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-=:-p -_J (!t!) -'=- QIBRVANTS'WANTING PLACES of <wY,de?- \7 c', '1 ¡i.,n. and Household'-vs requiring Servants, should \Øt; !:1 tnC vARCiVt- TUIBS. Pricc 1.j. for ;>4 winds, P!E)_ T "ODG1NGS tit(I ALJ or to be LET, should be advertised in the C-Muntl'' TiMfcs. ? Cor 24 wor.¡;5. PREPAID. V ..r -=- -=-s_- %-k~ S^UKK ISIIED IIOCSE to LEI', at No. 1), Windsor road, Apply there, or to G. S. Stove, CardilT. ij f°v two or three respectable young' II1C>- T'O' LK?. m.-idwrat- _-A'.ldress dIT3 | ^ews" Otiicc, ü,n! ¡ *110 Lpr, fmn1 1st May, 1877, a.r;-oo d Semi-detached HOrSE, JL .with small garden, at l'eii-v bnn, Maindv, near (;;¡,¡-iIT,- ^ri'ly to Messrs Watsons & Co., Timber Merchants, Cardiff. 15410 410> OFFICES to LE'r. near Bute Bridge, Bute-street, Cardiff. — Apply, 77, (;rocki1Brbto,Y1l, to' iOW T'O LET, tlio Dwelling-part of HOUSE in Bute- L street, Cardiff, ?;o:ir i-Uite i.rid^e in good repair. I'rindc *ntr:>»oe.~ Apply, 2.JS, Bsit'-atriM. 407S y i C T 0 II1 A A U C T-ION R 0 0 lvl S. TO BE LET, W[Til IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, Together wtt'. the ivhole STOCK OF fT:,XITURE, See. Fur Pa.rticula.r3 apply to the Proprietors, X LAWRENCE & CO., 4WJ Auctioneers, Valuers, t. Mary street, Cardiff. 14060 for A- B, ;;Ai(J1t:i I Carriage free. Inscriptions accurate and beautiful. Plans and prices from John W. Lcgge, S(,11!,tberùec:J FIREPROOF • Ab'i'X^jYlUiSiM^ and JU CO.'S Patent Wrollout fron Fj, and Burglar Proof Holdfast Safes and Powder M:\L;JtC5 with all modern improvéments and tw.1 with Cyrus Price's patent IVi Medal ami Gunpowder Proof Lock", from £ 4 and upward. A :( ,It (;5i Brothers, Iron- C>0ner". Cardiff. 3175 0723 j MESSRS. W. and S. HERN'S MONTHLY REGISTER of Estates. Houses, Lands, &c., to be LET or SOLO. Capitalists seeking profitable and sound investments = Ihoukt consult it,. Builders and Property Owners should send 1 paitimlars of Properties to UC bet <>1' Sold. Insertions free. 5 «*opi«s car. be obtained at the Offices, Masonic Hall Chambers, ( \Vorking-strce t, Cardiff. 2444 ( ""Mf I-SfCAL BOXES.—Very best Manufacture. Lt?J. l'la nig i" Grand Operatic Aim., £ 3 15s; eight airs, 7 L,-) lite ten airs, AL6 Gs twelve airs, £.7 7s. Very large size ianctaoiiic inlaid eases, and all improvements. Carriage free ItJ.e< with accoitipaniun,ui,s to £100. James Richardson, 1 mporter, U4, l eni(ia!e-road, C1apLam, London. Wholesale. 3950 rgio be SOLl> by PRlVATi-; GO.VTiiAOT.-CAN'TCiN': SeveralI I Nine roomed lease !)() years. Eight Houses, rent J £ 1:!4 Its price, £ 1,200..Six Honses, rent £ 105 6S; price: £ !,050. Two Houses, including a h()p; rent .t.4 8s price £ 500. nO O\T¡¡: 1'our Houses, !lIr'.1" lin^ a Coiner Shop, rent £ !>" ,rw £ (XW. Two Houses, rent t31 4s price £ ;>20. 'P-* m ouses, rent X4 2 13.; price .1.:11.);), Two Simps, i- tliat they t ;^lit-roome l Houses, with ba -ic entrance ivwtretary '°TO ??? in W^sUblcll!i«l'ca.stle° seven-roomed !f-m.v> ifi i'artridtfe-road price i,:)00. three cabs; nf butcher or ca!> proprietor, a Shop, including road rt nt'*an<t°>u"e. with a stable for three or four horses and House, jeaufc^'t- 12s per week. Kiybt-roomed Villa in Partridffe- CCCof the A Shop in Castle-road, including: seven-roomed l>_ „ with stable and back entrance, for shoes, or draper, or Mvn-O' r, or jvniltrv, or a butcher or grocer. Several Houses lP"K!y, with iarjje ganlens, at 4s. (3d. per week. Fur relly, please "enclose a stamped envelope.— Apply to Mr. Thomas Hanes, House And I,and A sent. 34, C'anton. C'arditf. 4165 I L L I A M SANDERS, AHCTIONEER, ETATE AND INSURANCE AGENT, 28, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF, Has the following PROPERTIES for SALE:- CARDIFF.-Nos 16, 17, and Ig, Buzzard street; and four houses in Russell street. ROATH.—One house in Emerald street; threo houses in Dia. mond street; twelve houses in Topaz street; six genteel residences in Metal street, and sev en in Gold street; and Bath and Myrtle Villas, Partridge road. CA'J'HA Y3.—Six houses in Letty street; and two scmi-detatched cottages in Letty street. CANTON. —Eligible site of Freehold land at the corner of Clive road and Ely road. GRANOETOWN.—A corner shop in Bromsgrove street; and sorrier shop and house in n,,¡mosd:tle street. A liberal proportion of the purchase money may be bad on Mortgage.—Apply as above. 25 !titat!. THE MATRIMONIAL NEWS, a Weekly Family Newspaper, publi¡;\1c.L avery Saturday, price 3Ü" post free 3d,. as a letter 4d" 11:5 now been established 6 years, and contains the announcements of about 300 candidates for Matrimony every week. All who wish to marry should read it. Published at 302, STRAJI. LONDON, awl may be had through -any Newsagent- The trade supplied on sale or return. 3207 LANCASHIRE COUNTY NEWSPAPER. J1 H E PRESTON H E R A L D VTKUXBSDAV 43 COLUMNS—Oss Pk.NNT. SATCHDAY: 76 ('or,uMNs- T\'OI'M1'i(J¡¡; Chief Offices: F I S II E R G A T E PRESTON. Branch Offices: BLACKBURN, ACCRINGTON, BURNLEY, AND DAE WEN. The 1t.1t.jon of SOLICITORS, ACCTIOSRKRS, ESTATK AORKTS, 10NOIINKriis, MAHIINKIIY Acbsts, and PUACTICAU ADVKU- 1ISKR: gcnerally is directed to the <: P II E S T 0 N H E 1, A L D as the L E A D I NB I W E E K f, YPAPER IN THE NORTH Or ENGLAND, With an e\tcnsive circulation over the whole of the COUNTY OF LANCASTER And portions of the West l:j'.lil1g' of Yorkshire, Westmoreland, anti Che.<hirc. In the densely populated districts of N(, EAST, and parts of SOITII A.M> WKSI LAVCASIITRE, euibRwin^ JI'\XU l'AU'rlJ 1:1:;0, AGaiCl'l.Tl'RAL, E.XOIXKKKISO, AD M',(I!I bTKKY,¡.(T", ITS SALE IS CONSIDERABLY GREATER \han that of any other' Pajier, and it is recoprnised ("as its columns will testify) BY Ali, CLASSES irrespective of partv or sect—as the P. EST l E (I I U M Vor giving- the widest p05si b]e publicity to their annou/lcemcut,5.. Copies of the Paper and Scale of Charges forwarded on I application. Price Gd post free, 15 halfpenny stamps. 171 A M I L Y HERALD for APRIL. The Saturday Review says of the FAMILY HBRALD— Its novels and tà1cs are quite as well written as the best tirculating-library stories." Price Sixpence. Ill A M I L Y HERALD (Part 407). The British Quarterly Review says of the FAMILY UKKAI.O— There is a well-considered leading article or essay every week, upon some subject of an instructive or thoughtful character." Now ready, price Gd post free, 7iif. FAMILY HERALD for APRIL. Contents: — Contents: — ~fiovc 13 Edged To ds. Chaps. n. to XX. —Between Ebb and Flow. Chaps. XVII. to XXVII.—Sworn FoolI. Chaps. I. to IX, Short Stories Hubert Beresford's Treachery- In Time to Come- In Another Spherc-My First Patient. Essays: Self—Drink-Madness and the New Aspect of Temperance -The Inconveniences of National Education—How Do Ye Do? —Words —Idle Words. X!orres|>ondence—Domestic Cookery—Scientific Progress, See. Priec 6.1 post fnw, 15 halfpenny st;})s. 171AMILY HERALD for APRIL. r Pure Literature. The Bookseller says:—"For amusing reading, such as may nc admitt d to one's household without fear of consequences, we san recommend the FAMII,Y HERALD." Price Sixpence. FAMILY HERALD (Part 407). Novels and Tales. The Graphic" says: —" Those who like to have plenty for their money will find an immense amount of instruction and amu.5cnwni in the Sixpenny Monthly part of the FAMILY HERALD. Price Sixpence. FAMILY HERALD for APRIL. Pure Literature. Pure Literature. The" Illustrated London News," in referring to pure litera- ture, sjieaks of the FAMILY HKRALD, that joy to tens of thousands of innocent English households." 4«06 Will, Sn-:n::l/8. 