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a nftb SERVANTS WANTING PLACES, of any description, and Householders repairing Servants, should advertise in the Cardiff Times. Price Is. for 24 words, prepaid. WANTED, a Groom and Coachman. Apply, in writing, stating ag>j, Sic., to J. H. Insole, Llandaff. 1087 WANTED, an Apprentice to the Bookbinding, Machine- rnling, and Stationery Business. Apply to J. H. "Gaakell, Canton. 888 WANTED, a respectable Youth as aa Apprentice to the Clothing and Outfitting. Apply to J. Moody, 5, Stuart Ran, Hayes. 976 "TXTANTED a Partner in an old established ShiphrokinE; VV and Commission business. A good opening for a partv with moderate capital.—^ddressB,29, General Post ■Office^ Cardiff. 968 L SPANISH.—Wanted a situation by a young man who can o reed, writt;, and speak Spanish. No objection to make himself useful amongst shipping in any line. Address W.J., 27, George-street, Cardiff. 1075 WANTED,. by a Young Man, aged 2>, a Situation, in a 9hipbroker or merchant's ofiitw, as English and French Corresponding Clerk or Book-keeper. Gool Accountant. Address, J. N., Cardiff Times Office. 1.092 WANTED, to Rent, in the neighbourhood of Cardiff, a Cottage, small Farm, or detached Villa, with a good garden, or one or two acres of grass land.—Apply to H. Bishop and Co., 17 and IR, Qtieen-fltreet, Cardiff. !¥J8 CLERK WANTED. Wanted a young man as clerk, who has had a little experience in accounts. Mn«t write a tood hand and possess some idea of double entry book keep- ing. None need apply who cannot produce satisfactory rpferencea M to moral character. Apply to Evans & Co., 6, High-street, Cardiff. 108H í MOUNTAIN ASH BOARD OF HEALTH. I NOTTCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above Board are in want, of a SURVEYOR. He will be required to Attend at an office in the district three days in every week at a salary of £ 70 a year. He will not be allowed to exercise his profession otherwise than for pui'Jic purposes within the district of the Board, but there will be no objection to his doing so elsewhere. Applications to be sent to me on or before the 6th of March *ext, H. P. LINTON, Workman's Hall, Mountain Ash, Clerk ta the Board. Feb. 20th, 1867. 104". Co to Jd or LODGINGS and APARTMENTS WANTED, or to be LET, should be advertised in the Cardiff Times. Price Is. for 24 words, prepaid. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN can be accommodated with comfortable lodgings, with or without board, at 11, Wellington-terrace, near the Baths. 1086 OFFICES to LET.—Drawing Room, Dining Room, and Three Bedrooms.—Apply at 213, Bute-road, Cardiff. 1033 CJX) be LET, first-class Apartments. A most eligible X situation. Apply to Mr. J<«nee Ewius, High-street, Cardiff. 571 TO be LET, Stabling, in Holland's Yard, Working-street, Cardiff. Apply to Fulton, Dunlop, and Co., Duke- Street, Cardiff. 1080 rf*0 be LET, a capital doable licensed PubliciHouse, doing a JL good business, in close proximity to the Treforest Tin Works, Pontypridd. Apply to D. T. Alexander, Auctioneer, &c, Pontypridd. 3 1078 ♦TV) be LET, STUART HALL, CARDIFF, capable of X seating 1,960 persons, for Lectnres, Concerts, &c. Apply to J. Bailey, on the premises. J TO be LET, a Loft suitable for a Workshop or St ore-room ■boat i'trtj feet by li feet, situate in a central position. For particulars apply to Mr. W. H. Davxes, 25, St. Mary-street. 992 •TIO LET, Furnished, at Roath, near Cardiff, drawing room, 1 library, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, and every other conveni- ence. Apply to Mr. Lewis, Upholsterer, Dnke-street, Cardiff. 1009 TO CLUBS, EXHIBITIONS, &e. Tbe LET, the Arcade Room, on the evenings of Mon- day, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Apply on the premises, or to Mr. Kemick, chemist, Cardiff. JOHN-STREET, AND ELLEN-STREET, GREEN- LANE, ROATH. TO be LET, Blocks of Unfinished HOUSES and LAND for 69 Years. Apply to Mathias and Kmnersley, Upper Station-terra-e, Cardiff. 141 TO be LET, the Unbuilt Land adjoining Devonshire place, Ely-road, on building lease, for eleven similar cottages. 99 years' lease, depth 200 feet. Apply to Mathias and JKinnersley, house-agents, 4, Upper Station-terraee, Crook- herb town, Cardiff. 122 FAIH OAK HOUSE, CARDIFF. TO be LET Fair Oftk House, Angel-street, Cardiff, which is one of the oldest Double-licensed Establishments in town, and does a large busing. Satisfactory reasons for Wing. Apply to Mr. William Thomas, the proprietor.