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nOVNOVTBSBIAE CANAX. NAVIGATION. WE. the undersigned, being Twenty.three of the Proptie W tors of the Monmouthshire Cana] Xavication, possessed of Five or more Shares each therein, do hereby CALL a SPE CIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Proprietors of the said Navigation, and we do hereby Give Notice thereof; And that such Special Assembly is to be hdd at the Canal Officf id the town of Newport, in the county of Monmouth, on WE ON ESDA y, the 1 wenty-fouith day of MAY next. at Ih, I hour oi Twelve o clock at Noon. for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of REDUCING the Rates. Tolls and Duties at present fixpd and payable to the said Companv »r °Pr,e^ors 0Q their Canals and Roads, or some of such Tolls, Rates, and Duties, and to carry ioto effect any resolu- tion that may then be come to on the subject. Dated 7th February, 1843. RICHARD BLAKEMORE, JOHN JENKINS, WILLIAM JEN KINS. EDWARD H. PHILLIPS. A. WADDINGTOX, THOMAS REECE. JAMES WILLIAMS, JOHN D. JENKINS, C. CONWAY. CHARLES PROTHERO, for himself and Co., Trustee, CHARLES LLEWELLIN, JOSEPH LATCH. WILLIAM KVANS, JAMK.S JVVNKINS, R, HERBERT. THOMAS FOVY LER, for himself and Co., Executor. JOHN BUTLER. ROBERT CARNE. THOMAS PROTHERO, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, THOMAS HUGHES, WILLIAM H. BEYAN, WILLIAM MOKGAtf. !A EMIGRATION "DIRECT from NEWPORT O _1:91 V08K.. THE FIRST CLASS, FAST SAILING BARQUE GREAT BRITAIN, q™ T OF NEWPORT, wnc °DS Thomas Shaxton, Commander, Will Sail on 01 about the 3rd day of March, 1843, Wind and Tutc v WeatAiev permitting. Th S00'J accommodation for Cabin Passengers. 1 he between d^fcs, of great height, will be fitted up with every comfort for a limited number of Steerage Passengers, and h'- an P'*cellent opportunity for Persons about to hmi- gra e, this the most eligible time of the year for making a QUICK pas-JAGE_ p NO CHARGE FOR PASSENGERS' LUGGAGE. F .,f further particulars appty to EDWARDS, ROGERS, X CO. (late John Corner, & Co.,) Ship Brokers, Corn-street, or Mr. JOSEPH LATCH, Commercial-road. TO BB LET, WlfH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A HOUSE, situated in the most healthy patt of Newport There is a laige Walled Garden attached, w»'i stocked with fruit trees. Coach-house, stabling, and every possible convenience for a respectable family. It commands a beautiful view of Newport and the surrounding neighbourhood. Apply to MR. O DWYEK, Office. February 10, 1843. TO timber MI: RCIIA NTS, &c. f O BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A LL those extensive TIMBER and BONDED YARDS, OFFICE, Stc., situate near the Canal, and opposite the Tredegar Wharf, Newport, lttely in the occupation of the late Jones, Jones, Phillij.s,_and Cu.. 1 imber and Slate Merchants. Application to be made to E. PRITCHA RD, Auctioneer tad House Agent, Commercial-stieet, Newpoit. NOTICE. EDWARD R nlTCHARD Respectfully informs the public that the SALE OF DRA- PERY, advertised to take place at the Scotland House, Newport, on MONDA Y, FEB. la. is unavoidably UPOSTPOIffiD NTIL MONDAY, Feb. 20. 1843, »-J 'allowing days until the whole is disposed of, in consequence ol the pro- prietors not having sufficient time l? make the ProPer arrange- ments necessary, in the allotting °> tlie extensive Stock whic» wiii be then offered, comp-^me a splendid and expen»Vve as Sortment of SILK MERCERY, DRAPERY, WOOLLEN CLOI HS. HOSIERY, HABERDASHERY, &c., the whol of which has been purchased within th# '.ast three years, at the first London houses, at cash price and in consequence of Mr Davies retiring from business, »'ue whole must be sold without reserve. I Sale to commence precisely at 12 and 6 0 clClck euch day. Particulars appear in hand-bills. MONMOUTH UNION. WANTED, in the above Union Workhouse, a respectabit W Woman, to undertake the situation of Nurse. She will also beexpected to make herse'* inerally useful. Salary, ,02 a-year, and the maintensr-* bouse. Applications, wh "isinnr s to character and ability, must be sen' -:1<: Clcik N 'û,fi:> in the Workhouse, on 01 before T" o:' March next, as theGuar- "eu to .!1t' Ktion on Friday, the 3rd to atteiWthe Board on the da) 9th Feb., 1843. NOTfCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT JOHN DIX, of the Lower Swan Inn, in the town of Abergavenny, in the county of Monmouth, has, by an Indenture bearHg date the 3rd February ins-ant, assigned all Estate aud Effects unto JAMES WILLIAM JONES ol tbe same place, maltster, in trust for the benefit of hiscreditors •k.1. «co„„u ,tre.