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Hhnttb. I SERVANTS WANTING PLACES, of any description,and Householders requiring Servants, should advertise in the Cardiff Times. Price Is. for 24 words, prepaid. WANTED, two General Servants, in an Hotel. Country girls preferred. Apply at the Cardiff Times Office. ° 1066 WANTED, an Apprentice to the Bookbinding, Machine- ruling, and Stationery Business. Apply to J- H. Gaskell, Canton. 888 WANTED, a respectable Youth r.s an Apprentice to the Clothing ana Outfitting. Apply to J. Moody, 5, Stuart Hall, Hayes.. 976 MESSRS.• PRUST and JOHNS, Chemists, &c., 100. Bute street; Docks, Cardiff, have a vacancy for a well educated youth as an Apprentice. 1054 "^nTTANTED, as Groom and Gardener, by a married man, VV who can give testimonials of character and abilities. Address W. P., Liandaff Post Office, 1049 WANTED a Partner in an old established Shipbroking and Commission business. A good opening for a party with moderate capital.—Address B, 29, General Post Office, Cardiff. 968 rANTED, by a young man (2b), a Situation in a Ship broker's or Merchant's Office, as English and French Corresponding elerk or Bookkeeper. Good accomptant. Address, J. N., Cardiff Times Office. 1022 WANTED, to Rent, in the neighbourhood of Cardiff, a Cottage, small Farm, or detached Villa, with a good garden, or one or two acres of grass land.—Apply to H. Bishop and Co., 17 and Is1, Queen-street, Cardiff. 958 WANTED immediately, a steady Man to look after a horse and garden, and to make himself generally useful. Apply to W. Evans, Brvnfedwen, Trehsrbert, near Pontypridd." 1042 BRITISH SCHOOL, SPLOTTLANDS. WANTED, an Assistant Teacher (male or female) about 18 years of age. Apply, personally, to the master, 12, Meteor-street. 1029 WANTED, by a Steam Coal Company, a gentleman who speaks French and Spanish, to act as Joreign 1 ra- veller. A knowledge of the South Wales Steam Coal trade necessary.- Apply, wi'h references, to M. P., 22a, Albert Build__rel)s-ro_ Liverpool. 1009 MOUNTAIN ASH BOARD OF HEALTH. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above Board are in want of a SURVEYOR. He will be required to attend at an office in the district three days in every week at a salary of T70 a year. He will not be aliowed to exercise his profession otherwise than for public purposes within the district of the Board, but there will be no objection to his doing so elsewhere. Applications to be sent to me on or before the 6th of March nest, H. P. LINTON, Workman's Hail, Mountain Ash, Clerk to the Board. Feb. 20th, ly67. 104-S Qtn bt Itt or LODGINGS and APARTMENTS WANTED, or to be LET, should be advertised in the Cardiff Times. Price Is. for 24 words, prepaid. LGDGINGS for a respectable Young Man to be LET, at 33. Elm street, Roath. Terms moderate. 1021 TO be LET, a Private House, near London-square. For particulars apoly at 1-V E -iward-street, Cardiff. 1064 OFFICES to LET.—Drawing Room. Dining Room, and Three Bedrooms.—Apply at 213, Bute-road, Cardiff. 1033 OFFICE to LET, also a good Office Desk for Sale. Apply to Messrs. Prust and Johns, 100, Bate-street, Docks. 1035 TO be LET, first-class Apartments A most eligible situation. Apply to Mr. James Ewins, High-street, Cardiff. 571 *"¥>0 be LET, STUART HALL, CARDIFF, capable of J. seating 1,300 persons, for Lectures, Concerts, &c. Apply to J. Bailey, on the premises. 127 TO be LET, a Loft suitable for a Workshop or Store-room about forty feet by 12 feet, situate in a central position, ^or particulars apply to Mr. W. H. Davies, 25, St. Mary- street. 99;¿ TO LET, Furnished, at Roath, near Cardiff, drawing room, library, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, and every other conveni- nce. Apply to Mr. Lewis, Upholsterer, Duke-street, Cardiff. 1030 TO CLUBS, EXHIBITIONS, &c. TpO be LET, the Arcade Room, on the evenings of Mon- JL day, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Apply on the premises, Or to Mr. Kernick, chemist, Cardiff. 143 JOHN-STREET, AND ELLEN-STREET, GREEN- LANE, ROATH. be LET, Blocks of Unfinished HOUSES and LAND J- for 99 Years. Apply to Mathias and Kinnersley, per Station-terrace, Cardiff. TO be LET, the Unbuilt Land adjoining Devonshire place, Ely-road, on building lease, for eleven similar cotUges. years- lease, depth 200 feet. Apply to Mathias and ^innersley, house-agents, 4, Upper Station-terrace, "erbtown, Cardiff. l £ l FAIR OAK HOUSE, CARDIFF. 0 be LET, Fair Oak House, Angel-street, Cardiff, which is one of the oldest Double-licensed Establishments J11 town,?and does a large business. Satisfactory reasons for having. Apply to Mr. William Thomas, the proprietor. 