421, Strand, London and all Booksellers. jguilflittfl '_O. £ < A R DIF F BUILDING SOCIETY" suns from £ .r>0 to £ 3,000 ready to be LENT on Mortgage. SHARKS MAY BR TAKEN AND DEPOSITS If rule daily. Present rate of Interest on deposits, 4l per cent, lubject to six months' notice of withdrawal; 1 per cent three 8lollth:¡' and 31 per cent repayable oil demand. TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Prospectus and all information may be obtained on applica- tion to the undersigned. N.B.—TERMS of BORROWING and REDEMPTION further Bad need. PETER PRICE, SECRETARY. Dated. 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 3832—114?8 PRINCIPALITY PERMANENT INVEST" MKNT BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1800. INCORPORATED MARCH, 1370. Ovrws-28, ST. IIAUY STREET, CARDIFF. Die Oldest, Largest, and most Equitable Society in the District. Total Income of Society since fonnation £ 202,458 8s. lid. Amount lent on Mortgage £ 169,528 9s. Od. Income for the year 187d tM.252 68. 3d. Amoi tiit of u-iappropriated Profits 42,930 7s. 7d. The Offices are open DAILY for the issue of NEW SHARES and Receipt of DEPOSITS, bearing interest at 5 per cent, per annum, tayable half-yearly. WI. SANDERS, 14561 Managing Secretary. NEIV BUILDING SOCIETY. .£100 SHARES. 10s. PER MONTH SUBSCRIPTION. THE SECOND SUBSvrUPTION MEETING OK TUB SOUTH WALES MERCANTILE BUILDING SOCIETY, Will be held at the offices No. 1, the Hayes, Cardiff, on THURS- DAY Next, March 1st, 1877, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jc 7 to 9 p.m. OFFICE R S. Trustees-. Henry Bowen. Esq,, ,J.P. Daniel Jones, Esq., J.P. I Directors. Mr E. W. Skackcl), Queen-street, Chairman. I Wr Rich. Benjamin, rrinity-st. „ if. Saunders, Crnckherbtown John Isaac, Milliccnt-strect. „ II. Jones, 3, Wharf-street. „ T. W. Jacobs, Bridge-street. David Hookins. The Walk. Jlr >V. II. Davics, Ship Hotel. „ J. Ramsdale, 8, The Parade. 11 IVii). Jones, 28, Park-street. P. W. Cary, Bute Dock Hotel „ Thomas Cross, Working-st. Bankers. The National Provincial Bank of England. Solicitors.- Messrs. Morgan and Scott, High-street,-Cardiff. Treasurer.—Mr J. G. 1>ro".c:" Trinitv-strcet. ltui-veyor.-hir David Jones (Messrs. Jones Brothers), Cardiff. I .Secretary.—Mr Samuel ,1. Davies, No. j the Hayes, Cardiff. SHARES may lie taken up and DEPOSITS made dnily, The Directors arc prepared to receive applications for ADVANCES, further particulars may be obtained by to the Secretary. 4100 m O Y S T 0 Y 8 TOYS! X IN UNPRECEDENTED VARIETY. GUNS, PISTOLS, CANNONS, GUN CAPS, M. fit ever." conceivable variety. JOHN OWEN, WHOLESALE TOY DEALER, 49, Shudchill, Manchester. terdinving stock of Contin ntal and British fancy goods, horses, valid carriages, perambulators, barrows and spades, novelties every description in worl, hoxes, desks, (\rcs8jll, cases, tea dllics, cutlery, jewellery, hair brushes and combs. Owen's &Ilectioii of glass ornaments, lustres, vases, and shades is un- equalled. Wickets, cricket bats, balls, Jacques' croquet, ladies' companions, &e. Every variety ill purses, bags, albums, per- fcimery, and soaps, Noah's arks, dolls, drums, tops, building tricks, and puzzles of all kinds.—Terms, Cash. Cases of goods always packed up to suit any trade, from £ 2 to and £ 10 to £ 15, well assorted, of all kinds. Price Lists free on application. Note tho address :— THE OLD ESTABLISHED TOY WAREHOUSE, 49 and 51 Shudehill, opposite Thomas-street, Manchester, 4OHN OWEN, Propbikto* 4n9 JØ (Mnration, iVpKTOIf HO USE'SC HOOITT RE DEC A R- V1LLK, C-Ai^lFF. Tiic NEXT TERM will commence on MONDAY. APRIL the iWtil. Pro-pcetus, &c., on ;>pp'icatiou to the Principal. 4103— 0ARDIFF"" PROPRIETARY SCHOOL, II :ad Mabter-F. C, BIItKBECK TEllRY, M.A., late I emulation Sohoiar, Ac., of st John's College, Canibrid"e, listed by University Graduates in Honours, &c. J^arJers are >-eceived by the Head Master, Tnc UA-Miiu if-im will begiu on TUESDAY, April the 17th, it Apply i-o t ■ io Head Mast or, the School House, Ciiarles-street, or 0047 1503G BOUGHROOb"HOUSE, LADIES' SCIIOOL, I;I;ECON. Miss BUCK be-; to announce that her next TEHj[ commences on the Fifth of APRIL. FRAVJIX HEGLlSCEfl and Miss EVANS her resident Covcmeses), are prej)arcd to give PRIVATE LESSONS in French, German, Latin, English Literature, Drawing, Pallltln6", Music, Singing, Bjtuii; Geology, &e. Terms on application. 4302 Q T. JOHN'S SCHOOL, CARDIFF KI3 Private Tuition lOs, Gd. per Quarter. F. BOW EN, Member and Associate of the College of Pro- ccptors, Author of Key to (lie Acts," Lift, of St. Paul," ""Upper Class School Arithmetic," English Parsing and Analysis," &c. )ti Coverii,iteitt (!Tais list By Examination First Class by Service First Glass. All the advantages of a good MIDDLE CLASS EDUCATION. JHottgji, TV! °^EY.—The following SUMS are ready to be -1-v JL AD\ ANCED >I Freehold or Leasehold Security e 2, ow, £ 1,000, £ JC<\ OO, £:,1)0, £ 400, £ 250, £ 200, £200, anl 4100. Apply to Mr J. Sam tie!, Auctioneer, &e., Carcliv.. MESSRS. W. A- S. BERN, Estate Agcliit. .1. 8, Working-street, Cardiff, are prefared to advance J:()n\ L'50 to £ 5,oiji) Oil Jlort:1š" of Freehold or Leasehold Property, ai-d :ronl £ 20 to £ 500 01 security. :V'(u O-NEY LENT, ly the Loutbar(I Bank, Limited, 43 and 44, Lombard-street, City, and 147, Regent- itreet, W., on Deeds, Reversions, Policies, Warrants, Trade Stocks [•'arm Produce, Furniture (without removal), and Personal Security. Deposits received. Oil demand, 5 per cent; subject ,0 notice, 10 per cent. Opens Drawing Accounts. Supolies Cheque Books. Prospectus and Ba)atice-3heet free.—J. PRVOR, Manager. 4205 .(,, I CASH immediately advanced without sureties from £ 5 to .£1,000 to Householders, Tradesmen, Publicans, Farmers, Mechanics, and others, in town or country, on their Fur- niture, Stock-in-Tra.le, Cattle, &c., without removal. The strictest iecres>' ensured. Ke|>ayments by instalnvents to suit borrowers. Ml inquiries immediately attended to. For full particulars ■•>> wrsona Hy, or by letter, to Mr W illiam Ushai~e\2 lb. 11 TO J 5wansca; -u of ( £ 250 MONEY M^^ax tni!— c !—Cash Advanced from £ 5 to £ 500 to Householders, o Preliminary Fees. Farmers, and others at a few S'o Inquiry Fees. hours' notice. DISTANCE No Sureticj. NO OBJECT.-Apply pcr.soti- No Delay. aliy or by lftter to Soiiouox FKBRBJIA.X (Private, Wedtbourne-crescent, or 117, 4073-13795 Cowbridge-fcad. Cardiff. MONEir TO BE LENT, in Town or Country, to Gentlemen, Farmera, Tradesmen, and others, from Fifty Pounds and upwards, upon personal security. Interest five per cent per annum, from one to seven years. No commission >r charges made. Also sums from One Thousand Pounds on mortgages, at three and a half per cent on freehold or leasehold property, for any term not exceeding twenty-one years.— Apply to WM. HOLLAND, F., Civil Engineer and Surveyor (late Henry Howard), 11, EUSTON-S<iUARE, LONDON. STRICTLY- PRIVATE. CASH immediately advanced, from .£5 to LSOO, to House- U holders, Tradesmen, Mechanics, Farmers, and others, on tneir Household Furniture, Stock-in-Trade, Deeds, or other Genuine Security, without removal or publicity if required; town or country distance no object. Approved trade bills dis- f'{)11ntM Daily attendance at the Head Office, fo personal applications, and all letters to be addressed to Mr Solomon Levene, Howard House, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 14176 Branch Office Dock-street (opposite the Drill-hall), New- port, Mon. Personal attend. ance Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 4219 CGLAMORGAN FINANCE COMPANY, JT LIMITED. Capital, £ 10,000, fully subscribed. Incorporated under the Conar.anies' Acts, 1862 and 1867. OFFICES 32, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Money ready to be advanced 011 till kinds of securities. All advances are made in full, amd may be repaid by equal Monthly or Quarterly Instalments, to suit the convenience of the Borrowers. Scale of Repayments, Prospectuses, and all other Information may be obtained at the office of the Conilany. The present rate of Interest on Deposits is 5 per cent. THOMAS WEBBER, Secretary. Applications by Tost should contain stamped envelope for free postage of reply." 