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i JJublit loticcs. NOTICE TO TRADESMEN. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I will not be responsible £ f;r anv l>eb;a contracted by my wife, Elizabeth James, aitcr tf.iu date. WILLIAM JAMES. Grangstow?1, Cardiff, F. b. 18, 18o7. 1023 TO BUILDERS. PERSONS desirous of tendering for the erectirn of a WVls'n Cal»iuistic Methodist Chapel at Treherbert, Bhondda Wiley. ure requested to end in their tenders on or be.fore the ;¿illh ^JV of March, 1867. Plans and bj^eificiiTions are to be stta oil application to Mr. John Jiadctieks. Treh rbert. The Committed v.-i.'l not bind theaiselres to accept the owe3t tender. By Order of the Committee, 10211 JOHN EVANS. TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are invited lor Building a Chapel ia Great Hied eritk-s treet, Cardifi". The specilicaiion and drawings way bf> soeu at the house of Mr. Dav.d Evans, 4, Somh Loudnun-pitice, Cardiff, between the hours of I I I am., anu -1 p M- Seeled tenders un^er cover to be delivered at my house, 64. Crockherbtown, Cardiff, not later than Wednesday the 13th March, lS:i7. The committee do net bind themp-Mvj s to accept the lowest or aov tender. W ILLiAM j\ ANS, Hon. Secretary. 21st t't liMimy, leo7. 1055 1.1ANV I XN'D OGMORL U.ULWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the general half- 1., yearly meeting of the IJynví arid Ogmore Railway Company will be held at the Great Western Royal Hotel, Pmidiiigton, on TUESDAY the 12th MAUCH next,at 12 o'clock in the forenoon precisely, for the purpose., of general business, and for the eleeiion of three Directors and one Auditor, iu f ■« place of three Directors and one Auditor who will retire by rotation. And Notice is Further Given, that the said meettng will be tna ;€ speci-it iii orJ< to coriBid'-r ft vev.wiuion to be proposed to reduce the number of Directors to eight. A resolution will be also snbmittei at such meeting for authorising the conversion into Stock of the fnliy paid up Sharts oi the Company. 9 A. MACGREGOR, Chairman. A. BROGDEN, Deputy Chairman. The Directors retiring are re-eligible under the Company's Act, and notice must he given to the Secretary on or before the 27th instant-, of the names of any Proprietors other than retiring Directors, who are to be nominated for election as Directors at the said half-yearly meeting. The Transfer Books of the Company will be CLOSED on and from the 27th February inataat, to and including the day of the &.dd meeting. GEO. F. SAUNDERS, Secretary. OSces—Bridgend, Glamorganshire, l!)th Februa-y, 1867. 1076 liEGIbTEK AND EMPLOYMENT OFFICES FOR GOVERNESSES, ASSISTANTS, AND GENERAL SERVANTS, CONDUCTED by Mr*. EDWARD WAKEFORD, 4c) 141, Bute-road, third door from Hannah street, Cardiff. Hotels, Coramercial Houses, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Private Families, and Shops supplied with first-class Ser- vants, on the most reasonable terms. Also, in connection with Mr. Edward Haycock's Head "Register Ott'ce for the Midland Counties, Birmingham. To ensure an answer, all letters must contain a stamp. WANTED, Groom and Coachman, single, aged 28 to 38. Washes, £W anu Livery. An Under-Groom kept. Also Barmaid, three Cooks, and Parlourmaid. 100 Servants of various kinds for the country are wanted this month. ————— OBSERVE TUB ADDHKaa :—— Mrs. EDWARD W AKEtORD, 144, BUTE-ROAD, Third Door from Hannah-street, Docks, Cardiff Honiton Lace, or any other kind of Lace, transferred, and made equal to new. 864 SCHOOL FOR DEAF AND DUMB, LLANDAFF. BUILDING FUND.-UNDER TRUSTEES. Miss Mesham, N.W £ -.00 0 0 John Cory, Esq. 18 0 0 Rev. D. Howell, Hon. Sec. 500 Two Zealous Friends, 5 0 0 J. B. Shand, t sq. 500 Rev. J. P. Jones, Llantrisant 2 2 0 Mrs. Bassett. Bonvilatone Cottage, per Rev. D.Howen. 2 2 0 Rev. J. G. Gaumlett, M.A., Hon. Sec. 0 10 0 Dr. Taylor, by Rer. V. Saulez 0 10 (i A Lady, Roalh. 100 Mr. 1). Duncan, Cardiff Times 0 10 6 "A Friend," to rent or purchase garden 10 0 0 n Q A A ADDITIONAL, is required to free the Premises from incumbrance. Will the Benevolent public of Cardiff and neighbourhood kindly assist us to make per- manent this Borne" for the Deaf and Dumb, wherein they can be taught the knowledge of the Saviour, and be made useful members of society 1 Contributions will be very thank- fully received by Rev. D. Howell, Hon. Sec. and Trustee, St John's Vicarage, Cardiff; or by Mr. Alexander Melville. 920 THE LII^LY\TESTMENT, MORTGAGE, AND ASSURANCE COMPANY, (LIMITED.) ChitfOffices-8, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, London. LOCAL COMMITTEE FOR WALES Rev. J. Emlyn Jones. M A., LL.D., Merthyr. Rev. D. Jones, B.A., Merthyr. Rev. D. Thomas, D.D., Editor of the Hovtilitt, Stockwelt Rev. C. Griffiths, Merthyr. Rev. O. W James, Dowiais. Rev. J. P. Williams, Ehyaaney. Rev. D. Adams, Aberdare. Superintendent of Agents-Mr. T. D. WILLIAMS, o, Roaaiily-terrace, Canton, Cardiff. Aoents WANTED. 447 J^EDUCTION OF FIRE INSURANCE DUTY. THF. ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY Is now prepared to offer the following advantages to its Insurers:- 1st, Insurances effected from this date will be chargfau the Duty. 2nd, No charge made for Policy Stamps, however small the Insurance. 3rd, Moderate rates. 4tb, Unquestionable security. 5th, a continuance of the same promptitude snd liberality n the settlement of losses which have ever characterised the Company. The great increase of Insurances which will now be effected gives most favourable opportunities for Gentleman of un- doubted position and ii:fluente. to obiain Agencies for the Royal.