6 3 1058 THE HOLSE, EAST BROOK, DINAS POWIS, NEAR CARDIFF. O be LET, with immediate possession, in the above locality, a house containing eight rooms, a large stable 4411 loft, with about 80 perch of good garden ground rent 1boderate. To view, and for further particulars, apply, by letter, or in to Mr. H. G. Farrell, on the premises. 1060 NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. I'O be LET, with immediate possession, that old-established and well-accustomed Inn, The Cross Rent ji Incoming moderate. For particulars apply to Mr. H M. fridge, Auctioneer, House and Estate Agent, St. Woolos* \<re> or 109, Commercial-street. <^»port, Mon., Feb. 21st, 1867. A IiY person wanting a cheap Piano, may select from several pianos (new) now to be sold, together with a nium, at Penryn House, Canton. tw SEVERN-ROAD, CANTON. be SOLD, bv Private Contract, Two Houses, one a 3tj Shop. Apply to Mr. C. F. Morris, Springfield^Cottage, 'jaff-road, Canton. 1059 JyQft SALE, a Soda Water Engine, nearly new, and a lot w., of Lemonade and Gingerette Bottles. Any Person t; to go into the trade will have every information from Reller.-Apply-to A. R. Cmrd.\ff Times Office. 991 l?°It SALE, a crank patent axle Cart (new), fit for grocers, brewers, &c. Two spring carts, suitable for butchers, W^grocers, &,c.; and a new Scotch cart, fit for hauling »>. P°ae8. Mav be seen at Mr. Gover's Yard, St. Mary- 839 A FIRST CLASS OPPORTUNITY. J 0 be SOLD a bargain, those two new and substantially tlt6 built HOUSES, witto red stone and white fire-brick situated in Upper George-street, Cathays. For er particulars apply to Mr, H. Edwards, 37, Grange- Cathays. 1010 J 0 be DISPOSED OF, the Rhjmney Hotel and Spirit farld Vaults, situated close to the Rhymney Railway Station, Wa] Wlthm eight minutes' walk of the Taff ale and South S. bs Stations and the Bute Dock. For particulars apply to d, Rhymney Hotel, Cardiff. 10t15 28 MARGARET STREET. DOCKS, CARDIFF. be SOLD 'by Private Contract, one capital Dwelling- U bj. bouse, with extensive premises in the rear, on which v^ild a large Blacksmith's or Fitting Shop. Also, another a(lapted for a Store, situate in Margaret-street, Bate Cardiff. For particulars apply to Mr. Roche, Church- 969 v HOUSE PROPERTY FOR SALE. °e SOLD by Private Contract, several HOUSES at Ibe ^te Docks, Loudoun-square, Splotland, Roath, New- ^Se'h ) mPerailce Town, and Canton, both freehold and num^er Dwelling-houses to Let. Also, K&Me nd single-licensed Public houses in Canton at(liff, and one very good single-licensed House in «Pplv J66' ^'so ^or sa'e a Dumber of Sheds and Barges.— •Oton ^r- Thomas Davies, 10, Harvey-street, Ely-road, 77i C, or ht Lrti at Sola. FOR DISPOSAL, a First-class Business in the Book- selling and Fancy Stationery line, situate in the best position in Cardiff, and established over 30 years, the Pro- prietor leaving the neighbourhood. Apply, A. B., Post-office, Cardiff: 932 TO BUTCHERS AND OTHERS. TO be DISPOSED OF, a House, Shop, and Slaughter- house, situate in one of the best thoroughfares in New- port, now do'ing a good trade, which can be much increased. In-coming light. Apply, A.B., care of Scott aad Son, New- port, Mon. 5Ö0 TO be SOLD by Private Contract, a Semi-Villa, Roath-road, containing nine rooms, with bath-room, china pantries, wine cellars, I- also, a two-stall stable and coach-house, with hay-loft above. Water and gas laid on, with fittings com- plete. Apply to Mathias & Kinnersley, House-Agents, 4, Upper Station-terrace, Cardiff. 159 VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD PROPERTY, In the parish of Oystermouth, Glamorganshire. TO be DISPOSED OF, by Private Contract, Twenty- Acres of LAND, partly freehold and partly copyhold, situated about midway between, and within ten minutes' walk of, Oystermouth Church on the one side, and Laugland Bav on the other. This property is well adapted for building, commanding, on the south, an admirable view of the Bristol Channel, and, on the north, Swansea Bay, and its beautiful surrounding country. For farther particulars, and to treat, apply to Messrs. Strick and Bellingham, solicitors, Swansea. 803 HOUSE PROPERTY FOR SALE. TO be SOLD by Private Contract, Nos. 13 and 14, Planet- street, Splotland Nos. 21, 22, and 23, Davis-street, Adam-street. Nos. 1 to 10, Severn-road, with spacious garden to each. Nos. 13, 14, 15, and 16, Dudley-street, Docks. Nos. 24 and 25, Victoria-street, Adam-street. No. 30, Sophia-street. Two Houses in Union. street, Canton. Nos. 14 and 15, Thomas-street, Newtown. Apply to MATHIAS and KINNERSLEY, House Agents, 4, Upper Station-terrace, Cardiff. 