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CARDTW. :BOAKI> op OFT ak.OIANS. —Mr C. W. David pre- Ided ovt r the weekly meeting of tho guardians n Saturday. There was a large attendance of i lembers uftao hvard. Mr R^insdale tm>vecl, and Ir Titus Lleweiiyn seconded the motion, that the jport of the visiting cnlDmittee should be adopted. ?hs pr-. position w;is carried unanimously.—The eport contained the following clauses: —Mrs Sole, female labour superintendent, having ap- lied for an increase of salary, the committee see » reason to i-eoommend that it be granted. They ansidered a simf'ar application by Mr Middleton, Drter, who lias discharged with great efficiency the duties proper to his office, but also :lose of st< >rekeeper, awl oi late those appertain- lg to the relief of tramps, and recommend that jS salary be increased from J650 to JB50 per tmum.The committeeexam; ned thestatementof ac- Dunt submitted by the arehirectswith resfardto the onstruction of the new workhouse buildings, now Tactically completed. The following is a sum- sary :—Amount of original contract, £23,350;, dditional works ordered by the board on the re- ommendation of the committee (less value of sork omitted), £1,814 38 7d sundry necessary torks in excess of contract provisions, and extra. fork done under the direction of the architects, :121 15s lOti furniture and fitting, £ 238 Ó" Hd £ 25,524- 6s 4d. Less cash Cll account, £22,221. laiance, being amount retained under provisions f the contract during period of maintenance, J-5,303 6" 4d. The above is subject to a small urther deduction for refractory wards omitted, 'JSS the cost of children's yard, provided lstead, the amount of which was referred mck to the architects for determination. -The master of the workhouse reported that here were 2 admissions, 32 discharges, and 1 ieath during the week, leaving 4-65 in the house, a increase of 68 on the corresponding week of 1st year. It was reported that the outdoor relief uring the week amounted to j3268 18s 7d, as ->mpared with JE271 5s 9d in the corresponding eek of last year, and a decrease in number of 70. It was reported that the children at Ely Schools had made substantial progress in their Education, especially in writing. The Christmas Teats for both the schools and the workhouse were arranged for as usual. The inmates of the work- Souse will have their Christmas dinner on the Sunday, and their entertainment on the Monday following. The BLUE RiBBOX MOVEMENT.—Wood-street Chapel was again crowded on Saturday evening, tt the meeting of the Blue Ribbon Army. Mr Councillor Henry Jones presided, and was sup- jiorted on the platform by Mr Councillor Beavan, [he Revs. J. S. Lidgett, Dr. Stock (Huddersfleld), W. Watkiss, N. Thomas, — Williams, and A. fUly. Messrs T. Berwick, W. J. Thomas, Jtc. The Chairman, in the course of his remarks, said it was gratifying to every friend of temperance to find so much interest taken in this grand movement. Recapitulating the history of tem- perance in Cardiff, he said that 3Q years ago It was considered a capital meeting if they got the old British Schoolroom in Millicent-street half tull, but temperance principles had so advanced, and so deep an interest was now taken in the temperance movement, that that chapel, the largest building in the town, was not large enough Lo hold the temperance people of Cardiff. Com- paratively, but few years ago, a teetotaler was seldom, if ever, to be found now they may be t-ounted by their thousands. Teetotallers were no longer ridiculed and assailed because of their principles. Public sentiment was with them to- •tay. He called upon all present to set his neighbour a good example; every man was placing either a good or bad ex- ample before his fellow mcu, and he urged working men to open their eyes, and consider whether it »ras better to squander their hard-earned pence in jthe taproom, or to study their own happiness, which would be the happiness of their wives, the happiness of their little ones, and the comfort of their homes. (Applause.)—'The Rev. J. P. ludgett trusted every one present was doing all jthey possibly could to make the 10,000 who had 'already signed the pledge 20,000. This movement had begun with great impetus, and he appealed gainst re!a::ir.