„d J, Jo^ Abergavenny, February 7th, 1843^^ -^NES, Solicitor. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, Trustees^ th^A(RAL ANN'LTAL MEETING of the at Newbridge Inn inth^T TurDp>ke Trust, will be held ««"L-r"'1!- ou! the account" of'he^aKi TrusT™^f°' t'"6 pUrpose °f aud,,in8 :Sdi»r.r,rTteJ;T Eieht Hundred and K y °* ^ecen,ber, One Thousand to the said Trust. -orty-tw°. and on other business relating Dated this *Vi0th day of February, 1843. D. WILLIAMS, Clerk to the said Trustees. TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. -a W. WAD MAN, bhass and cock founder, BEER AND SPIRIT ENGINE MAKER, BEGS to inform his numerous Fiiends and the Public ge- nerally that he is enabled to offer Beer Engines, &c.. ]ownp««fIk A" lhan the usual Pnce* on account of the wi» show dlfferent ""trials, as the following list of prices Three-motions, complete, with splendid carved case *8 0 d() 1 nree aitto, pUm case 7 10 0 Four-motions, with splendid carved case, complete 11 0 0 Four ditto, plain case 10 10 0 Five-motions, with splendid carved case 14 0 0 ttveditt0.ptaiocase. 13 10 o With tweaty feet of pipe to each motion. Old Engines taken in Exchange, or Repaired.—The most experienced Workmen sent to any part of the country. Manufactory, No. 4, BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL, four Doors from the Welsh Back. N.B. Sole Agent for DOCKREE'S PATENT GAS BUR- NERS, Saving of 17j percent. TAIX VALB RAILWAY. GENERAL HALF rEARLY MEETING. NOfICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT th. Dut GE.VER\L lULF YEARLY MEET. ING of the Proprietors of t. is ( ompany will be held, to thQ Act ot Parliament, at the A KutL Inn, Cardiff. on TUESDAY, the Twenty-first day of February, 1843, at 0.. o dock precisely. Signed, i J. J. GUEST, Chairman. NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, Thettbe Books kept for the Registration ot TRANSFERS jrjll be CLOSED from W EDNESDA Y, the 15th day of Fe' Druary, until after the holding of the said General Half-yearly MHltflg. By order, ♦ WILLIA w BURGESS, Secretary Railway OSes, Cardiff, Jan. 31st, 1843. CARDIFF. VALtrABLZ GBOCERYBVSZXEIS FOR SALE MenN. BRADLEY, BARNARD, CO., A«S DIBICTED BY TJ1E TRUSTEES, TO DISPOSE OF BY TENDER, On TUESDAY, the 14th day of February, 1843, at Eleten o'clock in the Forenoon, THE Valuable BUSINESS of Mr.*George Gowek, Gro- cer, Tea Dealer, flid Chandler, Duke-street, Caidiff. The Stock is comparatively small in amouut, the Fixtures .d Utensils are exceedingly good. The Trade, which is both wholesale and retail, has been established for many years, and the returns very considerable. The Shop is in the leading Street of the Town. To be viewed, with all particulars, the whole of the 13th instant; meanwhile, apply either to Mr. M. PERKINS, So- |j«»or, Bristol; Mr. J. H. LANG LEY, Cardiff; or at the Otfaes of the Brokers, in Bristol or London. TITUS commission. t notice. TI Commissioners for England and Wales, hereby tlw RYnt fniir1,? C°py of t,,e ^'aft Apportinnment of th« n»M«h of i r aSr^ed to be paid in lieu of Tithes, in £ lSh hLu ri)EVV Y RYTHERCH, in the count^ ot cupation of MV^iiiuS°wm-#t C™HT ju lfhe °,c' Inspection of all Persons?n i'aT^n ? P,a"sh; ,f?r ,h<; j." j ihe^aid parish. interested in the Lands or 1 ithes of ~T~Vchtefor^ommii°ia?r8 farther Give Notice, that, pursuant >r 'for thk pur pose 0f heari'n, ° Tu11,es-a Meeting will be holden tof the inrQded, ip: •aehTteetinc will be held at the Anopj > an^ ,'ia -1 -• ROBfiRx GABB, Valuer. 13# ,I IJ I' In XO SB XiST, i WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, AN EXCELLENT SHOP AND PRE MIS E S, in 41 RRIDGF-STREET. Apply loT. PH1TCHARI). F.SQ.,19. gtow.Hill. GUANO OOWgyAwTLY ON SAiiB. A PPLY to the Importers, G1 BBS. BRIGHT, and CO., C3L28, Orchard street; or at BUSH and CO.'S Warehouses, Baldwin-ftreet, Bristol, where it may be seen. FOREST or OBANS FREEHOLD COAL iHIXES FOR SALE. Offeiing an opportur.