—Applications should be made immediately to HENRY B. 0 SA V J LLE, Diatric Manager. Royal Insurance Buildings, Corn-sU*et, Bristol. AGENTS IN CARDIFF J. Wemhs, 5S, Mount ^tu»rt-MJU*re. W. H. Wu.u. m? Hod Co., St Mary-street. J. M. H iMM, 47, Loudoun-squaie. J. T. Baoih, t'uke street. F. Masn, Wharton-street. W. Gsiu.s, West of England and South Wales Bank. lL GOODMAN. :jõ aud oti, Union-street. PHIT.I.JPB ::no1 DAVIS, Accountants, Card;tf. J. R. KicnoLAa & Co., "2, Mount S'tiart-terrace, Cardiff. D. GooDM\s. Watchmaker, Po:itvt»tiiid 120 ESTABLISHED lrtdti. PROVINCIAL INSUKANCE COMPANY. FIRE -LUE—ANNUITIES. ( mzr Vine.f:—1 IGH .SJlitsttT, WBEXHAM 4'). MOORO ^tk. stu .kt, J onikin 77. Bccii/JXAN-STHEKT, (j LahGoW. TRU&TEKS: The Right Hon. Lord Boston. The Right Hon. Lord Ti nteg'r. Sir Watkln Williams Wmjh, Bart., M.P. Colonel MyilrUpton liicdulpli, M.P. i Tr-wnshend Maiowa.ine, Esq., M.P. Thomas Hal n. Esq., M P. The Very Rtverttn] the DFf.n of St. Asaph. Th mas Btassi v, Esq V'Vstminster. Hugh Owen, Esq., bains',nry, Loudon. CUAIBM4N OF THE BOARD: THOMAS B AKNii S, E S Q., M. P, Famworth. and the Quint», Salon. AU the usual descriptions of Fire and Life Insurances effected on the roost monetae terms, and every attention given to thd business with which the Company may be tavoun d. ANTHONY DILLON, Stcretaty to the Company. I Applications f >r Aft^ncies to the Secretary, or to Mr. E. Prouaer. 9 Pai-k-ter.aee, Pontvpool, Snpei int« ndent of Agents in Sou.h Wall's, will rt<Cri\e imuie iate 11ltentipn, An>'nsl ] ,,0(.1))(' u'.iwar'li of i 107,000 I.ife Reserve Fund upwards of at 114,000 Total in Claims ut-Vr Life and Fire I MOO'lfH) Policit-j upwnr.ia of 10-;3 HORSES—Lieut. J \MES S BLISTER—YOU mayum M vur toisp 10 gross r Ill" )•■>«» box, or yard, iimr:?- ci toy the B!Jf,lkation, v,n"nt a i-raule or other restraint., us no h i-e ■><'H ;rtviw it. It will r;p\erblpmifh. The hair returns in ten days. It may be used to a foal, how- ever youn • I' will not t-iuch 'iif h :n. h Tin e inay continue his accustomed latiom. S< i,t h, Messrs Bai- « ay aud Sons, 95, Fan ingdoa Ktr -et, I^oi don md all rea- pect^tir n tiiic u vend is; t) outs, b. ijtf.t and bs. each; i It." 9-i.; 1 lb., ltl". CAUTION.—None is ger-uio-' *■'> l">ot g,plllles of tl a ■proprietors are on the top iubvl of t-very pot, to connterfi t which iíi forgery. 1070 J public ST. JOHN'S, CARDIFF. SOCIAL EVENINGS FOR THE PEOPLE. THE COMMITTEE have determined to conclode the Series with a GRAND AMATEUR CONCERT, I To be held (by kind permission of the Mayor), in the Assembly Room, Town-hall, ON TUESDAY, 26TH MARCH, 1867. 1050 THEATRE ROYAL, CEOCKHEIiBTOWN, CARDIFF. DIRECTOR Mr. GEORGE MELVILLE. TO NIGHT (FRIDAY), MARCH 1st, the performances T will be for MISS MAPJON TAYLOR'S BENEFIT, And her Last Appearance. TWO BUP.LESQUES, Paris," and "Prince Amabel," &c. TO-MORBOW (SATURDAY), a Variety of Entertainments, MR. G. MELVILLE WILL APPEAR. MONDAY, The Three Musketeers." TUESDAY, for the BENEFIT OF MR. FRED. HART. Various Novelties durtng rest of the Week. 1091 THE NEW NANTYMWYN MINING EXTENSION COMPANY, LIMITED. Incorporated under The Companies' Act, 1862," whereby the liability of each Shareholder is limited to the amount of hi." Shares. ————— CAPITAL, d £ 50,000, in 50,000 Shares of XI each. 5s. Deposit on Application, and 5s. per Share on Allotment. No Call will be made for six months, and it is probable, from the prospects, with the assistance of the ore money, that no further Capital will be required. DIRECTORS. Major R. E. F. Craufurd, Royal Artillery, 27, Oakley-square, Brompton, Len don. Francis William Stone, Esq, late H.E.I.C.S., Ib, Royal Avenue-terrace, Chelsea, and 6, Prospect. place, Hastings. Henry O'Malley, Esq., Barrister, 23, Sidney-street, Broinpton, and Castlebar, Ireland. Christopher Rigbye A'Hmuty, Esq., 137, Cambridge-street, South Belgravia, London. Henry Clinton Cooper, Esq., 78, Gloucester-street, South Belgravia, London. Francis Joseph Slocombe Lester, Esq., Wellington-road, Gravesend, Kent, and Goodwood-road, New Southsea, Hants. (With power to add). BANKERS. The North and South Wales Bank, Welshpool. MANAGER AT THE MINES. Captain R. Rowse, Mining Engineer. SECRETARY. William Henry Harden, Esq. REGISTERED OFFICES. 5, Batavia Buildings, Hackins Hey, Liverpool. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. The object of the Company is to acquire three valuable mining properties in Carmarthenshire, that is to say, New Nantymwyn, Gilfach, and Glan-Towy. New Nantymwyn is.a continuation westward of the cele- brated Nantymwyn mines. These mines have been worked to immense profit for centuries, and appear to be perfectly inexhaustable. Some idea may be formed of the great value of these lodes from the fact that they occupy a channel of 100 feet in width, consisting of six divisions or lodes, and that a smk on one of them is now yielding eighteen tons of rich quality ere, worth upwards of X200 per fathom for lead. 2ndly. The Gilfach property consists of a lead mine, worked to some extent and furnished with water macLinery, in which a discovery of lead ore has been made by an adit. It is proposed by the company to extend the shaft downwards on this course of ore, as well as to explore another discovery of ore in the sett on the Lady Eliza No. 2 lode, where there is a good back of ore ground cropping up to and extending a considerable length along the surface. 3rdly. Glan-Towy is an old lead mine. Shafts, which have yielded lead ore in some quantity, exist on the top of the hill, and the present company propose to drive an adit to prove the value of thelode under the old sinks. Plans taken fromfthe ordnance survey, showing the exact position of the lodes, together with ground plans of the estate sections of the mines, and reports by skilful mining en- gineers, are appended, and will be forwarded on application to the Secretary. Specimens of the ore may be seen at the Company's Offices. Taking into consideration the position of the mines, the highly-favourable prospects, and the return of ore being im- mediately available, the Directors foel confident that, with the outlay proposed, profits equal to the adjoining mines will be participated in by the shareholders. Applications for shares, to be accompanied with the deposit of 5s. per share, may be made to the Stcretary, at the Offices of the Company, or to the Bankers. