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BRISTOL, CHEPSTOW, NEWPORT, & ILFRACOMBE | Steam 'i ♦♦ WILL SAIL NEXT WEEK AS FOLLOWS:- CHEPSTOW. Frrnn Brutal to Chepstow. I From Chepstow to Bristol. August, 1831. I August, 1831. 22, Monday—6 morning 22, Monday—6 afternoon S3, Tuesday—6^ morning 23, Tuesday—6J afternoon 24, Wednesday—6| morning 24, Wednesday—\2\ alternoon 25, Thursday—7 morning 25, Thursday—I afternoon .f! 26, Friday—7 morning 26, Friday—1J afternoon 27, Saturday—7 morning 27, Saturday—2 afternoon NEWPORT. From Bristol to Newport. From Newport to Bristol. A AugustA1831. August, 1831. i 22, Mon.—6 morn—-5^ after 22, Mon. — 9$morn—3 after if-—. 23, Tucs.—morn—6 after .23*Tues.—10 morn—-4 after 24, Wed.—7 morn—(».^ after 24, Wed.—11 morn—after •j 25, Thurs.—8 morn—11 morn 25, Thurs.—5| morn—5 after ,1 25, Thurs.—8 morn—11 morn 25, Thurs.—5| morn—5 after ]t 26, Friday—85 morn—11^ morn 26, Friday—6 morn—6 after 27, Satur,—9 morn—12 noon 27, Satur.—6 morn—6 after ILFRA COMBE. Bristol to Ilfracombe. I Ilfracombe to Bristol. i August, 1831. August, 1831. f 24, Wednesday—7 morning 22, Monday—6g morning í 27, Saturday—8J morning 25, Thursday—8| morning Monmouth and Newport.-A Coach every Tuesday, Thursday, î and Saturday, between Monmouth and Newport, through Caer- leon, Usk, and Ragland—starting from Monmouth about ten in t the morning, arriving in Newport between one and two-leaves Newport at five in the afternoon, and arrives at Monmouth about half-past eight same evening. t Cardiff and Merthyr.-A Coach between Newport and Cardiff, | to answer the time of the Packets and from Cardiff to Merthyr » every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting from Cardiff'at six o'clock morning, and from Merthyr, at five o'clock evening, j Pontypool and Abergavenny.—A Coach daily between these .» places and Newport; arriving at Newport about half-past ten I o'clock morning, and starting from Newport about three o'clock afternoon. Tredegar Iron Works, through Abercarn and Bedwelty.-A j Coach every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, between these places and Newport; arriving at Newport about ten o'clock •J morning, and starting about three o'clock afternoon. The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give NOTICE, that they will not be accountable for .my Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel, j* if Lost or Damaged, unless Booked at either of their Offices; I and, if above the value of 40s, entered at its value, and carriage j in proportion paid for the same at the time of Booking. f JOHN JONES, Agent, Bristol. j Refreshments may be had on board. "f Steam Packet Offices, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells, and 4 Rodney Wharf, Newport, August 20, 1831. | SUSANNAH LEWIS. •J, SUSANNAH LEWIS, daughter of GEORGE LEWIS, j J- formerly of Cannon-street, in the city of London, Cook, which said George Lewis died in the month of October, 1792, be living, and will apply to Messrs. Norton and Chaplin, 3, Gray's Inn "j Squa;e, London, she will hear of something to her advantage j or, if dead, any person proving her death will be rewarded for 'j •> their trouble. The said Susannah Lewis, about 25 years ago, 3 resided at Abergavenny. J MONMOUTHSHIRE. I U Desirable Freehold Investment.^ <§ ] TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WILLIAM JAMES, At the KING'S HEAD INN, in the town of MONMOUTH, on Satur- • day, the 27th day of August, 1831, precisely at four o'clock in ? the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced, in the following lots-Lot 1. ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, FARM, and LANDS, called THE DUFFRYN, consisting of a good Farm- house, with Barns, Stables, Beasthouses, and every other neces- sary and requisite Outbuildings, together with 90A. OR. 35P. of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, thereto adjoining I and belonging, situate in the parish of Llangattock-vibon-Avil, in the county of Monmouth, and now in the occupation of Mr. j James Addis, as tenant thereof. f Lot 2. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT and LANDS, j, near Llanvanner's Chapel, in the said parish of Llangattock- bon I vibon-Avil, containing by estimation three Acres, now in the occupation of Mr. John Meredith. Lot 3. All that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or PUBLIC- HOUSE, called THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, situate at New Castle, in the said parish of Llangattock-vibon-Avil, and now in the occupation of Mr. William Griffiths. Lot 4. All those Two Parcels of MEADOW LAND, situate at New Castle aforesaid, in the said parish of Llangattock-vibon- Avil, and now in the occupation of the said Mr. Wm. Griffiths. For further particulars apply to Mr. J. G. George, Solicitor, Monmouth; to the Auctioneer, King-street, or to Messrs. Boden- | ham, Hardwick, and Bodenham, Solicitors, Broad-street, Here- I ford. | Oil i HEREFORDSHIRE, i!Ou the Borders of Worcestershire. IMPORTANT FREE HOLD AND COFYBOLO ESTATE, A desirable Property for Residence and Investment. Capital Mansion, with Offices, Pleasure Grounds, extensive Garden and Grapery Farm Buildings upon a superior principle, and I A desirable Property for Residence and Investment. Capital Mansion, with Offices, Pleasure Grounds, extensive Garden and Grapery Farm Buildings upon a superior principle, and I wpwards of Four Hundred and Seventy Acres of Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. 11EID, t Son-in-Law and Successor to the late Mr. John Robins, of Warwick-house, Regent-street, 2lt GARRAWAY'S COFFEE-HOUSE, Cornhill, London, on Thurs- day, August 25, at twelve o'clock, A VERY important FREEHHOLD ESTATE, small part il. Copyhold HOPE END, situate in the parishes of Led- bury, Colwall, and Coddington, in the county of Hereford, on the borders of Worcestershire, about two miles from. Ledbury, commanding the Romantic Scenery of I THE MALVERN AND ADJACENT HILLS, with views from various parts of the property highly interesting and of great extent. j HOPE END MANSION is adapted for the accommodation of a Nobleman or Family of the first distinction, pleasantly seated within its own grounds, a lawn in front, with a fine sheet of water, stored with fish, fed by springs, ■, cascade, &c. The Residence is erected in the Eastern Style of Architecture, aud may justly be esteemed a chef d'oeuvre, unrivalled in this r kingdom; an extensive carriage drive leads through the grounds, which are laid out in a Park-like style. The Domestic Offices are well arranged, and amply supplied with excellent water; commodious stabling, coach houses, and various out-offices. BEAUTIFUL PLEASURE GROUNDS, |i i with extensive gravelled walks; shrubbery, ornamented with r magnificent timber trees, thriving evergreens, parterres of flowers, [ &c. and an alcove; productive walled garden, clothed with i choice fruit trees, grapery, &c. 8, A WELL-CONSTRUCTED FARM YARD, 8, A WELL-CONSTRUCTED FARM YARD, F with bailiff's house and agricultural buildings, substantially j built, planned in a superior style sundry cottages with gardens, I- and upwards of FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ACRES I* of excellent grass, meadow, arable, and wood land, hop garden, k and plantation, in a fine thriving state the soil generally of a f very excellent quality, producing fine grain, hay, &c.—a most eligible Property for Residence and Investment, in an excellent Nfc neighbourhood, the country abounding with game, and enjoying the beauties of the Eastnor Woods, with its fertile scenery, r HOPE END MAY BE SAID TO VIE WITH EASTNOR CASTLE, [' and justly be pronounced the ornament of the country. The Estate is distant from Malvern about four miles, and the Canal from Ledbury to Gloucester affords every facility for the.. conveyance of produce to that city, and adjacent places, and it t is intended shortly to be carried to Hereford. There are coaches daily to and from the metropolis. The Mansion to be viewed by tickets particulars may be had of James Ilolbrook, Esq. Solicitor (who will grant tickets), and at the Feathers Inn, Ledbury Swan, Ross; City Hotel, Here- ford the Foley Arms and Belle Vue, Great Malvern of Mr. Bentley, and at the Star and Hop-pole lifts, Worcester; Plough, Cheltenham; Angel, Oxford; of Messrs. Freshfield, New Bank- buildings; at Garraway's: and of Mr. Reid, No. 170, Regejit- l>. street, London, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen. XVIonmouthshire