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ffipitameof The Builder says a monument is to be erected in Seville to the memory of Murillo, titp prince of Andalusiau painters, and a subscription has b opened in Seville and jn Madrid for the purpose. SenorJJledina is to be the sculptor, t, The chairmanship of Roscommon, vak* at X900 per annum, is placed at the disposal of government by the death of Mr. Henry Hutton. A stipendiary magistrateship is also vacant by the demise of Mr. John H. Sheil, resident magistrate for the county of Meath. Lord Derby is so satisfied with what (says the Times) may be called his Life and Adventures of Lord John Russell," recited to a numerous audience on Monday week, that he has published it. in the form of a pamphlet. Advices from Paris announce that the General IBank of Switzerland has stopped payment. The Canadian Government contemplates im- posing a duty of 10 per cent. upon the importation of all. books and pamphlets, which is sure to be very injurious to the English publisher. Sir Edwin and Ladv Landseer have left Paris for Marseilles, en route for Bombay. The Council for the Royal Astronomical society of London have presented the Rev. Dr. James Booth, F.E.S., to the living of Stone, near Aylesbury, Bucks. The total amount of stock standing to the credit of the savings banks on the 18th of March last, was X17,371,885 12s. 2d. The first stone of the Royal Dramatic College is to be laid in August next. Piftsen or twenty lives have been lost on the Ohio by a steam boat collision. In the case of Elliott, the absconded storekeeper from Weedon, the American Supreme Court granted a motion for the appointment of a receiver of the property and effects of the defendant. It is stated that Elliott had expended all his money. Elliott was still out on bail. Accounts from Marseilles state that wine has -advanced in price in that city, owing to the intelligence from Langnedoc that some injury had been done in the vineyards by frost. At Valencia, in Spain, a new religious sect has been formed, and has elected a Pope and cardinals of its own. The journals say that the persons composing it are mad. & The Earl of Devon, Sir John Audrey, and Richard Jebb, Esq., formerly chairman of the Sewers Board, are named Commissioners to inquire into the Administration of Justice in the Channel Islands. The late winter in Russia has been the mildest on record. Contracts have been entered into by the French Ministry of War with some timber merchants at St. MenehouM (Marne) for the supply of 800,000 tent pegs. Orsini's eldest daughter has just died in Pied- mont x>f consumption. A revolution has been effected in Chili. The Lord Chancellor reports that the Earl of Courtown has established his claim to vote at the election of representative peers for Ireland. The Prussian government intends demanding ] from trie Chamber a credit of twelve millions of thalers. for increasing the navy and improving the defences of < be,masts of the Baltic and of the North Sea, ] The Puniab government has introduced English as the language of law into all the courts of the province. I It was first tried for three months as an experiment, and was confined to civil suits under Rs. 100, and above 1,000, ] and to petty criminal cases. ] The Committee of the Spanish Chamber of ( Deputies appointed to examine the charges of peculation 1 brought against M. Esteban Collantes, the ex-minister, has reported that he ought to be impeached. The Edinburgh Philosophical Institution ontinues in a most flourishing state. The Committee of the Sunderland Monu- ment to General Havelock have selected from a number of models a design by Mr. Behnes. The Stafetta 11 of Turin states that a society of ladies has been formed in that city to supply the military hospitals and ambulances with lint and linen bandages in case of war. The Portuguese Government has authorised the free importation off Indian corn. Madame Lola Montez (Countess of Landsfeld) appeared last week at St. James's Hall as a lecturer on English and American character. In an old convent in Westphalia, the manuscript 1 of Velleius Paterculus, which as late as in the sixteenth 3 century, was in the possession of the convent, but had been missed afterwards, has been found again. The Belgian Home Ministry has taken up again an idea started in 1849-that of erecting aN ational Pantheon. A female servant at New York was in custody charged with attempting to poison the inmates of a boarding house in which she was employed. The pro- prietress of the establishment died, and 14 other persons suffered severely. The Royal Albert Bridge, which crosses Hamoaze, in Saltash, is intended to be opened during the tirst wook in May, and it is hoped that his Royal High- ness the Prince Consort will in person perform the ceremony. It is stated that no first-class lawyer had been found willing to take part in the prosecution of Mr. Sickles. The portrait of Jacob Bright, Esq., the first mayor of Rochdale, was last week presented to the council of that borough, by Alderman Healey, in the name of the subscribers. Sir E. B. Lyttpn is suffering from severe ill-health. The New York News says:—"Within one week we have had but five murders, three rapes, eight suicides, forty-two burglaries, 122 ordinary robberies, and not more than 500 assaults and batteries:" Viscount Canning and Lord Elphinstone have been made Extra Members of the Civil Division of the First Class of the Order of the Bath. Forty water fountains for the public streets of -Sydney had been cast, and were about to be erected. The Rev. Dr. Joseph Angus, President of Stepney College, has been appointed examiner in the English literature and history, in connection with the University of London. William Butt, landlord of the King's Arms, Duke- street, Grosvenor-square, London, has been fined £50 or three months' imprison in ent, for keeping a betting-house, and three have been fined X20 each for assisting in con- ducting the same. Grand juries have been abolished in Michigan, America. Lieutenant Benett, 43rd Light Infantry, having succeeded to a property of £ 8,000 a year, is about to -retire from the service. Mr. Benett is grandson of Mr. Benett, of Pythouse, so many years M.P. for North Wilts. Major-General Marcus Slade, who has been appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey, is twin brother to Mr. F. W. Slade, Q.C., of the Western Circuit. The American ship Florence, of 1,000 tons, has arrived in the London docks, from Japan, with a cargo consisting chiefly of vegetable wax. This is the first cargo from that country. "The question of erecting a monument to commemorate the war in the Crimea is," says the Gazette de France, again under consideration; and several plans of monuments have been submitted to the govern- ment." Forty-nine vessels, with 1,100 hands, have this season taken their departure, touching at Orkney and Zetland to fill up their crews. Fearful distress has been caused in the colony of Adelaide by a series of bush fires. There was a terrible riot among the Irish near Baltimore, on St. Patrick's Day, in which weapons of various kinds were freely used, and 100 persons were in- jured, some of whom have died. The Rev. Alfred Poole, late curate of St. Barna- bas, intends appealing to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council against the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent uecision confirming the revocation o! his license by the Bishop of London. ms CC:11SC A parliamentary return, just published shows that there are 63,608 licensed victuallers in England and about 40,000 licensed beersellers. Five young Persians have arrived in Paris from Teheran-two of them to study medicine, two to be educated in military schools, and the fifth, who is a nephew of Ferruek Khan, to be an out-door pupil of one of the principal colleges. Mr. Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate, has left Little Holland House, Kensington, for his seat in the Isle of Wight. Mr. Prescott's "History of Philip II." is not to be completed, but will remain a fragment, like the last works of Niebuhr, Mackintosh, B Arnold, and some eminent historians. The "Birmingham Daily Post" says that among those who have refused a peerage is Sir Watkin TV ynn, who preferred maintaining his Welsh patronymic to any new-fangled title. The ex-Queen of the French is expected in Malvern again this summer. Her majesty and suite honoured that lovely place with her presence for about two months last year. The Malta Times," of the 29th ult., states that orders have been received from England, in pursuance of <"hich the order requiring sentries to carry arms and r resent arms, as the Host passes," has been removed.

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