~ iCeir efforts in the least. Un- doubtedly it was pieao^ to come week after !lVeek. enjoy the enthusiasm of a crowded meeting, listen to the sweet melodies of a good choir, and have. as it were, pleasure poured into their ears, but it was the duty of each one to use his personal influence, to do all in his power to get the other eighty thousand of the people of Cardiff enrolled under this Gospel Temperance Union. It was .Gospel temperance they advocated, and they did so from a Christian platform. He earnestly appealed to parents not to put a stumbling block in the way of their children, to keep drink from their path, aud to instil godly principles into their young minds which would never be for- gotten. He rejoiced that attractions, without going to the public-house, were increasing; temp- tations were lessening, and trusted each one would take the tide at the turn, and go on with the good fortune which God had put within the reach of all, and let all do their part to procure the glorious fortune we have in the future. (Ap- plause.) The Rev. Dr. Stock, of Huddersfield, compared the mental and physical work he had been able to accomplish during the 35 years of his life he had been a total abstainer and the 28 years he was a moderate drinker. Alcohol, he asserted, had no assimilation to the human body it created neither muscle, flesh, nor bone it was no tonic its ability to assist in heating the body \],3 a delusion—a snare. If his audience wished to live lives of moral purity, he appealed to them never to look upon it. The choir rendered several of their melodies, under the leadership of Mr Jaccb Daviea. ACCIDENT.—On Saturday evening, a. lad, named \V in. Walker, 15 years of age, in the employ of Mr George Thomas, Ely Farm, was leading a hurae to the pond when the animal suddenly turned round and kicked him, causing a compound fracture of the right thigh. He was conveyed to the Cardiff Infirmary. PKOWNED.—About six o'clock on Saturday night, as a boiler-maker, Samuel Abbot,was cross- ing the lock at the Roath Basin, he accidentally fell into the water, and although every effort was made to save the man, he sank, and his body was not recovered until Sunday afternoon. Deceased .was in the employ of the Junction Dry Dock Company, Limited. The body was conveyed to the deceased s residence, 38, George-street. An inquest will be held. An inquest will also be held touching the death of John Macdonald, a fireman belonging to the s.s. Europa, whose body was found floating in the East Basin, and who is supposed to have fallen into the dock when on his way to the Europa. DIE: > AT SKA. —On Sunday morning, about two o'clock, as the screw steamer Pelaw, of and from London for Cardiff, was at anchor above the Nash waiting for the tide, one of the firemen, James Gilchrist, died. The steamer docked in the East I5aiin in the forenoon. The body was conveyed in a hearse to the dead house in the afternoon. Bur XING.—At the borough police court, on Saturday—before Mr J. W. Vacliell—George Wilson, a young man, was charged with begging in Longcross-street. Kato Murphy, a domestic servant, at Norton Villa, and Catherine Shee, a domestic servant at Hereford Villa, stated that the defendant came to their houses on Sunday, and also on Friday—asked for alms, got his foot between the door and doorpost, and prevented the door fv. m being shut. He attempted to strike Kate Murphy when she declined to assist him, and was most abusive. When apprehended by P.C. Elliott, he said, I am not going to starve never mind what fuss people make." He was then running away from some house in Long- cross-street, where he had been behaving in the frame manner. The bench sent him to prison for 11 days. The defendant behaved very rudely in court, accusing the complainants of not being so civil to him as they ought to have been. The police were directed to keep an eye upon him when lie canLe ont of prison. Cardiff EXHIBITION.—A meeting of the general Committee of this exhibition was held at the councii-chamber of the Town-hall, OIl Monday, under the presidency of Mr Rees Joues. ex-mayor. There were present besides—Councillors R. Bird, J-G Proger.W. J. Trounce, Messrs J. Duncan, S. Ait Lin, D. T. Alexander, J. P. Thompson, C. S. Mann, — Hooper, W. Dubbs, Pettigrew, — Ambrose, F. Atkim, F. De C. Hamiltou, and C. Bradley and Messrs "Wheatley and Seward, ilon. secretaries. Bills to the amount of £1,667 were ordered to be paid. A claim had been "eat in by Madame Hazard for compensation for damage t a piece of statuary contributed by her to the I Exhibition. After a long discussion, on the motion oc Mr John Duncan, the claim was referred to the ;ir,e arts committee, to settle upon terms to be agreed upon.