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REBECCA AND HER DAUGHTERS. Destruction of Llandiio-Itwnws, Mantel's Arms, and Ltaiivi- hangel Gates. CARMARTHEN, MONDAY, JULY 10, 1843.-0n Friday last, a mob of these lawless depredators assembled together, mustering about bne hundred strong in the neighbourhood of Nantgar- redig, about five miles from this town. They were on this oc- casion all disguised, and had their faces blackened, and wore something designed to imitate a turban. They were all dressed in smock frocks and carried with them various implements of destruction. Their first outrage commenced at lJandilo- Rwnws gate, which is attached to a bridge, called New Bridge, over the river Towy. This bridge was erected by the father of the late John Jones'; Estj., M;P., of Ystrad, for the conve- nience of the neighbourhood, and is private property. At the time of their approach to the bridge, two gentlemen from Car- marthen were fishing in the Towey on the meadow conti- guous to the bridge, and they were at once directed to leave the place at the peril of their lives. The appearance of the mob was so alarming, and their threats being expressed in language both determined and violent, the two anglers, conceiving no doubt that discretion was the better part of valour, immediately coiled up their lines arid departed under more than ordinary apprehension as to the result of the day's proceedings. At the same time, a respectable young man, a farmer of the name of Nicholls, happening to be on the spot, was placed underexa. mination and charged with having on some former occasion volunteered to become a special constable, with a view to aid in quelling the riots and depredations committed by this lawless tribe. He, however, did not escape so well as the gentlemen of the rod a..d fly, but had to endure the operation of a very severe hoise-whipping, after which he was allowed to depart. A man of the name of Lloyd, from Carmarthen, attempted to escape, but they pursued him and he shared the same fate. The course being clear, Mr. Lewis, the lessee of the tolla was the next object of attack. On Saturday week, Mr. Lewis had summoned a number of persons for refusing to pay toll in passing tie gAte in question, and this strongly excited their wrath. Lewis was brought out from the toll-house, and unfortunately having his horsewhip in his hand, he was at once overpowered, the whip in question taken from him, and most severely and violently beaten. Rebecca was not, however, content with this, but on his bended knees, she compelled him three successive times to swear by all that was sacred that he would never again have connection with the tolls or the turnpike gates requiring the payment of toll. Then came the scene of destruction, pickaxes, hatchets, crowbars, and saws were set in operation, and the gate entirely demolished. It is currently reported that Mr. Lewis resigned his lesseeship into the hands of the trustees on Satur- day last. An express was with difficulty sent down to Car- marthen, and about six o'clock the Dragoons were mounted and went off at a very rapid pace through Abergwilly to the scene of Rebecca's movements. Passing under Merlin's hill, which commands an extensive view of the vale of Towey, a shot was fired, which, it is supposed, was the signal ef the ap- proach of the soldiers, and for the dispersion of the mob, for on the arrival of the military, and although an active pursuit was made by them to trace their ietreat, nothing was discovered beyond the destiuction that had taken place. After the lapse of some hours, the dragoons made their way back to Carmar- then; but it is supposed there must have been spies placed in all directions, and this conjecture is by no means implorable, because nothing daunted they proceeded again to pursue their coarse of lawlessness, and destroyed the Mansel's Arms bar and toll house, the latter being a very strong building, and Llanvihangel gate, and part of the toll house, which is situate on the mail road toLlandilo immediately under Golden Grove, the seat of Earl Cawdor. The statements of several eye- witnesses are really of a very alarming nature, and the violent conduct as well as the threatening language of the Rebeccaites seemed to indicate their intention of carrying out their thieats, though it be at the sacrifice of life. How long this deplorable state of things is likely to last we can hardly guess. The ma- gistrates and military are using every effort in their power to bring the parties to justice, and it is to be hoped that that pe- riod is not now far distant. CARMARTHEN, TUESDAY, 2 P. M.—I have just heard that Rebecca ani family mustered about two hundred in the neigh. bourhood of Llanbyther and New Inn last night, and destroyed Penrallt gate, not far from tne lattei place, and also another bar. This renowned lady was, on this occasion, dressed gaily in female attire and sported a parasol. When the work of de- molition was complete, the party dispersed over the hills and were soon lost sight of.




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