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1'- gasta ^tosses. C3OOL FOR DEAF AND DUMB, LLANDA F< K. BUILDING FUND.—UNDER TRUSTEES. !SB Hesham, N.W 0 11 Cory, Esq. • • 10 0 0 b. Howell, Hon. See. • 5 0 0 BUILDING FUND.—UNDER TRUSTEES. !SB Hesham, N.W 0 11 Cory, Esq. • • 10 0 0 J" 1). Howell, Hon. Sec. • • • 5 0 0 3 JEALOUS Friends. •• 5 0 Shand, Esq. •• 5 0 0 J' J. P. Jones, Llantrisant, 2 2 0 Shand, Esq. 5 0 0 J' J. P. Jones, Llantrisant, 2 2 0 r8, Bassett, Bonvilstone Cottage, PER Eev. L Howell 2 2 0 L J. G. Gauntlett, M.A., Hon. Sec. 0 19 0 > ^AYLOR, by Rev. V. baule/, 0 10 6 L^Y, Roath 10 0 Duncant Cardiff Times 0 JO 0 *Riend," to rent or purchase GARDEN 10 6 0 ^AA ADDITIONAL is required to free the Premises Y Y V/ from incumbrance. Will die Benevolent public 'fliff TND neighbourhood kindly assist us TO make ^ER- this Home" for the Deaf and Dumb, wberem they taught the knowledge of the Saviour, END be made MEMBERS of society ? Contributions will be very th&nk- LT),REfieived by Rev. D. Howell, Hon. Seo. and Trustee, St. Cardiff; or by Mr. Alexander Melville. ,un U 920 EnS! SEEDS!! SEEDS! AGRICULTURAL AND GARDEN, W JOHN nUmERT, succeeded Mr. -i. P HOPKINS in TBE above [ -TRA<LT», t-eg° to SOLICIT attention foliia jtock of Garden J^TFOCULLURAL SHIIDS. Whole have been selected from the best Growers in UJJ^SDOM, and will not fail to give tbe highest satisfaction, lost forwarded on application. 17, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. ^OLESAIE Corn STORES :— DTE WAREHOUSES. 1047 f ESTABLISHED 1842. I AND T. ROBINSON V CONTINUE TOMANUFACTUBB ^NE MANURE, for Grass and Clover. v°*fE MANURE, for Grain Crops. MANURE, for Roots. £ °^E MANURE, for Potatoes. SUPERPHOSPHATE. 46 PANARES have been well tested by practical exper- Htheir superiority is shown by a sale extending now than twenty English and Welsh counties. MJF manufacture LINSEED and COTTON SEED RH' FROM good seed only as imported, an«i free from ad- GUANO and NITRATE OF SODA, as im- 1Iq.' frOIn good seed only as imported, anJ free from ad- GUANO and NITRATE OF SODA, as im- ^TIL J. and T. ROBINSON, at their MANUFACTORY! | Phillip's Marsh, Bristol; at the Docks, Gloucester; or to their Agents. 1002 I ESTABLISHED 1812. I • AND FTPROCTOR, L CATHAY, BRISTOL. R attention to their SPECIAL MANURES, have pleasure in stating that they will be foe ad of (FC^JI^RIOR quality, and the most economical which are F STORED. MANGOLD, AND POTATO MANURES. | re&ults OF the most satisfactory and icmunera « character ON ever," des option of tillage land. IK I £ AT, OAT, & BARLEY MANURES | IT) the Straw, increase the quantity, and improve the TONALITY OF the Grain in a very marked degree. SUPER-PHOSPHATE OF LIME proved to be the most economical source of phoe- es íot tize growth of root and <v>r-i crops. I,T A S S M A N U JL. E S -Vr, II ,J E"E*TI7E in improving tbe Herbage. The prepara- )1 '3 M"7i< is regulated according as they may be to HE more or less permanent in their character. 1l:tt1 MANUFACTORIES: ErrOL, BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, AND WARWICK. 911 4 21, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. I ELLS & NEAL UFP^RT^ULLY call the attention of their Friends and the PUBLIC generally, to their I STOCK or FRENCH PRINTS CONSISTING OF ^KALES, BRILLIANTES, AND A> PIQUE CLOTHS. > SPRING DRESSES, SKIRTINGS, &c., &c. S. 1101 IMPROVED ENGLISH HARMONIUM. WSH. GARRATT, GRANGETOWN, 'LEIJKI.ABNOUNEE Inhabitants of Cardiff and ^FTHOOD, that lie has Opened the only Agency »I the improved English Harmonium, of which he Z.8 A BOMBER on hand, and invites inspection. Also, of sheet music by the best composers. L*4 of Musical Instruments tuned and repaired. 