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MINOR MATTERS. > POLICE-COURT AND OTHER PICKINGS. SUNDAY DRINKING AT TENBY. John Clements, a soldier, was fined 12s. 6d. at Tenby on Monday for being at the Hilton Hotel. Tenby, on Sunday, June 7, without having "travelled" the requisite distance. MISADVEiNTURE AT PLAY. A mdsadven/ture occurred on Monday to a .Newport third standard schoolboy, named Lancelot Snowden. Whilst out at play in the yard of Stow Hill Schools he had the ) thick part of one of his hands cnt right through with a small knife. A GIRL'S OFFENCE AT CARDIFF. At Cardiff on Saturday (before Messrs. F. J. Beavan and J. H. Hallett) Matilda, Stubbs, 22, was fined £10 and costs, or two months, for keeping a disorderly house on Canal- parade. Evidence of the offence alieged was given by Polioe-conBtables Watkins and Evans. SWANSEA CHAPEL OFFERED FOR- SALE. The Castle-street Congregational Obapel, Swansea, was on Tuesday offered by auction by Mr. W. J. Rees. for Messrs. James and James, the congregation having removed to the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel in St. Helen'e-road. The property wa-s withdrawn at £4,000. SHORT CUT TO WORK. Twenty defendants were summoned at Ystradon Monday for trespassing on the Taff Vale Railway at Tynewydd, Treherbert. Mr. Cyril Brown (Messrs. Ingledew and Sons) prosecuted on behalf of the company. It was another rose of a short cut to work. Fines varying from 5s. to 20s. were inflicted. CLERGYMAN AND MONEY-LENDER. The Rev. F. H. Lovibond, rector of How Caple, near Ross, was sued at Ross County- court on Saturday on a judgment summons by Mr. Woolf Jackson, a money-lender of Manchester.—His Honour made a new order of 5s. per month, but allowed no fees. ALDERMAN BEAR AND THE DONKEY. To four young men who were found in a fight in Shaftesbury-street on Whit-Monday, after hiring in the Winning Horse Alderman Bear at New-port on Monday said, "Instead of going to the 'Winning Horse' next time, go to the losing donkey,' or stop out of all of thorn." DRUNKENNESS NO EXCUSE. John Pullen, 6, Hill-road, Pontlottyn, was charged at Merthyr on Tuesday with stealing a watch and chain, value £4 193., the property of James Wakeham. The prisoner pleaded guilty, saying tha.t he ■was drun.k at the time and did not know what he wa-s about. He was sent to gaol for fourteen days. THEFT OF SEAMAN'S BAG AT SWANSEA. John Sullivan, a fireman, was charged at Swansea on Tuesday with stealing a sea- man's bag of clothes, value £2, from the steamship Thirlmere, the property of E. Lincoln.—The prisoner was found taking the bag of a brother fireman ashore by the mate, with whom he had a scuffle.—1The defendant was sentenced to a month. EXCITING FIRE ALARM. A fire alarm caused much excitement at Briton Ferry on Sunday evening. The out- break occurred at the Baglan Bay Tin- works, and the shrieking of the siren and fire alarm, combined with a lurid glare which suggested a serious conflagration, very soon attracted a large crowd. The bright flare had its origin in the ignition of the oil in one of the tinning-pots, but the outbreak was quelled without the assistance of the brigade, who had attended. A STOLEN TEA SET. Margaret Morrisey, a well-dressed married woman, of Olydaeh Vale, was charged at Ystrad on Monday with stealing a tea set of 40 pieces, a meat dish, and a fruit and flower stand, valued a.t £2 the property of a local tradesman. The prisoner admitted the offences, and expressed her regret. On the husband undertaking- to hold himself responsible for his wife's good behaviour, she was bound over to come up for judgment in twelve months. DEFRAUDING THE RAILWAY COMPANY. William James, John Hellier, and Isaac Spriggs, all of Swansea, were charged at Aberavon on Monday with travelling on the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway without j a ticket. The defendants on the 25th ult. arrived at Swansea, and tendered between them 2s. 9d., stating that they had got in j at Aberavon, whereas they boarded the train at Blaen Rhondda. James and %priggs were fined 20e. and costs, and Hellier, who did not appear, was fined 25s. and costs. GAMTNO AT PONTYPOOL FETE. Tbopjas Young and Andrew Bridges, labourers, of Pontypool, -were summoned at Pontypool on Saturday for gaming with coins at the Pontypool fete on Whit-Monday Polioe-oonstable Tripp said tha.t he saw defendant manipulating some dice a* tvhe back of a tcni, and inciting a crowd of young boys to gamble. He wa.tohed the proceedings for some time, and saw that