1209 THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF ENGLAND PERPETUAL BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. rhe oldest, the most equitable, and safest in the Principality. Established 1357. Investing Shares, 5s per mouth, X60 each Borrowing Shares, 10s per month, £ C0 each. Tliii Company lias always allowed Members to withdraw at any time by giving three months' notice, or by paying one month's Interest instca.d of notice. No interest chftrgc,(t beyond this. Profits added to Members' Subscriptions every year. Three per Cent of the Profits may be withdrawn, on redemption, »i.y time after first the years. Applications to be made by Borrowers, Investors, or Depositors. at 32, Royal Arcade, Cardiff THOMAS WEBBER, District- Manager, or Han.i-street, Taunton, .2?ll ALnEilT GOODMAN, Secretary. gupeitior cabTTEs-DE~VlbTfE7 gs. TER DOZEN g.S. ^JD. E. P. LEE & CO., PHOTOGRAPHERS. TO THE QUEEN (BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT), 9, CROCKHERBTOWN, 2418 C A It D I F F. 4091 0 N E S A N D L A D E N, QUAY STREET, CARDIFF, IMPORTERS TOBACCO AND ■ AND MANUFACTURERS J CIGAH& (CIRCULAR.) MESSRS. JONES AND SLADEN Beg to announce that they have commenced business in the manufacture of all kinds of TOBACCO and CIGARS at the above address. Their Machinery and Plant are all new and comprise the latest patents, whilst their Stock of LEAF TOBACCO has been most carefully selected from the Liverpool, London, and Bristol Markets. They therefore trust, by turning' out a really good article at the lowest possible price, to merit a share of the kind patronage of the public. Tobacco and Cigar Manufactory Quay-street, Cardiff, March, 1877 4267-14738 H EALTH, TONE, AND VIGOUR. One case of SWEDOl'R'S VITAL REGENERATOR cures all discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex; loss of Nervous and Physical force; Purifies the Blood; Marvellous in all Skin Diseases. Sold in Bottles, lis. and 33s., and Z5 per case. 47, BERNERS STREET, OXFORD STREET, LONDON. Consultations personally or by letter. g 4300 y^ANGDALE'S CHEMICAL MANURE CO., NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE. SALES—40,000 TONS ANNUALLY. MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERPHOSPHATES, DISSOLVED BONES, NITRO-PHOSPHATES, PHOSPHO-OUANO. The above Company have now excellent arrangements made fot forwarding their Manures all through South Wales, having established Warehouse Accommodation at Cardiff, Carmarthen, and Aberystwitb, at each of which places U)ere is a stock of these well-knowu Manures 111 prime condition, which can be had from the Company's Established Agents. Where Agents are not already appointed applications can be made either to the Company, at their Office, Newcastle-on-Tyno, or through MR JOHN HIBBERT, WEST BUTE DOCK, AND 17, ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF; MR JAMES BRIGHT, QUAY, CARMARTHEN; or, MR JOHN ROWLAND, CHALYBEATE-STREET, ABERYSTWITH, Who are our Wholesale Depot Agents. The Touch-Me-Not" and Prince Llewellyn" now afloat with cargoes consigned to Mr John Hibbert. A considerable saving effected by taking Manure froc^sbip's side. '1239—HSW (THE OLD HOUSM) J OHNSTO N'S CORN FLOUR noca 3565 IS THE BEST. QUITE FREE FROM ADULITRATION.-Loneet. "IS DECIDEDLY SUPERIOR.—Lancet. A LEWOOD'S EFFERVESCING SALINE APERIENT For SICKNESS, HEADACHE, HEARTBURN, IRRITATION of tho STOMACH, INACTION of the LIVES and BOWELS, IN. FLAMMATION of the BLOOD, BLOTCHES, PIMPLES on the SKIN, and as a COOLING, ANTIBILIOUS SALINE PURGATIVE. This Preparation is recognised by the Faculty as one of the most useful medicines, and should be kept in every houshold. Prepared only by EDWIN ALEWOOD, CASTLE SQUARE, SWANSEA. To be obtained through all Medicino Vendors. 11400 INSTANT RELIEF FROM NERVOUS DE- *BILITY, MENTAL WEAKNESS, DEPRESSION of SPIRITS, PALPITATION of the HEART, GIDDINESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, DESPONDENCY, DISINCLINATION for SOCIETY or BUSI. NESS, UNPLEASANT DREAMS, and all complaints arising from ft Diaorganised System, Ac., &c. The foregoing complaints cured in 24 hours, by means of a remedy never before made publicly known, having been rcccntly discovered among the prescriptions of tho late Dr A. LOUIS, of Swansea, whose great skill in curing the abovo and similar com- plaints Is sufficiently well known in Wales to require no recom- mendations here. The above remedy will be sent to any distance along with foil instructions to effect Instant and Permanent Relief, along with any otlier information that may be required, on receipt of a P.O.O. for 10s 6d, and in extreme cases 21s, along with a full description of complaint, made payable to D. A. LOUIS, 8, DYNEVOR-PLACE, MOUNT PLEASANT, SWANSEA. At Home Dally L Consultation from Ten till Three, pilti from five till Nine, at Us resilience as "-a. 1Jd:' gjuMic I STVAnT HALL, CARDIFF. I THE MISSES LEWIS I I Beg to announce that they will hold their annual GRAND CONCERT I At the above Hall on WEDNESDAY, APRIL IStli, 1377, ip11 the following Artistes will take partj Sopr»;:p— Miss M. J. CiRri'TITHS, C- LEWIS, Miss B. ELLIOTT. Contralto-Miss J. LEWIS. Ten. >c—Mr SAUVAGE. Basso-Mr BUAXDON. Harpist Mr W. F. FROST. Pianist -Mrs W. F. FROST, Conductor—Mr REE8 LEWIS. Tickets (reserved and numbered scats), 39 second seats, 23; gallery, Is Oil Admission, Is. I'ian of Hall and reserved seats to be seen at Messrs Thompson ana Queen-street. 4092 THE HOUSE OF MERCY, LLANDAFF. VISITOR— THE LORD BISHOP OF LLANDAFF. The public are most respectfully informed by Miss Jenner, that her ANNUAL COLLECTION (unavoidably delayed) in AID of the GENERAL of the above Diocesan Institution, will commence on 12th inst., and be carried on, as bciow, daily, from 10 a.m. till G p.m. :— The Bute Docks Friday. Cardiff proper .Saturday. Penarth „ Mouday. Cowbridge Tuesday. Bridgend Wednesday. -«'eath and Taibacli .Thursday. Swansea and Mumbles Friday & Saturday. Whatever, Lord, we lend to Thee, Repaid a thousand-fold will be." The Ty-pica, Wenvoe, April 11, 1877. 4102—15361 CAHDIFF RACES, 17th & 18th April, 1887. No.6 BOOTH, THOMAS DA VIES, Duke of Cornwall Inn, flAYES, CARDIFF, Late Engine Driver 011 tho Taff Vale Railway. 4105 15393 NOTICE TO MIRINERSENG LISHäHAN- NEL. —ALTERATION in CHARACTER of the CASKETS LIGHTS.—Trinity House, London, April 3, 1871.-Referring to the notice issued from this House, dated May 25, 1876, Notice is Hereby Given, that a TRIPLE FLASHING HALF-MINUTE LIGHT id now exhibited from the S.E. Tower at Caskets, in lieu 01 the three revolving lights. 1 The light will henceforth show three successive flash ~wo,^ two seconds duration each, divided by '5.— i\r°' .les of about seconds of darkness, the t>>' lOOK-vals of about three about 13 seco" i >an being followed by an eclipse of TIHIG, for producing the I ight are at presentof a temporary character, and during the months of June, July, August, and part of September it will be obscured by the new upper part of the N.W. Tower, ovor an arc of 15 deg. between the bearings of N. 43S W. and N.63<1 W. (magnetic) from the lighthouse. Further notice will be given when the dioptric apparatus for the permanent exhibition of this light and the fog signal are placed. By order, 4089 ROBIN ALLEN, Secretary. j^OTICE TO MARTNERS. EAST COAST.—YARMOUTH SANDS. ALTERATION OF THE MIDDLE CROSS SAND BUOY. TRINITY HOUSE, LONDOW, 3rd April, 1877.. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in order to facilitate Navigation, and to assist in determining a vessel's position off the Cross Sanfl, it is the intention of this Corporation to substitute, on or about the 1st .June, fnr the present Middle Cross Sand Buoy, a larger CONICAL Br-oy painted black, and surmounted by Two Globes placed vertically. By order, 4070 ROBIN ALLEN, Secretary. C~E T~O M^XTI T N E IRST WEST COAST. FOG SIGNAL, ST. ANN'SHHEAD, MILFORD HAVEN. TKIXITT HOUSE, LONDON, 4th April, 1877. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a Fog Signal hM been established at St.' Ann's Head (Milford Haven), and wili henceforth he sounded during foggy weather, giving One Blast every Three J'rlinuk.. By order, 4075 ROBIN ALLEN, Secretary. gttlilic ppohdmtnt. CARDIF2 UNION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Guardians Of the Cardiff Union will, at. their Meeting, to be held on the 5th May next, proceed to ELECT a duly qualified and TRAINED NURSE for the Workhouse Hospital. She must be single, or a widow without children, able to read and write, and have had sufficient experience in Midwifery, well as general Nursing. Salary £40 per anõlum with board, apartments, and washing. Applications in Candidate's own writing, stating age and nature of previous experience, to be sent to m, accompanied by recent Testimonials, on or before 1st May. Selected Candidates only will be required to attend on the day of Election, and their expenses will be paid. By order, W. P. STEPHENSON, Clerk. Cardiff, 12th Aprii, 1877. 4108 temUvs ami ffontrnrts. T Po B U I L R s TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of a VILLA RESIDENCE, at R >ath. Builders desirous of tendering may see the drawings and sped- fications, and obtain bill of quantities at the office of the Architect, Peter Price, No. 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. Tenders tc be sent in on or before TCESDAY next, the 17th inst, addressed to Robert Bird, Esq., Belmont-house, Newport- road, Roath, Cardiff. 15352 The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. 4098 |> O It O I' G H O FCARDIFFT TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. STREET WORKS. The Urban Authority for the Borough of Cardiff invite TENDERS for the execution of the following works, viz.:— The CONSTRUCTION of a BRICK SEWElt. with all contingent works, in Bertram-street, Roath, and in Romilly-road, Canton also for Metalling, Paving, and Chanelling the said streets. Plans, sections, specifications, and conditions may be seen, aud forms of tender obtained at the office of Mr J. A. B. Wi!Ji<trus, C-E., Borough Surveyor, Town-hall, Cardiff, on and after the 9th day of April next. Sealed Tenders, properly endorsed, to he delivered at my office Oil or hef"re the J"th of April next. The Urban Authority do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. By order, GEO. SALMON, Town-ball, Cardiff, Town Clerk and Clerk to the Cardiff 29tb March, 1377. Urban Authority. 4059 gOROU GIL OF C A R DIF F~. TO IRONMONGERS, COPPER SMITHS, AND OTHERS. Tlie Urlian Authority of thc Borough or Crdiff are prepared to receive TENDERS for Supplying CAST-IRON LAMPS, PILLARS, WROUGHT IRON LAMP HOLDERS, and COPPER LAMPS. SpecifiC8.tions. conditions, &e., may be seen at the offiee of J. A. B. Williams, C.E., Borough Surveyor, Town-hall, Cardiff, on and after the 9th day of April next. Sealed tenders, properly endorsed, to be delivered at fir office on or before the 18th dav of April next. The Urban Authority do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Br order, GEO. SALMON, Town-hall, Town Clerk and Clerk to the Cardiff 29th March, 1877. Urban Authority. 4060 Uttwiwce. ACCIDENTS BY FLOOD AND FIELD. jCTL ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS Mav be provided against by a Policy of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY. THE OLDEST & LARGEST ACCIDENTAL ASSURANCE COMPANY. Hon. A. KINNAIRD, M.P., Chairman. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, ,£1,000,000. ANNUAL INCOME, £1,120,000 have been paid as COMPENSATION. A fixed sum in case of Death by Accident, and a Weekly Allowance in the event of Injury, may be secured at moderate Premiums. Bonus allowed to Insurern of five years' standing. Apply to the Clerks at the Railwar Stations, the Local Agents, or 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. ÅGKNT. — W. WILLANS, 11, HENRY STREET, BUTE DOCKS. 4135 rjlHOMAS JONES AND CO., PAPER BAG MANUFACTURERS, 3, WHxVRF STREET. CARDIFF. Grocery Bags and Papers, Ironmongery Bags and Papers, Drapery Bags and Papers, Printing Papers ana Bookbinahig, Mill d and Straw Boards. 2027 JJARGAINS IN JgOOTS. GREAT SALE AT OSBORNE'S. The ENTIRE STOCK. consisting of an accumulation of FIROT-CLAS3 Ordinary Stock, together with a SPLENDID LOT of NEW GOODS of LATEST DESIGNS and PATTERNS, is now being OFFERED AT AN IMMENSE REDUCTION. FIVE SHILLINGS IN THE POUND MAY NOW BE SAVED BY BUYING AT OSBORNE'S, 4274 THE BAY-WINDOW SHOP, 14310 G. CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. LAMB FOR EASTER. J. WILLIAMS Begs to announce to his Customers and the Public generally that he will have for Sale during the week a Choice Selection of BEEF, MUTTON, VEAL, AND LAMB, The Lamb being specially provided for EASTER. J. W. takes this opportullity to thank his customers and the public generally for their very cordial support, and trusts by strict attention to business, combined with mudemte pricet>, to merit a continuance of their patronage and support. NOTK THE ADDQ8S- 20, QUEEN-STREET, 6308 CROCKHERBTOWN. 15066 G E 0 R G E BID GOO D, JOBBING MASTER, 55, SHAKESPEARE STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF. Ranges and Grates carefully set. -• tkinds of Jobbing in Dricl,5, stone, or roofing, promptly attended to. Thirty Years experience in all branches of the trade. 4093 U R I A H NICHOLS, LATE NATHAN GOUGH, A.I.C.E., ENGINEER AND MANUFACTURER OF PORTABLE ENGINES, PUMPS, CRANES, MORTAR MILLS, PILE DRIVERS, &c., &c., PERSEVERANCE IRONWORKS, .DUNCAN.STREET, OLDFIELD ROAD aALFORD. UANCHK«A £ IJL «3 £ 3 &1U3 1$gwettott. Penmark Fair.—Annual Sale of Fat and Store Stock. T|,FR D. T. ALEXANDER will SELL by AUCTION, on MONDAY, the Kith day of April next, in the field iu front of the Six Bells Inn, T'UNMANS— ( ■ ILTLE. -Several head of Fat and Store Cattle, including a very fine lot of Fat Beasts from Mr D Jenkins, of Llancadlo, also several 2 year old and yearling Steers and Heifers, 5 very useful Cows and Calves. SHEEP—About 10 Fat Sheep, and a few'Ewes and Lambs. IIORSKS.—3 very useful cait horses, a 4-year old filly (by Rein- fred), and a yearling cart coit. Also tnat very capital entire cart horse, Young Napier." Younjr Napier is thoroughly well KNOV^T1 TUROI^B the district, and has proved himself a sure foal getter. Ho is also a capital worker, and THOROUGH" tractable M a 1 y harness. For the convenience of persons attending the sale, refreshments witl BE provided as usual. THCSU'TE will1 take place at 12.30 punctually. 15033 12, Partx*K|GE-road, Ro,,ttli. -Uti reserved Sale of Household Furniture. MR D. T. ALEXANDER has been instructed by Captain Williams, who is leaving the neighbourhood for Liverpool, to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, on the Premises as above, on TUESDAY, April 24th, the whole of the MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, consisting of mahogany dining-room suite in morocco, telescope dining table, gilt pier glasses, gilt timepiece, 2 chandeliers, various ornaments and sundry glass, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets and hearth- rugs, steel fenders, cane-seat chairs, iron umbrella stand, capital barometer by Admiral Fitzroy, 2 iron half-tester bedsteads, with brass feet, hair spring mattress, straw palliasses, mahogany wash- stand with marble top, painted chests of drawers, toilet glasses, 8-day dial, butlers'tray and stand, &c., &c., together with the kitchen and culinary utensils, &c. The furniture is quite new, having very recently been pur- chased from Mr Daniel Lewis, of this town. Sale to commence at 2 o'eiock precisely. 