-ty for Investment of Money, in a Minera property of extent aad intiinsic value rarely submitted to public competit on. In the month of May next will be offered FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Auction Mart, in London (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), 4 LL those extensive and valuable Collieiies or Coal Mines lY. situate in the Forest of Dean, in the county of Gloucester called or commonly known by the na-rjc nf '3K FV;> Ruy?L°; p .UK KNIJ i\l A I BROOK HALL DITCHES, IVY MOOR HEAO, V\ rill K L) YS. and BIRCHES WELL; logether with all Levels, Cuts, Water-courses, Pits, and v.ans and a No all Roads, I ram RoaJs. and Railways, Steaii' Engines, and Machinery; and all Woiks and Implements ol Mining and of andaboutthe same Col lieiies, or C oal Mines, Levtls, and Premises 1 he Collieries are of a most prodcciive description, and the veins of cral (winch aie of a quality unequalled ) are solid and inexhaustible. Three pits are now in active woik. The Col- lieries possess invaluable loc;ii advantages, and may be de- scribed as a most perfect mineral property. harly in March an advertisement, containing a pnrticalnr description of the above valuable p'operty, will appear, and atter that time, plans, shewing the workings of the several mines, and disiinguishins the respective seams or veins of coal, with proper tables oi elevations, specific gravity, &c.. and otlie. pirticulais. may be obtained on application to Messrs. PKRING, MINF.T. and SMITH, Solicitors, Lau- rence Pountney Place, London Messrs. ISAAC COOKE anfj SO NS. Solicitors, Bristol; Me>sis. J A M ES and WIN1LE, Solicitors, Newnham and Mi. PAUL, Solicitor, Exeter. NO TIME TO BE LOST. rnHE Seventh of M^rch being so verv near ihe Sale at £ 1 — close- and a h'Sher rale h* established very soon HEINE BROTHERS having rem,-ted dunng a Ve! S i tune very large amounts of Money Dividends to their Corres pondents in Great Britain and Ireland Dividends or ?■> nfiO £ '13.000, £ & 000, £ 5 l»00, and £ 3 000 to 1-.ndon K> &*■,«* di;b,r''1 »•<«'» imST? A™; i l>everley £ 3,600 lo Halifax +* on/^ U u £ 900 and £ 6 )0 to Manches- \nn h- ^•'St Kelford. Nottinghamshire; £ t00 to Colne, ta""5h,r"; £ 700 to Ryde. Isle of Wight; £ 000 to Cu.k u,;0 Bradford; and £ 600to Bideford. &c„ i*c they betr call the A II EN 1 ION of those desirous to obtain larze \ioney tne APPROACHING EIGHTEENTH KIBU' 1TON OF LI'IJEC, GUAR \N'l'EED BY THE ti0V hRNMEN 1. 1 his Distrihuuon offers the possibility of obtaining MORE THAN f23 000 upon One Share. 2 400 oi t .e Shares obtain Money Dividends of £ 1 Puce of 1 Shaie £ 2 Shares £ 1. 3 Sharr M 5 .tares £ 5. 6 Shares £ 6, T Shares £ ,'res £ 9, 10 Shares £ 10. Diiect for Shar HEINE BROTHERS, at LUIlt" a* The full prospectus with GRATIS, upon addressing a LAST OF &' ? r -■H.IH3 Ur- J.. "•<; 'oJ- i:' '1 I r1' CO-. nee he con. ven years), has now those who may wish to L. p\ete his present ndmehovs enl Visit until SATURDAY, the it ^•iiiod he may be CONSULTED md TUESÐA Y, at the Angel HoTFL. t%u WEDNESDAY and lllUHSOAY, at the 'OTti., Newport, (at Private Apartments); and on i id SATURDAY, at Mr. Powell's (plumber), reet, Monmouth. Attendance from Ten to Five. From Mr. L. Mi's extensive and well-known practice at his ■ 1 -established town residence (No. 12 Betners-stieet, Oxford reet, where patients can always be attended) lie is enabled to oTor his country Patients advantages never yet attainable ex- pt in the metropolis. The whole of the mechanical depait- iient is designed by himself and ext-cutt-d on the premises, by hich means an accurate and sure fit is guaranteed. all p;es- ,!ire on the gums avoided, and the teeth aie made to answer all purposes of masticati n and aiticulaiion, and are worn with .•erlectease and comfoit upon the most tender gums, without t'<tractingthetemain)ng stump?. Mr. L. M. »* «« ihat. from extensive alterations 11ft tniprMemeMsTMt finislit4i in the mechanical department, 1m is ea^hM to reduce hin Charges very considerably, so as to bring the aId of the Dentist within the reach of all parties. l lr. M. s new I y invented incorrodilile I eetli never change •Mioiir from the effects of medicine or ill healih, and assimilate so closely to nature as to defy deieciion by the clo-est observer. Natural and Artificial I eeth of every description fixed, tr..m ,t singf-, l ootli to a complete set. without wiies or ligatures ol day kind. Scaling, Stopping, Children's Teeth attet,d,d, and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery. Consultation4 t ree, and specimens shown in every stage of preparation. Mr. L. M.'s references combine very many of the most influ- eiitial families (his patients) resident in the county, and the Medical Profession generally. 4potistant attendance at Town Residence, No. Berners- street, Oxford-street, where Patients can alwavs be attended "d letters addressed will meet with immediate attention. I CHARGES AS IN I OWN. February 1 Ith, 1843.




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