858 TO CURRIE-US, LEATHER SELLERS, AND BOOT-MAKERS. TO be SOLD by TENDER, the valuable STOCK-IN- TRADE and Fixtures of Benjamin Davies, of No. 5, Canon-street, Aberdare, a bankrupt. The stock comprises all the requisites of the above trades, and, as the connection is an old one, and Aberdare the centre of a dense industrial population, an unusually favourable opportunity is presented of securing a lucrative business. For leave to view apply to Messrs. Grover and Dawis, Cardiff, and Mr. J. Edwards Price, 1, Nicholas-street, Bristol, the Solicitors acting in the bankruptcy, or to the Messenger in possession on the premises. Tenders must be addressed to the official assignee. A. J. Acraman, Esq., St. Augustine's-parade, Bristol, on or before Thursday the 28th February instant. The right of clec lining any tender is reserved. 1037 usintSS TRADESMEN'S BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS are JL inserted in the CARDIFF TIMEs-the leading and moat widely circulated paper in Wales-at One Shilling per inch per week, if ordered for not less than three months. TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, CONTRACTORS, &e. MR. JAMES CLARKE, SHIP HOTEL, JAMES-STREET, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF HAS FOR SALE 120 TONS OF T-HEAD RAILS, i From 35 to 65 lbs. per yard, T 0 B E SOLD CHEAP. 947 TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, CONTRACTORS, See. MR. JAMES LODGE, G-EORGE-STREET, CARDIFF, HAS ALWAYS ON SALE a Large Quantity of Selected SECOND-HAND DOUBLE AND SINGLE T, COLLIERY AND BRIDGE RAILS, FIT 70 BELAY. Also, a QUANTITY of COLLIERY and other SLEEPERS. 149 JBREWED SPECIALLY FOR FAMILY USE. WARRANTED TO KEEP SOUND IN DRAUGHT SIX MONTHS. G ARTON'S GOLDEN ALE, Is. 2d. PER GALLON. SUPPLIED IN 9, 18, 36, AND 54 GALLON CASKS. Agreeable, Delicate in Flavour, and of Matchless Purity. THE BBEWERY :— LAWRENCE-HILL, BRISTOL. SOLE FAMILY AGENT FOR CABDIFF :— WILLIAM H. DAVIES, 25, ST. MARY STREET, Who will be happy to forward Price Lists of Superior Ales on application. WILLIAM H. DAHES, DFALBE IN FOREIGN WINES. D Hi A Ju XU xv a superior Clarets Sherries from 24s. Ports Drorn *■» from 15s. Champagne (quarts;, ais. BEAUJOLAJS (very fine), 20s. per dozen. Single Bottles of all the above at the same rate. All Wines warranted sound and in good condition- 975 c. A. TNSTTCEI (LATE MRS. A. STOTT) I WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BED AND MATTRES^ MANUFACTORY, 213> BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. PARTIES Furnishing will find this the Cheapest Eousf in the county for every description of Bedding, Ir0E Bedsteads, Mattings, Mats, Felt Carpets, &o. Cornice Poles in great variety. IRON BEDSTEADS REDUCED IN PRICE. g. Servant's Stump Bedstead, painted best colours, with brass knobs and brass centres, 6ft. by iift, 13 Double size ditto, for two servants 17 French Bedsteads, with high head rail, painted best colours, brass knob and brass centres, 6ft by 3ft.. 14 Large size ditto, 6ft. 6in. by 4ft. 6in. 19 213, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. 109 ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, &c. IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE. FAMILIES desirous of knowing their Crests, &c., should send Name and County. Pedigrees traced Arms Quar- tered and Impaled. Plain Sketch, 3s. 6d. Colours, os. Arms, Crest, and Motto, beautifully painted 128. tki. T. Ü. GLASS, HERALDIC ENGRAVER, 20, ST. MAEY-STREET, CARDIFF- Crests Engraved on Seals, Rings, &c., from 7s. 6d. Arms, Crests, and Monograms on Plate, &e., in first-class style. T. G. GLASS, PRACTICAL ENGRAVER, kc., 20, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. YOUR CARD, STR ? A Name Plate Engraved, and 100 best Ivory Cards printed and sent post free to any address on receipt of 4s. 6d. T. G. GLASS, ENGRAVER AND PRINTER, 20, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. Note Paper and Envelopes, &c., Stamped in Colours; from Dies, in first-class style, at T. G. G L A S S'S, ENGRAVER, PRINTER. AND STATIONER, 20, St. Mary- stret:t, Cardift 118 1- gtrshttss Abrbrtssfs. BY HER J|afl|a £ p» ROYAL LETTERS MAJESTY'S "?" PATENT. LETTERS PATENT have been granted by Her Majesty's Commissioners, to MR. GEORGE MORETON, BOOTMAKER, 36, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Immediately opposite the Royal Hotel, For IMPROVEMENTS in LACING BOOTS and SHOES. The improvement consists in the tongue of the Boot being placed on the outside instead of the inside of the Boot—the lace keeping tb tongue in one position, and thc.s preventing it from going down on one of the foot, as is ijways the case with the ordinary lace boot. The Boot is thereby ren- dered much more easy and comfortable to the wearer. It also gives to the Boot a genteel and greatly improved ap- pearance. MORETON'S PATENT BOOTS are admitted by all who have tried them to be the most -easy Walking Boots they have ever worn. MORTETON'S Registered Elastic-Side BOOTS, for style and finish, are unequalled. All goods warranted of the best material and workmanship. ø- No machine work employed on our best goods, GEORGE MORETON, BOOTMAKER, 36 ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Opposite the Royal Hotel. If 2 NO. 2, BUTE-STREET, NEAR THE HAYES BRIDGE, CARDIFF. THOMAS MILES, DRAPERY AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT. ONE OF THE CHEAPEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE IN THE PRINCIPALITY. ESTABLISHED fir YEARS. 