1025 | JAMES AND WILLIAMS, N W 8*te-etreet, and New Arcade, St. Mary-street. PI JIN I M A N'S PURE TEA Are EIGHT-PENCE CHEAPER, ^4*- the DUTY being REDUCED. 12 Section from Imitation* all Packeta are signed HOENIMAN & CO.. LONDON. Original Importers of the Pare Tea. SPECIALLY FOR FAMILY USE. TO KEEP SOUND IN DRAUGHT A SIX MONTHS. ^FCLON'S GOLDEN ALE, 2D. PER GALLON. IN 9, 18, 36, AND U GALLON CASKS. delicate in Flavour, and of Matchless Purity. L » THE BREWERY :— ^WRENCE-HILL, BRISTOL, W FAMILY AOKNT FOR CABDIFK:— W ^ILLIAM H. DAYIES, Mji V 28' ST- MARY STREET, c happy to forward Price Liata of Superior Alea on application. WILLIAM H. DA VIES, IN FOREIGN WINES. from 24s. Ports from 27a. Superior Clarets from IDs. Charnpazoe (quarts), Ms. *ADJOLAIS (very fine), 20111. per dozen. Bottles of all the above at the same rate. warranted sound and in good condition. 975 (Jtl) STEAM MILL SMITHY. JAMES STEPHENS, ENGINE SMITH, 8HIP SMITH. SM1TH' AND SHOEING SMITH, bj* inform tbe public that he has A STAFF OF QUALJFIED WORKMEN, thoroughly oom- every branch of the Smith's buaiiMH. 44" NOTE THR ADDRESS :— 8 STEPHENS, GENERAL SMITH, OLD STEAM MILL SMITHY, 'r -Get CANAL WHARF, CARDIFF. 1069 .0. Saks bg Jucftoit. FC'AINT BRIDES SUP^R ELY,GLAMORGANKEIKE. MESSRS. WATKINS AND STEPHLNSON MIL SEI.L by AUCTION at the Roy^L Hotel, Cardiff, on TOES- DAY, the t2t)th day of MARCK, 1S67, at Two for Three o'clock, pie^isely, (subject to such conditions as shall then b^ pro- dooed), the undermentioned FREEHOLD DWE LL.ING HOUSE, LANDS, and CO TTAGE. LoT I.-All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE called New House, with the Bern, Cowhouse,Garden, &>~ID Or- chard LB >reto belonging, sitaata at St. Bridts Super Ely, in the county of Glamorgan, ami now in the occupation of MlS El'zibeth Morgan and xnother. together with all those SEVERAL piecea or parcels of Pasture Lend adjoining the hcnac, non- taiuing ftonordins to the Tithe Map, SOA. Ir. 38p. ROORA or LEES of PASTURE LAND. LOT 2.—All that COTTAGE with the wrdon ard PRENSTFJE? attached, situate in the village of Saint Brides, Super Eiy, now in the oooupat'on of James Dum, r and another The tbove properties will bo soVi bubject to the LISE INTEREST therein of Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan, now in her 76th year, AS 3 to the payment of the sum of I-TOO on her decease, OCAER an In lenture of settlement. The land is situate aboat half a mile from Peteptone Station, is of very T»UJIARIOR quality, slopes to the souui, nd is well adapted for villa residenae-. Any further particulars may be bad on application xo tu- auctioneer, or to Mr. E. B. R.EECS. 1116 Solicitor, Cwdiff, KEWOABTLE, BRIDGEND. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND OTB.E2, PROPERTY. MR. ROBERT EVANS is commissioned by the 'tee and Executor of the will of the late THON^A** WIL:.IA.N}.&, EEO,, to SELL by AUCTION, on < y„ the 13th day of M\aou, lHtiY, at the Wyndhani Arms Hotel, Bridgend, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall then and there be produced, the following VALU- ABLE PROPERTY, in two Lou, LOT I.—All those Three HIEEIIOLD MESSUAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES (formerly two dwoiliiig-hcusea cr ADJOINING each other, with the Lawn or GARDEN thereto belong- iag to the south and in front thsreot, and now, or late, in the ,u respective OCCUPATIONS of !dr Reep Jenkins, soliciu>r, the laie Mr. Thomas Williams, and Mr. Alfred CORNER and also the COTTAGE adjoining the south end of the said lawn or gar- den, and in the occupation of EVRn Lawrence, mason, situate at Newcastle-hill, in the town of Bridgend. LoT 2—All that WALLED GARDEN, called "Yr A.r<id Fawr," late in the occanation of the late Mr. Thomas Wil- liams, situate at the top of Newcastle-hiil, Bridgend. The LA-t-oientioned premises were held by the said TELE Mr. Thomas Williams Uiider a lezse for 99g YEARS, from tb. 15th day of Novecibei1, 183ti, at the yearly rent of a pepper- corn it demanded. Any further particulars may be obtained of J. Protliero Lewis, Esq., Solicitor, Llandilo or at the Offices of Mr. Robert Evans, Auctioneer and Land Agent, Bridgeaa end Cowbriilge. 