown gate, and terminating at f0( up Albion Inn. Although Warren kept the lea —oof j of three miles, it was pretty evident thait h,s ogth the race in hand, but was reserving hs a}xe^ at last, as he darted swiftly by him and arrive olop th ning post apparently not at all distressed,! aifli the five miles in thirty minutes and a » e cheers of a large concourse of spectators. up the contest in the last mile, and returned to the Albion Inn. A second match took P geo night at twelve o'clock, for 20s. a side, be ujch g Bit minghamite and a man named Barnafdi by the former. Distance half a mile in an 2 3 DESTRUCTIVE FIRE.-On Tuesday event by ije5 visite be$ j of Burton B^adstock, near Bridport, was v' useS> that caused the destruction of twenty-tw0 c0& other buildings and much property. 1')e at the Anchor Inn.. ;t, tbe t fl In anticipation of the winter assize f"- j in' trates and gentry of Dorsetshire have el?,eaCco",(1' ofl scription for providing a house and suitable 1 for Ihe Judges. ,M g«»'fd5jJ| THE CROPS.—The weather has, during gr 1 the week been highly auspicious for the gr°w powerful sunshine, with occasional show^' tjDg «Vi the necessary warmth and moisture for pr0 b'"0 and the Wheat plant, which has now been > time in the most forward district, has had » te j^ve able period for kerning to-day, however, Ve tj,e p' ja rain, with a falling barometer. RespectifS co0s' ^"Ltl1 pearance, and the probable yield, opinion# ar as J' variance; some persons describing the asPeC y»i• the extreme, whilst others that the ear ism no* ft*1 short and ill-formed, and therefore not l'ke spec'» t at tbe same time the plant is, in every other t 1 be healthy. This discrepancy in the reP°.r ij measure, be attributed to the difference wn' >c* pearance of the wheat in different l°ca^'j !.ie'reaJ()?ut kingdom collectively, there seems to be 1 pU|se< plaint in regard either to this crop, 0 imp'0* counts relative to barley do not by any roe Lane Express. y i