7G, St Mary-street, Cardiff. 15366 To Members of Building Societies and Others.—Sale of Leasehold Property at Newtown, Cardiff. MR D. T. ALEXANDER is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on MONDAY, the 23rd day of April next, at 7 p.m. punctually, all those TWO MESSUAGES and DWELUNG-HOUSES, situate and being Nos. 5 and C, Garth-street, Adam-street, Newtown, Cardiff, now in the occupation of John Rowe and Thomas Thomas, and producing a rental of igl5 123. per annum each. The premises are held for a term of 99 years, 26 years of which have expired, and are subject to a ground rent of 44. For further particulars apply to Messrs Dalton, Spencer, and Corbett. Solicitors, Cardiff, or to the Auctioneer, 76, St. Mary- street. 15238 Valuable Leasehold Premises at Pentre Ystrad.-T,) Grocer.3, Drapers, or Investors. 1\/RR D. T. ALEXANDER is instructed to -I-VJL by AUCTION, at the Butcher'SARR>A-:IL!3TV atoly after the sale of W- M. TT.l. [\,vlA: r'.ntypridd, immedi- the 18tli day s,,he notel, on WEDNESDAY next. PREMISE April, that capital and newly-erected SHOP and SLUS, situate in front of the Market House, and near to the en's Hotel, at Pentre, Ystradyfodwg, together with the fittings and fixtures appertaining thereto. The Premises are in one of the best positions in the Rhondda Valley have been built at considerable cost; have plate-glass windows, and are situ- ate at the corner of the street, and have excellent accommodation for the carrying on of a good business. A large [jortion of the purchase money may remain upon mort- gage at 5 per cent. To view the premises apply to Mr William Jones, painter, Pentre Ystrad and for further particulars to the Auctioneer, 76, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 4106 Pentre Ystradyfodwg, Rhoudda Valloy.—To Brewers, Publicans, and otliers.-Stle of a valuable Hotel and 7 Dwelling Houses. MR. D. T. ALEXANDER is instructed by Mr Eiias James, of TafTs Well, the Trustee, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Butcher's Arms Inn, Pontypridd.ou WEDNES- DAY, April 18th next, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon punctually, the following very valuable and desirable LEASEHOLD PRO- PERTY :— Lot I.-All that Doable Licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE, known by the name of the Market Hotel, situate and being at Pentre Ystrad, lately in the occupation of Mr Wm. Treharne, now in the occunation of Mr Dd. Griffiths, together with the cottage adjoin- ing the same, which cottage is at present let upon an annual tenancy to the tenant of the hotel, at a rental of Z6 per annum, The Hotel contains bar, tap room, smoke room, parlour, kitchen, and other offices upon the ground-floor, 5 bed rooms, and a long room on second floor, also convenient back yard, ^piggeries, and brew-house, the whole having ¡;18 and watei laid on. The premises are advantageously situate for carrying on a very capital business. There are two large clubs held in the house in addition to others, and a good and profitable business has been carried on for some ears. It is held by the present occupier for the unexpired term of about 7 years, at the yearly rent of £ 68, but this sum does not include the annual rent which is paid for the cottage. Lot 2.—All those two DWELLING-HOUSES and Premises, ad- joining Lot 1. now in the occupation of John Pierce and Mary Adams, and which are let at the aggregate rent of jM9 18s. per sniium. Lot 3.—All those two DWELLING HOUSES and Premises adjoining Lot 2, now iu the occupation of Thomas Davics ana. David Jones, and let at the aggregate rent of L29 18s per anuum. Lot 4.—All those two DWELLING HOUSES and Gardens adjoining Lot 3, now in the occupation of Thomas Haines and David Williams, and let at the aggregate rent of £29 188 per annum. Lot 5.—All that DWELLING HOUSE and Premises situate at the end of the row, and adjoining Lot 4, now in the occupation of Evan Davies, and let at the aggregate rental of £14 9s per annum. The Premises are well and substantially erected, and are situate in one of the most thriving districts in the Rhondda Valley. The Hotel is well built and spacious, and is an improving property, and at the expiration of the present lease will command a very much higher rental. This and the dwelling-houses are held under ono lease from Griffith Llewellyn, Esq., for the tenn of JO years from the 24th June, 1869, at the yearly ground rent of £12 10s Od, which will be apoortioned in the following sums Lot 1, £5 10s 0t1 Lots 2, 3, and 4, .£2 each lot and for Lot 5, £ 1. The several tenants will show the property and further par- ticulars may be obtained upon application to Mr Elias James, TafFs Well near Cardiff Messrs Daltons, Spencer and Corbett, Cardiff or, to the Auctioneer, 76, St. Mary-street. 1 Great Western Railway Station.—To Builders, Carpen|aig, and others. MR D. T. ALEXANDER has been instructed by Mr W. Woodbridge (.who has nearly completed his contract) to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, April SSlth, the whole of the MATERIALS, SCAFFOLD POLES, PLANKS, &c., used in the construction of the new Railway- station, and aGo the greater portion of the old station budding. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock precisely. 76, St. Mary-strcet, Cardiff. 4107 Freehold Land and House at Cadoxton. MR. D. T. ALEXANDER is instructed by the mortgagee to SELL by AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, on SATURDAY, the 12th of May, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, tiii one or such other lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale,) the following FREEHOLD LAND, situate in the village of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, in the county pf Glamorgan, viz. That FREEHOLD DWELLINGHOUSE, OUTBUILDINGS, and PREMLsF.S, known AS Golden Grove, situate in the village of Cadoxton aforesaid, together with IS acres, or thereabouts, of very excellent PASTURE LAND belonging thereto, and now in the occupation of Mr Jenkin Williams. Further particulars and full description of the lots as intended for sale will appear hereafter, and in the meanwhile information may be obtained upon application to Messrs Fussell, 1'1'¡chnl, and Swan, Solicitors, Bristol to Mr Joseph Kempthorue, Solicitor, Neatli or to the Auctioneer, 76, St ilary-street, Cardiff. To St; t oners and Dealers in Fancy Goods. MR JNO. SAMUEL has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, 011 the premises, No. 203, Bute- road, Cardiff, on FRIDAY, the 20th day of April, 1S77, the STOCK of FANCY STATIONERY, stationery cases, albums, purses, pocket-books, letter calc,, date boxes, colour boxes, oleo- graphs, fancy brackets, pencil cases, letter books, ledgers, cash books, &c., and the usual stationer's sundries. A useful COUNTER aDd a nest of deal FIXTURES, the property ef Mr J. David, who is giving up this branch of his business. The Stock is in excellent condition, and worthy the attention of the trade. Sale will commence punctually at 2 p.m. 4101 Auctioneer's Offices, Church-street, April 12, 18-1 Lanmaes, Glamorganshire. MESSRS. R. JONES AND SON have been instructed bv the Trustees of the late Mr Thomas Price to SELL by ArCTIO: at the Bear Hotel, Cowbridge, on TUESDAY, April 17th, 1877, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, suoject to con- ditions to be there and then produced, all that B reehold I' WLD or Fields of excellent PASTURE LAND, called "Middle Field and Nerah," situate in the Parish of Lanmaes, containing 3a. 3r. Ip., more or numbered 55 and 50 on the tithe map of the said parish. The attention of Capitalists is especially invited to the oppor- tunity now offered, the land betnjj of excellent cjiuuiij, and reputed to be as gnod as any in the district, Mr Thomas Williams, of Lanmaes, will show the land. Further particulars may be had on application to the Auc- tioneers, Peneoed and Bridgend. 