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THE LATE PROCLAMATION VERSIFIED, My friends and my brothers, our army victorious, .Mas effected a purpose as useful as glorious I You remeiab?r that insolent fellow Mahmoud, Who, a Ttrj few thousand years after the Flood, Ran away with the sandal wood gates of Somnautb, To wur utter disgrace, and ovr infinite wrath wen, some folks may think that this terrible blow, Happening rather far off, and a long time ago, flight have slipped through a very great nation's greatmind, Jt Our notions of honour, had been less refined, And that, as you've contrived, ia a sort of a way To rub on, unavenged, until this time o'day, The matter might still be hushed up for the present, .Nor ended in anything very unpleasant 1 But, among the great names that with rr, cut a figure, Is an Irish Kkan called Sir Lucius O'Trigger, Whose strict code of honour appoints and commands, That so pretty a quarrel" should keep "as it stands!" And in fond imitation of him, we all try To have Great Britain's finger in every man's pie To return to the facts, we've revenged you at last! Your disgrace of eight hundred years' standing is past! We have put all those ra^al Afghans to the rout, VJ -4V? Mahmoud'sold tomb inside out, T-L '-J-1' 'low 'twould chuckle to see I he ridiculous tigure we've made of Ghuznee! Perhaps you imagine that this is the sum Of our <ropiiies and deeds—but the best is to come You surely have heard how, a short time ago, .»ur gorernment shook from its top to its toe, At the fearful exoloits of a Khan of gentility, Wno headed great part of the English nobility, In a series of dreadful municipal wars, W hen their spolia opima," were knockers, off door's. Seme envious wretches at home there may be W oo may think young Khan Waterford equal to me, But this answer I fling in the teeth of such mockers- My trophies are—doors, carried clean off their knoaier? 1 Receive, then, my brothers and friends, unde^d' Your sandal wood gates, which in fact ibe styled, In the words of a statesman whose !I'nse none infringes, The feature on which the who' question now hinges! Take your doors, but allow rjiC to hint. if you please, That your sexton henceforth take (jreat care of the keys, For should such an accident happen again, England ™'ght be, unwilling—1 say it with pain— j To waste blood and treasure—pohwhat do I say I A few nlillion pounds may be spared anv day. | T »k *c can !t ma,,er how much blood is spilt, j *n lp.c cause of religion economy's guilt! ad we feel, my dear friends, in our very heart's cores, What errors creep into a church—without doors Mv brothers and friends! I conclude with a prayer, j That Providence still may have me in its care, May inspire me still, for the good of all nations, I With a series of muoer-sublime proclamations, jVlay defend English arms from all checks and disgraces, A ad, abore all, keep India and me in our places! FROM ANACREON. THE* say, fair Niobe of ^ore Became a rock on Phrygia's shore


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