125 FESTIVITIES OF CHRISTMAS AMP TUN NEW YEAR. W. PRICE AND SONS, CARDIFF HOUSE, CORNER OF CAROLINE-STREET, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. OR TIES GLOVES AND TESTS FOR DRESS WEAR RUGS QARPET BAGS PORTMANTEAUS JJATS H AT CASES AND HOSIERY CARFS MUFFLERS ^ND UMARELLAS S JNVERNESS CAPES TND WINTER OVERCOATS. XX 117 JAMES AND WILLIAMS, 281, Bute-street, and New Arcade, St. Mary-street. HORNIMAN'S PURE TEA Are EIGHT-PENCE CHEAPER, the DUTY being REDUCED. As a protection from Imitations all Packets are signed HORNIMAN & CO.. LONDON. 124 Original Importers of the Pure Tea. CABS, CARRIAGES, HORSES, &c. i S. ANDREWS, CAB PROPRIETOR, ROATH: MEWS, WESTGATE MEWS, J DOCK MEWS, Flucca-lfcne| Cathedral-road, j Dudley-street, Cardiff, Canton, | Bote Docks, BEOS to inform the pablic that all kinds of Carriages, breaks, Phaetons, Dog-carts, and Post and Saddle Horses are always ready at the, above addresses. GREYS FOR WEDDING AND PLEASURE PARTIES. MOURNING COACH AND HORSES FOR FUNERALS. Orders by Post or otherwise, punctually attended to, and may be left at either of the above plaees, or at S. ANDREWS'S, CONFECTIONER, 51, JAMES-STREET. DOCKS, CARDIFF. 480 B' YRON'S COMPLBTS WORKS.—Just Published, Mur- ray's Copyright Edition of BYRON'S COMPLBTE POETICAL WORKS, pearl type, 686 pages. Price 2s. 6d. paper covers, and 3s. 6d. cloth boards. D. DUNCAN, Bookselleoo. gt Mary-street. POPULAR EDITIONS OF THE POETS. HANDSOME EDITIONS Of the "Works of the following Poets, complete m One Volume> oontAining steel and wood Engravings, printed on toned paper, and bound in bevelled and gilt boards, gilt edges, &c. price 3s. ftd., or ir morooeo binding, 0s. 6d. Longfellow Scott I Byron I Burns Milton Cowper Pope Ooldscuitb Moore Montgomery Herbert Rogers Campbell Sonthey Bloomfield Chancer Wordsworth Crabbe Masaey Thomson Also, uniform in size, style, aud price, THE CASKET OF GEMS, a Selection from all tht British Poets; Shakespear, 2 vols. Banyan's Pilgrim's Pro. gress and Holy War, 1 vol.; and Lives of the British Poets. An Edition of The Poets" may also be had hound in green cloth, with illustrations by Gilbert and others, at 2s. 6d. pel vol. Also, Routledge's British Poets, superior edition, 5s. each. A Catalogue of Ilhistratod Books suitable for GIFTS or SCHOOL PRIZES may be bad gratis. D. DUNCAN, BOOKSBLLSE, 10, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. I. Sttshwss SUj&rcssES. SALE OF WINTER STOCK. And a great variety of other Goods, at the I CORNER HOUSE, I, SAINT JOHN-STREET, CARDIFF, HENRTTHOMAS BEG S to return thanks for the continued and increasing support he has received for the past ten years. He will add to his Periodical Sale of the remains of the Season's Stoek, an extensive and valuable quantity of Goods, comprising the greatest part of his general Stock. The fol- lowing list will give some idea of the redaction in prices 2.500 yards of plain and fancy Winceys, Poplinettes, Mo- hairs, and other Dress Materials, to be sold at one uniform price, 81d. per yard, the average value being 12-Jd. per yard. t 4 This large lot is well worthy of attention. 750 yards of Aberdeen Winceys, from 12i.1. per yard. 506 yards of Black French Meric.oes, from Is. öd. per yard. o 1500 yards of coloured French Merinoes, from Is. 6Jd. per yard Very fine at 2s. 4|d. per yard. A lot of all wool Tartan Plaids very cheap. Good Black Coburgs and Alpacas, 7Jd. and Sld. very fine at lOJ-d. and 121d. A small lot of checked Alpacas, at 4id., very cheap. A lot of cheap Prints. Also about 5CO yards of Liddiards fast colour town printed Cambrics, at 8 £ d.; usual price, 12id. A lot of very cheap Black Glace Silks, from 2s. 4Jd. per yard. A lot of Silk Aprons, Is. 4d. each. In the Shawl and Mantle Department are great bargains, all of this Season's Goods. Jackets of the new materials; and I new Patent "Velveteen Jackets. at little over half-price. CGrsets and Crinolines much reduced. A lot of Scarlet Merino Corsets, from 12 jd. each, ana soiled white Corsets and Stays, 12d. each. Furs at a great reduction. Nine dozen- Leghorn Eats, 2s. 11M. each; new this month. About 50 dozen Irish Cambric" Handkerchiefs, much under present value. Very good Huckaback