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THE WEEK'S MARKETS. CORN. CHESTER, Saturday.—^There was a small supply o £ wheat offering to-day, which was quoted at '6s 3d p«r. 751bs. Malting barley, 5s per bOlbs. Few oats offering, and prices were the turn against buyers, with quotation* at from 3s 6d to 3s 9d per Ifilbs. Beans, 6s 3d per SOIbs- Egyptian beans, 39s per 4801bs. Indian corn without quotable alteration, and sold at 6s lid per cental. LUDLOW. Monday.—An average attendance to-day. Good samples of grain offering. Business quiet. Prices English wheat, per bushel of 751bs., white, 6s Id to 6s 3d;: red, 5s 6d to 6s Od. Barley, 30s to 32s per qr. Beans, 321 to 36s per qr. Oats, 23s to 24s Od par qr. Flour, per sactc of five bushels, or 2801bs., best, 38s seconds. 35s. t COWBRIDOB, Tuesday.—Very little business done.* and the sampies of grain still coming in are In very poor condition. The annexed are the prices: -Wheat from 4s 6cl to 5s per bushel; barley, 4s to 4s 6d pel.' bushel; and oats, 2s 6d to 2s 9d per bushel.. CATTLE. COWBRIDGK. Tuesday.—The supply again to-day was not equal to the demand, and last week's prices were fully maintained Fat cattle made from 8fd to 9d per It).. Store cattle Cows and calves only offering at from jei8 to JE24. There were only a few fat sheep penned,, and sold very dear at from lid to Is per lb. dead weight- No store sheep on offer. Pigs Baconeis and porkers from 10s to lis per score, PONTARDULAIS MONTHLY FAIR, Tuesday.—This fair was held to-day, and there was a good supply of porkers at from 10s. to 10s. 6d. per score. !;at cattle reached » good price also sheep, which were scarce, but necessa- rily high-priced. LONDON", Thursday.—The following are to-day's arri- vals Beasts, 790 sheep, 2,210 calves, 40 pigs, 20 including foreign beasts, 380. Prices: -Beef, 4s 4d to: 6s Od per 81bs.; sheep, 5s 6d to 7s lOd; calves, 6a 0d t to 7s Od pigs, 3s lOd to 4s 8d per 81bs. B BIRMINGHAM, Tliursday.-Prices:- Beef, 7M to 9d 7 per lb. Veal, 8jd to lOdperlb. Mutton, 9d to llfd per lb. Pigs Baconers, 9s 6d to 10s 6d per score; sows, 9s Od to 9s 6d and porkers, 10s 8d to 10s 9d. DUBLIN, Thursday.—^The numbers at market to-day were .—Cattle, 2,314 — increase, 57 sheep, 3,778— increase, 750. The market was again the turn in buyers' favour bf of being fully 20s per head lower, top figures 77s 6d per cwt. Mutton, for local purposes, rated about the same as last week, but export sheep fell fully 3s to 4s per head. PROVISIONS. CARDIFF, Saturday.—(Messrs. Johnston, Miles, and Co.'s Report.)—Extra India Mess Beef There has been a better inquiry during the week owing to Christmas packed beef now coming forward buyers have more con- fidence in the quality. Packet is without change; buyers here are very anxious to get a good quality of Packet, but it seems almost impossible to get it at pre- sent. unless at extreme figures. Pork: Although the sales have been very trifling, still packers are not in clined to make any concession, in fact they ask more money for future deliveries. Bacon With the lightl supplies of hogs and strong American advices, holders are firm, and have been able to establish a slight ad- vance on last week's prices. Should receipts of hogs continne light there will. 110 doubt, be a further advance. According to trustworthy information the crop of hogs for 1883 is going to be no heavier than 1882, which would indicate that prices are at present on a safe basis. Hams are coming forward very sparingly, but in tufficient quantity to satisfy the demand. Lard: There is nothing or little doing. Cheese: There is a fair inquiry for me- diums, but strictly fancy are rather neglected. We look for a better trade as mediums advance. Butter is most disappointing to receivers, and we quote prices fully 10s lower, as holders are anxious to keep thei r stocks moving.. MONMOUTH, Saturday.—In consequence of the unpro- # pitious state of the weather the market to-day was a ■* small one prices ranged as fottow :—Dressed poultry Geese varied according to size at from 5s to 9s each, or about lid per lb.; ducks, 5s to 6s 6d per couple; fowls, small size, from 4s to 4s 6d per couple; large ditto, 5s 6d to 7s 6d per couple, or about 8!d per lb. Live pouttry Fowls varied according to size and qua- lity at from 4s to5s9d per couple; ducklings, 4s to 8s. Prime new milk butter from is 6d to Is 7d per lb. Eggs, Id each. Home-made lard. 8d per lb. Dead rabbits, 12s 6d to 14s 6d per dozen. Fruit: Cooking apples, Is per gallou dessert apples, Is 8d per gallon medlars, Is per gallon. Vegetables: Sekale. 