^ THE HOLSE, EAST BROOK, DINAS POWIS, NEAR CARDIFF. TO be LET, with immediate possession, m the aoove loo#)ity, a boose containing eight rooms, a large s aiti left, with about 80 pereb of good garden ground rent moderate. To view, and for further particulars, apply, by letter, or in person, to Mr. H. G. Farrell, on the premises. 1960 ANY person wanting a eheap Piano, may select from several pianos (new) now to be sold, together with a Eanaonium, at Penryn Honse, Canton. 658 SEVERN-ROAD, CANTON. TO be SOLD by Private Contract, Two Houses, one a Shop. Apply to Mr. C. F. Morris, Springfield^Cottage, Uandaff-road, Canton. 1060 FOR SALE, a Soda Water EcgUe, nearly new, and a lot of Lemonade and Gingerette Bottles. Any Person wishing to go into the trade will have every mformatlon from the seBer.-Apply to A. R, CwdfTmu Ofifce. »01_ FOR SALE, a crank patent a^le Cart (new), fit for grocers, brewers, ice. Two spring carts, suitable for botchers, greengrocers. Ac.; and a new Scotch cart, fit for hauling purposes. May be seen at Mr. Gorer's Yard, St. Mary- atreet. A FIRST CLASS OPPORTUNITY. TO be SOLD a bargain, those two new and substantially built HOUSES, wifto red stone and white fire-brick dressings, situsted in Upper George-street, Ctithays. For further particulars apply to Mr. H. Edwards, 37, hrange- terrace, Cathays. 1010 28, MARGARET STREET, DOCKS, CARDIFF. TO be SOLD 'by Private Contract, one capital Dwelling- house, with extensive premises in the rear, on which is bailt a large Blacksmith's or Fitting Shop. Also, another building adapted for a Store, sitnate in Margaret-street, Bute Docks, Cardiff. For particulars apply to Mr. Roche, Church- street, Cardiff. 009 HOUSE PROPERTY FOR SALE. TO be SOLD by Private Contract, several HOUSES at, the Bute Docks, Loudoun-square, Splotland, Roath, New- town, Temperauee Town, and Canton, both freehold and leasehold. A number of Dwelling-bousee to Let. Also, several double and single-licensed Public hoaxes in Canton and Cardiff, and one very good single-licensed House in Bate-street Also for AR'e a number of Sheds and Barges.— Apply to Mr. Thomas Bavies, 10, Harvey-street, Ely-road, Canton. 774 LLANDAFF PLACE, NEAR CARDIFF. TO be LET, from the First day of May next, No. 4, Llandaff Place, at present and for the past eix years in the occupation of Alex. Bassett, Esq., who is removing to his own residence. The house embraces drawing-room (30ft. by 18ft), dining-room (!2!?ft. sqnars), breakfast-room (lBft. by 14ft.), six bedrooms with bathroom, kitch, iA on ground floor, with cellars extending under the entire bnilding gas and water laid on, loft, stable, groom's living ami Bleeping rooms with garden, well stocked with choice fruit trees. Two fields adjoining may be had if required. Apply to Mr. James Ward, Roath Castle.—The house is situated on an eminence, with onm- maadirtg views. J gOl Co be ftt or Soitt. Co be ftt or Soitt. TO be SOLD by Private Contract, a Semi-Villa, Roath-road, containing nine rooms, with bath-room, caina pantries, wine cellars, &c. also, a two-stall stable and coach-house, with hay-loft above. Water and gas laid on, w-th fittings com- plete. Apply to Mathias & Kinnersley, House-Agents, 4, Upper Station-terrace, Cardiff. 169 WESTERN WAGON COMPANY (LIMITED). BROAD and Narrow Gauge Wagons, of every description, for Sale, Hire, or Redemption Hire. Depot and Repairing Shops-East Bute Docks, Cardiff. Agent-W. E. NETHERSOLE, GO, Adam-street, Cardiff. 936 BUTE DOCKS. TO be SOLD or LET, the 39 \ear<? unexpired term of lease, No. 107, Bute-street, Bute Docks. The premises have recently undergone a thorough repair and fitted up suitable either for a ship chandler, provision merchant, er grocer. The shop is upwards of 200 feet in length with plate-glass fronts and an entrance from East Bute and West Bute-streets; there is also a very commodious warehouse attached; fixtures and fittings are quite new, and ans laid on throughout the premises. ° For further particulars apply to Mr F. W. Armstrong, Auctioneer, Church-street, Cardiff, or to Mr. John Phillips, 107, Bute-street, Bute Docks. 