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Directors of the New Nantymwyn Mining Extension Company, Limited. Gentlemen,—Having paid to your bankers the snm of X being a deposit of 5s. per share on Shares of the above company, I hereby request that you will allot me that num- ber, and I agree to accept such shares, or any less number you may allot to me, and I agree to sign the Articles of Asso- ciation of the Company when required, and I authorise yoa to place my name on the Register of Shareholders for the shares allotted to me. Usual Signature. Name in full Residence Profession 1045 Date MONEY ADVANCED on Personal Security, and on Mortgage. Bills Discounted. Address to Mr. M. 0 SCOTT, Accountant, Dock-street, Newport, Mon. Office Hours, Ten to Fo..r. 777 MONE Y. SEVERAL SUMS READY to be LENT on PRIVATE MORTGAGE of ELIGIBLE FREEHOLDS orLEASE- HOLDS. Appiy to Mr. WItI. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock-street, Newport, Mon. 585 IMPORTANT. IF YOU WANT TO BORROW "\10NEY at s Cheap Rnd easy rate, go to Mr. W WILLIAMS 16, Deck-street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and he wiii guarantee that, with approved personal jv>»ur;5y, you can have &ny sum from jgoU to £2,000, fo" one, two, thiee, lour, orAveyoarg, repayable byfixeti '«-»?f-vei;rly or quarterly instalments. Loans no,)- L cialed on Shipping. 102 MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, UNITED LOAN AND DISCOUNT ASSOCIATION. 19, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. lyf"ONEY Lent in sums to suit the convenience of borrow LTJI era, repayable by easy instalments. 131 MONEY MONEY! MONEY! THE NORTH CONFIDENTIAL LOAN AND DISCOUNT OFFICE. 11, MOUNT STUART-SQUARE, BUTE-DOCKS CARDIFF. Office Hours from 10 a.ra. till 4 p.m. 145 THE ROMAN LOAN. Agent for Great Britain and Ireland, SIR HENRY WINSTON BARRON, BART., MP. Agent for Wales, W. J. JACOB, MELROSE, hT. MELLONS, NEAR CARDIFF. SEVEN and a Half per Cent, guaranteed upon al! Amounts invested. Granted in Shares of £ 13 4s. each. Half-year's interest paid on the alst of March, upon all amounts invested previous to that date. Loans granted, and Life and Proptity fnsured, n pon the best ttriris. MONEY ADVANCED on Freehold and Leasehold Security. AGENTS WANTED, in every Town and Village in South I W,.aJes.-N one but respectable Householders need apply. Ail insuiance claims paid within fourteen days of proof Ðf death 433 WEST OF ENGLAND LOAN AND DISCOUNT OFFICE. s O L O M O N BL AIBERG, PAWN BROKER, 2, BUTE TERRACE, CARDIFF, (THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED BUSINKS8 IN TOWX) BEGS to ir>f„nn the public ihut he ADVANCES MOV ftY on TERMINAL SECURITY on the SHORTEST NOTICM A great variety of UNREDEEMED PLEDGES, consisting of Jewellery, Watches, Rings, Chuins, ic., always on M'e. 431 JAMES AND WILLIAMS, 281, Bute-street, and New Arcade, St. Mary-street. HO R IM I M A N S PURE TEA r Are EIGHT-PENCE CHEAPER, the DUTY being REDUCED. As a protec ion from Imitxtions all Packets areiigned HOENIMAN & CO.. LONDON. 121 Original Importers of the Pure Tea, public Itolicefi. IMPROVED ENGLISH HARMONIUM. J. H. GARRATT, GRANGE TOWN, BEG8 to announce to the Inhabitants of Cardiff and neighbourhood, that ha has Opened the only Agency in Waies, for the improved English Harmonium, of which he lias always a number on hand, and in vitro inspection. Also, a largo assortment of sheet music by the be«" composers. All kinds of MuMeal Instrutuenta tuned and repaited. 1026 CARDIFF RACES & STEEPLE CHASES WILL TAKE PLACE ON TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, Apuil 30th and MAY 1st, 1867, STEWARDS COL. THE HON. F. C. MORGAN. W. R. H. O. POWELL, ESQ. THE MAYOR OF CARDIFF. Mr. R. JOHNSON, York, Handicepper. Mr. W. R. HARVEY, 9, Crockherbtown, Cardiff', Hon. Sec. FIRST DAY. THE CORPORATION PLATE. A handicap of 5 sovs. each, 2 SOVB. forfeit, if declared on or before the 23rd of April, with Twenty-five Sovereigns added by the Mayor of Cardiff. A winner of any race value X50, after de- claration of the weights, to carry 71bs. extra; of £100, H)lb.<. Entrance, 1 sov., to be sent with the nomination. Tho winner to pay 2 SOVB., towards expenses. To close, and name ;0 thfi Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby. on or before the 13th April. Weights to be publiBhed the following week. One mile over the iiat. THE ALEXANDRA PLATE OF £ 50, Added to a sweepstakes of S sovs. each, 1 forfeit, for horses that have never won any handicap race, and have not been in a train- ing stable since the 1st of November, 1866. To be ridden by gentlemen who have never ridden for hire, liist. each. The winner to pay 5 BOVB. towards expenses. To close, and name to the Secretary on or before the 27th of April. (Over about 3! rniius of fair hunting country. THE TWO YEAR OLD STAKES. A sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, 1 forfeit (to go the fund), if declared on or before the 23rd of April, with Twenty-five Sov- roigns added. Colts, 86t. lOibe.; fillies, 8st. 7lbs.; winners to carry 31 bs. extra. The winner to pay 8 sovs. towards expenses. To close, and name to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby, on or before the 13th April. Half a mile. THE OPEN HURDLE RACE. A handicap of 5 BOVS. each, 2 forfeit, if doclarod to the Secre- tary or Messrs. Weatherby, on or before the Tird of April, with Thirty Sovereigns added. The winner of any hurdle race or steeple chase, alter declaration of the weights, to carry 71bs. extra. Over six flights of hurdles. One sov. to be sent with each nomination, to go to the fund. The winner to pay a sovs. towards expenses. To close, and name and weights to be published, same time as the Cardiff Open Steeple Chase. About two miles. THE LADIES' PLATE OF £25, Added to a sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, 1 forfeit, to be paid with the entry (to go to the fund). 