1003 GLAMORGANSHIRE. MR. ROBERT EVANS is instructed to SELL by AUC- TION, on THURSDAY, the 26th day of APRTL, 1837; at the Castle Hotel, Neath, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon (unless pievioasly disposed of by private contract), in One Lot, all that VALUABLE COLIILERY, known ab the VENALLT STEAM COAL COLLIERY, IN FULL WORKING ORDER, Situate in the parish of Llantwit-juxU-Neath, in the county O" Glamorgan, within fifteen mites of the rorta of Swansea, Port Talbot, and Briton-ferry, with which it has direct railway communication, comprisirg valuable BEAMS of STEAM COAL. Among the searas in the tipper CARIES is included the famous Resolven Vein" of steam coal, on the Admiralty list, and extensively worked on the adjoining property toge- gether with the iron ore and black band, held in high repute, lying above the level of the River Neatb, and under certain lands called tho Venallt, containing about 430 Aores, and he'd for a term of 561 years (less ten days), or thereabouts, AT moderate royalties. The Vale of Neath Railway (broad and narrow gauge) RUNS through the Venallt Estate, placing the Colliery in diract communication with the porta of Swansea, Port Talbot, and Bfiton-ferry also with Liverpool and the North; and, by the Great Western Railway, thero is direct commnuicatton with London; the tolls between the Co!Lw-y and the Paddingtoa Terminus (including City dues) BAING under 8s. a ton. All the necessary works, appliances, and buildings have been erectec; and very commodious broad and narrow gaage railway aiding, tipping stages, and roads formed and ubcat twenty excellent COTTAGES are held at moderate rants. The two upper Veins have been thoroughly opened bylewl and slant. Underground roads and airways have been BO far completed, that at the present time from 100 to 100 tons of coal a day can be raised, which, within six weeks, ooald be increased to 200 tons. Particulars and conditions of sale, with pkns, may be ob- tained of Messrs. Tucker and New, 3ciira RI, 4, KITJG SUT3,«T, Ohespside, London at the principal Inna at Swansea, Neath. CARDIFF, and Newport; and of Mr. Robert Evans, Ltnd Ageul and Auctioneer, Bridgend. 109-, HEATH FARM, NEAR CARDIFF, SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &A, MR. J. D. THOMAS has received instructions from Mr. Samuel Thayera, who is leaving the neighbourhood, to SELL by AUCTION, at the above Farm, on Tuesday, March 12th, 1867, the whole of his FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, and a portion of HIS EIOIOE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. The Farming Stock ocneists el— SHEE?—22 ewee and lambs, 20 wethers, 2 thorough-bred Cotswold rams. CATTT-B—4 cows in calf, 3 milking cows (Hereford and short-horn breed), 1 three-ye are-old short horn beifer in oaif, 1 fat heifer. HOBSKS—6 very capital cart, horses, and 1 well-bred TI^-OO- years-old filly. PIOA—1 fat pig about 20 score, I 60W and 8 pigs. Lot of poultry. 