1048 HOUSE PROPERTY FOR SALE. TO he SOLD by Private Contract, Nos. 13 and 14, Planet- street, Splotland. Nos. 21, 22, and 23, Davis-street, Adam-street. Nos. 1 to 10, Severn-road, with spacious garden to each. Nos. 13,14, 15, and 16, Dudley-street, Docks. Nos. 24 and 25, Victoria-street, Adam-street. No. 30. Sophia-street. Two Hmsesin Union-street, Canton. Nos. 14 and 15, Thomas-street, Newtown. Apply to MATHIAS and KINNERSLEY, House Agents, 4. Upper Station-terrace, Cardiff. &8 "lJ U B LI 'J-HOUSE SAND SPIRIT VAULTS TO LT7T7~ SEVERAL good Business Houses in the principal thorough- S fares of Cardiff, some on long leases, with Brewery Plant, &c.; three ale and porter stores and a large first- class refreshment house, with wine, ale, and porter licenses the beds pay the rent. (Three of the above Houses are situated near the docks.) The lease of a convenient and commodious House and Shop, suitable for any respectablo trade, and situated in the principal street, near the pier-head, to be SOLD, a bargain. FOR SALE: — Two Houses in Crichton-street; two Houses (with Shops), and one Public-house, in Bute-street; two small Houses in East-street, and three at the Docks; two Houses iu Sophia-street; five Cottages at Maindee. Apply to J. HILL, Auctioneer, Farm, Stock, and Publican'R Valuer, Crichton-street, Cardiff. 1072 TO BE SOLI) BY PRIVATE TREATY 1. rflHE Iron PADDLE STEAMER _L "VELINDRA," lately plying between Cardiff and Bristol. Bailt in 1860, at Millwall, by Messrs. C. J. r.—. jjare ancj £ 0 Length overall, 170 feet, breadth 19 feet, depth 9 feet; 175 tons two engines, 100 horse-power. 2.—The Iron PADDLE FERRY-STEAMER KATE," plying between Cardiff and Penarth. Built at Bristol, in lfiiio. Length 74 feet, breadth 13ft. 8in., depth 5ft. 7in.; 3!1 tons draft 2 £ ft. to 3ft. T,~ 3 All those LEASEHOLD PREMISES, situate near the Pierhead, Cardiff, occupied as offices by the Cardiff Pilot- age Board and others, at a yearly rental of £100, subject to a ground rent of £10 10s. per annum 4.—All that SHOP, DWELLING-HOUSE, and PRE- MISES situate in Stuart-street, Cardiff, now occupied by Mr. Foster, ship chandler, at a rent of ,£66. 5 — All that WAREHOUSE, STABLE, YARD, and PRE- MISES near No. 4, a portion of which is in the occupation of Mr. William Davies, at a yearly rental of X20. 6.—A SUITE of OFFICES, adjoining No. 4, possession of which may be had at once, of the estimated valne of £ 40 per annum. 7.—A PIECE of GROUND or YARD, adjoining No. 3, let to the Corporation of Cardiff, at a yearly rental oi < £ 10. The properties mentioned in paragraphs 4, 5, 6, and 7 are held nnder one lease, and are subject to a ground rent of X.) 14s. per annum, which will be apportioned. The above property will be sold in one or separate lots. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr. DAVID ROBERTS. Public Accountant, Church-street, Cardiff, one of the liquidators for winding up the Cardiff Steam Navi- gation Company. Cardiff, 26th February, 1807. 107d ITTSTES Itbrtssts. TRADESMEN'S BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS are T inserted in the CARDIFF TIMEs-the leading and most widely circulated paper in Wales-at One Shilling per inch per week, if ordered far not less than three months. TO RAILWAY CONTRACTORS AND COLLI PROPRIETORS. J. P. LEWIS & CO., ro MOUNT STUART-SQUARE) Bute Doeks, Cardiff, OA 1 have FOR SALE, a quantity of second-hand T-HEADED RAILS, 38 lbs. AND 65 lbs. PER YARD, FIT FOR belay. Also, a large number of BROAD AND NARROW GAUGE ENGLISH LARCH AND BALTIC SLKEPURS, And several Tons of RAILWAY FLANG'D BOLTS I and DOG-HEADED SPIKES, of variooe > Sizes. 1096 TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, CONTRACTORS, &c. MR. JAMES CLARKE, SHIP HOTEL, J AMES-STREET, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF HAS FOR SALE 120 TONS OF T-HEAD RAILS, FreID 35 to 65 lbs. per yard, TO BE SOLD C H E A P. 917 TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, CONTRACTORS, &e. MR. JAMES L 0 D G E, GEORGE-STREET, CARDIFF, HAS ALWAYS ON SALE a Large Quantity of Selected SECOND-HAND DOUBLE AND SINGLE T, COLLIERY AND BRIDGE RAILS, FIT TO REIAY. Also, a QUANTITY of COLLIERY aud other SLEEPERS. 149 BREWED SPECIALLY FOR FAMILY USE. WARRANTED TO KEEP SOUND IN DRAUGHT SIX MONTHS. GARTON'S GOLDEN ALE, is. 2d. PER GALLON. SUPPLIED IN 9, IS, 3ti, and 54 GALLQN CASKS. Agreeable, Delicate in Flavour, and of Malchleea Purity. Tui- BaF.wr.RY:— L A W R E N C E H 1 L L, BEISTO L. Sorn Fxwi'v AGENT voa C.micifvi— I WILLIAM H. DAVIES, Q;, ST. MARY STREET, Who will ne happy tx, forward Price Lists of Superior Ales on application. WILLI A M H • D A V J E 8, W I I DEALER IN FOREIGN WINES. Sherries from 21s. Ports from 27s. SuperIor Clarets from lfis. Champagne (quarts), 54*. BRACJOLAIB (very fine), 208- per dozen. Single Bottles of all the above at the same rate. All Wiaev warranwd iound and in gooJ condition. 