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A POLICEMAN STABBED AT CARDIFF. Another of those stabbing cases which, un- happily, are only too common in Cardiff, took place on Sunday night. It appears that P.C. Lavender (14) whilst on duty near the Taff Vale Bridge in Crockherbtown, saw a man striking a boy. The constable, naturally, interfered, when the man pulled out a knife and stabbed the con- stable three times in the thigh, the stabs penetrat- ing to the bone. P.C. 59 appeared on the scene, and was attacked by a woman with a bottle, but was not seriously hurt. Eventually two women, with the man, were apprehended, and locked up. It seems that on Sunday the man, whose name is James Geen, or Williams (a breaksman on the Taff Vale Rail- way), with his wife, her sister, and the husband of the latter, were at Rompney Castle, and prob- ably began a spree, which was continued at Car- diff in the evening by Geen and the two women, the other man, who does not live with his wife, having gone to the docks in the pursuit of his em- ployment as a coal trimmer. P.C. Lavender had his wounds dressed by Mr Burgess, assistant to Dr. Taylor. The constable is not considered in in any danger. At the borough police-court on Wednesday, James Geen, a young man, was charged with as- saulting John Darby, and also stabbing and wounding Police-constable Lavender. It appeared that John Darby, who lives at 59, Frederick- street, was, on Sunday night, standing by the old theatre. The prisoner and two women came up, and the man struck him on the eye with an um- brella. The parties walked on, but he followed them to the Alexandra Hotel, when he crossed over, and asked the prisoner what he struck him for. Prisoner then struck him again with his umbrella. P.C. Hoskins came up, and as he saw the blow struck he apprehended the prisoner. Prisoner was very violent, and ne saw them struggling on the ground. Darby ran away, and Hoskins blew his whistle. P.C. Hoskins said that he saw the prisoner strike Darby. He laid hold of him and asked him why he had struck the complainant. Prisoner replied, What the h- odds to you." He then laid hold of the prisoner. A struggle ensued, and pri- soner said that it would take 10 policemen to ap- prehend him. The women joined in, and began striking him with a bottle, when he blew his whistle. Prisoner gave his wife two bottles to strike him with. P.C. Lavender came up, and he (P.O. Hoskins) told him to take the man while he apprehended the woman. He laid hold of the prisoner, who was very violent. They fell struggling to the ground. While on the ground hesaw the prisoner take out his knife and stab P. C. Lavender. P.C. Lavender said that when he came up P.C. Hoskins was struggling with the women. One of them was beating him on the helmet with a bottle. The male prisoner was standing there with his coat off. As soon af he took hold of him prisoner struck him in the face. He then closed, and while they were strug- gling on the ground he felt a stab in the leg. He saw the knife in prisoner's hand. He was stabbed three times in the leg. He called out that he was stabbed, and Dr. Burgess took the knife from prisoner. P.C. Durstan said that be heard the prisoner say that he would rip the policeman -"open. He secured the prisoner and Lavender was then conveyed to the infirmary. -Prisoner, who seemed to treat the matter wii,h perfect indifference, was then com- mitted for trial at the assizes. He applied to be liberated on boil, but this the bench refused.






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