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Monmouth.—The Ball at the Beaufort Arms, on Thursday evening last, must be highly gratifying to those who take an interest in the revival of that social intercoure between the gentry of the town and its vicinity, which once rendered additional charms to a residence in a neighbourhood so rich in the beauties of scenery. The assembly was highly respectable and brilliant, comprising the elite, both as to fashion and beauty, within many miles of the town. About 130 ladies and gentlemen were piesent, and nothing was omitted to render the night joyous. The stewards, Major Marriott and Mr. Cobb, were indefatigable in their polite at- tentions to the company. The supper displayed the best de- licacies of the season, and the arrangements the good taste of Mrs. and Mr. Whiting. The band from Hereford did their duty well, and dancing did not terminate till near five o'clock. On Tuesday last, great excitement was caused amongst the Reformers of Monmouth, by the unexpected announce- ment of the intention of our much esteemed member, B. Hall, Esq., to decline coming forward as a candidate, in the event of a dissolution of Parliament. Notice of a meeting to be held at the Bell Inn, on tbe same evening, was immediately given for the purpose of deciding upon the proper steps to be taken on the existing emergency. This was accordingly held, and, considering the short notice which was given, the meet- ing was well attended. Mr. Thackwell was called to the chair, who briefly explained the cause of their assembling up- on that occasion, regretting the decision Mr. Hall, had deemed it his duty to come to, but expressing a hope that the meeting would concur with himself in their determina- tion to give their votesto no candidate who may present him- ^^jillLoJVji dissolution of Patliament^but one who should prwss Jfimilar prTncipTes, and possess quatifies worthy tbtrmen-'who have beeu so well represented by Mr. Ilall. Mr. Thackwell, then eulogised the highly honouiable, patriotic, and consistent conduct of Mr. Hall, during his caieer as re- presentative of these boroughs, and concluded by calling on Mr. George, to propose the resolutions which had been pre- pared. Mr. George, after some appropriate observations, ac- cordingly moved This meeting deeply regret the determi- nation of Mr. Hall, not again to become a candidate for the representation of the Monmouth Boroughs, it being their unanimous opinion that Mr. Hall has, throughout the whole of his parliamentary career, mosl scrupulously adhered to the principles which he avowed when he first solicited their suffrages acting upon all occasions as a faithful representa- tive of the people, and ever mindful of the local interests of the boroughs." This resolution was seconded by Mr. T. Swift. It was also resolved" That the Chairman be re- quested to tender Mr. Hall the unqualified thanks of the meeting, for his conduct as their independent representative." It was also further moved, by Mr. E. Richards, seconded by llr. r. Powell That a Committee of Electors (twelve of whom were named) with power to add to their number, be appointed for the purpose of co-operating with the indepen- dent electors of Newport and Usk, in making arrangements to secure the freedom of the boroughs, in the event of a dis- solution of Parliament, and that the electors now present, pledge themselves to support a candidate of liberal princi- ples. These resolutions having been carried unanimously, the meeting broke up, fully prepared again to fight the battle of independence under the hitherto victorious banners of reform. We record with much pleasure the best thanks of the poor of Rockfield, to their benevolent and kind-hearted be. nefactor, R. Willis, Esq., of Monmouth, for his usual do- nation of winter necessaries. On Thursday last, a writ of inquiry was held at the County Court, Monmouth, for the purpose of deciding upon the merits of a demand which was instituted by Phillips, v. Thomas. The claim was for a sum of 113 17s 8d, which the plaintiff alleged to be due from the defendant for beer and refreshment furnished to his men by the defendant's order. The defence attempted to be established, was a set off, but failing to prove it to the satisfaction of the jury, a verdict was given for the plaintiff for the amount claimed. Mr. John Roberts, the efficient police-officer, of Pon- typool, having heard that two men, named James Gould and Henry Stokes, were apprehended in Bristol, having in their possession a horse and a bundle of women's wearing apparel, upon suspicion of their having stolen the horse, which they slated they had taken foradebtofapersoninthe neighbour- hood of Pontypool, and the