97ft IMPORTANT NOTICE. ABON.VFIDE MONEY SPECULATION oi 000 A sterling, guaranteed by Government, is to be allotted in virions E,¡;¡.mo; upwards to 0. Any one, by investing XI, may set^ne aterliug. For proapeetnf (which will be sent, pratis. &1fPIF hy letter, addressed to Mr. J. A. Rinek, c- oe -1 14, D«ke-str«e)t, Adelphv Lomloa, W.C. 888 Itostittss NOTICE IS HERBBY GIVEN that the Partnership i.\ between the undersigned Joshua Herne and James Heme, in the trade or business of linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers and clo'hiers, at Cardiff, in the county of Glamorganshire, under the firm of Herne Brothers, was this day dissolved by mntnal consent, and in future the business will he carried on hy the ssid James Heme, on his own separate account, and who will pay and receive all debts owing from and to the said partnership in the regular course of trade. Witness our hands this 13th day of February; lSl17. JOSHUA HERNE, JAMES HERNE. Witness, H. Heard, Solicitor, Cardiff. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP AND SELLING OFF!! HERNE BROTHERS, GENERAL DRAPERS, 29, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, EG to inform the Public generally, that, in oonseqnence of the retirement of MR. JOSHUA HEBNS from the Business, the whole of their LARGE, VALUABLE, & WELL-SELECTED STOCK WILL BE SOLD AT A STARTLING REDUCTION! SALE TO COMMENCE ON SATURDAY, THE 23RD INSTAKT, AND TO BE CONTINUED FOR TWENTY-ONE DAYS. FOR CASH ONLY. 1052 NO. 2, BUTE-STREET, NEAR THE HAYES BRIDGE. CARDIFF. THOMAS MILES, DRAPERY AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT. ONE OF THE CHEAPEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE IN THE PRINCIPALITY. ESTABLISHED 27 YEARS. 125 W. PRICE AND SONS, FASHIONABLE CLOTHIERS HATTERS, HOSIERS, AND OUTFITTERS, CARDIFF HOUSE, CORNER OF CAROLINE-STREET, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. TERMS:— ONE PRICE, AND NO ABATEMENT. FOR READY MONEY ONLY. 117 BASS AND CO.' 8 AND ALLSOPP & SONS' PALE AND BURTON ALES. GUINNESS AND CO.'S EXTRA DOUBLE STOUT, AND BARCLAY AND PERKINS' CELEBRATED LONDON PORTER. In prime Condition, in Casks and Bottle*, at FULTON, DUNLOP, AND CO.S, DUKE-STREKT. CARDIFF, no HThe DUTV heing REDUCED, ORNI MAN'S PURE TEAS ARE EKHIT-PKNCK CHEAPER. BLACK, GREEN, & MIXED Tea formerly 3s. old., RfcOUCKH to 2s. 8(3. Tea formerly 3s. pt).. REDUCED to 3s. Od. Tea tormerly 4«. Od., REDUCED to 3s. 4d. Tea forWe,iy 4(4. 4< REDUCED to 3s. Ad. TWO OUNCE, QUARTER, HAf.F, AND POUND PACKETS As ft protection from Imitations 9.4 Paefcet* ar,3 signed HOUNIMAN & Co., LONDON. Original Importers of the Pure Tea. -_a. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT: AbeMvon—a!me, Chemifjt OARDIP*—Wakeford, 265, Bnt,t¡. Abortvon Bvan Evans, Btamp- street office Joy, 17, Duke-etreet Abefdwo rDomaa — Jones, „ Treheme, Chemist Chomist Oanton—Tbos-Tomth, Chemist Aberoyehan Wooa. Chemist Chepstow—Trylor, Bcanforl-aq. Bristol Ferris, Union-street Dowtata—Hancock, Chemist Bridgend Leyshan. Stamp- Hrrwain—Sims, Chemist office Merthyr— Stephens, Higb-«treol Cowbridge—Thomas. High-st. Neath—Hutehins, Wmd-str<Hit CAUDny-Kernick, Dnlw-otroet Newport—Jones, 5, Hiph-streoi „ Prust & JohuB, 100, Prcntypool—Wood, Stamp»offtte Bute-street PontÿPddd-James Chemist Jamca A Williams, 281, Kbymncy—Prewer Bcte-etreet, Cardiff Uak—Edwarda Ohenist IV §ustnesa S.Sbr«sses. SALE OF WINTER STOCK, And a great variety of other Goads, at the CORNER HOUSE, I, 8AINT JOHN'-STREET, CARDIFF. HENRY THOMAS BEGS to return thnnlcs for the continued and increasing snpport be has received for the past, ten years. He will add to his Periodical Sale of the remains of the Season's Stock, an exienaive and valuable qiiitntity of Goods, comprising the greatest part of his general Stock. The fol- lowing list will give some idea of the redaction in prices :— 2500 yards of plain and fancy Winceys, Poplinsttes, Mo- hairs, and other Dress Materials, to be sold at one uniform priceIW. per yard, the average valne being 12id- per yard. This large lot is wull worthv of attention- 750 yards of Aberdeen Winceys, from 125-1. per yard. 600 yards of Black French Merinoes, from Is. lild. per yard. 1500 yards of coloured French Merinoes, from Is. 6} A. per yard. Very fine at 2s. 4Jd. per yard. A lot of all wool Tartan Plaids very oheap. Good Black Cobnrg8 and Alpaca, 7 £ J. and 8jd.; very fine at ION. and l^Jd. A small lot of checked Alpacas, at 4JJ., very cheap. A lot of cheap Prints. Also about SCO yards of Lutliarda f st colour town printed Cambrics, at 8JL; usual price 12!d. A lot of very cheap Black Glace Bilks, from 2s. 4|d. per yard. A lot of Silk Aprons, Is. 4Ad. each- In the Shawl and Mantle Department are greet bargain", all of