Towelling, all linen, at 8id. Good Huckaback Towels, at t)|d. each. Very good checked glass cloths, at 6- £ d. per ^ard. Good linen Sheetings, 2 yards 2 wide, from Is. 9Ad. per yard. White and grey calicoes, from 0 2itl. per yard- Very good shirting Calicoes, from 5ad. per yard. Flannels remarkably cheap. Good Saxony Flannel, at 10.1d. and scarlet from Pid. Best Bath Coating, at 4s 9d. per yard. Double width crimson, also green furniture Damask, all wool at 2s. 6d. per yard. Good white Furni- ture Dimity, at Sid. per yard. Felt Carpets at Is. 31,d. per yard; very wide ditto, 2s. bid. Cheap Hearthrugs, &c., &c. Cocoa Nut Matting, half-yard wide, lOki. per yard; one yard wide, Is. 9d. Blankets, Quilts, Rugs, &e. at a great reduc- tion, Large White Marsella Quilts, from lis. 6d. each. Every article in the Stock marked in plain figures. WOOLLEN CLOTHS, &c., &c. Good Scotch Tweeds, Is. 9d. per yard. Broad Witneys, from 2s. 9d. Good BLACK BROAD CLOTHS, 5s. Od., 6s. 9d., 7s. 9d., 8s. 9d., 10s. 9d. West of England Fancy Doeskins and Super Coatings, at a great reduction. Fancy Wool Shirts and Shirtings greatly reduced. About Twenty dozen Umbrellas at 20 per cent. under present value. AN INSPECTION IS SOLICITED. WHEELER AND WILSON'S SEWING MACHINES, From £ 8; and BARTLETT'S SEWING MACHINES, From £ 2 15s. 641 ATOTiCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Partnership IN between the undersigned Joshua Herne and James Herne, in the trade or business of linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers and clothiers, at Cardiff, in the county of Glamorganshire, under the firm of Herne Brothers, was this day dissolved by mutual consent, and in futare the business will be carried on by the said James Herne, on his own separate account, and who will pay and receive all debts owing from and to the said partnership in the regular course of trade. Witness our hands this 13th day of February. 1867. JOSHUA HERNE, JAMES HERNE. Witaeee, H. Heard, Solicitor, Cardiff. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP AND SELLING OFF!! HER NEB ROT HER S, ■' GENERAL DRAPERS, 29, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, T) EG to inform the Public generally, that, in consequence of the retirement of Mr. JOSHUA HBRNE from the Business, the whole of their LARGE, VALUABLE, & WELL-SELECTED STOCK WILL BE SOLD AT A STARTLING REDUCTION! SALE TO COMMENCE ON SATURDAY, THE 23RD INSTANT, AND TO BE CONTINUED FOR TWENTY-ONE DAYS. FOR CASH ONLY. 1052 JAB. TROTTER BARRY, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, And Dealer in British and Foreign Fancy Goods. AVERY large and Choice Assortment of ARTICLES suitable for PRESENTS. SILVER PATENT ENGLISH LEVER WATCHES, With every Improvement, from £3 15s. GOLD ditto ditto, from £10. REPAIRS EXECUTED IN THE BEST MANNER. Clocks attended and wound by the year. ENGRAVING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. JAMES TROTTER BARRY, 6, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 707 BASS AND CO.'S" AND ALLSOPP & SONS' PALE AND BURTON ALES. GUINNESS AND CO.'S EXTRA DOUBLE STOUT, AND BARCLAY AND PERKINS' CELRJlBATED LONDON PORTER. In prime Condition, in Casks and Bottles, at FULTON, DUNLOP, AND CO.S, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 110 THE ELECTRIC AND INTERNATIONAL TELEGRAPH COMPANY. (hrCORPORATZD,1846.) XJTESSAGES forwarded to all parts of the United King- .iVX dom and the Continent, by direct circuit, at greatly reduced rates. CARDIFF CHIEF OFFICES: 4 & 5, POWISUL-PLACE, BUTr DOCKS. Open Day and Night. BRANCH OFFICES: SOUTH WALKS RAILWAY STATION.—Hours of attendance: Week Days, 8.0 a.m. to &0 p.m. Sundays, 9.0 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., and 0. p.m. to 6.0 p.m. TOWN HALL RKADIHO Rooms-Week Days only, 9.0. a.m to 9.9 p.m. BY ORDER A FORTUNE for a Trifle, £ 20,000 for £ 1.—Full particu^ lars of this most advantageous money speculation, guaranteed by Government, will be sent Free on application, enclosing a stamped directed envelope, to John Foster, Esq., 16, NorLb amber land- street, Strand, London, W.C. 1030 JfeittfSS 3.teHS5t5. POTATOES POTATOES !■ POTATOES! THE BEST AND CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR POTATOES FOE CULINARY PURPOSES. OE FOR SEED, IS F. CASE'S, 28, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. F CASE begs to announce that he has Just Received a J[' Large Quantity of fine Fluke Kidneys, Warminster Blues, Flour Balls, York Regents, White Rocks, &c., suitable for culinary purposes: also, for seed, a prime lot of Ashleaf Kidneys, Alma Kidnejs, Gloucester Kidneys, Creeper Kid- neys, Fluke Kidneys, Early Forty-folds. York Regents, Sherry Blues, Flour Balls, White Rocks, Belfast Whites, &c.; all of which are in first-rate condition, and which he can confidently recommend, at prices challenging competition. All Orders punctually and promptly attended to, and deli- vered free of charge (over one cwt.) to any part of the town. P.S.