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SEIZURE OF POWDER.-We announced last week an extensive seizure of powder, the adjudication on which, was to take place yesterday. There were two informations laid, under the 12th of Geo. III., chap. 61, sec. 11, one of which was gone into but as the decision of the magistrates was post- poned till this day, we defer giving a report till next week.- A charge for assault was preferred by Mr. Watkin Richards, Harbour-master, who laid the foregoing informations, against Mr. O'Reilly, one of the consignees, for attempting to rescue some of the powder, while in course of removal from the vessel; but Mr. O'Reilly having admitted the assault, and expresed his regret, the complaint was dismissed on payment of costs. THUNDER STORM.—We have this week to record the occurrence of a thunder-storm, which has not been equalled in violence by any which has occurred within the memory of the oldest inhabitant. On Tuesday evening last, when our fellow-townsmen were retiring to rest, the sky looked overcast and cloudy but in the dead of the night they were awoke by such a storm as, happily, but seldom visits this part of the kingdom. Thunder pealed and lightning flashed to such a degree, that we believe most people were obliged to leave their beds; but, fortunately, we have not heard of any evil conse- quences in the town. The rain poured in torrents, and we understand, between two and three o'clock in the morning, flowed several inches deep along Commercial-street Corn street, and the other avenues leading towards the canal, were completely torn up by the torrent.-On Thursday evening, we were visited with another awful storm, and, as it occurred at an earlier hour, we had an opportunity of witnessing it for some time. It commenced about half-past eight, and continued till past midnight, the hoiizon being nearly the whole of that time a sheet of lambent fire. The thunder was not so loud as on the previous occasion, but sufficiently so to create great alarm. There has been no damage done in the town or immediate neighbourhood, but we have heard that, by the storm of Wed- nesday morning, considerable injury was sustained at Nanty- tyglo, Ebbw Vale, and that neighbourhood, and also that the tower of Bettws Church had been injured by the electric fluid. We have also been informed, that a vessel named the Somerset, which left this port on Thursday evening, bound to Bridgwater, went down in the Channel. We have heard accounts concern- ing this vessel which we hope the next arrivals will discredit, and therefore we abstain for the present from giving them. NEWPORT MONTHLY MARKET.—Our market on Monday last was large, and there was much business done. Whatever was fat and good went off freely. Beef met a ready sale at from 6d. to 6Jd. per lb. store cattle, in good condition. sold at high prices cows and calves not in such request as at late markets, but nevertheless sold well. There was a greater number of sheep and lambs, than at any market this season, and very few remained unsold. Good mutton realised from 6d. to 6jd. per lb. Of store sheep there was not a brisk sale there were many Irish, and what were sold brought good prices. There was a full market of lambs from 6Jd. to 7d. per lb. The pig market was rather scarce; very few fat ones not many Irish. Good pork brought about 8s. 6d. per score and store stock sold well. NEWPORT RACES.—We are happy to hear that the spirited patrons of the Turf in our neighbourhood, are de- termined to continue and still better to improve our races, so well begun last yeer. The meeting will take place shortly afier the l'ontypool races and from the names of the sub- scribers, and the reputation of the horses which are ready to be entered, we doubt not that our races will rival the best in this part of the kingdom. On the 12th inst., Le Chevelier Bunsen, Privy Councillor, and late Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plene- potentiary of his Majesty the King of Prussia, to the Court of Rome, received the honorary title of LL.D., from the Univer- sity of Oxford. An account of Coal and Iron brought down the Monmouthshire Canal and Tram-Road, in the week ending June 15th, 1839 :— COAL. IRON. Canal (ons. 1760 tons. Tram-Road 10663 tons. 993 tons. Total. 12037 2753 Un Tuesday the 11th inst., the members of the Magor Benefit Society, held their second anniversary at the Wheatsheaf Inn. After attending divine service at the Church, they returned to the inn, where an excellent dinner had been provided by Mr. Bevan, the worthy host. It was very pleas- ing to observe the kind feeling which seems to exist in that neighbourhood between the employers and their dependents- many influential gentlemen, and the greatest portion of the most respectable farmers, having gratified the society with their company at dinner. The chair was taken by Richard Baker, Esq., of Llanvihangel Court, who presided in his usual able style. Among the company were the Rev. David Jones, Rev. James Yarworth, James Thomas, Esq., surgeon, James Hodges, Esq., John Hodges, Esq., Richard Williams, Esq., Mr. James Hodges, jun., Mr. Musgrove Mr. Williams, 1\lr. Christopher, Mr. G. Lewis, &c.