this Season's Goods. Jaekets of the new materials; and new Patent Velveteen Jackets, at littte over half-price. Corsets and Crinolines much reduced. A lot of Scarlet Merino Corsets, from 12J;1. each, and soiled white Corsets and Slays, 12.,1. eacb. Furs at a great reduction. Nine dozen Leghorn Hats, 2s. ll £ d. each; new this month. Abont 50 dozen Irish Cambric Handkerchiefs, mnch under present value. Verv good Huckaback Towelling, all linen, at 8jd. Good Huckaback Towels, at CJd. each. Very good checked glass cloths, at 6Jil. per yard. Good linen Sheetings, 2 yards wide, from Is. 94d. per yard. White and grey calicoes, from 2Jd per vard. Very good shirting Calicoes, from 5Jd. per yard. Flannels remarkably eheap. Good Saxony Flannel, at iOJd.; and scarlet from Of J. Best Bath Coating, at 4s 9d per yard. Double width crimson, also green furniture Damask, all wool at, 2s. 6fl. per yard. Good white Furni- fcure Diaaity t at 8^1. per yard. Feh Carpets at Is. 8id. per yard; very wide ditto, 3s. õ!d. Cheap Hearthrugs, Jtc., &c. Coeoa Nut Matting, half-yard wide, lOll. pel. yard; one yard wide, Is 9d. Blankets. Quilts, Rues, 9t great reduc- tion. Large White M arse Ha C^nitts, from lis. od. each. Every article in the Slock marked in plain figures. WOOLLEN CLOTHS, &c., &c. Good Scotch Tweeds, Is. 9d rer yard. broad Witneys, from 3s. 9d. Good BLACK BROAD CLO J'HS, 5s. 6<1., (w. 9d., 7R. 9.1., 8s. 9d., 10s. 9J. West of England Fancy Doeskins and Super Coatings, at a great reduction. Fancy Wool Bbirte and Shirtings greaUy rennced. About Twenty dosen Umbrellas at 20 per cent. under present vplue. AN INSPECTION IS SOLICITED. WHEELER AND WLUMON'S HEWJNG MACHINES, From fS; and BARTLETT'S SEWING MACHINES, From jga 158. e41 JAS. TROTTER BARRY, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, And Dealer in British and Foreign Fancy Goods. AVERY large and Choice Assortment of ARTICLES suitable for PRESENTS. SILVER PATENT ENGLISH IJEVER WATCHES, With every Improvement, from 93 15s. GOLD ditto ditto, frem £ 10. REPAIRS EXECUTED IN THE BEST MANNER. Clocks attended and wound by the year. ENGRAVING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. JAMES TROTTER BARRY, «, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 707 WIRE ROPES, FOR COLLIERIES- GEORGE ELLIOTT AND CO. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OP PATENT WIRE ROPEb, MADE FBOM VERY BEST SKLKCTBD CHARCOAL AND STEEL WlBE, Such as they supply to many of THE LARGEST COIXIER^S IN JHE KINGDOM. MANUFACTORY:—BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. 185 ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, Ac. IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE. FAMILIES desirous of knowing their Crests, &«., should send Name and County* Pedigrees traced Arms Quar- tered and Impaled. Plain Sketch, 3s. <kL Coloara, 6s. Arms, Crest, and Motto, beautifully painted 12a. 6d. T. G. GLASS, HERALDIC ENGRAVER, &o., 38, Ifto. MAUT STRBET, Casern. Creeta BlBgraved on Seals, Rings, Ae., from 7a. 6d. Arms, Create, and Monograms on Plate, Ac., in firstrclass 8tVlS' T. A. GLASS, PRACTICAIi ENGRAVER, 20, St. Mary-street, Oar dill. YOUR CARD, SIR? A Name Plate Engraved, *ni 100 beat I wry Cards orlnted and sent post free to any address to6 GLASSf ENGRAVER AND PRINTER, 20, 8t. Marr street, Carcun. Note Paper and Envelopes, &c., Stamped in Ootonrs, from Dies, io flrst-elaes style, at e Q T. G. GLASS S, KNGRAVER, PRINT KR. AND STATIONER, 20, St. Mary- street, Cardiff. 118 PENARTH AND CARDIFF. JENKIfTDAVIES BEGS to announce that he hos commenced running a NEW OMNIBUS, four times a day (Swndays excepted), between CARDIFF snd PHNARTH, as follows From the llymonth Hotel, P<:narth:-00 a.m., 1.30 p.m 3 46 o.m., ;'n(l P-ln- ,„ „ Fiom the Royal Oak Inn, Cardiff:—10,30 a.m., 2.45 p.m., Far eg,' Siip^nce each. Parcels dslivered with despatch. 800 I' WARE AND PHTP (Late SAMUEI, W.mits and Rosa.) TAILORS, ROBE MAKERS, AND MILITARY OUTFITTERS, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOTJTH WALES ESTABL'SHMENT, 5, DUKK-STRKET, CARDIFF. 90,10 c- A- ANSTTCE. (WTK MltS. A. 8TOTT) I WHOLFSALK AND RBTAII# BED AND MATTRES? MANUFACTORY. 1 T- 213, BUTE ROAD, CARDIFF. PARTIES Furnishing will find this the Cheapot Honar in the oonnty for every (lenoription of Bedding, Iror BedsteaJa, MaUingn, Mats, Folt Carpets, frn Oornico PyVes in great variety. IRON BEDSTEADS REDUCKT) rN PRICE. 