4d per dish; Brussels sprouts, 6d per gallon; turnips, 4d potatoes, 6d to 7d per gallon; onions, 8d per gallon. Butchers' meat (prime joints only quoted): Beef, 9d to lOd per lb. Mutton, wether, lid per lb. ewe ditto, lOd per lb.; Pork,7d to 8d per lb. Pig- meat Griskins, 8d per lb.; spareribs, 7 £ d. BRISTOL, Wednesday. — (Prom Mr. Francis Bar- nard's Cireutar.)—Bacon During the week C. F. and 1. prices have somewhat declined, through a temporary falling off in orders from this country. With a small consumptive demand, and large supplies of home-cured meats, our markets have been quiet. Cheese CanadiAn advices report an entire clearance of the season's make. ;t New York prices are beyond the reach of our importers. Butter Very little offering C. F. and 1. in the United States and Canada. With a slow trade in this country, j especially for medium descriptions, prices are rather in favour of buyers. Continental quotations unaltered. "■ Lard A quiet trade, but prices continue firm. Flour: f Large arrivals have caused a dull trade during the week, except for liner qualities. MEAT. LONDON, Thursday. -Fair supplies of meat to-dav and trade quiet. Annexed are the prices :—Beef, 3s Od to 5s 4d; mutton, 3s 8d to 6s 8d; veal, 5s 8d to 6s 4d; pork, 3s 6d to 4s 4d per 81bs. by the carcase. PRODUCE. LONDON, Thursday.—Sugar A favourable turn has taken place in the market for refined sugar; a large business done in pieces at firm prices; dried goods in good demand, and fully firm beet sugars rather firmer at 19s 3d not much raw cane on offer. Coffee sales A steady demand at full prices for suitable qualities. Tea: A quiet demand for China; a steady trade in Indian. Gum: Ohbannon sold at full prices Bed- dish dropped to 35s 6d to 36s; very fine sifted Sandrac, £6 12s 6d. Turpentine without altera- tion. Petroleum a shade firmer. LIVERPOOL, Thursday.-Sugar continues steady; mo- lasses dull ot sale. Rum firm. Coffee difficult to sell. Cocoa in fair request. A moderate and steady business done in rice and linseed. Dvewood inactive. Ashes: l'ot, 28s 3d to 28s 6d pearl, 47s to 47s 6d. Castor oil,^7s 3 £ d. Cutch in request. Gambier, 27s. Nitrate of soda, 12s. Palm oil, tallow, olive and seed oils as last Turpentine, 50s. Petroleum continues steady. BUTTER. CORK, Thursday.—Firsts, -s; seconds, —s; thirds, 106s; fourths, 84s; fifths, 64s. Salt kegs: Firsts, -5 seconds, —s thirds, —s; fourths, -9 fifths, 59s. Mild cured firkins: Superfine, -s; fine mild, —3; mild, -a; ditto kegs, superfine, -9; tine, mild, -8 mild;-s. Firkins in market, 163; kegs, 8. SUGAR. GREENOCK, Thursday. —A better demand to-day, and a good business done, but without improvement in prices. The official report states :-Rather more done at the previous decline, as yet unreported, of 3d to 6d under 26sUlday' tlle greater decline being on sugars T ™ hay LONDON, Thursday.—-Moderate SUDP»« ON OFF- day; trade steady nrices unaltered. Annexed are the quotations: — Prime clover, 100s to 120s per ton: interior ditto, 60s to 95s; prime meadow hay, 80s to 86s; inferior ditto, 50s to 80s; straw, 30s to 42s per load. HOPS. WORCESTER, Saturday.—(From Messrs. Piercy, Long- bottom, and Faram's Report.)—There is more passing on this market in old hops, but not very much in neW ones, owing to the shortness of stocks. The few still left are held firmly, but not at the extravagant rates quoted by some London reports. HIDES AND SKINS. BRISTOL, Saturday. Hides: Spanish, -d to -d per lb; 931bs and upwards, 4d to 4id per lb; 831 bs to 921bs, 4-Jd to Od per lb 731bs to 821bs, 3id to 3id per Ib; 63lbs to 72lbs, 3id to Od per lb; 541bs to 621b9, 3jd to Od per lb 53lbs and under, Sid to Od ppr lb; cows, 631bs and above, 34d to 3id per lb; light, 3 £ d to Od per lb bulls, 3id to Od per lb heavy cuts, 3;d to Od per lb; light and irregular, 3jd to Od per lb. Calf skins: 171bs and upwards, 5td to Od per lb 121bs to 161bs, 7d to Od per lb 9tbs to lllbs, 7d to OA per lb under 91bs, 6 £ d to Od per lb; cut and irregular,. 4Jd to Od per lb; chance, Od per lb. Horse hides, lis 3d to 17s Od 1st kips, 4d to Od per lb 2nd ditto, 2fd tt> Odperlb. FatMutton, 3Jd; beef, 3id rough, 2i-d. Wools: D,2s7d; C, 3s 7d B, 5s lid A. 7s 4d X, 8s lid. Forward prices to Thursday.-Wools: D 2s 9<J; C, 35 9d B, 5s 9d; A, 7s 7d; X, 9s Od. Fat, 2id 3td to 3id. METALS. LONDON, Thursday. Copper, t64 15s to JE65. Tin, £9117s 6d to JE92 2s 6d. Iron, 47s 6d. Lead, English, £13158 to tl4 Spanish, 213 5s. Spelter, tl5 15s to £16. GLASGOW, Thursday.—Market for pig iron opened flat, but improved towards the close, and a fair amount of business done at 47s 5d, 47s 4M, and 47s 6d cash closing -sellers, 47s 6d cash, and 47s 9d one month; buyers near.