40-10 "KEEP D. & CO. MOVING." EMPLOY THE TAR FURNITURE VANS, THE LARGEST AND BEST IN WALES. FURNITURE REMOVED BY ROAD OR RAIL, To any part of the United Kingdom. Estimates free. S J. DAVIES AND CO., 1. THE HAYES, CARDIFF. 289D Q9 S U L L Y'S PRIVATE, COMMERCIAL, & FAMILY HOTEL, 23, EUSTON ROAD, KING'S CIOSS. LONDON, Opposite the Midland and Great Northern, and near the ndon and North Westem Railway Terminus, and close to tber King's Cross Station of the Metropolitan Railway. 3129 F URNITUITE! FURNITURE! FURNITURE; ALEXANDER NEWLANDS, No. 42, CAROLINE STREET CARDIFF, IL&a much pleasure in announcing that ho has lately OPENED The above premises with a large stock of NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, Which he intends offering to the public at the smallest rcnimiera- tive prices. 41 :I,i NoTICE AND CAUTION. J. SAUNDERS AND J. PlPERj^ PATENT, No. 1,843, JULY 12, iaM. Anyone INFRINGING our RIGHTS under the above Patent for the manufacture of Grease Pots, as used in the Tin-plate Trade, will be PROCEEDED AGAINST in a Court of Law. Terms of License for making Pots to Finish Plates as large as 40in. by 28iu. (Licenses for larger sizes will not be Granted), can be obtained on application to JOHN SAUNDERS AND JOSEPH PIPER, COOKLEY, near KIDDERMINSTER. March 17, 1877. 04 JAMES GORDON AND CO., CORN AND SEED MERCHANTS, 15, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. AGENTS FOrt BURNARD, LACK, & ALGER'S MANURES. A CARGO of MANURE ex Francis Henry," NOW FOR SALE. CONSIGNMENTS of the following GOODS IN STORE MANURES. Nitrate of Soda. Phospho Peruvian Guano. Half-inch Bone. Agricultural Salt. Turnip or Root Manure. Dissolved Bones. AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. Hal let's Pedigree Barley, grown on the Chalk. Potato Oats, direct from Scotland Black Tartarian Oats. White do. do. Potato Oats, direct from Scotland Black Tartarian Oats. White do. do. Field Peas Early Jesse." English Grown Clover Seeds. Sanfoin. Italian and other Grass Seeds. Sanfoin. Field Peas Early Jesse." English Grown Clover Seeds. Sanfoin. Italian and other Grass Seeds. Mixtures for Permanent Pastures Fifteen different varieties of Seed Potatoes now in Stock. GARDEN SEEDS. A varied assortment in Stock. See Catalogue, furnished ou application. FEEDING STUFF. Best English and Western Ian- seed Cake. and Egyptian Cotton do. Black and White Oats. English and Foreign Beans. Round and Flat Maize. Linseed. Barley Meal. Indian Meal. Pollard. Bran, iic., &c. Thorley's and other Patent Fowls. SUNDRIES, Green and White Boiling'Peas. Scotch Oatmeal. Flour. Canary Seed. Hemp" Spratt's, Buffalo, and old Cala- bar Dog Biscuits. Hay, Chaff, Straw, &c. Sacks, Netting, &c. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PRICES ON APPLICATION Cardiff, March 21, 1877. 14947 4286 GEORGE'S COliGH BALSAM. IA'IIEN OTHER REMEDIES FAIL to cure your COFGR, COLD, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, or any Disorder of the CHEST or LUNGS. go to your Chemist, and get a Bottle of GEORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. Tako it according to the directions given, and report its Marvellous Power to your Friends. NOTE.-Oiie dose relieves, a few doses cure. Sold in Bottles at Is ] 1d and 2s 9d by most chemists. Proprietor, H. A.George Penter, Pontypridd. TO UHFNIISTS.- Carriage paid upon all orders for 2 dozen, ard IU>ORUI (UAUAIWT ALLOWED 4012-15.1 16 gusiiwss gMWvesses. rjIHE gOROUGlf^QO^TYgUPPLY, 23, ST MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. THE BOROUGH and COUNTY SUPPLY, 23, ST MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. A FULL CATALOGUE of the numerous varieties J j of the following articles may be had f POST FREE on application as above. It will clearly show how a SAVING of FROM 10 to 30 PER CENT. may be made, and the HIGHEST CLASS GOODS obtained. TEAS: VERY SUPERIOR TEA, 2a per lb, 6lb parcel for, 11 0 THE FAMILY TEA, 2 6<1 per Ib, 61b parcel PEKOE SOUCHONG, 3 per Ib, 61b parcel for 17 0 COFFEE: GOOD USEFUL, per lb. Is 4d, 61b parcel for.. 7 0 PLANTATION CEYLON, per Ih. Is 8d, Glb parcel 9 0 MYSORE PEA BERRY, Is 10J per lb, 6lh parcel for 10 0 THE JgOROUcTn aiKl ^OUNTY gm^PI^T JL THE JgOROUGH and 0OUNTY SUPPLY. THE BOROUGH and COUNTY gUPPLY., WTNES SHERRY, good sample bottle, Is 4d. per doz. 15 6 SHERRY, pale, superior body and flavour, 28 6d per doz. lID 0 SHERRY, Amoiitilado, per bottle, 3s per doz. 35 0 TARRAGONA PORT, sample bottle, Is 3d per doz. 14 0 PORT sample bottle, 2s Od per doz. 23 0 A rich fruity wine matured in wood. PORT sample bottle, 3s 6d per doz. 40 0 Vintage 1870 11 years in bottle. J CHAMPAGNE, Moot and Chandos (first quality),Jjs 6il (UlU. v CLAKT" per doz. 64 6 Hi'V, sample bottle, Is per doz. 11 6 CLARET, 1870, Mcdoc, 15 months in bottle, per bottle, Is 9d per doz. 20 0 THE JgOROUGH and COUNTY SUPPLY. THE jgOROUGH and COUNTY gUPPLY. TilE JgOROUGH and COUNTY SUPPLY. SPIRITS 1 PALE COGNAC (vine lea), per bottle 2s 3d, per dozen 26 0 II (Standard) 23 Gd" 29 6 II (Royal) 3s (One Star) 4ft n 6 WHISKEY (Irish or Scotch)" 27 6 II (Old Irish or Scotch),, 2s 9d „ 32 6 GIX (London) „ 2s 24 0 „ (Old Tom) „ 23 J" 32 0, RUM (Jamaica) „ 2s 4d" 27 6 (Old Pine pple) THE BOROUGH and COUNTY gUPPLY. THE JgOROUGH and COUNTY SUPPLY. THE JJOROUGH and COUNTY SUPPLY. BROOMS, BRUSHES AND COMBS, PROPRIETARY ARTICLES, PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY. Allen's Hair Restorer, 6s size for 3 0 Clarke's Blood 6d size for 1 10 Cockle's Pills, 2s 9d size for 2 1 Lamplough's Pyretic Saline, 2s 6d size for 1 101 Pepper's Quinine and Iron Tonic, 4s Od size for ,.36 Citrate of Magnesia, Is bottle for .07 ,.18 (Gegenuber den Georges Platz) 4oz bot. for 1 3 Seidiletz Powders, Is box for 0 7 Condy's Fluid (green), half-pint 0 4J (green), pint 0 0 (crimson), half-pint .0 9 (cd msoll) pint 1 4, THE JgOROUGH and COUNTY SUPPLY. THE JJOROUGH and COUNTY SUPPLY. rjlHE gOROUGH andÇOUTY SUPPLY. A FULL CATALOGUE of the numerous varieties (of the above may be had free on appli- cation, which will clearly show how a saring of from 10 to 30 per cent may be made, and the highest class goods ob tained. THE JgOROUGH and COUNTY S PPLY. JL K3. 23, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. S. FLETCHER AND CO., PROPRIETORS. rjIHE j^OROUCH and 0OUNTY g UPPLY. 42So 23. ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 14032 S. FLETCHER AND CO., PROPRIETORS. NOTICE! NOTICE! ^NOTICE! PERFUMERY AND BRUSH WAREHOUSE, FANCY EMPORIUM, &c., 13, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. H SWEETING Bogs to inform his customers and the public generally, through having to re-Iloor the whole of the premises, allll at the same time some extensive alterations will be made in tho shop, cnvolviug the removal of all Fixture1 wiÜeh would undoubtedly cause great damage and loss to his Stock. Hc has thefeforc determined to OFFER THE WHOLE OF HIS LARGE AND EXPENSIVE STOCK (of between £:2,()()(I and £3,000 worth) AT 20 TO 25 PER CENT REDUCTION. A CHANCE SELDOM TO BE MET WITH. GuOVS CNHEll MANUKACTURElt'S PRICES. SALE to COMMENCE OIl SATLTRDAY. ApUlL UTH 4099 Anù will continue IIntil Further Notice. 