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THE IRISH CHURCH. II The following is a correct summary of the leading points of the bill to be brought forward by Lord Althorp relative to the Irish Church 1. Church Cess to be immediately and altogether abolished. This is a direct pecuniary relief to the amount of about £80,000 per annum. 2. A reduction of the number of archbishops and bishops pro- spectively, from four archbishops and 22 bishops to two arch- bishops and 12 bishops, and the appropriation of the revenues of the suppressed Sees to the general church fund. Archbishops to be reduced to bishoprics :—Cashel and Tuam. Bishoprics (10) to be abolished, and the duties to be trans- ferred to other Sees:—Dromore to Down Raphoe to Derry Clogher to Armah; Elphin to Kilmore; Killala to Tuam; Clonfelt to KiMaioe Cork to Cloyne Waterford to Cashel; Ossory to Ferns Kildare to Dublin. 3. A general tax on all bishopricks, from 5 to 15 per cent., to be imposed immediately. 4. An immediate reduction from the Bishopric of Derry, and a prospective reduction from the primacy, in addition to the tax the amount to be paid to the geneial church fund. N.B. The net incomes of all the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland amount to £ 130,000. The plan will effect a reduction of about £ 50,000. 5. An immediate tax on all benefices, from 5 to 15 per cent., in lieu of first-fruits, which are are hereafter to cease. Benefices under £ 200 to be exempt, and the tax to be graduated according to value. Total income of parochial clergy under £ 600,000. 6. An abolition of all sinecure dignities, and appropriation of the revenues to the general fund. 7. Commissioners to be appointed to administer the fund, and apply it-1st, to ordinary church cess; surplus to augmentation of poor livings, assistance in building glebe houses, churches, di- viding unions, &c. 8. Commissioners to have the power, with consent of Privy Council, of dividing and altering limits of parishes. 9. Also where no dirfy has been performed nor minister resident for three years before the passing of the act, Commissioners to have power to suspend- appointment (if in the Crown or Church), and apply proceeds to general fund. 10. Tenants of Bishops' leases to be empowered to purchase the perpetuity of their leases at a fixed and moderate amount., subject to a corn rent equal to the amount now annually paid in shape of rent and fine. N.B. This is the application to the Bishops' leases of the principle of Composition Act, so far as it precludes the possibility of future increase. 14. The proceeds of these leases to be paid to the state, and ap- plicable to any purposes not connected with the church. The amount, if all purchase at a low rate, will be from £ 2,500,000 to £ 3,300,000 sterling. The commutation of tithes for land, and the laws of enforcing residence, and prohibiting pluralities, to be the subject of other bills.