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TEN BOER LEADERS BANISHED. SOME EFFECTIVE WORK BY THE BRITISH. TWO HOSTILE COMMANDOS CAPTURED. The following dispatches from Lord kitchener have been received during the »«ek:— PRETORIA, Saturday. Colonel W. H. Williams captured almost the whole of Commandant Kock's com- mando to the west of Edenburg yester- day morning. Fifty-five prisoners were taken, as well as the whole of their trans- port. Kruitzinger, while endeavouring to force the passage of the Orange River near the Herschcll border, rushed the camp of a party of Lovat's Scouts about one a.m. yesterday. Kruitzinger failed to cross the river, but the casualties among Lovat's Scout3 were heavy, and include Lieutenant- colonel the Hon. Andrew Murray, and Captain Murray, his adjutant, both killed. I deeply regret the loss of Colonel Murray, who throughout the war has led Lovat's Scouts with great gallantry. Report from Benson, just received, that he captured the Carolina commando 45 miles south-east of that place, consisting of 54 prisoners, P. J. Botha, 48 wagons, and all belongings, with a large numbeD of Louis Botha's cattle. Sunday. Boers managed in an attack on Murray's camp to carry off a gun under cover of darkness. They were promptly followed up, and the gun was recovered in a smart engagement, in which Kruit- zinger lost two killed and twenty prisoners. Later. Lyttelton reports that the prisoners taken in (lough's enment have been relea-ged, and are coming into Vryheid with the wounded. Lieutenant Lambton, Burham Light Infacatry, reported wounded, was killed. Buffalo River is iu flood. No change in situation. Tucker reports the casualties at Vlak- fontein were approximately:— 12th Company Mounted Infantry.—Seven wounded; three officers and 50 men missing. Royal Horse Artillery.—Lieutenant Barry and one sergeant killed; six Wounded; ten missing. Bedford Mounted Infantry.—Four killed, four mounded, two officers and 24 men missing. South African Constabulary. Six wounded; Lieutenant Waller and fifteen men missing. Of the missing four officers a<nd 95 men I'llve been veleased rito Basutoland, and 1he wonnded brought into the Water- Works. Pursuing columns are in touck with the enemy near Dewetsdorp. Details of casualties are being separately reported. Monday. Since the 16th inst. results from eolumns (including all separately re- Ported) are :-29 Boers killed, sixteen wounded. 350 prisoners, and 48 surrenders, 245 rifles, 17,800 rounds small-arm am- Munition, 55 wagons, 1,000 horses, and 5.500 cattle. Owing to the enemy's movements in the Vryheid district reinforcements have been worked into Natal. There General Lyttelton is dealing with the situation. In the Eastern Transvaal the columns (except Benson's and Parke's) are moving to the line to re-fit. They htave met prac- tically no opposition in the Ermelo district. Generals Featherstonhaugli and Keke- wich are operating against Kemp to the west of Rustenburg, and Methuen from Zeerust is moving east. A line of block- houses has been run out from Potclief- stroom t) meet another line from Kopjes Station, with the result that the Gatsrand and the Yaal Valley and the whole dis- trict enclosed is now practically cleared. In the Orange River Colony Elliot's coiamns are near Bethlehem, having met with only slight opposition while work- ing north. The country west of the railway and south of Bloemfontein being now practi- cally clear, columns have crossed to the oast, and are following the enemy near Dewetsdorp, in conjunction with Charles Knox's columns. In Cape Colont Myburgh and Fouche are near Ladygrer. v Smuts, after Dreaking through the columns, has moved south to near Bedford, followed by Gorriuge and B. Doran, wh'le Haig is directing other columns against him. In the south Scheepers and Theron evade our columns with great assiduity. The Midland district is ejuiet. and in the far west no change in the situation. Tuesday. Latest information from iNatal, raid- ing force of Boers appears to be return- ing to the east and north-east. BOER INVASION OF NATAL. PIETERMARITZBURG, Friday. the morning of the 16th inst. the Boers ^ted Upper Tugela before daybreak, and a doctor's horses and cattle. A few J them visited Orwin's Hotel, and did some j^riUge there. A shot fired from the doctor's Use warned the garrison of the enemy's j^'inmtaneously a, party of Boers visited e Zunckel's farm, and took away all the ^ttle. The police and two residents of ;Iller Tugela fired at the Boers as they rode t(\ ay during the afternoon. The sound of jj iQon was heard in the direction of Oliviers It is supposed that the Acten Homes ^8°n must have tried to intercept the ^t T s' ^nt with what result is not yet known. 