8* ftfiTvaBt's Stump Bedstead, painted best colours, with bra8« knobs and hraaa eontres, 6ft. by 3ft. • • Donble «>ae ditto, for two servauts French Be<tele»d», with high head rail, painted best cokrnra, brass knob and hras^ ^nircss ttft by 8ft.. cokrnra, brass knob and hras^ ^nircss ttft by 8ft.. u I TArge size ditto, ttO- Oin. by 4ft. (Jin. 18 3, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. 100 Bnshttss POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES THE BEST AND CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR potatoes FOB CU7.TNARY PITRPOSK9, OR FOR SEED, K F. CASE'S, 23, HIGH-STTTEET, CARDIFF. FCASE be?s to announce that he has Just. Received a • Large Quantity of tine Flnke K'dneys, Warminster Blues, Flour Balls, York Regents, White Rocks, &c. suitable for culinary purposes; also, for seed, « prime lot of Aslilaat Kiiineys, Alma Isidue^s, Gloucc-ster Kv:lne>«, Creep«^r Kid- neys, Flnke Kidneys, Early Forty-folds, York Rfgents, Sherry Blues, Flour Balls, White Rocks, Belfast Whites, &c.: all of which are in first-rate condition, and which he can confidently recommend, at prices challenging competition. All Oidei» punctually and promptly attended to, and deli- vered fiee of charge (over one cwt ) to any part of the town. P.S.—This is the ONLY HOUSB irv CARDIFF where a Stock of English Potatoes U kept. 611\ WEIC IIERTS HAT MANUFACTORY, 39, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. rHE FIRST-CLASS QUALITY and FINISHED AP. JL PEARANCE of all GOUIJS )nanufac:ured &t the above Address are too well known to lequire special notice; but S. WEICHKRT, in taking this opportunity of thanking his friends f r their liberal support and commendation, oegs to direct particular attention to ALLIE Arxx's PATENT CONFORMATEUR, Which he has in his possession. By this instrument he is enabled to take the EXACT SIZR AMD SHAPE of the head, and thereby to manuficture HATS OF THE MOST AOOORATE FIT, however peculiar the phrenological development may be. S. WEICHERT, HAT MANUFACTURER, SO, BUTE-STREKT, CARDIFF. 940 NEW SEASON'S frEAS, CELEBRATED Ft'R THEIR LASTING- STRENGTH AND DELICIOUS FLAVOUR. WILLIAM HOULT, TEA DEALER, FAMILY GROCER, &c., IS NOW ST-PPL ING A FIRST-CLASS TEA at 3s. 01. per lb. A MIXTURE OF THE CHOICEST TEAS ) q ft, GROWN only JDS- 6t" Per lb GOOD SOUND CONGOU 2s. Od. per lb. STRONG ROUGH DITTO. 2s 41. to 2s. 6,1. per lb. VERY STRONG FULL-FLAVOURED 2s. 8d. per lb. A reduction of Twopence per pound on Four Pounds and upwards of the finer quahties. EsTABUSHMKNT :— C H U RG H-S T R E E 1, CARDIFF, (Next door to the Post Office.) 244 PAKAFFIN LAMP OIL FOR THE MILLION. 3E. PER GALLON, OR 3id. PER PINT. AT J. MOORE'S OIL AND PAINT STORES, 7, BUTE STREET, CARDIFF. A great quantity of Job Lots of PAPER HANGINGS, BELOW COST PRICE, now Selling. 685 TIMBER TRADE. J. GRANT & CO., TIMBER MERCHANTS AND TIMBER BROKERS, OFFIOES-2a CRICHTON STREET, CARDIFF. 791 JAMES BREWER AND CO., BEG leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that they have commenced Business in this Town as GENERAL HAULIERS. They have secured an entirely new and extensive Plant, which, with constant nersonal supervision, will enable them to ensure punctual delivery of all Goods entrusted to their care. They have also added to the above Business that of COMMISSION AGENTS, And will be happy to undertake any commands in that line. They respectfully solicit a share of public patronage. 58, LOUDOUN-SQUARE, CARDIFF. 871 BY HEE flfefSajPL ROYAL LETTERS MAJESTY'S PATKNT. LETTER3 PATENT have been granted by Her Majesty's t j Comirissionent, to MR. GEORGE MORETON, BOOTMAKER, 36, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Immediately opposite the Royal Hotel, For IMPROVEMENTS in LACING BOOTS and SHOES. The improvement consists in the tongue of the Boot being placed on the outside instead of the inside of the Boot-the lace keeping the tongue in one position, and thus preventing it from going down on one onto of the foot, as is always the case with the ordinary laoe boot. The Boot is thereby ren- dered mnch more easy and comfortable to the wearer. It also gives to the Boot a genteel and greatly improved ap- pearance. MORETON'S PATENT BOOTS are admitted by all who have tried them to be the most 'e.y Walking Boots they have ever worn. MOKT ETON'S Registered Elastie-Side BOOTS, for style and finish, are unequalled. All" goods warranted of the best material and workmanship. ø- No machine work employed on our best goods. GEORGE MORETON, BOOTMAKER, 36 ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Opposite the Royal Hotel. 