-The evening was spent very delightfully. Several capital songs were sung by the Chairman Mr. George Lewis, of Chepstow; Mr. Hodges Mr. Stephens, of Chepstow. The society is fast approaching to two hundred in number: they can boast of all excellent band of music, and their flags and banners were much admired. On Thursday evening, as the Rev. A. Wyatt was returning from a short distance into Monmouth, in his gig, accompanied by a servant who was driving his horse, the ani- mal took fright when near the church-yard, and instead of turning either on the right or the left at Mrs. Lambert's corner, he dashed impetuously forward into Mr. Diggett's shop, taking with him one of the door posts, and smashing seven or eight panes of glass, besides otherwise injuring the lower part of the front of the shop. The driver jumped out, but we believe Mr. Wyatt was thrown, though we are happy to say that neither was seriously hurt. The shafts of the gig were broken, and thp vehicle much injured, as was also the horse. It fortunately happened that no one was passing the pavement or the crossing, at the time, or a serious accident would have occurred. LITHOTOMY. — This dangerous operation has again been successfully performed by Thos. Jackson, Esq., sur- geon, of Tredegar Iron Works, upon a little boy, aged eight years, (on the 30th ult.) the son of Mr. Rogers, of LUnelly, Breconshire. The poor little fellow has been suffering from the effects, for the last six or seven years he is now fast re- covering from the operation. On Thursday night, the town and neighbourhood of Monmouth was visited with a thunder storm of long con- tinuance. The claps of thunder were incessant and appalling and the vivid and successive glares of lightning, kept the atmos. phere in repeated intervals of light, equal to that of noon. Never was the somewhat hackneyed expression more realised, that the oldest inhabitant cannot remember so awfnl a visita- tion." Monmouth Wool Fair took place on Tuesday last. The quantity of wool pitched was somewhat greater than has been brought to Monmouth, for the last few years the price may be quoted at from 18s. to 19s. per stone. The cattle fair was thinly attended fat beasts obtained a ready sale at 6Jd. per lb. sheep and lambs, 6!d steers were in demand, at good prices. Pigs: but little fluctuation in recent averages— Horses were too few to allow a quotation. The pleasure fair was fuller than ordinary—though ordinary enough in its lead- ing characters. A sprinkling of the swell mob attracted the vigilance of the police but we heard of only one instance in which they successfully plied their vocation—and in this case an unsuspecting countryman was filched of the sum of £17. On Wednesday last, a meeting took place of the visitors of the Free-school, at Monmouth, when, it being the termination of the scholastic duties of the half-year, prizes were adjudged to the following pupils — Upper School, 1st class, Robert Shaw, Thomas Williams 2d class, Edward Giles 3rd class, John Fuller.—Lower School, 1st class, William Mor- gan; 2d class, William Addis; 3d class, William Williams. live additional lads were received on the foundation. The visitors present were the Rev. T. Williams, chairman J. Mor- gan, T. P. Simmons, Esqrs.; and the Rev. Mr. Dighton.— Mr. Simmons gave notice of his intention of resigning his office of visitor; and recommended for his successor, the Rev. Mr. Roberts, vicar of Monmouth, which was unanimously approved and entered on the minutes. On Monday last, whilst a young man of the name Francis Richards, in the employ of Mr. James Powell, painter, &c., Monmouth, was engaged painting a shute on the house of the Rev. Mr. Parry, of Trelleck, the ladder on which he was standing, broke, and precipitated him from a height of 15 feet to the ground. The poor fellow fell on a paint tin, which was bent together from the force of the concussion. He is very much injured by the accident. On Saturday last, a woman decently attired, and giving her name Eliza Richford, was charged before the ma- gistrates at Monmouth, with uttering base coin, knowing it to be counterfeit. The prisoner offered two half-crowns in suc- cession to a market woman, for a trifling purchase, and whilst they were debating the matter, Sergeant Fuller, upon hearing the conversation, took her into custody. He immediately caused her to be searched, but nothing being found on her person, Fuller made his fair captive assume an open countenance," when a half-crown and a shilling dropped from her mouth. The prisoner was committed for trial: she was in Fuller's cus- tody on a similar charge about 10 years ago. On the same day, John Dakins was convicted before the same magistrates, for being drunk and disorderly, and for assaulting Fuller in the execuiion of his duly. He was fined 10s. and costs. Committed to Monmouth County Gaol, on the 15th inst., by C. Marriott, and T. Oakley, Esqrs. Eliza Rich- ford, charged with uttering counterfeit coin. RARA AVIS.—Last week was shown at the White Horse Inn, Abergavenny, a perfectly white crow, which had been found by Mr. Vaughan, timber merchant, of Longtown, in a nest with three black ones. Very unfortunately it was struck by him on the head with a stick, and killed.



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