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SMtta to tfftitor. "THE FREE LIBRARY." SIR,- I can fully endorse everything said by Inodorous," in your last number, and as I see visitors are appointed weekly, I do wish the visitors -would just visit the institution between nine,and ten o'clock in the evening, and then, I feel assured, we should breathe a purer air.—Yours, &c., FOXY. February 25th, 1867. THE FREE LIBRARY. SIR,-Being a frequent visitor of the above valuable In- stitution, I have several times .noticed a number of little boys running about the room, to the constant annoyance of the readers, especially in the evening part of the day. Hop- ing that the Librarian will devote a little of his time to the reading-room, as well as the library upstairs.—Yours, &c., Cardiff, Feb. 27, 1867. LATEST NEWS. LETTERS ON QUEENSLAND. Slit,- Many (besides the writer of these lines) have read with increasing interest the epistles of your correspondent from Queensland, which appeared in your valuable paper some weeks ago. Although I am quite a disinterested party, not having the remotest idea of ever moving to that distant clime, yet I was never more interested in reading foreign correspondence, that I, in perusing the above-named letters, which reflect great credit on the writer, I sincerely hope they will soon be renewed.—Yours, &c., X. Y. Z. [W e expect the continuation of Three Months' Experi- ence in Queensland," by the next mail, and if it arrives, will be published in due course.-Ed. C. T.] A RECENT POLICE CASE. SrR.-In your impression of the 23rd February, in the re- port of an "Indecent Assault case, on the Rhymney rail- way embankment, permit me to state that the women in question have nothing to do with or at the Moira Hotel, nor have had since I have been the proprietor, but live in Con- stellation-street. By inserting this you will greatly oblige. -Yours, &c. GEORGE HAWKINS. Moira Hotel, Splotlands, Cardiff, 25th Feb., 1867. THE BAKERS AND SHORT WEIGHT. SIR, -lIIost of your readers are doubtless aware that there is an Act of Parliament which makes it compulsory on bakers and bread sellers to weigh their bread, if requested, on delivery to the purchaser, and in case of refusal they are liable to a penalty on information being given before the magistrates; but it so happens that what is everyone's business is nobody's, and there are very few persons to be found who are willing to take upon themselves the odium incurred by an informer. The consequence is, that the dis- honest tradesman pursues his nefarious business unchecked, while his straightforward and just neighbours suffer, both in purse and min i, by observing that the unjust man is patronised before him, because, forsooth, he pretends to sell the four-pound loaf, it may be only one half-penny per loaf cheaper while if the loaf was weighed, as it ought to be, it would be found from four to six ounces short of the re- quired weight. Thus, that which at first sight appeared to be cheap, is discovered to be dearer than the loaf which is sold at the higher rate. Perhaps I may be asked, whose fault is it There are, I think, two answers to the ques- tion. In the first place, the customer does net insist on having the goods weighed, not doubting the honesty of the baker, and beside, is it not a half penny cheaper than at other shops r This is a sufficient inducement to purchase, and hoodwinks the buyers, and so the fraud is continued and the people are content! In the second place, I fancy the public will agree with me, that there is not an efficient super- vision of weights and scales and dishonest dealers in Cardiff and locality. Such a state of things ought not to exist in a town like this, or, indeed, in any other place but I confine myself to Cardiff, where it is well known, and the above statement can be confirmed by several of the trade and by the public at large, if they will only take the trouble to weigh the bread, and satisfy themselves, and by so doing vindicate the tradesmen who has his price, but takes care to keep in his shop "just weights and an even balance." I am afraid I am trespassing on your space, but allow me to say that if the Inspector would bestir himself in this matter, in Cardiff, dishonesty could not be carried on with the impunity it is now, and the poor would get value for their pence, which they do not at present.-I am, &c., OLD HONESTY.


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