—Air D. T. Alexander sug- gested that some steps should be taken to dstiTuuiie in what way the balance which they would have in hand should be disposed of. Vt the present time he supposed the amount in hand was on deposit. —The Chairman said that the hou. treasurer had £ 2,000 on deposit, but a portion of it would be required to pay expenses. Mr Alexander thought they might have some scheme before them for discussion.—The Chair- man Ix.n't vou think we had better settle ¡ Madaitte Hazard's claim first ?—Mr Aitkin I I think we should know what balance we have.— Mr Thompson suggested the appointment of a fe'ib-eoiumitteo to consider the question. The Chairman considered that it. would be better to ha- ea special meeting of the general committee. Eventually, after some discussion, it was resolved t" hold a special meeting of the general committee for tUe purpose on the first Tuesday in the new year. tSUEPCSDKHT OrOKK 01-' RjSC'SlAr.rTfcs. — Reeliab's Home Tent, Xo. 1,230, IKS! J its fourth anuhersary on Saturday last iu the Arcade tSUEPCSDKHT OrOKK Oi" RjSC'SlAr.rTfcs. — Reeliab's Home Tent, Xo. 1,230, heLl its fourth anuhersary on Saturday last i" the Arcade CI: ia.i>er», when His Worship the Mayor (Mr Alfred Thomas) and Mr R. Cory were duly elected as honorary members. The service was conducted by Bro. Raper, District Chief Ruier, assisted by Bros. J. A. Jenkins. S. Fisher. F. t Gravil, and Captain Bailey. An excellent tea was provided by Mrs Kaper, Miss .Pearson, Misa Boweu, and Mrs Osmond, at which 50 members sat down. After tea stirring addressts were given by Bros. Councillor Treseder, J. Routled^ I iBridgend's and James Evans (Haverfordwest), bearing upon the advantages of the Rechabite ¡ Unity. The Mayor and Mr Cory ex pressed great pleasure in having identified themselves with an order which had for its object the assist- iugoc working men in time of sickness,, and the spread of total abstinence. The usual votes of thanks to the chairman. Bro. Raper, and the ladies closed an interesting meeting, Gl.AMORCiANSHISE ANJ) MOX^MOUTHSHIBB IN- TIKMAKV AND Disi'KNsAKV. —State of register for the past week :—Remaining- by last week, 45 ad- riii d since, 6 discharged, 6 died, 0 remain- lag in the house, 45; number of out-patients an the b< >oks, 879 patients visited at their homes, bl. Medical officers for week commencing De- jCembcr 13th, 1381 —Physician, lh\ Edwards surgeon, I)r. Taylor; house-surgeon, C. T.Wat- juns, M.R. C.S., L.S.A. Gentlemen visitors for I ■the week:—Messra Rees Jones, J. A. Le Bou- langer, Griffith Phillips. and Rev. W. Conybeare 1 jSrucc.—GEO. T. COLEMAN, Secretary.—The secre i fcary begs to acknowledge, with grateful thanks, [ the following present to the lufirmary — V largo parcel of new linen for the patients from Mrs fWm. }1'roDJcrsdorf, Roath.-l';vc.)Toon.. for Christ- haas decorations and prizes for the Christmas Tre» will be appreciated. HIBEBNI.VN SOCIETY.—At the fortnightly meet- ing of this society hold at St. David & Boys' fkukooL Dtvid etroet. on Monday eveminc. Mr John Sullivan, president, in the chair, the fol- lowing gentlemen were duly initiated into the society as honorary members:—The Rev. R. Richardson, Mr Alderman J. McConnochie, Mr Alderman Alexander, Mr Heitzman, Dr. Buist, Mr W. J. Trounce, T.C., Mr Strina, Mr R. Barr, Mr A. North, Mr W. Nell, Mr J. Braxii, and Mr Lascelles Carr. INFIRMARY BALI.—It has been decided to hold the Infirmary ball the third week in January. ALEXANDRA PARK.—We beg to remind in- tending competitors at the ^forthcoming Christ- mas foot handicaps which take place at the above fgrounds on Monday and Tuesday, Decemder 26th and 27th, that entries positively close this day (Wednesday), or first post to mor- row morning. Already numerous entries have been received, and some half-dozen well known sporting men are assisting at the handicapping. Some good racing may be anticipated. A fullli:"t of entries, with the starts allotted, will appear in our columns of Saturday next, the acceptances to close the following Wednesday. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE. — At the monthly meeting of this committee on Wednes- day, at the office* of the elerk, Crockherbtewn, the Hev. J. W. Evans in the chair, the Inspector reporbei as to the comparative attendance of children at school in the general parishes for the month of November of this year compared with last. The result showed a general and satisfac- tory improvement in the average attendance. FOUND DBOWNED.