2 yrs. oid, 7st., 8 yre., Set. 121b.; 4 yrs., 9st. lOlb8.; 5 yrs., lOst. sibe.; 6 yrs. and upwards, 10s. 71bs. Mares and geldings allowed Slbn. The winner to be sold by auc- tion immediately alter the raee, for £ 80, the surplus, if any, to be divided between the second horse and the fund. If entorod "to be sold for .£00, allowed Tibe.; for £ 40,141bg.; for X20, 2llbs. If no advance on the selling prioe, the winner to pay 2 sovs. towards expenses. To clone, and name to the Secretary, at nine o'clock on Wed- nesday evening, the 29th of April, at the Royal Hotel, St. Mary- street. Six furlongs. THE VOLUNTEER CUP, The gift of Capt. C. H. WILLIAMS, fer horses the property of Members of the 1st Glamorgan lifeht Cavalry Volunteers, being in their possession two months previous to the race.. Over six flights of hur dles. To be handioapjied by Captain Williams, or whom he may appoint. Entrance, 1Ü8., to go to the second horse. To be ridden by Members of the Corps. To close, and name to the Secretary, on or before Saturday, 27th of April, 1867. About two miles. SECOND DAY. THE PRINCE OF WALES STAKES. A handicap of 5 sovs. each, 2 forfeit, if declared to the Secre- tary or Messrs, Weatherby, on or before the 2Srd of April. With Forty Sovereigns added. Too winner of any raoe vadue X50, after declaration of tha weights, to carry 71bs. extra; of JE100, lulba. extra; the winner of the Corporation Plate, 71in addition. 1 sov. to be sent with each nomination, to go to the fund. The winner to pay 3 sovs. towards expenses. To close, and name to the Secretary or Messrs. Woalherby, on or before the 13th of April. Weights to be published the fol- lowing week. One mile and a quarter over the flat. THE OPEN STEEPLE CHASE. A handicap of 10 sovs. each, 5 ft., and 2 only if declared to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 23rd April, with One Hundred Sovereigns added. The wistuer of any handi- cap steeple chase, after declaration of the woi^hts, one-, 7108., twice, lOlbs. extra. If the highest weight acocpting be under 12st. 71011., to be raised to that, and the others in proportion. (The course the same as last year.) 2 aovs. to be sent with each nomination, to go the fund. The winner to pay 10 sovs. towards expenses. To close, and name to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby, on or before the 13th April. Weights to be puolisned the following week. About three miles and a half. THE ELY HURDLE RACE. A handicap of 2 sovs. each, 1 sov. forfeit, to be sent with the entry (to go to the fund), with Twenty Sovereigns added, for bona fide hunters, the property of persons residing in Bouth Wales, or within 13 miles of Cardiff, and being in their possession two months provioug to the raw, and not having been in a train- ing stable sincc 1st January, 1887. Over aixflights of hurdles. To be handicapped by tho Stewards, or whom thoy may appoint. Gentlemen riders, to be qualified by the Stewards. The winner to pay 1 HOV, towards expense*. To close, and name to iho Secretary, on or before the 27th of April, 1867. Two mues. THE INNKEPEItS- PLATE, Of -3 sovs. each, 1 forfeit, to be paid with the entry, to go to the fund, with Thirty Sovereigns added. Two yra. old to carry 7st.; S yrs. 9st. 81bs.; 4 yra. lltet. Bite.; 6 yrs., lOst. 121be.; 6 yrs. and upwards, lltt. 21b:i.; mares and gildings allowed Slbs. The winner to be sold by auction immediately after the race, for .£80. the surplus (if any) to be divided between the second horse and the fund. It entered to bo sold fcr £00, allowed &lbe.; for £ 40,121bs.; for X20, 211b. If an advance of 45 is not obtained | over the Belling price, the winner to pay 3 eovs. towards ex- penses. To close, at nine o'clook on the evening of the first day's races, to the Secretary, at the Itoyal iXotel, St. Mary-otraot. Oue male over tho Gat. THE HUNTERS' STAKES. A handicap of 8 sovs. eaoh, 1 forfeit, if declared to the Secre- tary on or before 29th Ap'-il, with Twenty-five Sovereigns added. For horses that have been falily hunted with Lord Tredegar's, or any established pack of hounds in Glamorganshire, two months before the races, and have not been in a trainiug stable fQr six months previously. To bo hHfidicapped by tho Stewards, or whom they may appoint. If tho highest weight accepting tM under 12at. 71bR-, to be raised to that, and the others in propor- tion. Gentlemen riders, to be quiliik-d by tho Stowiutln; those who have ridden and won six races of ai;y description, Eibs. extra. 