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MARKETS. CORN EXCHANGE, MARK LANE. Monday, February 11.—Our supplies have been, since this day se nnight, of English wheat, barley, malt, and flour, as also Irish oats (29,013 quarters,) great; of Irish and Scotch wheat and flour, English oats, beans, and peas, and Scotch oats, moderately good of seeds, from all quarters, but limited of any kind of foreign corn or flour, none. This day's market was, for that of a Monday, particularly in the early part of it, thinly attended both by London and country buyers and, as most of these seemed disposed to deal sparingly, except at a reduced currency, trade was, consequently, with each kind of corn, but more especially grinding bailey and oats, as also malt, pulse, seeds, and flour, exceedingly dull, at nearly last week's prices. Current Prices of Grain, per imperial quarter.-English Wheat, 45s to 61s; Rye, 32s to 35s Barley, 21s to 34s Malt, 35s to 60s; White boiling Peas, 36s to 42s Grey Peas, 32s to 34s Small Beans, 34s to 36s Tick Beans, 28s to 32s Potatoe Oats, 19s to 23s; Poland Oats, 16s to 20s; Feed Oats, 12s to 18s: Flour. 40s to 50s.-Rapeseed, new, f21 to £ 25 per last.—Lin- seed, 011-cakefl 1. 00s to £11. lis per 1000. Account of Wheat, 5fc. arrived in the Port of T.ondoJi, during the Week ending February 2, 1833. Ors Wheat- ( Barley. ( Malt. ( Oats. Beans. Peas. 8,018 6,730 | 4,798 39,632 2,077 | 1,226 Flour, 7,866 sacks, and barrels. Imperial Average Price of Corn and Grain, for theweek ending January 29. Wheat 53 3 I Oats 17 2 Beans 33 8 Barley .27 5 | Rye 35 2 Peas .36 0 Aggregate Average of the Six Weeks, which regulates Duty. Wheat 52 11 ( Oats 17 6 Beans 31 10 Barley 27 11 Rye 32 8 | Peas 38 5 Duty on Foreign Corn. Wheat 34 8 Oats 21 3 Beans 22 9 Barley 21 4 Rye 21 3 Peas 12 6 SMITHFIELD MARKET. Monday, February 11.—This day's supply of each kind of fat stock was limited, but trade, owing to advanced prices being stiffly demanded, was, with each kind of meat, exceedingly dull. With prime small veal at an advance of about 2d per stone with beef, mutton, coarse and inferior veal and pork, at Friday's quotations. (Per stone of 81b. sinking offal.) Inferior beef, from 2 4 to 2 6 1 Prime beef, from 4 0 to 4 4 Ditto mutton. 2 4 tg 2 10 j Ditto mutton. 4 6to5 2 Middling beef 2 8 to 3 0 Veal 3 8 to 5 R Ditto mutton. 3 6 to 3 10 J Pork 3 2 to 4 10 Suckling calves, from 12s to 36s and quarter old store pigs, 12s to 18s each. Supply of Cattle at market :-Beasts, 2,266; sheep, 16,120, calves, 102; pigs, 120. HOPS. Borough, Monday, February 11.—Our hop trade is merely retail, at last week's prices. Currency: East Kent, in pockets, 1830, X5. 5s to £6. 5s; 1831, X7. 7s to £ ?.. 10s 1832, £8. 8s to XIO. 10s Mid-Kent, 1830, E4. 15s to X6. Os; 1831, f6. 6s to f7.10s; 1832, f7. 10s to X9. Os; Sussex, 1830, £3. 15s to X5. Os; 1831, Z5. 5s to £ 6. 10s; 1832, X6. 6s to £7. 7s; Essex, 1831, £0. 00s to XO. 00S. MONMOUTH: Printed and Published for the Proprietor by JOHN NASH, at the General Printing-Office, Monnow-street. London Agents:- Messrs. Newton and Co., Warwick-square; Mr. R. Barker, Fleet-street; Mr. G. Reynell, Chancery-lane; and Mr. S. Deacon, Coffee House, No. 3, Walbrook, near the Mansion House, where this Paper is regularly filed. Agents for Ireland, Johnston and Co., Eden Quay, Dublin.