—The body of a man named James West, who was formerly employed. as a fireman on board steamers trading here, has been found in the Roath Basin; it is supposed WTest had fallen in when wandering about in that neigh- bourhood in the evening. An inquest will be held. RutAL SANITARY AUTHORITY.—The monthly meeting of this authority was held on Wednesday afternoon at the offices of the clerk, Croekherb- town. Mr R. 0, Jones presided, and there were present Mr Ii. Forrest, Mr Griffith Phillips, Mr G. C. Williams, Mr Jenner, Mr Jonas Watson, Mr Graham Dornford, Dr. F. G. Evans, Mr O. H. Jones, the Rev. J. W. Evans, Mr J. H. Da vies, Mr T. Eas;,ett, Mr J. Phillips, and Mr J. Moore.—Dr. Granger reported that the mortality in the rural districts during the past month was low, but two deaths from the zymotic disease whoopiug cough were registered. Scarlet fever, which was reported in his last as having occurred at Pentyrch, had now abated. Typhoid fever had, however, existed there, and was in all proba- bility imported from some other place. One of the inspectors of nuisances, Mr Williams, reported that the Cardiff Waterworks men had opened a trench near a well at Ely, and that the noxious matter from the refuse deposited on the road had percolated through the ground, so that he did not think anything could be done to render the well fit for use again on this site. He had in- spected the Crown Preserved Patent Fuel Works. The smoke nuisance was not abated yet, but he was informed by the manager that they had done all they could to complete the erection in time of a furnace to consume the smoke, and failed, and they would have it ready by Christmas. The inspector reported the Rumney river polluted near the Machen Tinplate Works. He found the ashes deposited on the side of the river. The inspector was ordered to get the water analysed, and in the meantime to obtain evidence as to the tipping of ashes iuto the river. LLANDAry HIGHWAY BOARD. — The monthly meeting was held at the otiiees of the Clerk, Crockherbtown, on Wednesday afternoon. Mr R. Forrest presided, and there were among those present Or F. G. Evans, Mr Jonas Watson, Mr Graham Dornford, Rev. J. W. Evans, Mr F. Wride, Mr J. Phillips, Mr J. H. Davies, Mr T. Bassets, and Mr T. Llewellyn. The surveyor, Mr Price, who had been instructed to report upon the state of the banks near the Wenvoe Cross- roads, recommended the board to build a retain- ing wall under the bank to support it, at an estimated cost of JS50 15s. It was resolved to communicate with another highway board to see whether they would not pay half the cost thereof. The surveyor reported several cases of obstruction upon the sides of the highway, and the clerk was instructed to write to the defaulters, asking them to have the obstructions removed, and if the ob- structions were not removed summonses were to to be taken out at once. There was no other business of public interest. ROYAL SOCIETY FOR PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.—A special meeting of the committee of the local branch of this society was held on Wednesday, at the Town-hall, for consideration of the financial condition of the branch, which is far from satisfactory, the subscriptions being far exceeded by liabilities. It was decided that spe- cial efforts should be made in the town and county to increase the subscription list, and at the close of the meeting the chairman, Col. Picton Turbur- vill, intimated his intention of sending a donation to the fuuds of the branch of £5 2s 3d, to enable local claims to be met. There still remains a con- siderable debt to the Parent Society, which it is hoped those interested in the objects of the society will enable to be paid off. The thanks of the committee were tendered to Mrs Vaughan, the Deanery, Lhmdaff, for a contribution of J35, for prizes to cabmen, and It v.-as decided to confer with the cabs committee of the corporation as to its application. EARLY CLOSING MOVEMENT.—On Wednesday a largely attended attended meeting was held in St John's Schoolroom, Crockherbtown, under the auspices of the shop assistants in the town. Mr Vye, who was in the chair, said the assistants did not want to rob their employers in any way, but the; did want a little time to themselves. He hoped some gentleman of influence would take the matter up, as Cardiff was far behind other towns in the matter of early closing. Resolutions were then passed to the effect that ill the opinion of the meeting it is expedient to form an early closing association in the town of Cardiff that a committee be formed, comprising all trades that each house or bl1",ines. send one representative to meet at the Central Coffee Tavern, on Wednes- day evening, at 6.30 that Mr Vye be appointed treasurer; and that Mr C. Jones be appointed" secretary. )11' Leal then said he and Mr Yye had waited upon all the principal employers in the town, but there had been a great difficulty in getting them to close, and he now thought the assistants should appeal to the public ill general to abandon late shopping. The only thing to be done was to all work together, and then they would have a chance of succeeding. AN OLD OFFENDER.