the defendants' chances of winning were five to one. Defendants pleaded guilty, and were fined 20s. each. "THANK YOU, GENTLEMEN" Thomas Durbin surrendeml to his bail at Barry Police-court on Monday charged with breaking and entering a carpenter's shop, the property of the Barry Railway Company at Barry, and stealing five chisels P o 1 ice-sergoan t Taye aad Thomas Sayce repeated their evidence; and Wilfred Laylan shipwright, identified the ohiseis produced' The Bench considered the circumstances suspicious, but not strong enough to convict Defendant: Thank you, gentlemen; good morning. CARDIFF MEN'S THEFT. Gharlas Ash, 26, Leokwith-piace; Albert, Carver, 150, Woodville-road; William Pearce, 12, Brook-street; a.nd David Shanley, 19. Orchard-pLace, all of Cardiff, were charged at Aberavon on Monday with stealing a quantity of wire, the property of Messrs. J. B. Saunders and Co., Cardiff, from the South Wales Mineral Railway line at Toniioawr between the 1st and 4th inst. Carver was fined £2, Ash £1, and Pearce and Shanley were bound over under the First Offenders Aot. NEGLECTED OPPORTUNITY. John Bansey and his wife, Mary Bansey, of Greenfields, Taibach, appeared on remand at Aberavon on Monday charged with neffleot- ing their ohildren. Inspector Best, Port Talbot, said that for some time after the adjournment the condi- tions greatly improved, but recently the neglect continued. He had visited the house five times, and on Friday last found the children dirty and verminous and the rooms a,nd bed filthy. The Bench sentenced the wife to three months' imprisonment. DOWLAIS MEN'S FAMILIES. A batch of Dowlais men were brought before the Merthyr magistrates on Tuesday charged by Mr. Llewellyn Richards, warrant officer to the guardians, with neglect of maintenance, and they were each committed to prison for a month. Timothy Donovan owed JB11 2s. for the maintenance of has four children, Daniel Morgan £11 for the mainten- ance of his wife and three chakkren., William Sailleasey .£28 16e. for the marntemanice cf his three children, and David Howelle £5 6a for the maintenance of his wife and two children. WILLING TO "SWING FOR HIM." Catherine Lynch, aged 28, was charged at Swansea Police-court on Tuesday with steal- ing 7s. 6d, from the pea-son of David Jones at Mansel George's Steps. The prosecutor, a Ma.e..cJIteg collier, got into the ooanpanoy of defendant and two other women on Monday, and rtbe result was that he lost his money. The prisoner, who had been convicted 41 times previously, denied the offence, and said, I don't go with a dirty little scamp like that." When sentenced to two months, she said, I'll swing for him when I come out." MOTHER SENT TO PRISON. Mr. W. Spickett (Messrs. Spickett and Sons, Pomtypridd) prosecuted David and Elizabeth Davies at Yetrad on Monday, on behalf oi the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, for neglecting two of their children, one being a girl twelve years of age. Inspector John Thomas said he paid several visits to the house of the accused at Treherbert. The children slept on a mat- tress which was in a dirty state. The female prisoner was sent to gaol for a montih without hard labour, and the father was discharged. WHY THE SUMMONS WAS WITHDRAWN. The adjourned summons by Louisa Haven against George Williams, of Bath, to show cause, Ac., was down for hearing before the Newport justices on Monday, but when the case was called the complainant came for- ward and said she wished to withdraw the oase as they had, einioe the adjournment been married. Alderman Bear, the chairman, said he was very glad to know the complainant had been able to persuade the defendant to that way of thinking, and the magistrates had much pleasure in allowing the summons to be withdrawn. A POINT OF COMPENSATION. The claim for compensation made by Thomas amd Sarah Bowen, Biurry port against Elliott's Metal Company was aigain mentioned before Judge Bishop at Llan- elly Ooumty-ooort on Monday. Mr. Bowen Davies (insta-noted by Messrs Edwardg asd Co., Swansea) appeared for the respondents, aaid said that his application at the last court was t,hat a sum of £16 15a. id should be deducted from the award of £100. Notwithstanding the statement made by his honour, the money had not been refunded CboimwrmoatAons had passed between M r: Bdwaaade and M-r. Howell (the latter represent- ing the apfpLksamts), and Mr. Howedl informed Mr. -Varagtaan Bdiwowte tiuut if the deduction. [ of aanosmt vwae made am areeaticm [ of tbtiø aanosmt vwae made am areeaticm