1.V2 LEWIS AND WILLIAMS, (LATE HUGH BIRD,) WHOLESALE AND RETAIL COUNTY VV TEA WAREHOUSE, 18, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. EBTABLISHFD 45 YE^RH. COUNTY PRINTING OFFICES, LEWIS AND WILLIAMS, (LATE HUGH BIRD,) PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, AND STATIONERS, No. 18, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. ESTABTISTIFTO 4-R) YEARS. LETTER PRESS, CUPPER, PLATE, AND LITHO- L GRAPHIC PRINTING, of every description, executed with neatness and despatch. ACCOUNT BOOKS manufnetnred to order, on the shortest notice; also, a large vaiiety constantly on sale. Evtry de- scription of MACHINE RULING and BOOK BINDING neatly and expeditiously executed. STATIONERY, both plain and ornamental, w:th every re- quisite necessary for Merchants, Solicitors, Tradesmen, &c. A hrge assortment of Church Servic. Prayer Books; also a variety of Buoks, in various Bindititzq, suitable for Presenta, Ac. Magazines, Periodicals, &c., regalariy supplied. Ordnance Map Ortice by appointment. 462 CABS, CARRIAGES, HORSES, &c. S. ANDREWS, CAB PROPRIETOR, ROATH MEWS, WESTGATE MEWS, I HOCK M3WS, Plocca-laue, C athedral-road, j Dudley-street, Cardiff, Canton, | Bute Dock?, BEGS to inform the public that all kinds of Carri«ge«, Breaks, Phaetons, Dog-eart?, and Post and Saddle Horses are always rea-ly at the ah.ive addresses. GREYS FOR WEDDING AND PLEASURE PARTIES. MOURNING OOACH AND HORSES FOR FUNERALS. Orders by Post, or otherwise, punctually attended tc" and may be left at either of the ai,ve places, or tt S ANDREWS'S, CONFECTIONER, 51, JAKES-STREET, DOÐKS, CARDIFF. 480 gusttuss SALE OF DRAPERY. JOHN DALZELL. having reined on tteMttut of failing health, ) pgs til inform his friends ai>4 1iJ.. public that ka has FOR SALE, a portion of liis valuabla STOCK, comprising—Gektlkmkn'S 1 .SPAUTMIST Black. Cloth a"d Doeskin, Scotch ami Engli»h Tweeds, Pilots, Knap: Petershams, Vestings, ,"V,,(,1 Shirtn end Shutings, Linen Shirtings, Huts (Silk and Felt), Caps, Umbrellas, Silk Hand- kerchiefs (Nt-ck and Fooket), Tii» and Scarfs in Silk and Wool, LAMES' DEPABTKKNT Sfi AWLS and SCARFS— Paisley, Lace, Fancy, Ca^iuiure, Lhlnu, Rlack, Black Em- broidered, W..ol Sc»rfs, Wool Squares, Qneensiands; DRFSS —Wmsey, Pla;l, and Kobed Olaam«»ray, Coburg I'nd LUS¡r¡¡R, "lack and coloured, pUin and figured; Mob air Chaliis, Lhnn¡¡,>" Prints. Muslins, MonsitH-de-Iaines, Fancy Skirts and Skirtincps.Se«lttKtn's, Mantle Cloths.—Note hvry article will be sold at the lowest possdde price; terms, cosli only.—Hours of biwino^s, fr.m Ten to Six p.m. Aadresf—•fi2, Adam-strt-et, Newtown, Cardiff. 90:: PATENT WHITE STONE BRICKS. MADE WIT H 0 U T B U P, NIN G' BOD M E E S' PATENT STONE BRICK CO.. 1> EG to call tbe attentioa of Architects, Builders, and J others, to their PATENT S 1 ONE iiUICK.*>, Plain *ad Ornfimental, and are new prepared to exeoute orders for larfja quantities. All commnnicetlOns to be addressed to the Managing Partner, Mr. MATTHEW JOHNS, at the Works, Court?- bella-terrace, Pill^vjBtilJy, JiBWiDRT, Mon. Testimonials and Sketches sent on applicators. ORDERS HKCKTVKt) IX CtRMt) F BY Mr. THOMAS Jo>.ES, 4'>, F.LM-STRLET, ROATH Where aamples of the Pricks may lie seen. I M. EDWAltl)S AXD SONS, COACH BUILDERS, PARK. ROAD, CARDIFF, BEG to thank their fneads and catoiaere for the snppftrt received fn m t'.it-m arul 'oes^ to anno rice that they always keep ft L.VilGF and CHOICE STOCK of bealaud and other kiicis of K.unli^h and For.ign seasoned Timber, Coach IrotunonK^ry, C uriaje Furrmnre (plain and in silver). Lamps in great variety. Carriage Trimmia* including m <- roccoe, plushes, w ioJ'en cl«»ths, laoes, etc., &c. livery ollaer article used in the trade kept in stock. M. E. & Soxs devote their particular and most csrcf,i'. attention to all orders entrnste<l to t.hem, empioyinir !1!N:k< but first-class workmen, from the lea l'o^ carrtnge factories in London and Rath, and so can gnarrantee every arttclft turned out by thflit to be done in the best style, both iu workmanship an quality of materials. The greatest care is paid to the, REPAIRING Branch of the Trade, wliiob b'done in the most expeditious and econo- mical manner po. sib!?. Every new Carriage built for private use warranted f-ir tw" years; all Carriages built for public use wa'ranted for one year. N.B — THE TJUDK SwrtrEP. 