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CENSUS OF 1831. j


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Account of Wheat, fyc. arrived…




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PORT OF NEWPORT. A List of Vessels which have entered Inwards with Cargo,, and cleared Outwards, at this Port, in the week ending the 2d of August, 1831. INWARDS. WITH SUNDRIES.—Moderator, Johns Carleon, Saer Friends, Morgan Ann, Richards George, Johns Bristol Packet, Scott; and Mary, Coombs, from. Bristol.—William, Clampitt, from Cardiff.—Caroline, Langmaid, fiom PLymouth.-Cambria, Pettigrew, from London.—Brothers, Luff, from, Carmarthen.—. Brothers, Quinton; and Union, Machin, from Chepstow.-Eme.. rald, Lloyd, from Abtravon. OUTWARDS. IN BALLAST.—Fawcett, Brown, for Miramica. WITH IRON.—Kite, Reeves, for Salcombe.—Blandford, Davies; Gleaner, Morgan; Elizabeth, Tamplin; William, Clampitt; am* Mars, Jones, for Cardiff.—Rebecca, Davies, for Aberavon. —Victory, Lloyd, for Glasgow.—Eagle, Williams; Victory, Ni- cholas; William, Williams; Favourite, Jones; and Ann and Elizabeth, Thomas, for Liverpool.—Margaret, Williams, for Lon- don.—Thomas and Sarah, lliscox, for Gloucester.—Catherine, Edwards, for Portreath.-Swift, Mathias, for Cork.—Charlotte, Williams, for Dub argaret, Harvey, for Redbridge.—Ma- tilda, Davies, for Bridport. WrrrI COAL.—John, Watkins Providence, Lacey; Wrilliam and Mary, Oxland Felicity, Thomas; William, i, eckerton Charles, Dibden Fly, Gwynn Thornquay, Bowen William, Thomas; Vigilant, Hook; Sophia, Gower; James, Morgan; Trial, Jones Elizabeth, Prewett; Dispatch, Jones Adventure, Walker; Trader, James; and William and Mary, Oxenham, for Bristol.—Maria, Allen Amelia, Bowen; Bee, Gayner; Union, Mechin Sisters, Waters; Ann, Adams; and Surprise, Sharm, for Chepstow.—Mary, Allen Thomas and Sarah, Hiscox and Sisters, Knapp, for Gloucester.—Eliza, Cox Fair Trader, Smallcorn Moss Rose, Davidge; Sisters, Cox; Iron and Tin Trader, Muggleworth John, Winslade; John and Mary, Ed- wards; Betsy, Chapman; Merlin, Bevan Hope, Towells; Enterprise, Wills; Fortitude, Herbert; Mary, Griffiths Venus, Harwood; Ann and Sarah, Goold St. Pierre, Herbert Indus- try, Davidge Eliza, Cox Providence, Lewis Friends, Rich- ards and Ann, Dingley, for Bridgewater.—Oakwell, Jones Eliza, Lewis; and Nautilus, Crocombe, for Ilfracombe.—Com- merce, Edwards Flora, Jenkins Ann, Bentley Venus, Stoat; and Three Sisters, Hartnell, for Barnstaple. — William and Ca- therine, James Sheba, Jollew Pennelly, Burke; Porth, Ni- cholls Friends' Goodwill, Dart; Star, Burt; Henry, Tippett; and Nancy, Nicholls, for Padstow.-Three Sisters, Smith Caro- line, Langmaid Lady of the Lake, White; Sylph, Olney Mary, Cook and St. Vincent, Waters, for Plymouth.—William, Williams Venom, Harris and Elizabeth, Price, for Milfnrd.- Eliza, Isaac and Providence, Evans, jor Aber,ystwith.-Eliza- beth and Ann, Hodge; Speculation, Geach and Fly, Dyer, for Fowey.—William, John Robert Boyle, M'Carthy Com- pact, Cade and Brothers, Murphy, for Cork.-O. P., Pretty- John John and Sally, Jarvis and Mary and Sally, Adams, for Salcombe.—Spraycombe, Hooper, for Poole.—Three Sisters, Rees and Pelican, Jones, for DubLin.-Cerus, Knowle; and Ranger, Lee, for Bude.-Three Brothers, Brabyn and Delabole, Giles, for T'turo.—Mary Simkin, Cox, for Youghall.—Sprightly, Brit- ton Experiment, Fishwick; and Bucks, Walker, jor Bideford. -William and Mary, Forster, foi Falmouth.—John and Mary, Phillips, for Scilly.-Peace, Murphy and Joseph and Fanny, Lobbett, for Water ford.—Watchet Trader, Slocombe,for Watchet. —Rhydland Trader, Williams, for Pwllhely.— Industry, Smith, for Torqllay. Victory, Travers, for Kinsale. WITH SUNDRIES.—Moderator, Johns; Carleon, Saer; Friends, Morgan Ann, Richards George, Johns Bristol Packet, Scott; and Mary, Coombs, for Bristol.