—This is the ONLY HaVRE in CARDIFF where a Stock of English Potatoes is kept. 616 weicIIEK^TS HAT MANUFACTORY, 39, BUTE-STREET. CARDIFF. THE FIRST-CLASS QUALITY and FINISHED AP- JL PEARANCE of all GOODS manufactured at the above Address are too well known to require special notice but S. WEICBBBT, in taking this opportunity of thanking his friends for their liberal support and commendation, oegs to direct particular attention to ALLIF, AINE'S PATENT CONFORMATEUR, Which he has in his possession. By this instrument he is enabled to take the EXACT SrzE AND SHAPE of the head, and thereby to manufacture HATS OF THE MOST ACCURATE FIT, however peouliar the phrenological development may be. S. WEICHERT, HAT MANUFACTURER, 39. BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. 940 NEW SEASON'S TEAS, CELEBRATED FOR THEIR LASTING STRENGTH AND DELICIOUS FLAVOUR. WILLIAM HOULT, TEA DEALER, FAMILY GROCER, &-c., IS NOW SUPPLYING A FIRST-CLASS TEA at 3s. Od. per lb. A MIXTURE OF THE CHOICEST TEAS t 3 6d per tb GOOD SOUND CONGOU 2s. Od. per lb. STRONG ROUGH DITTO. 2s.6d.perlb. VERY STRONG FULL-FLAVOURED. 2s. 8d. per lb. A reduction of Twopenoe per pound on Four Pounds and upwards of the finer qualities. ESTABLISHMENT O H U R C H-S T R E E 1, C A R D I F F, (Next door to the Post Office.) 244 PAKAFFIN LAMP OIL FOR THE MILLION. 2s. PER GALLON, OR 31d. PER PENT, Ar J. MOORE'S OIL AND PAINT STORES, 7, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. A great quantity of Job Lots of PAPER HANGINGS, BELOW COST PRICE, now Selling. 685 TIMBER TRADE. J. GRANT & CO., TIMBER MERCHANTS AND TIMBER BROKERS, OFFICES— 23 CRrCHTON STREET, CARDIFF. 791 A MOST VALUABLE ACQUISITION TO THE SHIPPING TRADE OF CARDIFF. WEICHERT'S TIME BALL, FROM THE ROYAL OBSERVATORY, GREENWICH. 112, ROTHSAY TERRACE, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. NUMEROUS complaints having from time to time been made by Captains of Ships of not being able to get a correct rate with their Chronometers in Cardiff, Mr. W. WEICHERT, CHRONOMETER WATCH and NAUTI- CAL INSTRUMENT MAKER, has remedied the evil by hav- ing a Telegraphic Wire conducted to his Establishment direct from the Royal Greenwich Observatory, in connection with a Ball that falls at Ten o'clook mean time daily, where Masters of Ships will have the privilege never before obtained of securing a correct rate with their Chronometers, and in which they may place the utmost confidence. A visit to this Estab- lishment will satisfy any one that all Instruments entrusted to W. W.'s eare will have the utmost skill and attention bestowed upon their repair and adjustment, as everything is manufactured and repaired on the premises, by workmen of first-class skill and ability. N.B,-The West End ,Liverpool, Bristol, and other Time Balls now fall at the same moment, namely—10 o'clock, a.m. W WETCHERT invites an inspection to his elegant and well-selected STOCK of WATCHES, GOLD GUARDS, ALBERTS, &e. £ s. £ s. Silver Lever London-made Watches, from 4 10 to 12 12 Gold ditto ditto ditto 10 10 „ 30 0 Gold pocket Chronometer « 0 „ M 0 Silver Geneva best made Watches „ 1 1 „ 3 10 Gold ditto ditto ditto „ 3 10 „ 12 0 Two-day Chronometer, best London-made 33 0 „ 36 0 Eight-day ditto ditto „ 40 0 45 0 All Watches and Chronometers sold at this Establishment will be warranted for four years, and exchanged free of expense during that time if not approved of. Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery carefully repaired on the promises under W. W.'s own personal superintendence. A large assortment of Charts and Nauticil Books always in Stock. I Royal Observatory, 112, Rothsay-terrace, Bate Docks, Cardiff. 200 WIRE ROPES, FOR COLLIERIES^ GEORGE ELLIOTT AND CO. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PATENT WIRE ROPES, MADE FROM VERY BEST SELECTED CHARCOAL M,D STEEL WIRE, Such as they supply to many of THE LARGEST COLLIERIES IN THE KINGDOM. MANUFACTORY:—BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. 185 KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. IF you suffer from Headaches, Bilious Com- plaints, Indigestion, Costiveness, Rheumatism, General De- bility, Nervousness, Tic Doloreux, TRY KERNICK'S VEGET- ABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confinement in -doors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be the best medicine in the world. The best aperient pills for ordinary use, in constipated habits, that I know."