1 sov. entrance to be sent with etch nomination. The winner to pay 2 sovs. towards expenses. To clow, and name to the Secretary, on or before the 2Srd of April. Over the Steeple Chase course. THE HACK STAKES. A handicap of 1 sov. each, with Fifteen Sovereigns added, for horao« the property of peiKoiis residing within IS miles of Car, dyQ. To be handicappod by the Stev/ardu, or whom thoy may appoint. Should the highest weight aooepting be under W"t,. lOlbs.. to be raised to that, tuid tho others in proportion. The winner to pay 1 sov. towards expenses. To close on the 27th April. Conditions and qualifications same aa Ely Hurdle Itaoe. Heats, ou-o mile. CONDITIONS. Three Horses (lb., prope.ty of different owners), to start for ea.0h liace, or tho public money will not be givou. Ail Stakes to be paid to the Secretary, at the ROYAL HOTEL, St. Mary-street, by uiuo o'clock the evonmg before thoHaoes; and the Colours of the liidois to be deolared at iiw same time. Any Jookey riding in vroug colours will be fined 1 sovereign. Second Horse ii) each Racc to itivo his Stake. No objection will be received, unless made to the Secretary in writiug. The Flat Races to be run under !ho Newmarket Italeg. The Steeple Chases under the Grand National Hulea. AU disputes to be scUiod by the Blewwde, or whom they may appoint. No Gambling Booths or Tables wiH be allowod on tho Course. All Dogs found on tho Courso will be destroyed. No berse will be allowed to gallop cvai the fiat oourae previous to the day before tho races; aud not allowed to run over the stoople chase course until tha raoe. Applications for Ground for Koothe to bo made to the Secre- tary, 0.. or befote L'le 24sh of April- No pet-wn, unless a Subscriber of a Guinea to the fund, will be 11,101,01 to erect one. ANWIIIIILOM TO TLK Gwxihd;—Four-wheel Carriages, 5s. Two-wheel do., 3s. Saddle Horses not allowed. P86 GEOHGE SULLY, SHIP BROKER & COMMISSION AGENT. .MARINE, HOUSE, AND Oenkual Aucthweek & V ALVBR, RESPECTFULLY announces that he has OPENED it his NEW and SPACIOUS AUCTION ROOMS, situate at tho west end of James-street, near tho Canal, where he intends to bold AUCTIONS every TUESDAY Fortnight, for the Sale of Furniture, GOOOR, &c. Ita central position offers every facility to persons wishing to sell por- tions of (heir Furniture to replace wish new, &c. All Goods consigned to G. S. will be only protected, and Sale Accounts made up and settled immediately. Residcnoe—25, MOUNT STOAKT-EAUAUK, CARDIFF. 877 OLD STEAM MILL SMITHY. JAMES STEPHENS, MILL AND ENGJNE SMITH, SHIP SMITH, HOUSE SMITH, AND SHOEING SMITH, T> FGS to in'orm the public that he has A STAFF OF I WELl, QUALlFH D WORKMEN, th oroughly com- petent to undertake every branch of the Smith's business. Norg THK ACDRBSa :— JAMES STEPHENS, GENERAL SMITH, OLD STEAM MILL SMITHY, WEST CANAL WHARF, CARDIFF, 1069 JStishttss l, FIELDING AND PLATT, (LATE jouk OILI.KTT AND CO,) ENGINEERS, MILLWRIGHTS, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, TOOL MAKERS, & GENERAL MACHINISTS, ATLAS IRON-WORKS, GLOUCESTER, MANUFACTURERS of all kinds of Steam Engines and 1".1. Boilers, Sawing, Wood-cutting, and Corn Mill Machinery, Waterwheels, Pumps, and Hydraulic Maehinery, Travelling and other Cranes, Self acting Lathes, Drilling, Boring, Planing, Shaping, Slotting, Screwing, Punching, and Shearing Machines; Tanks, Castings, aud Wrought-iron Work SEVERAL SECOND-HAND PORTABLE AND STATIONERY ENGINES FOR SALE. 810 A QUADRILLE BAND SUPPLIED AT A DAY'S NOTICE. FORTY now sets of dance music to select from by the most eminent composers. Note the Address:— E. ROBERTS, 747 Musician, 01, System-street, Roath. EVERY MAN HIS OWN LANDLORD. MONEY ADVANCED IN LARGE OR SMALL SUMS. THE CARDIFF TERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. TRUSTEES. W. ALEXANDER, ESQ, C. W. DAVID, ESQ., C. H. WILLIAMS, ESQ. NO CHARGE FOR COMMISSION, SOLICITORS' FEES, &o. NEXT SUBSCRIPTION NIGHT, MARCH 5, 1861. W. H. PHILLIPS, Secretary. Free Library, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 191 CORY BROTHERS & CO., AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF BROWN, LENOX, AND CO.S (NEWBRIDGE WORKS, PONTYPRIDD) CHAIN CABLES AHD ANCHORS, PROVED TO ADMIRALTY TEST, SUPPLIED WITH BOARD OF TRADE LICENSED CERTIFICATE OF PROOF, FROM THE "BUTE" CHAIN, CABLE, AND ANCHOR TESTING WORKS, (OLD CANAL, CARDIFF). Board of Trade License, No. 29. SANCTIONED BY LLOYD'S REGISTRAR OF BRITISH & FOREIGN SHIPPING." Rigging and other Chains, and Malleable Cast-iron Blocks &c., for Shipping, may he had at the shortest notice. 130, LANCASTER WAGON CO., (limited), RAILWAY CARRIAGE AND WAGON BUILDERS, AND CONTRACTORS. This Company is prepared to execute Orders for RAILWAY CARRIAGES. AND WAGONS, And every description of RAILWAY IRON-WORK, For Cash, or on Deferred Purchase OFFICES AND WORKS LANCASTER. AGKNTS FOR SOUTH Wales J. NICHOLAS AND CO., 2, MOUNT STUART TERRACE, CARDIFF. <>527 BROWN AND POLSON'S J-) CORN FLOUR, FOR CHILDREN'S DIET. BROWN AND POLSON'S -"LP CORN FLOUR, foa CUSTARDS, I> ROWN AND POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, FOR BLANC-MANGE. BROWN AND POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, Tho best quality, at 8d., is supplied by most respectable Grocers. To obtain extra profit, by the sule, 0OURtarfei cheap kinds are sometimes substituted instead of BROWN AND POLSON'S. rll CASTLE FOUNDRY, CAERPHILLY. TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS AND OTHERS. EDWARD JONES, MECHANICAL ENGINEER AND IRON FOUNDER, IS prepared to undertake the construction of all kin(j6 0f PUMPS FOR MINES. Also, the Erection of the same in the Pits, &c. SPECIFICATIONS AND ESTIMATES PREPARED. ORDERS JfJU BRASS AND IRON CASTINGS Executed on the Shortest Noti e, and on the most reasonable Terms. TURNING AND BORING DONE. Agent for Briggs's Patent iiiallice Cloth and Tubing, for Ventilating Mine", 375 FURNISHING IRONMONGERY, IRON BEDSTEADS, CHILDREN'S COTS, IN THE NEWEST PATTERNS, AT CROSS B ft or HERS, GENERAL IRONMONGERS, BAR-IRON, OIL. AND STEEL MERCHANTS, 3, SAINT MARY-STREET, (Opposite the Town-kali). IRON WAREHOUSE AND MANUFACTORY: W O R K I N G-S T R K E T, (j A R D 1 F F. PRICES greatly REDUCED, and an Immense Variety to select f' om. PALLIASSES, MATTRESSES, AND BEDDING, 1S4 E. II1LLYARD, Agent for Wheeler & Wilson's Lock Stitch SEWING MACHINES. Instructian gratis to all purchasers. HILL YARD'S, for JLJL Ladies' Outfitting and Baby Linea. HILLYARD'S, for JUL Kid and other Gloves. TJILl YARD'S, for JL-t Good Plain and Fancy Hosiery. HILLYARD'S, for Stays and Corsets. TT ILLYARD'S, for Rest Haberdashery. HILLYARD'S, for Scotch Yarns, Fleeces, Berlin^jWool, and Fancy Goods. 2, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF, Opposite the General Post-office. 12-1 THE WEST OF ENGLAND AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE COMPANY. Stokks:—BRISTOL AND KXKTER RAILWAY, NEW CUT, llRloTOL. THESE STORES are now OPEN EVERYDAY, J?OK THE SALE OF HAY. CORN, STltWV, AND OTHER AGRI- CULTURAL PRODUCE; and f-yr the SALE OF MEAT BY THE CARCASE, &c. On Wkdmksdats and Satvedvy*, from TUb. to 6 p.m. H. T. SWAN, Manager. let J aoury, 1867. 806 SEEDS! SEEDS!! SEEDS! AGRICULTURAL AND GARDEN. JOHN HIBBERT, HAVING succeeded Mr. J. B. HOPKINS in the above JLJL Trade, begs to solicit attention to his Stock of Garden and Agricultural SEEDS. The whole have been selected from the best Growers in the kingdom, and will not fail to give the highest satisfaction. A Price List forwarded on application. 17, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. Wholesale Corn Stores :— 2, BUTE WAREHOUSES. 1047 ESTABLISHED 1842. J. AND T. ROBINSON CONTINUE TO MANUFACTURE BONE MANURE, for Grass and Clover. BONE MANURE, for Gram Crops. BONE MANURE, for Roots. BONE MANURE, for Potatoes. BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE. These Manures have been well tested by practical exper- ience, and their superiority is shown by a sale extending now over more than twenty English and Welsh counties. They also manufacture LINSEED and COTTON SEED CAKK, from good seed only as imported, and free from ad- mixture. PERUVIAN GUANO and NITRATE OF SODA, as im- ported. ———— Apply to J. and T. ROBINSON, at their Manufactory, St. Phillip's Marsh, Bristol; at the Docks, Gloucester; or to their Agents. 1002 ESTABLISHED 1812. H. AND T. PROCTOR, CATHAY, BRISTOL. IN calling attention to their SPECIAL MANURES, have mnch pleasure in stating that they will be found of very superior quality, and the most economical which are manufactured. TURNIP, MANGOLD, AND POTATO MANURES. Have produced results of the most satisfactory and remunera- tive character on every description of tillage land. WHEAT, OAT, & BARLEY MANURES Strengthen the Straw, increase the quantity, and improve the quality of the Grain in a very marked degree. BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME Has been proved to be the moat economical source of phos- phates for the growth of luxuriant root and corn crops. GRASS MANURE S Are very effective in improving the Herbage. The prepara- tion of Grass Manure is regulated according as they may be required to be more or less permanent in their character. MANUFACTORIES: BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, AND WARWICK. Oil (g&trfaitott. ANNOUNCEMENT. MR. RALPH J. HORNER, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC (Graduate of Leipsic, and Pupil of Moscheles), 1NTEN DS visiting CARDIFF weekly, and devoting two days JL in each week to MUSICAL TUITION—Pianoforte, Harmony, Singing, and Thorough-Bass, Composition, &c., &c. For further information apply to Mr. David J. Johnston, 5, Nelson-terrace, Cardiff. 919 214, BUTE ROAD. MRS. HUGO receives a limited number of DAILY PUPILS for instruction in the usual branches of aa English education. Also in Music. French and German Masters. The School will Re-open MONDAY, JAN. 28. A DANCING CLASS every SATURDAV, from Two p.m., till Four. 260 EAGLE SCHOOL, COWBRIDGE. CONDUCTED BY MR. W. LEWIS, Assisted by his Son and Daughters. THE Dnties of this Establishment were RESUMED on MONDAY, the 14th inst. Terms forwarded on appli- cation. Cowbridge, Jan. 22nd 1867. 833 REV. E. A. GREEN'S CLASSICAL & COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF PUHLS PREPARED FOR THE UNIVERSITIES OR COMMERCIAL LIFE. 129 EVENING CLASSES. MONTAGUE HOUSE, CHiBXJiS-STBEHT, CARDIFF. f4f R. WILLIAMKS respectfully announces the RE- i*l OPEN IN & of the EVENING CLASSES for instruc- tion and improvement in Elocution, Writing, Arithmetic, Latin, French, &'J. Terms:—10s. 6d. per Quarter, or Is. per Week. payable in »'!va»ee. 104 MAISON DEDUCATION, 6, CHARLES STREET, CARDIFF. ON3. A (JBKRTTN, having had applications from Young *L Ladies and Gentlemen for Evening Instruction in Eug- lish and S^ionce, begs to announce thot he has arranged with an able University Man, formerly pupil to a distin- guished chemist, tor a COURSE of LESSONS in ENGLISH GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, &c., and PHYSICS. The Classes will cotsssenee February 25th inst., and will be continued every Monday and Friday—Ladies attending from 7 to H. an.1 Gentlemen from 8 to 9 p.m. The terra* are moderate, and full particulars can be ob- tained of Mons. Atibertin any Evening after 5 o'clock. 1011 Sales bn ^Indian. VAtKDUE HALL, ST. MELLONS, Five miles from Cardiff, and Seven from Newport. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON are instructed by the Assignee of the estate of W. C. Webb, Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, on the premises as above, on THURSDAY, MAHCH 7th, 1867, commencing at Eleven o'clock to the minute, the whole of the excellent HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and .ther Effects in and about the llall; also the FARMING STOCK at the Home Farm. Auction and Estate Offices, 15, High-street, Newport. 