Militia. NOTICE is hereby given, That all the Men enrolled to serve in the Regular Militia of the said County, are to Assemble at Monmouth, on Thursday, the Eighth day of Sep- tember next, for the purpose of being trained and exercised for the space of twenty-eight days. And any militia man who shall not appear at the time and place above mentioned will be deemed a deserter, and punished accordingly. ALEX. JONES, .Usk, August 10, 1831. Clerk of the General Meetings. NOTICE NOT TO SPOILT. Preservation of G ROTTSE, on his Grace the Duke of Beaufort s and the Earl of Abergavenny's Hills, in the counties of Monmouth and Brecon. IN consequence of the scarcity of Game, Notice is hereby given, that no Person will be allowed to Sport on the above Hills the ensuing Season and any Person found Trespassing, either for the purpose of breaking in Dogs, or under any other pretence whatever, will be prosecuted. A Reward of THREE GUINEAS (OVER and above what is allowed by Act of Parliament) will be paid by Mr. Davies, Land Agent, Langattock Crickhowell; or Thomas Hill, Esq. of Blaenavon to any person giving information that will lead to the conviction of the Trespassers.—July 27th, 1831. Grouse.-Breconshire. N. OTICE is hereby given, that in order to Preserve the Breed of GROUSE, on the HILLS of SIR CHARLES MOR- GAN, Bart., within the Manor of Brecon, no Person will be allowed to Sport thereon during the ensuing Season. All Qualified Persons found trespassing by Sporting, Hunting for Game, for the purpose of breaking Dogs or otherwise, will be sued; and all Unqualified Persons, trespassing, will be Prose- cuted as the law directs; and any person giving Information to Messrs. VAUGHAN and BEVAN, at Brecon, so that Poachers or Unqualified Persons may be convicted, shall receive a Reward of Two GUINEAS, over and above whatsis allowed by Act of Parliament. N.B. Penalty for Sporting without a Certificate. X20 0 0 Penalty tor Sporting without being qualified in > r n A respect to Property t) 0 U Penalty for Sporting before the 12th of August 5 0 0 PHILIP VAUGHAN, Agent to Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Brecon, July 21st, 1831. 6ROVSB. THE GROUSE on the several Manors of JAMES PRICE GWINNE HOLFORD, Esq., within the county of Bre- con, called Penkelly Castle, English Penkelly and Skethrog, Skethrog, Wennallt, and PenKelly Cwmorgwm, having been of late much destroyed by poachers and unqualified persons, Notice is hereby given, that no person will be allowed to sport on the said Manors the ensuing Season, and that any person found tres- passing, by breaking in dogs or otherwise, will be prosecuted. A REWARD of THREE GUINEAS, over and above what is allowed by Act of Parliament, will be paid by Mr. Webb, Agent, Talgarth, to any person giving information that will lead to the conviction of the trespassers. August 8th, 1831. BRITISH COLLEGE OF HEALTH, NEW ROAD, KING'S CROSS, LONDON. THE grand desideratum of a cheap, easy, and certain remedy to all diseases, having at length been discovered on a simple and natural process, by Mr. Morrison, the Hygeist, the Vegeta- ble Universal Medicines" are presented to the afflicted in any complaint whatever, as their sure reliance of a certain cure. As testimonies of the great benefits received from all parts of the kingdom, in every complaint, and from parties giving their names and residences, one or more new cases will be inserted ia this papier weekly. CHOLERA MORBUS. BRITISH COLLEGE OF HEALTH, NEW-ROAD, KING'S-CROSS, LONDON. Mr. MORISON, the Hygeist, having, by his Address to the Hon. Court of Directors of the East India Company," in 1825, and now republished in the work, entitled Morisoniana," pro- posing an easy and safe remedy for the prevention and cure of the Cholera Morbus in India," clearly laid down the inefficiency of the past and present medical practices for the eradication, or even stoppage, of the ravages of that dreadful calamity-having, in conjunction with the Members of the British College of Healthy unremittingly exerted his endeavours to convince the British Public of a certain prevention and cure of this devastating com- plaint, being to be obtained from the prompt use of Morison's Vegetable Universal