—DR. BALBIBNIE. Cured me of a severe liver complain.IticnAp-D RBBS, the celebrated Cheap John. Many years a constant sufferer in my head and stomach. Have received great benefit from taking your valuable pills."— JOHN SULLY, Bridgwater. Hundreds of testimonials of a similar character have been re- ceived by the Proprietor, S.P. KERNICK, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Cardiff. Sold by the appointed Agents, and by most respectable Chemists, in boxes at 7^d., Is. ljd., and 2s. 9d. each, with direc- tions for use, and the hest means for restoring and preserving health. WHOLESALE AOF.NTS.—London: Barclay & Sons; Sutton anu Co. Newbery & Son. Bristol: A. & J. Warren; Colliiiis and Roper; Ackerman; and Leonard & Robinson. AGENTS: Bute Docks-Prust & Johns, chemists, Rothsay-terrace Canton—Yorath, chemists, and I Liantriiisant- Siade, chemist, and Pitts, grocer an(L^ S' Sro^ej Roath—Merchant, Castle-road Penarth-White, aud ILcka Llandaff—E. Williams, grocer Pontypridd—Bassechemist Bridgend—Price, chemist, and bt. Mellons—Morgan, grocer Griffiths, Chronicle Office St. Fagans—Thomas, grocer Cowbridge—Lister, chemist>aiid Treherbert—Jenkins, chemist Cowbridge—Lister, ,hemist,and Treherbert—Jenkins, chemist Thomas, chemist 105 STARCH MANUFACTURERS TO H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES. GLENFIELD STARCH, USF. 1) IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY. THE LADIES are respectfully informed that this STARCH is EXCLUSIVELY USED IN THE ROYAL LAUN- DRY, and Her Majesty's Laundress says, that although she has tried Wheaten, Rice, and other Powder Starches, she has found mine of them equal to the GLENFIELD, which is THE FINEST STARCH SHE EVER USED. When you ask for GLENFIELD PATENT STAECH See that you get it, as inferior kinds are often substituted WOTHERSPOON & Co., GLASGOW AND LONDON. 1*0 gwsnwss (}hrtssrs. SALE OF DRAPERY. JOHN DALZELL. having resigned business, on acrouafc of failing health, Legs to inform his friec-ls and the public rthat he has FOR SALE. a portion of his valuable STOCK, comprising—GENTLEMEN'S DEPARTMENT Black; Cloth and Doeskin, Scotch and English Tweedy I'il ;t*, Knaps Petershams. Vestings, Wool Shirts and, Linen Shirtings, Hats (Silk and Felt), Caps, Umbrellas, Silk Hand- kerchiefs (Neck and Pocket), Ties and Sea»\<s iu Silk and Woo!. LADIES" DEPARTMENT r SHAWLS and SCARFS—• Paisley, Lace, Fancy, Cashmere, Llama, hlack, Black Em- broidered, Wool Scarfs, Wool Sqaaies, Queenfclanaa; DRESS -Winsey, Plaid, Plain and Raln-d Chamiiray, Coburg and Lustres, black and eolourec1, pi .in and figured; Mohair Challis, Llamas, Prints, Muslins, Mouslia-de-laitres, Fancy Skirts and Skirtings, Sealskins, Mamie Cloths,—N< te Every article will be sold at the lowest poss'bie price; L-,i-ms, cask only.—Hours of business, from Ten a.m. to Six p.m. dctresF-52, Adam-street, Newtown, Cardiff. _9:1 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. JOSEPH GILLOTT, METALLIC PEN-MAKER TO THE QUEEN, BEGS to inform the Commercial World, Schola-tic Insti- JD tutions, and the Public generally, that, b-, a novel application of his unrivalled Machinery for making Steel Pens, he has introduced a new series of hie. useful productions^ which, for excellence of temper, quality of material, ami above all, cheapness in price, must insure universal approba- tion, and defy competition. Each Pen bears the impress of his name aa a guarantee of quality; they are put up in boxes, containing one gross eacl-, with label outside, and thu fac-sirnile of his signature. At the request of numerous persons engaged in taitiou, J. G. has introduced bis Warranted School and Public Pem. which are especially adapted to their use, being of different degrees of flexibilty, and >vith fine medium, and broad points,, suitable for the various kinds of Writing taugiit in Schools. Sold Retail by all Stationers and Booksellers. Merchants and Wholesale Dealers can be supplied at the Works, Graham-street, Birmingham at 91, John-street. New- York; and 37, Gracechurch street, London. 1028 PATENT WHITE STONE BRI6KS,. MADE WITHOUT BUR N I N G t B 0 D M E R S' PATENT STONE BRICK CO., BEG to call the attention of Architects, "BuiWers, and. others, to their PATENT STONE BRICK S, 1- lain and. Ornamental, and are now prepared to execute orders for large quantities. All communications to be addressed to the Managing Partner, Mr. MATTHEW JOHNS, at the Works, Courry- bella-terrace, Pill.gwenlly, NEWPORT, Mon. Testimonials and Lithograph Sketches sent on application, ORDERS RECEIVED IN CABDIFF BY Mr. THOMAS JONES, 42, ELM-STREET, ROATH Where sample, of the Bricks may be seen. 1039 M. EDWARDS AND SONS, COACH BUILDERS, PARK ROAD,' CARDIFF, BEG to thank their friends and customers for the support received from them and beg to announce that tiiey always