—At the borough police- court on Monday—before Mr R. O. Jones and Mr G. Phillips—Mary Leper, who had been thirty times previously convicted, was fined 5s and costs for being drunk and disorderly in Bute-street on Saturday night. WILFUL DAJIAT;—Charles Lark, a lad, wa3 fined 2s 6d, and Is damage, for injuring a pilot boat belonging to Mr A. Jones, a pilot, while lying in the Glamorgan Canal, on Thursday morning. ASSAULT.—Vincent Elliott was fined 20s and costs for an assault on a man named Walter, on the 3rd inst. AN INSECURE 'BUS. — William Griffiths, a licensed driver of a'bus plying between Queen- street and Cathays, was charged by Inspector Tamblyn with driving a bus in an insecure state, whereby the lives of the passengers were endan- gered. Defendant was ordered to put the vehicle in a proper state of repair. DISORDERLY.—At the borough police-court on Tuesday—before the Mayor, Dr. Payne, and Mr G. Bird—Joan Justitia. a cook and steward, was charged with being disorderly and with assault- ing a woman named Sarah Provincial, residing at 11, Homfray-street. The parties had been co- habiting together for six months, but had lately separated. They met on Monday evening, when a quarrel took place between them, and after some time he struck her, causing a wound on the upper lip. Defendant admitted the offence, but pleaded provocation. The bench fined him 40s and costs, or to go to prison for one month. Ax OLD OFFENDEX—Mary Ann Williams, a woman of bad character, who had been several times previously convicted, was now fined 40s and costs, or to go to prison for one month, for be- having in a disorderly manner in Bute-street on Monday evening. STEALING ORANGES.—Albert Bond, a lad 16 years of age, was charged with stealing four oranges from the shoo of Mrs Annear, 15, Green- street. The boy was seen, with several others, standing outside' complainant's door. They watched Mis Annear into the back room, and then some of them entered the shop and took out of a basket a. number of oranges and ran away. Mr Baker, who keeps a shop on the opposite side of the street, watched thsm, and gave chase. He succeeded in catching the prisoner, who had four oranges upon him. Prisoner alleged that the oranges were given to him by the other boys who stole them, and that he did not steal. He had been previously convicted, and the police gave him a bad character. The bench now sent him to prison for one month with hard labour. ALLKGF.D OUTRAGE ON BOARD SHIP.—Late on Monday evening two Norwegian sartors, who had been staying at the Sailors' Home, shipped on board a Norwegian barque, the Annie P. 0. Dell. The ship was to leave the Cardiff Docks on Tues- day, and early that morning the mate, whose name is said to be Burnley, called to the crew to get up and turn to. The two man from the Sailors" Home. tor some cause, did not leave theIr bunks so quickly as he anticipated, and he went into the forecastle, began to abuse them, put out the lights, u,ud then struck one of them, whose name is Johnson, a violeut blow with something, inflicting a wound about an inch long over the left eye. He then turned on tha other, and beat him, it is alleged, very severely with a belaying pin..1 0hnson made bis escape from the vessel, aud at the police-court he stated his case. He showed not only that ho was wounded, 1 ut he also alleged that the mate refused to allow his companion to lea'.e the vessel, and that he was much more serious!y wounded, being confined to the forecastle, and that they intended to take him to sea-, as the vessel was then about to sail. A warrant v. as then granted for the apprehension of the mate, and the police proceeded at once to the docks to apprehend him. The mate was appre liflmled. For a good selection of Guinea Gold Wadding Rings and Keapers, fashionable Gold ami Silver Jewellery, go to Ueorge lb, Sit. Mary-Street, Cardiff. 53649






















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