1 Mow of Straw; a quantity of Potatoes. IMFLKMEKTS—1 wagon nearly new, 1 cart, 1 gig phaeton, I Whiteobapel cart, 2 pairs of iron harrows, 2 sets of chain harrows, 4-wheel ploughs, I SWING ditto, 1 double ditto, CAM- bridge roller, I scuffler, 1 turnip ditto, turnip cutter and chatt machine, 1 American HOME rake, 2 stone pigs' troughs, eheep and cattle racks, pikee, rakee, spades, shovels, and nundry tocls and barn implements. About & dozen hurdles. HABji&aa.—Several seta of fore and shaft harness, two seth of gig harness, saddle and bridla. The Furniture consists of a choice assortment of sitting- room, bedroom, kitchen and other furniture, in mahogany and other wood. Dairy Utensils and Culinary artioles. Refreshments on the table at Twelve o'Ciock, sale to com- mence at One o'clock precisely. The Auctioneer in calling the attention of the public to the above Stock Implements, &c., begs to state that in conse- NFTNNE of the present proprietor leaving tbe neighbourhood, the whole will positively be sold. Auctioneer's Offices, 16, Cmckberbtowu, Cardiff, 28th February, 1W. 1061 TOYS! TOYS! TOYSJ MR. F. W. ARMSTRONG has been inetrucfed to HKL,I< by AUCTION, on THURSDAY, the 14th MARCH, 18«7, the remaining STOCK-IN-TRADE, and GLASS CASES and FIXTURES, in the shop of Mr Ewina, No. I, High- street, Cardiff, who is retiring from business. Tbe 8a!e will commence at Three p.M, 7th November, 1867. 1119 CARMARTHENSHIRE. Important Sale of Standing TIMBER, growing ON the Farm of Blaenpadernin, Llanybyther, the property of T. Dariea, Esq. MESSRS. W. JENKINS & D. DAVIES beg to announce that the above valuable Timber will be SOLD by AUCTION, on WKDHBGDAT, 90th MARCH, 1807, at Two o'clock p.m., at the Cross Hands Inn, Llanybyther, subject to con- ditions, in two or more lots, consisting of about 2,000 LARCH, 40 BEECH and SYCAMORE, and about 100 SCOTCH TIMBER. Some of the Larch are 60 feet long and 20 feet in solidity. The above Timber are well adapted for Collieries, Bailway, Building, and other purposes, are conveniently situated within 1 i mile from Llanybyther Railway Station, with good inolined roads. For fortberiparticularc apply TO the Proprietor or the Auc- tioneers. „ IAAL New Court and Uanvbyther^Feb. 9,1867. 106S) TO NAVY CONTRACTORS, TIMBER MERCHANTS, WHEELWRIGHTS, COOPERS, AND OTHERS. IMPORTANT SALE OF FIRST-CLASS TIMBER. MR. C. DREW is favoured by the Proprietor with instruc- tions to SELL by AUCTION, at the White Hart Hotel, Oullompton. Devon, on V^KOKESDAY, the Idth day of MABCH next, at Thtee o'clock in the Afternoon, the under- mentioned valuable TIMBER, comprising 1,170 timber trees and pollards, namely, 360 oak, 185 a«B, 40 elm, and SO nlaer tre^S, and 485 oak and ash pollards, with their tops, lops, and bark, as they now stand, marked with white pint, on Lower Bolealler, Higher BolealUr, Knowle, and other lands, in the said parit-h of Oullompton. The oak, elm, and ash are, many of them, of large dimen- sions, long leogths, and excellent qniiiity, such as is rcrely to be met with, are well situated for removal, being within avery short di tonce of the Cullompton turnptke toa.) to Exeter, AND about two 11 ilea from the Hele ami Cullompton Station", on the Bristol and Exeter litie of tailwfiy, and deserve especial atiemi'M. Catalogues of particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneer. A person will be in attendance at B lealler Hoosse on Mondays, Tuesdays, and WEDNESDAYS, ard at Knowtf on Wednesdays and Thursdays in each week, at Eleven o'clock a.m., to i-how to the same. Twenty-five PER cent, deposit will be REQUIRED at the close 01 the sale, and APPROVED security for the payment of tha REMAINDER. Two shillings to be paid on entering the sale two, whiob wet be returned to pqrekaeers. DaJed brodaium. Cvlkouutta, Wetowy Uth, INT. mz


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