6Hd Tugela two soldiers were wounded one man of a detachment sent after the fjv.1'8 is missing.—Press Association War <Jecial. DURBAN, Friday. 1'1: authorities are extremely reticent klldiulc the situation in the north of the The censorship is most stringent. Strict affected by this raid is the DojJ^rn portion of Natal, to the west and ""West of Ladysmith. Acton Homes is tjj' Spion Kop, a little to the north of the H<iyer Tugela River. The raiders seem to come from the Orange Colony—possibly, lW Sh Van Reenans Pass, and not from a's force on the Transvaal border.] IlERON BREAKS THROUGH. MATJESFONTEIN, Tuesday. cr088ed the railway south of Tonws \y night. After crossing the railway stacked by Major Capper, but the indecisive. We had one man hScheepers has turned north-west re h Meiringspoort. A farmer was brought a.lll\\ ,O-day charged with giving the British formation, which enabled Theron to g railway. He has about 100 men qlliQeers' spare horses. Signs are in- 5 daily that Cape Colony is destined to the principal theatre of the final the war.—Press Association War railway mentioned in this telegram is Qiain line from Cape Town to De and Kimberley. Scheepers and The- tide Were the Boer leaders on the south and it was part of our military ^tJCy. V* P^TOnt them from crossing over ^6 J°ining hands with the Boers who I marauding the Calvinia district. Joining hands with the Boers who I marauding the Calvinia district. Scheepers has been baulked, but Theron has crossed over ] » NARROW ESCAPE OF DELAREY. MAFEKING, Tuesday. Fifty mounted men of the Northumberland Fusiliers proceeded on the night of the 18th inst. from Lichtenburg to a farm at Duikerm- lontein, with the object of capturing General Delarey, his staff, and family. The farm was rushed at daybreak on the 19th inst., but Dclarey had fled overnight. Eleven Boers were captured.-Press Association War Special. CAPTURED BOER OFFICERS BANISHED. PRETORIA, Wednesday. The official Government Gazette" issued this morning contains the names of ten Boer officers captured since the 15th inst., who have been sent into banishment in accordance with the notice given in Lord Kitchener's last pro- clamation.—Central News. DETAILS OF MAJOR GOUGHTS DEFEAT. PRETORIA, Friday. (Delayed in transmission.) OH Wednesday last Major Gough, with three companies of mounted infantry and three guns, was operating between Utrecht and Dundee, pnd white watching the march of a fe.roC' believed to be under the command of Botha. advancing towards the Natal frontier he was surpiiga(i and overwhelmed ny a force of Boi rs largely superior to his own. Fiom a subsequent account it appears tihat h) sighted a party of the enemy about 200 strong near the Blood River. He believed that they had halted and that they were un- supported, and he accordingly off-saddled and pressed forward. Before reaching his objec- tive, however, he found himself out-flanked b I another body of Boers, who are believed to have been the body of Botha's force, cnd whoc.e number was between six and seven hundred. Their near proximity had been ijuite unknown to Major Grugh. i The British force consisted of about 200 men, and of these only about 25 escaped, Major Gcugh himself getting Away at night, under cover of darkness. The breech-blocks and eights of the guns were damaged so as to reader them useless before they fell into the li £ tiids of the enemy. Stewart, who, with the Johannesburg Mounted Rifles, was moving forward to co-operate with Gough, found Lim- self threatened by superior numbers, and, seeing there Twas danger that he might be surrounded, fell back, managing safely to cover his passage of a drift on the Buffalo River.—Central News. RAILWAY OUTRAGE ON THE NATAL BORDER. LADYSMITH. Sunday. News has reached here that the railway has been damaged near Paardekop, between Standerton and Volksrust, and that ten trucks have been derailed. Six men and thirty horses are reported to have been killed.— Reuter.














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