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jfoteígn intelligence. FRANCE. On Tuesday the debate on Spanish affairs in the Chamber was resumed. The speeches of Thiers and Guizoi, the chief orators of each party, lay open the systems of policy upon which they have acted respec- tively. M. Thiers's speech is food for meditation; the effect which it will produce is not momentary, nor upon the hearer merely. M. Sauzet made an able speech. Speaking of the Quadruple Treaty, he said—"It meant an alliance between the four constitutional monarchies of Europe for their mutual support. The Monarchs of the North and E-tst had intervened and arranged politi- cal affairs as it pleased them in Germany and Italy. The Quadruple Treaty was signed to ai)ow the mo- narchies of the West to act on self-preservation by doing the same. You signed the treaty, and you fear to exe- cute it. It is perilous, forsooth !—you tremble-you abandon it. Shame be to two great nations if such be their motives, their faith, and their deeds! If Don Car- los become King at Madrid, will you intervene to de- throne him? You cannot, having let pass the time for preventinu his success with infinitely less efforts and ex- pense. Why, then, you must acknowledge him. You durst not; France would not permit you. As to the Quadruple Alliance the use you have made of it has been to give promises aod break them; excite hopes in tttthdftMf I have made it a great meanness and a great lie." Odillon Barrot and Mauguine followed on the same side. AH the argument was on the side of the opposition; the speeches of ministers abounded with sophisms and pre- tences they had not even the air of reality. The true reason for the conduct of Government was not stated by them that reason was that the present constitution of Spain, tempered as it was, was still based on the princi- ple of the sovereignty of the people. This the Doctri- naires could never forgive or acquiesce in. They wanted to let the present system petish in Spain by hypocriti- cally pretending to tolerate it.