15401 \\r I L L I A M BLAKE T » Late of Talbot Arms, St Afar\ -street, NOW OF FAIR OAK, ANGEL-STHEET, CARDIFF, Begs to inform hig patrons aud the public generally that he has. at considerable expense, built very large and commodious stab- ling and Coachhouses in Penarth-road, CLOSE TO THE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY STATION, and that he is prepared to Let Dog Carts, Pony Traps, Wag- gonettes, Breaks, and every description of pleasureable convey- ances. W. B. takes this opportunity of returning thanks for the very generous support he has hitherto received, and trusts, with the increased facilities at his command, to merit a continuance thereof, together with their kind recommendation. HORSES TAKEN IN TO BAIT, LOOSE BOXES, LOCK-UP COACHHOUSES, LARGE W)U.\[..lwr BY 22tr. SUITABLE FOR HOLDING SALES OR STORAGE OF FURNITURE and GOODS. Note the Address— Wr. BLAKE, CAB PROPRIETOR AND LIVERY STABLE KEEPER. PENARTH-HOAl>, CARDIFF, Or, FAILt OAK HOTEL, ANGKL-STREET, CARDIFF. 6307 15074 THE LARGEST STOCK -L OF SCARFS AND TIES IN SOUTH WALES! Gentlemen's Under-clothing of every description, in every Quality, Material, and Size. Dent's Gloves. Best London made Umbrellas. Scotch and Leicester Hosiery. Collars, Fronts, and Wrists. All Goods at Reasonable Prices at W. KORNER AND CO S, THE CARDIFF HOSIERS, 27, 20, and 31, ROYAL ARCADE, AXD 182, BUTE ROAD. Shopkeepers and Shippers supplied Wliolesale. 4275 ARSON'S^ ANTI-CORROSION PAINT patronized by the Queen, H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, The British Governnwllt, The Indian Govern- ment, The Colonial Government, The Russian Government, and 10,000 of the Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy. Is extensively used for all kinds of OUT DOOR WOHK, is the Best and Cheapest. All colours. Any person can use it. FuU instructions given. 2 cwt. carnaga paid to all Stations. CARSON^ ANTI-CORROSION PAINT is twice as durable as genuine White Lead. See Testimonials. ANTI-CORROSION PAINT J FOR WOOD OR IRON WORK. ARSONS ANTI-CORROSION PAINT 2 CIVt. carriage free to all Stations. ARSONS ANTI-CORROSION PAINT FOR FRONTS OF HOUSES. ^ARSON'S ANTI-CORROSION PAINT I FOR POROUS BRJCKS. J FOR CONSERVATORIES. CARSON;S-ANTI-coi:iROSION-P AIN-T FOR HOTHOUSES. Established 80 years. Is the most effectual in resitJting weather, and will keep for years. Prices, Patterns, and Testimonials post free on application to WALTER CARSON & SONS La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill. London' E.G. 21, Bachelor's Walk, Dublin. CARSON'S PAINT. NO AGENTS. 4003 g HAW'S" JQ R Y S 0 A P THE BEST FOR W ASIIIG EVERYTHING. SH A W'S T?1 R E N C H T> L U E 3691—104* IN SQUARES, THE BEST FOR LAUNDRY PURPOSES. NEVE R-F AILING RE ME ITY FOR LIVER COMPLAINTS. DR SCOTT'S BILIOUS AND LIVER PILLS. Prepared without mercury, are invaluable to all whQ sailer frow BILIOUS and LlVBa COMPLAINTS, INPIGBSTION, WU(D, SPASMS. Foul. BKKATII, NKKVOIVS DKPKESSIO.Y, IRRITABIHTY, LASSITODB, Loss or APFBTITB, DYSPBPSIA, IIBARTBUKH, SOU* ERUCTATES, LOW.VKSS OF Sriwra, with sensatIon of fulness at the pit of,the STOMACH, GIDDINESS, DIZZINESS of tlie EVBS, and all those other symptoms which none but a sufferer can describe. For HABITUAL COSTIVBNESS, or for persons suffering from the PILES, they will be found most efficacious. • As AXLBNBFTAL FAMILY AVaii.NT MEDICINE they havo no equal, being mild in their operation, ami grateful to tho stomach. They give a. healthy tone and vigour to tho different secretions, causing the necessary organs of the Stomach and Liver to resume their activity, thus restoring the appetite, promoting digestion, and strengthening the whole system. Prepared only by W. LAMBERT, la, Vera street, London, W. Sold by all Chemists, Is ld and 2s 9d, or post free 15 or 35 stamps. The genuine are iu a t ^Kreeij jpacka^e. Take no } øtJW illfltanrl UJ&Q1. ■ GTTGTOGG GDHREM G O Y L E AND c O'S. PERFECT FITTING BOOTS, ¡ OLD PLAN- The Feet must fit the Boots. I NEW PLAN-The Boots fit the Feet, BOYLE AND CO.'S NEW SPRING AND SUMMER BOOTS AND SHOES. ALL THE LATEST STYLE, FIRM AND COMFORTABLE, DURABLE AND ELEGANT, MODERATE IN PRICE. BOYLE AND CO. S FRENCH BOOTS AND SHOES ARE PERFECT NOVELTIES. Full Dress BOOTS. BOOTS made to Order, BOOTS of every Style. BOOTS of every Quality. BOYLE AND CO.'S LADIES' AND GENTS' WALKING SHOES, Immense Stock, endless variety. BOYLE AND CO.'S NEW STOCK is oomplete with every article de- sirable for SPRING and SUMMER WEAR, consisting of GLOVE KID, CALF KID, SATTEEN and CASH- MERE, In BUTTON, BALMORAL. and ELASTIC SIDE. I '4-t"j.t "r.- G- Y"L E AND 00, BOOT AND SHOE MERCHANTS, 19, CHURCH STREET, AND 31, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. 4044 "T H E V E It Y B E 3 T. CLOVERS AND GRASS SEEDS CAN BE SEEN AT JOHN JJ I B B E R T'S, 17. ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED SEED HOUSE OVER 30 YEARS. 465g T 0 COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, &c. Mr Clifford E. Wiuby begs to call the attention of Colliery Pro. prietors and others using steam power, to the construction and arrangement of Messrs PIGGOTT and Co.'s KESTERTON PATENT BOILERS. The great saving of fuel, combined with strength, simplicity of construction, and durability, Is well worthy of their attention. Full particulars and satisfactory references on application to Clifford E, Winby, Engineer and contractor, Canton, Cardiff. 4095 J. NEWTON AND CO., TAILORS AND WOOLLEN MERCHANTS, 13, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, Beg to intimate to their numerous Customers that their STOCK is now replete for the Season. They also beg to state that they have been appointed Agents to H. J. NICOLL, OF REGENT-STREET, LONDON, FOR THEIR 4007 15339 REGISTERED AND OTHER CLOTHING. MULTIPLEX COPYING PORTFOLIO.— m 40 or 50 Copies of a Letter, Circular, or Document may be printed upon thick paper, from an original writing, in a few miuutes. Prices, with Ink, &c., complete. Letter size, 188. Od., Letter and Note 21s. and Foolscap, 25s. Instructions and speci- mens free by post. Waterlow and Sons Limited, 61, London Wall, 26, Great Winchester Street, and 49, Parliament Street, London. 4094 4094 URNISH YOUR HOUSE, OR APARTMENTS THROUGHOUT BY JARVIS'S HIRE SYSTEM. The ORIGINAL, BEST, AND MOST LIBERAL CASH PRICES. No EXTRA Ciuitors FOR TIHK GIVE.Y. LARGE USEFUL STOCK to select from. Prospectuses on Application to JARVIS & SON, STEAM CABINET MANUFACTURERS, 22 & 23, METEOR STREET, CARDIFF. 13G78 4069 ^JJREAT J>EDUCTION IN J>RICES. QREAT REDUCTION IN J>RICES. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. QREAT REDUCTION IN JpRICES. THE YY HEELER & WILSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY'S SEWIG MACHINES OF ALL KINDS JJEDUCED IN PRICE. JL,tv- THESE UNIVERSALLY CELEBRATED FJLREADLE JYJACHINES from £5 10s THE SAME AS HITHERTO SOLD AT JM Ga. These machines are admitted to be the lightest running, the most rapid and quiet of all Lock- stitch machines and to produce all the various kinds of work In the bestond most reliable manner, also in point of durability they are incomparably Superior to all others. They are by far tho most economical and truly cheap, on account of their superiority in all desirable qualities; and, more- over, are made and sold by a responsible Company of long standing and established reputation. QENTENNIA L 3 XHIBITION, PHILADELPHIA. 1870. WHEELER and WILSON'S WAS THE ONLY SEWING MACHINE HONOURED 1wil THREE AWARDS, THREE MEDALS OF MERIT, AND THREE DIPLOMAS OF HONOUR. tr fhree Threo Three Threo Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three WHEELER AND WILSON MACHINES, FBOJt -25 5s. ø" A wards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards w HEFLEit AND WILSON'S STRAIGHT-NEEDLE, ROTARY-HOOIC, LOCK. STITCH SEWING MACHINES, FOR HEAVY, MEDIUM, OR LIGHT WORK, AND FOR LEATHER STITCHING. ALL AT REDUCED p RICES. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. MACHINES may also be obtained by SMALL PERIODICAL PAYMENTS, By adopting tho NEW SYSTEM OF HIRE, WITH OPTION OF PURCHASE. PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION, OR BY POST. (P EAT -REDUCTION IN pRICES. NEEDLES Md ATTACHMENTS of all kinds adapted to SEWING MACHINES of OUR MANU- FACTURE warranted tho REST at the LOWEST PRICES. Spool Cotton. Machine Silk of every shade, Linen Thread, and ™c^uo Oil always iu stock at all our offices. Orders by Post fulfilled at the shortest notice- Stamps for amounts under Teu ShilHng-a received in payment, aud Post Office Orders for kirjjer amount*. THREE AWARDS. THREE AWARDS. CARDIFF A DBRESS yy HEELER AND WILSON, 10, ST. ,MARY STREET. r Chief Office— WHEELER 21, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.C. r Chief Office— LONDON, E.C. AND C^car the Mansion House), Central Depot— Central Depot- WILSON 73, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. EVERY MACHINE made by the Wheeler and Wilson Manufao facturing Company has tho name of the firto Impressed on the { S)Qt" plato, and VhoXwkiawkaffixfS to the bedplate. 11717 r \tint,$ ('(h'cc. (JRE AT FUltNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 24, 25, and 2G, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. DANIEL f EWIS AND gON Beg to direct- the attention of the Publie generally to their New and Magnificent PREMISES, which fere acknowledg-ei by the Press and all Visitors to be tlie most EXTENSIVE HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT anywhere out of London, and wherein is displayed an Immense Stock of CABINET and UPHOLSTERY, FURNITURE of every description, High class CARPETS and CURTAIN Materials ot the best English and Foreign Manufacture, including CRETONNES, CHINTZES, and COVERINGS, at all pricc3, and suitable for any class of House. DANIEL AND SON Also beg to remind the inhabitants of GLOUCESTERSHIRE, BRECON'S HIRE, MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, HEREFORDSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, that Cardiff being so central, can be visited with little or no inconvcnionco, and so great lJ the Railway accommodation that goods can be Sent from their Establishment daily to any part Of the Country. "OANIEL LEWIS & SON'S ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE GRATIS. DANIEL LE\VIS & SON'S PRICE LIST GRATIS. DANIEL LEWIS & SON'S GUIDE TO HOUSE FURNISHING GRATIS. FREE BY POST ON APPLICATION. JJANIEL LEWIS AND SON, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, TIMBER MERCHANTS, AND UNDERTAKERS, 4221 14448 24, 25, and 2G, HIGH STREET, CARPI F F. "TRUTH MUST PREVAIL."—COMMON SKNSR. gILK & FELT-HATS & CAPS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. S. WEICHERT, MANUFACTURER, 39, BUTE STREET; DEPOT, 3, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF, (ESTABLISHED 1858,) OFFERS nothing extraordinary, hut really Good Articles at fair and reasonable pricas. He does not keep an immense stock," but sufficiently large for any person to select from. He does not sell cheaper than any other house in the trade," but quite as cheap IL8 anr. S. W. is in possession of Allie-Aine's Patent Conformateur, the only Instrument which takes the Size, and thus secures a Perfect Fit. A VISITWILL AT ALL TIMES BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. 4100 BAUMG ARTE N^S INVIGORATIVE JLt NERVINE ESSENCE. A most powerful nutritive cordial, which restores to their nor- mal condition all the secretions on the integrity of which perfect health depends- REPORT BY DR. HASSALL. "Having analysed the preparation to which Messrs Ramn- garten and Co. have given the name of INVIGORATIVE NERVINE ESSENCE," I am of opinion that it is a combination I weU calcnlated, from its centaining, among other ingTedients, Pepsine and Phosphate of Soda, to prove most serviceable to the Debilitated, the Nervous, and the Dyspeptic." Price 85 per bottle, or four 8s. bottles in one, 22$., carriage free. Sole agents, BRANT and Co., 283, Strand, London, W.C. 3369 BROWN & JpOLSON'S CORN JpLOUlt IS EQUAL TO THE FINEST ARROWROOT. HAS TWENTY YEARS' WORLD-WIDE REPUTATION. COMMANDS THE HIGHEST PRICE. 226 AND THE LARGEST SALE. 41 J SESSIONS AND j5}0NS> CANAL WHARF, EAST, AND ¡ JOHN-STREET, CAn D I l I. FCll: CHIMNEY TOPS, STONEWARE GOUDO, V. CHIMNEY PIECES, GRATES, HEARTH SLABS, &c., AND AT DOCKS, GLOUCESTER. 14003 LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE. In consequence of SpudolliJ Imitations o- WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, VT which are calculated to deceive tho Public, LEA AND PERRINS havo adopted a NEW LABEL mAIUNG TIIKIR SIGNA- TURE, LEA AND PERRINS, which is placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, and without which none is genuine. Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester: Crosse and Blacktvcll, London and Export Oilmen generally. Retail by dealers in sauces throughout tho World. 8176 POLLINARIS. NATURAL MINERAL WATER.. • Has the spceial fjualities of purity, freshness, persistent effer- vescence, and agreeable flavour, alone or mixed with wines or spirits."—l'ractiti<mrr. GO QUARTS 26-, 100 PINTS 42s, In London, or 50 QrARTS 29s, 100 PINTS 40s, Carriage paid to any Railway Station in the United Kingdom. Bottles included and allowed for oil return. Smaller quantities of Chemists, Wine Merchants, 4c., at 6. per DOZEN PINTS, and Ss per DOZEN THE A POLLINARIS COMPANY, LIMITED, HI, REGENT STREET, LONDON, S.W. 4057 JGOITWICK'S BAKING POWDER HAS BEEN AWARDED rjtHREE GOLn MED/VLS "I.J,õii its siTpERIORITY over ALL OTHERS. JL- Makes Bread, Pastry, Puddings, &c., light aud wholesome. Sold in Id and 2d packets; also Cd, Is. 2iI 6d, and 5 patent boxes. Families, schools, and hotels will secure considerable til vantage by purchasing the 28 Gd or 5s patent boxes. 3797 PAIN KILLER, a pur&ly vegetable MEDICINE, cures Cramp and Pain in the Stomach, Diar- rhoea, D'8eutcry, aud Cholera. PAl N KILLER cures Colds, Coughs, J. Sore Throats, Bronchitis, and any Disease of the Client or Lungs. PAIN KILLER curcs Rheumatism, Gout, and Neuralgia. PAIN KILLER cures Dyspepsia, Headachc, and Fever. PAIN KILLER cures Kidney Complaints, Lumbago, &c. PAIN KILLER cures Burns, Bruises, Sprains, and Wounds. PAIN KILLER is sold by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors. Trice is. Z3' 6s. Od., and lis. Od. per Bottle. (Large Bottles cheapest.) 113C THE CHARTIST RIOTS: Skctck of the Riots and Movements in Wales from prrs""a^' observation, ■with LETTERS by Zcphaniah Williams, from the Convict Settlements of Australia, appears in the CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS of THIS WEltK. WITH A ROSE IN HER HAIR" (com- plete st<rri/J, appears in the CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS of this week, alowj with a further itistalnieMof Dora Russell's serial story FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW." Important Announcement. The Proprietors of the CARDIFF TIMES <b SOUTIl WALES WEEKLY NEWS hare the pleasure of announcing that they hate completed aiTanyerucitts jor the publication of TWO NEW SERIAL STORIES in their Journal by Authors of the highest ability. The first Storv will be entitled or EN VERDICT;' And will lie from the pen of the talented authoress ltllSS RRADDON. To be followed by a Story entitled "CRUEL LONDON: A Tale of the Day." By JOSEPH HATTON, author of Clytie," and other successful Novels.


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