246 STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS 248, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, ALSO 88, PONTMORLAIS, MERTHYH, WIRXIAM ETTADGILVN, RESPECTFULLY' inf->rm« tne inhabitants of Gtumorgac. and the surrounding Counties, that be has matU cimai- derable alterations in his Tdremiee, p-nd fitted up the aa-me with IMPROVED ST^AM APPAIVATUS, adapted CLEANING, SCOURING, aad DYEING every description of Fabric, and finishing the same im an exquisite manner. W. E. V. takes this opportunity of expressing his thinks for the extensive and continnady iuere-uun^ patronage received by him, not only from the inhabitants of Glamorgan, bat of the surrmmding counties: and hopes, by Brdctpt-rscand at- tention, to merit a continuance of their favour. W. E. V. wishes likewise to intimate that he has all the NEW COLOURS, and most expensive DYES, direct front the manufacturers; aid from his experience in the first Houses in London, he can confidently assure hig customers that he is able to ececute all orders entrusted to him equal w any house in ti'e kingdom. SHAWLS, DRESSES, MANTLES, FEA TRERS. BED AND WINDOW CURTAINS. GENTLEMEN S CLOTHES, Src.. SCOURED, DYED, AJID DLIESSSS, AGENTS :— Aberdare.—Mrs. Dance confectioner, Cotamereial-street. Bridgend.—Mrs. Thomas, •owfectioner, Caroiiite-streeu Newbridge.—Mr. Evans, irünmonger, Bridge-street. Cow bridge.—Mrs. Stibbs, ooafectiooer, Ivor House. THE ONLY STEAM DYKING WORKS IN WALES. 3M A MOST VALUABLES ACQUISITION TO THE SHIPPING TRADE OF CARDIFF. WEICHERT'S TIME BALL, VWX THE ROYM. OBBEKVATOBT, GREERWICH. 112, ROTHSAT TERRACE, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. NUMEROUS complaints having from time to time been made by Captains of Ships of not being able to get correct rate with Chronometers in Cardiff, 11 r. W. WKICHERT, CHRONOMETER WATCH and NAUTI- CAL ISSTRUMENT MAKKR, has remedied the evil by hat- ing a Telegraphic Wire conducted to his Establishment direcr. from the Royal Greenwich Observatory, in connection with a Ball that falls at Ten o'clock mean time daily, whore Masters of Ships will have the privilege never before obtained of securing a correct rate with their Chronometers, and in wticfc they may place the utmost oonfiderice. A visit to this Estab- lishment will satisfy any one that, all Instruments entrusted to W. W.'s care will hav»- the utm<>st skill and attention bestowed upon their repair snd adjns'ment, as t-verything iw manufaotarfd and tepaired on the premises, by workmen of first-class skill and ability. N.B.—Th^i West End, Liverpiol, Bristol, and other Time BaIIs now fall at the same moment, namely—10 o'clock, a.m. W .WEICHEKT invites an m^peeunn to his elegant and well-selected STOCK cf WATCHES, GOLD GUARDS, ALBERTS, &c. £ «- £ a. Silver Lever London-made Watches, from 4 10 to 12 t2 Gold ditto ditto ditto „ 10 10 SO" 1 OoW pockk Chri»nometer „ 4b 0 56 O Silver Geneva best made W a(cheg M 1 1.. 3 IO Gold ditto ditto ditto „ 110 „ 11 0 Two-day Chronometer, best London-made S3 0 „ 3S O Eight-day ditto ditto ,,40 0 45 0 All Watches and Chronometers sold at this Establishment will be warranted for fo*r years, and exchanged free of espense during that time if not approved of. Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery caretnlly repiiwd on the promises under W. W.'s own perwnsl mj^rinttrxi-uee. A large assortment of Chaas and Nauticd Books always in Stock. Royal Observatory, 112, Rotbsay.terrace, Bmte 'DeeRi, Cardiff. 2*^ AGENVS BY AWOLKTKEKT FOR HIMALAYA PUKE TEA, GIWWN UNDER GOVERNMENT INfiPKCTtOK. Standard 2*. 4.1. superior to lliah Standard Chin* Pt w.i. CABDETF— £ k>loman. Chemist, High-street; Davies, 25, BL lkvy-, !; R,Jù.H;Y, lõ. Ar^re!-8tr»et. Abcraman—R-cli-.inls, Car- Rhyl—Hilditah, Chemist., diff-road Sim ri>eiai=t. I>o»>'Uu«—BsiTinoo. Lttenugt, Abersychjm—Wood, Stamp- MciihyT—Bmith, Chemist. office. Moath -Hayraan, chemia- Abergavenny—Wv)to, Chemist. Newport—Clements, niinni«|_ Bristol—Fardon and Hatch, Jcim, Chemist; BonHa,, Redland; 0TI 1 \-a:i, 8, Neta.o- Halcer, &c. place, Clifton; Field, South- Pontyyool—Hat, amption-parado, Ikdiand. Kbyamey—J>ixon, Chemist. Chepstow—Hs.rris. Baker T7 .k—WtDiimM, Chemist. Pontypridd—Smith, Chemist. Treorki—Iv'owiands, grooer For Agemies "ppty to THE HIMALAYA TEA COMPACT"^ Lmulnri. h; (' STARCH MANUFACTlfRKRS TO H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES. GLENFIELD STARCH, UbKI) IN TE1K HtlYAL LAUNDRY. THE LAOIRS are respectfully informed that t>m STAR OK is EXCLUSIVELY USED IM THE ROYAL LAUN- DRY, and Her st.v's L\uiidreiM say, that xHhcmgh sim has tried Whenten, Rice, ami othe1 Powder Starches, stie hu found none ofth.rn 1''1'181 to the GLRNFIRLD which is THE FINEST STARCH SHE EVRR USfiD. When von ask for GLENFIELD PATENT STARCPI See that voo est it, as infriinv kind. tsre eften iHilwiitJited. WOTHERSPGON & CoM GLASGOW AWtt Lokmn. let.