Medicines, now begs leave to apprise the public that every opportunity has been taken (as far as private, unaided means could afford) to put the powers of the Medicine to the test in the Baltic, where the Cholera Morbus is fearfully threatening an outlet to attack this happy island, hitherto free from its ravages, and that the subjoined communication has been received from Mr. Gardner, General Agent for the College for the County of Durham To Mr. Morison and the Members of the British College of Health. Gentlemen,—I have the pleasure to inform you that the 'Halcyon arrived at Cromarty, from Riga, on the 26th ult., all well. She is bound to Glasgow but, acccording to the restric- tions on the Baltic ships, has to perform quarantine at Cromarty. The mate's wife received a letter from her husband, who states that, when at Riga, he caught the infection, then raging at its highest; ships laying on all sides losing daily part of their crew but observes that, by my [the writer, Mr. Gardner, who is part owner of the Halcyon] plentifully supplying the vessel, at Sun- derland, before sailing, with the Universal Medicines of the British College of Health he resorted to the means, in strong doses, which soon had the desired effect of removing the com- plaint, and bringing him to a perfect state of health, and also kept them all clear of the infection afterwards.' Surely this ought to induce all Commanders of vessels to take them to sea every voyage, not only as a certain preventive to all diseases, but a sure investment of trade, the Medicine being now in high re- quest in all parts of the Baltic. I expect to have more particulars from the Captain in a few days. There have very few ships ar- rived from Riga without loss of part of their crew. I am, Gentleman, your humble servant, MICHAEL GARDNER." Bishop Wearmouth, 6th July, 1831." The original letter, of which the above is a copy, lays at the College for the inspection of any one who may please to call. CURE OF INDIGESTION. To James Morison, Ksq. Sir, I beg, leave to present my sincere thanks for the very great benefit I have received in a severe case of indigestion and biliary obstructions, by taking your Vegetable Universal Medicine," and therefore never intend to be without it. With every senti- ment of gratitude, I remain, Dear Sir, Your's most respectfully, HARRIET TUFFS. Stanhoe, Norfolk, July 8th, 183L REFORM IN MEDICINE. British College of Health, New Road, King's-Cross. .THE ADHERENTS OF THE IIYGEIN THEORY the friends of humanity, and those too who are friends to themselves and anxious to preserve their health, cure their diseases, and en- joy life, are now earnestly entreated to unite their ^efforts, and petition the Legislature, so as to bring about a reform in Medical ^Knowledge—the most necessary of all science to the welfare and happiness of mankind, and which heretofore has never been un- derstood. The exclusive charters granted so as to bestow on a body of men the monopoly of all their fellow men are highly de- trimental to our best interest, and require correcting. THE BRITISH COLLEGE OF HEALTH has uniformly been acting with this in view, and their endeavours have been crowned with the greatest success. The third edition of Moriso- niana is now on sale, comprising Origin of Life and cause of Diseases explained," with a great variety of cases of cure in all kinds of diseases; throws a new light on Medical Science and the functions of the body and places this new theory and practice beyond a suspicion of doubt. The Hygeian Agents throughout the country are instructed to receive signatures, and transmit them to the College. The Vegetable Universal Medicine is sold in Boxes at Is 1M 2s 9d, and 4s 6d and in Family Packets (of three 4s 6d boxes' at lis and the Aperient Powders at Is I'd, by 2 Mrs. Heath, Bookseller, Agincourt-square, Monmouth Mr. W. H. Stucley, Bookseller, High-street, Abergavenny William George, Prendergast, Haverfordwest; VVilliam Evans, Seren Gomer Office, Carmarthen • Richard Chase, Pembroke Thomas Barsey, Post Office, Fishguard Thomas Davies, Stationer, Narberth Isaac Thomas, Printer, Cardigan Cranston, Stationer, Aberystwyth William Davies, Mercer, Newcastle-Emlyn and H. Williams, Powell-street, Swansea.