1085 HEAIH FARM, NEAR CARDIFF. SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, £ 0. MR. J. D. THOMAS has received instructions from Mr. Samuel Thayers, who is leaving the neighbourhood, to SELL by AUCTION, at the above Farm, on Tuesday, March 12th, 1807, the whole of his FARMING STOCK, I MPLF.MENTS, and a portion of his choice HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. The Farming Stock consists of-— SHEEP-22 ewes and lambs, 20 wethers, 2 thorough-bred Cotewold CATTLE-4 cows in calf, 3 milking cows (Hereford and short-horn breed), I three-years-old short horn heifer in calf, I fat heifer. HORSES-6 very capital cart horses, and 1 well-bred three- jt-ars-old filly. Pws-l fat pig about 20 score, I sow and 8 pigs. Lot of poultry. I Mow of Straw: a quantity of Potatoes. Implemknts—1 wagon nearly new, 1 cart, 1 gig phaeton, 1 Whitecbapel cart, 2 pairs of iron barrows, 2 sets of chain harrows, 4-wheel ploughs, I swing ditto, 1 double ditto, Cam- bridge roller, 1 scuffler, 1 turnip ditto, turnip cutter and chaff machine, 1 American horse rake, 2 stone pigs' troughs, sheep mid cattle racks, pikes, rakes, spades, shovels, and sundry tools and barn implements. About 5 dozen hurdles. HARNESS.—Several sets of fore and shaft harness, two sets of (jig harness, saddle and bridle. The Furniture consists of a choice assortment of sitting- room, bedroom, kitchen and other furniture, in mahogany and ,,il),-r wood. Dairy Utensils and CnKnary articles. Refreshments on the table at Twelve o'Clock, sale to com- mence at One o'Clock precisely. The Auctioneer in calling the attention of the public to the above Stock, Implements, &c., begs to state that in COnsr- uence of the present proprietor leaving the neighbourhood, the whole will positively be sold. Auctioneer' Otoces, 16, Crockherbtcwa, Cardiff, 28ih February, 1667. 10€1 t Saks hy gUtditfit. CARMARTHENSHIRE. k Important Sale of Standing TIMBER, growing on the Fano of Blaenpadernin, Llanybyther, the property of M T. Davies, Esq. ESSP.S W. JENKINS & D. DAVIES beg to announca lbe above valuable Timber will be SOLD bj £ AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, 20th MABCH, 1867, at Two o'clock J) p.m., at the Cross Hands Inn. Llanvbyther, subject to corij • diticns, in two or more lots, consisting of about 2.000 LARCH, a • to BEECH and SYCAMORE, and about Jf-K) SCOTCH jv.15 TIMBER. ,ue Same of the Larch are 60 feet long and 20 feet in solidity, K* the above Timber are well adapted for Collieries, Railway, Building, and other purposes, are conveniently situated withio 11 mile from Llanybyther Railway Station, with good inclined roads. For farther particulars apply to the Proprietor or the AcCJ U tioneera. tin, New Court and Llanybyther. Feb. 9, 1«67. 1069 CARMARTHENSHIRE AND CARDIGANSHIRE. A, r A Important and Extensive Sale of Standing Timber, and Oak | d Copse, growing on the Highmead Estate, the property of f of H. D. Evans, Esq. Nj I k MESSRS. JHNKINS and DAVIES beg to aanouncsr that the above valuable TIMBER and OAK COPSE,P1' will be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the 0th day March, 1867, at two o'clock, p.m., at the Crossnands Inn U Llai.ybytiier, subject to conditions, in 3 Lots. LOT 1. Llwyncrwn Oak Copse and Larch Timber of 37 years[? £ growth, consisting of 53a. 2r. 10p., or thereabouts; (90m#|T of the larch are to be reserved which will be marked witbtj^ red paint), distant one mile from Llanybyther Railwajf^ Station. W Lot 2—Tynyffynon Plantation, Cardiganshire, consisting of 56!) Larch, 157 Scotch and Spruce, 4 Sycamore., 4 Asb( and 2 Elm of over sixty years growth, situated within ou9 mile from Llanybyther. g LOT 3.—Mountain Pleasant Plantation, consisting of 750 Larch, 519 Sootoh, 15 Beech, 1 Elm, and 2 Sycamores* of about sixty years growth, distant 2 £ miles from Maes" erygie Station. The above Lots are well adopted for Collieries, Railway»(v?i Building, and other purposes, and are conveniently aituate<3»ril' with excellent roads leading therefrom. F'or particulars apply to Mr. Evan Davies, at Highmead. t1 Newcoart and Llanvbyther, K?1 Febry. 18, 18tif. 1027 Febry. 18, 18tif. 1027 ABERDARE. "rs Ns TO IRONFOUNDERS, ENGINEERS, AND OTHERS.! IMPORTANT SALE OF MACHINERY, TOOLS, i STORES, &c. P: MESSRS. BARNARD, THOMAS. & CO. are favonre^ with instructions from the Cardiff Compressed SteaB*| Coal Company, Limited (who have leased their Fuel Fsf"k,, tory), to SELL by AUCTION, at the Works, CwmbacbrCou Aberdare, on WEDNESDAY, MABCH 6th, and on THURSDAY, neoessary, the whole of the modern and costly MACHINERYiFiu including a horizontal 6-horse power steam engine, 7in. cylis*^ t der, 12in. stroke; gap lathe, 19ft. bed, llin. centre poppetfi change wheels complete, with chucks and boring bars, bjt Smith, Peacock, and Tennant; screw-cutting lathe, 6ft bed»K^ 6in. oentre poppet, 8 speed, change wheels and chucks COB-C^ plete, by W. Muir <fc Co.; self-acting slotting machine, witfcR,; double gear, 0in. stroke, by W. Muir & Co.; large planingPU machine, 10ft. bed, 2ft. tiin. between uprights, with bars and brackets, by J. H. Halse; self-acting drilling mr chine, with moveable table. 10 speed, by Smith, Peacock, Tennant. Also, the STORES and MATERIALS, compris, bl ing bar iron and steel, copper and brass, old and ne# ew castings, files, rails, lead and iron piping, &c. Several set* of Whitworth's stocks, taps, and dies vices, anvils, belloirS* *le complete seta of smiths' and fitters' tools, with a variety oi 0 new and useful patterns, &c., &c. The machinery and plant will be offered for sale in t first plaoe as they stand, and if not scld in one lot, then it lots as ptr catalogue. The Sale will commence punctually at Twelve o'clock. Pi Catalogues will be ready by the 1st of March. Approved bills at one month will be taken for parchas^ abovo.&M. The Premises, comprising storehouses, workshops, ft« offices, are situated in close proximity to the Railway, as w as the Canal, and may be taken at a fair annual rental. For,ail further particulars, application to be made to tb Auctioneers, in Bristol, Cardiff, or Swanse a ;Ieu at the Officii of the Company, 1;), Bnte-crescent, Cardiff. Dated, 4, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, Feb. 14, 1867. 