keep a LARGE and CHOICE STOCK of bent and and other kinds of English and Foreign seasoned Timber, Coaeh Ironmongery, Carriage Furniture (plain and in ilverA, Lamps in great variety, Carriage Trimmings, including mo- roccos, plushes, woollen cloths, laces, Ac., &c. Every other article used in the trade kept in stock. M. E. & SONS devote their particular and most careful attention to all orders entrusted to them, employing HOlle- but first-class workmen, from the leading carriage factories in London and Bath, and so can guarraatee every article turned out by them to be done in the best style, bath in workmanship and quality ef materials. The greatest care is paid to the REPAIRING Branch of the Trade, which is done in the most expeditious aud-econo- mical manner possible. Every new Carriage built for private use warranted for two years; all Carriages built for pablic use warranted for on& year. N.B —THE TBUIE SUPPLIED. 2'2,6 STEAM DYEING AND SOOURIMG WORKS" 248, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, ALSO 88, PONT MORLATS, MERTHYR. WILLIAM E. TAUG-IFAN, RESPECTFULLY informs tne inhabitants of Glamorgan and the surrounding Counties, that he has made consi- derable alterations in his premises, and fitted up the same with IMPROVED ST.^AM APPARATUS, adapted for CLEANING, SCOURING, and DYEING every description of Fabric, and finishing the same in an exquisite manner. W. E. V. takes this opportunity of expressing his thanks for the extensive and continually increasing patronage received by him, not only from the inhabitants of Glamorgan, bat of the surrounding counties; and hopes, by strict personal at- tention, to merit a continuance of their favour. W. E. V. wishes likewise to intimate that he has all the NEW COLOURS, and most expensive DYES, direct from the manufacturers; nnd from his experience in the first Houses in London, he can confidently assure his customers that he is able to execute all orders entrusted to him equal to any house in the kingdom. SHAWLS, DRESSES, MANTLES, FEATHERS. BED AND WINDOW CURTAINS GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHB8, «fec., SCOURED, DYED, AND DIftESSED. AGENTS :— Aberdare.—Mrs. Dance confectioner, Commercial street. Bridgend.-Mrs. Thomas, confectioner, Caroline-street. Newbridge.—Mr. Evans, ironmonger, Bridge-street. Cowbridge.—Mrs. Stibbs, confectioner, Ivor House. THE ONLY STEAM DYEING WORKS IN WALES.' 3.£t The DUTYbeing R E I)UGE D, HORNIMAN'S PURE TEAS JLl ARE EIGHT-PENCE CHEAPER. BLACK, GREEN, d- MIXED Tea formerly 3s. 4d., REDUCED to 2s. 8d. Tea formerly 3s. 8d., REDUCED to 3s. 0d. Tea formerly 4s. Ud., REDUCED to 3s. 4d. Tea formerly 4s. 4d.. REDUCED to 3s. 8d. TWO-OUNCE, QUARTER, HALF, AND POUND PACKETS, As a protection from Imitations all Packets are signed HORNIMAN & Co., LONDON. Original Importers of the Pure Tea, AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT: Aboravon-Rime, Ohemint CARDIFF—^Wakeford, 255, Bute- Aberavon-Evan Evans, Stamp- stroot offioe 1, JOY, 17, Duke-street Aberdare—Thomas—Jones. t) Treherne, Chemist Chemist Cant.n-Thoa. Yorath, Chemist Abersvehan—Wood, Chemist (-Ii ,,stow -Toylor, Beaufort-sq. Bristol-Ferns, Unitin-stre.f I" wtsie—Hancock, Chemist Bridgend—Leyshon, Stump- H:rwain—Sims, Chomist office Mertfeyr—Btenhens, HLsrh-etre&t Cowbridge—Thomas. Kigb-st. Neath—Hutching, Wind-street CABDOT—Kornick, r>UKp-treei Newport—Jorjes, 5, High-streei „ Prust & Johns, 100, I p,,mtypoo I-Wood, Stamp-offioe. Bute-strc«t Pontypridd—James Ciiemist „ James & W iiiiams, 281, Rhynmcy—Proeser Bute-street, Cardiff Usk—Edwards Chemist 191. V. AGENTS BY^AITOINTMENT FOR AGENT:' FOR HIMALAYA PUKE TEA, GROWN UNDER GOVERNMENT INSPECTION. Standard 2s. 4D. superior to High Standard China Tea. at 3s: 8(1. CARDIPF-Colenal, Chemist, High-street; Davies, 25, St. Manr- street; Rusher, 16, Angel-street. Aberaman-Richards. 209, Car- Rhyl-Hilditch Chemist. diff-road Sims. Chemist. DowJals-Harrlaon. Chemist. Abersyohan Wood, Stamp- Mcrthyr—Smith, Chemist. offioe.. Neath—Hayman, Chemist Abergavenny—Wyke, Chemist. Newport—Clements, Chemist; Bristol—Pardon and Hatch, Jones, Chemist; Bowman* Redland: Julyan, 3,^ Nelson- Baker, &c. place, Clifton: Field, South- Pontypool—Roderick,Chemists amption-parade, Redland. Rhymn,y-Dixon, Chemist. Chepstow—Harris, Baker Usk—Williams, Chemist. Pontypridd—Smi^h, Chemist. For Agencies apply to THE HIMALAYA 1SEA COMPANY, London, E.C. 14.23 IMPORTANT NOTICE. ABONA-FIDE' MONEY SPECULATION of £ 12,(<10,000 sterling, guaranteed by Government, is to be allotted in various sums upwards to Any one. by investing iJl, may secure sterling. For prospectus (which will be sent gratis, applv by letter, sddro-sii^ d to Mr. J. A. Finok, U, Duke-stree)t, Adelphi. LOAJONT W.C. 8.