bundle they had picked up on the road, he immediately caused an inquiry to be made, whether any horses were lost, and ascel tained on Sunday morning that two were missing-one belonging to Mr. James Bevan, of £ 9ol, and the other to Mr. James Kemtys, of Gelly Pisty Farm, near Pontypool he also found that Stoke had worked for Keme)s, and Gould for Bevan, for a short time. The horses were stolen on the night of the 10th instant, and he found that Stokes and Gould were not seen about there after the 10ih, Roberts started for Bristol on Monday morn- ing, and recognised the men, and also the horse, as being 'he one lost by Bevan. The bundle of clothes Stokes stole from a young woman named Elizabeth Williams, who lives near Kemeys. They were on Thursday brought before Digby Mackworth and James Hunt, Esqrs., at the Panteague Petty Sessions, and were committed to Monmouth Gaol on both charges, to take their trials at the next Assizes. J. Roberts thinks that Kemeys's mare will be found near the Passage; as she was Jame they did not take her over the water. She is a brown mare, aged, and in foal has a white mark on one of the hind legs, and is about 13 hands high. Stokes and Gould are natives of Somersetshire, and had been at Pontypool abeul two months. Newport POLlCE Office.— Monday, Jan. 16.—Before John Frosi and Joseph Latch, Esqrs.:—William Flint, mas- ter of the Emma, for wilfully and negligently damaging the George, of Newport. Damages five guineas, and costs.— John Bibb, master of the Caravan of Cork, for wilfully and negligently damaging the brig Jane, of Plymouth. Poxtypooi. Police.—January 13th.—Before Capel Han- bury Leigh, Esq., Ann Phillips was charged by George Daniel David Davis with using threats towards him, inas- much that he is afraid she will do him some bodily injury, committed for refusing to enter into a recognizance with two sufficient sureties to keep the peace for three months.— George Hughes, charged with being drunk and riotous in the town of Pontypool-convicted in 5s and costs. At a Petty Sessions at the New Inn, Panteague, on Wed- nesday, the 18th January, before Digby Mackworth and James Hunt, Esqrs., Edward Herry, charged by John Saun- ders with using violent threats towards him—entered into a 10 keeP.11'* peace for six months.— Wi liam Iruuams, charged with refusing to pay amount of wages due to James Edmunds—ordered to pay 13s 9d and costs.—James and Thomas Lewis, charged with refusing to pay wage due to James Edmunds—ordered to pay 15s 3d, and costs.— u Pavi. re,aiier of beer in the parish of Trevethin, charged with keeping his house open for the sale of beer before one o clock oa Sunday—convicted in 40s.—John Wo»<«., John Watkin$,jun., and Eian Jordan, cfrsr^scl witfi' a £ StTu.T- ing George Smith, in the parish of Trevethin—dr^cMnrged.— Edward Oeory for refusing to pay wages to Joseph Chu/y and Isaac Jsf'e'i^s—.ordered 10 piy £ 4.2s 6d and costs.- P,t ti-ici; Furtou, charged VT?fh" a'fra&ftfffg Jeremiah Lehan, in the parish of Trevethin—cotivictecf iff Is Frid costs,—Jacob Wil- liams, Edward Hurtcorth, and Joseph Po'rh'i. cbargtd with using dogs for the purpose of killing game in !<i £ plfrfsh of Goyirej—all pleaded guilty, and convicted in 10s 6d and cù'sls.-lItnri/ Stokes and James Gould, brought in the cus- tody of ^oh'n H?U, sergeant of police, from Biistol, charged witii stealing s* h'or^e, tlfe property of James Bevan, of Ponty- pool, and also chads'? stealing a quantity of wearing apparel, the property of ftlafj esmmitted to take their trial at the ensuing assizes. Commitments TO Monmouth COUNTY GAC'T.JAFI. 18, by Pigby Mackworth, and James Hunt, Esqrs., James G&iild, and Henri! charged with stealing sundry articles of wearing apparel, the pttmrty of Mary Williams, of Treve- thin. On the same day, the afcfve were also committed on a charge of stealing a gelding, the proper'^ Of James Bevan, of Trevethin. Commitments to Usk HOUSE OF CORRFCTTO-Jaiii 7th, Henry Morgan, by C. H. Leigh and James Hunt, Esqrs., charged with assaulting Thomas Walkins, of Monythusloyne —2 ifionths' imprisonment, or pay £ 3. 4s fine and costs 9th, Jacob Edwatdt, by C. H. Leigh Esq., charged with stealing, in the town of Pon(ypoif){ sis pounds of beef, the property of Mr. Morgan Edmonds; t\tthi Charles Card, by J. H. Pritchard, Esq., charged with stealing a silver watch, the property of William Fletcher, of Carleon ISlfr, Arm Phil- lips, by C. H. Leigh, Esq.—Three months, or find safeties for using violent threats towa.ds the Rev. G. D. D. Davis, of Mamhilad. On Tuesday last the convicts were removed from the House of Correction Usk, vii., Francis Bor/meand Thomas Howarth, for life Andrew Bourne, for seven years; James Phillips, for fourteen years.