1040 IMPORTANT TO CAPITALISTS AND OTHERS. SALE OF 37 COTTAGES AT MOUNTAIN AS MR. THOMAS H. EVANS has been favoired with iO' structions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTIO^' We at the Cressellv Inn, Mountain Ash, on Tuesday the 5th dø 0 of March, 1867, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. TPIRTYl SEVEN WORKMEN'S COTTAGES, situate on the FcrfWI Farm, close to the Navigation Colliery, the property of O%i club. „ In the first place they will be offered in one lot, and, if disposed of, will be pat up in lots of two cottages, to suit th* t)n convenience of working people. Half the purchaso-money may be left on mortgage if ireltel quired. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Aberdfti^ j> or to Messrs. Smith and Linton, Solicitors, Aberdare. f Cardiff-street, Feb. 20, 1867. 1048 t NEWCA,I;TLE, BRID(IEND. SALE'OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND OTHER" PROPERTY. \1"R. ROBERT EVANS is commissioned by the Trusts lTjL and Executor of the will of the late Thomas William* IV Esq" to SELL by AUCTION, on Webnksbay, the 13th 4_1' 0' »?*AKC?'i 7' ft^ Wjndham Arms Hotel, Bridget at Two oelook ia the Aiiernoon,subject to such condition#^ L sale as shall then and there be produced, the following VAL^' v- ABLE PROPERTY, in two Lot;, &e.8 LoT I.-All those Three FREEHOLD MESSUAGES of; b DWELLING-HOUSES (formerly two dwelling-houses onø: adjoining each other, with the Lawn or Garden therew belonf 11 ing to the south and in front thereof, and now, or late, in tbo II respective occupations of Mr. Rees Jenkins, solicitor, the lilto Mr. Thomas Williams, and Mr. Alfred Comes: and also tbo I COTTAGE adjoining the south end of the said lawn or den, and in the occupation of Evan Lawrence, mason, situ*1' at Newcastle-hill, in the town of Bridgend. LOT 2,-Àll that WALLED GARDEN, caned" Yr Ard Fawr," late in the occapation of the late Mr. Thomas 1 liams, situate at the top of Newoastle-hiil. Bridgend, The la,t-m«ntioned premises were held by the said < Mr. Thomas Williams untier a lease for ggg years, from tfr* 15th day of November, 1833, at the yearly rent of a popped corn it demanded. Any further particulars may be obtained of J. Pro Lewis, Esq., Solicitor, LlandUo; or at the Offices of Robert Evans, Auctioneer and Land Agent. Bridsend Cowbridge. j 00 6, TO NAVY CONTRACTORS, TIMBER MERCHANT^' WHEELWRIGHTS, COOPERS, AND OTHERS. IMPORTANT SALE OF FIRST-CLASS TIMBERS, MR. C. DREW is favoured by the Proprietor with instfl^ tions to SELL by AUCTION, at the White Ef»7 Hotel, Cullomptoa, Devon, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th daj MARCH next, at Three "'clock in the Afternoon, the unie* mentioned valuable TIMBER, comprising 1,170 timber tr^ and pollards, namely, 380 oak, 185 ash, 40 elm, and 80 sdd8 trer*, and 485 oak and ash pollards, with their tope, lop9' and bark, as they now stand, marked with white paint, Lower Bolealler, Higher Bolealler, Kncwle, and other 1&H^' in the said parish of Cuilomptcn. The oak, elm, and ash are, many of them, of large dito^j sions, long lengths, and excellent quality, such as is rarely*? bo met with, are well situated for removal, being within a"efJ short distance of the Oullompton turnpike-road to Exeter, & about two ir iles from the Hele and Cullompton Stations, f? the Bristol and Exeter line of railway, and deserve attention. Catalogues of particulars may be had on application to Auctioneer. A person will be in attendance at Bole#11.! House on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday*, a»d Knowie on Wednesdays and Thursdays in each week, Eleven o'clock a.m., to show to the same. Twenty five per cent, deposit will be required at the of the sale, and approved security for the payment of remainder. Two shillings to be paid on entering the room, which will be returned to purchasers. Dated Bradninch, Callompton, February 15tb, )1,67. 108^ GLAMORGANSHIRE. PANTRUTHIN FAWR, NEAR PENCOED. 4 Important Sale of valuable Stock, Crops, Implements, 04 Modern Household Furniture (being quite new). MR. JOHN THOMAS has bean favoured with infltf^ tions from Mr. Thomas John (who is nvi">t UP w farm), to SELL by AUCTION, on Thcesday, MABCH, 1867, on the premises, at Pantruthin Kawr, ntar the whole of the undermentioned STOCK, etc., etc. ii STOCK—40 very superior breeding ewes, of' the Cot8#"L. broed, 2 Cotawold racas, two years old 15 yearling sheepj forward condition 2 hei!ers and calves of the Hereford and 1 cow in caif; 2 powerful cart horses, and 1 v«rv cob a sow in farrow aud 6 nore pigs; 3 geese and 8 fowl* » CHOPS—U acre? of sw^'es, to be sold in small l«ts; »1>° J 4 tons of superior barley straw in barn crop of It acre* "j wheat in barn; part of a well-harvested mow of clover*" rye grass several hundred new seeds. IMPLEMENTS—1 capiial two-horse waggon I cart; roller; chaff machine, with horse power, by Picksley, & Co.; 1 paii- of iron drags 36 hurdles, 4 iron ditto, trongha, pig ditto, double acting turnip cutter; plough several sets of double, single, ar.d ploughing bar" hay rack; chaff tats; dung forks; pikes, rakes, corn ladder, large iron boil.-r, ebeese press, tubs, «tc,, and whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURMTURE.. ty to Six months' credit will be given upon approved Mew purchasers to the amount of £ 10 and upwards, on th* Crops, and Implements or discount for caah at of 2 j per cent 18 of Refreshmenta will be provided at 11 o'clock and the 010 of Stock, &c., to commenoe at 12 precisely, and the sale of Furniture at 3 o'clock. ^i. For further particulars apply to Mr. John T60!jjf Auctioneer oad Laad Ageat; Cowbridge md Bridged*