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STREAKED WITH GOLD, i BY R. E. FRANOILLOX, Author of "Earl's Dene," "Queen Cophetua," National Characteristics," &c., &c. CHAPTER IV.—(CONTINUED.) THE BLACK WITCH OF LLANFAWR. "'Dead women tell no tales, said one of the fcien. Twasyou said that, Captain Dunn." "And 'if 'twas your own flesh and blood, began another. "Stand back, all of you shouted Matthew, x his arm round Rachel, who, though it was her own father that had come to her rescue, instinctively recoiled. "(10 to your work, or It must have been an almost miraculous organism, both moral and physical, that had enabled one man to control, with no authority be- 1 Jond what was inborn in himself, a band of men like these for so many years to set not. only the law. but the chances of rebellion and treachery at defiance, to mould men into willing instruments, to keep them subject to voluntary discipline, to ensure .their secrecy, and to impose his own will as law upon those whom he had trained to break the law. It may have been partly, no doubt, that vil natures are mostly feeble matures and submit easily to those that are not only evil but strong- Evan Roberts himself had felt in no small degree the personal fascination exercised by the mere pre- sence of Matthew Dunn. But, at this moment, his oWn weakness where Rachel was concerned im- paired so much of his influence as was dne to his sUperior recklessness and supreme indifference to ,n things but the work he had in hand. We caught a girl spying, Captain Dunn. Ask her what she knows and what she means to do, and then say what's to be done with spies. As I said but just now, me and my mates aren't going to noose our necks for you-and what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander." Rachel hardly thought of the death that still hung over her, now that her own father had turned out to be the leader of these men. That's a lie." he said hotly. Sauce for you is not sauce for me. you hounds. Rachel a spy Why, we are one." Just so, Captain Dunn. And a man who's one With a woman isn't fit to keep a secret, anyway. And if you two are one, we four are four." If you were a hundred—go to your work. I'm here." It's not our shift, Captain Dunn." Make it yours, then. (xO below and relieve." You're not treating us fair, captain. That girl fIf yours is Evan Roberts's young woman, as Everybody knows. She spies on us to-night and §°es to Caer Groes to-morrow. And I'm not sure Ctlptain Dunn, after what she's Jet out about you lld your friend,' as she calls her young man— not so sure that' gossip's hole isn't the place fol' all three in a bundle-he, she, and you, too." Mutiny said Captain Dunn, sharply. u Just so, captain," said the other, growing- hitler. And, as I said but just now, we're four to one." And I'm six to four!" said the giant, drawing rorn his jacket something that shone in the moon- llght like polished silver. Rachel heard the click Of a pistol as her father withdrew his arm from and stood between her and the men. There's a bullet, for each of you," he added, lightly, "and two to spare!" It was clear that the prestige of the then almost ^bijlous six-shooter bad not been spoiled by any devious unnecessary displays. It had been kept ts a. last resource, and now was the time. One of th men, indeed, made a half step forward, but ^Uin covered him. Then, suddenly bringing all h tbe force of his commanding voice to bear, he Sundered OUt:— To your work! and a. bullet for the last back I Bee to There was no last back, for all disappeared ftether through a door.that formed an adit to the ,Dunn laughed shortly and scornfully, and tetJ, at last, the father and daughter were left &are and alone. Rachel was unable to utter a word as her father led her from the secret worfeS among the hills. (}elart ran by her side, barking and jumping up at her hand, to congratulate her upon her escape from the fate into which his own wretched habit 01 blundering had led her, but he did the talking \1,11. At last, however, her father said:— Rachel, you have found out what I would have ven IniUions to keep from you It can't be t<¡ Ded now, though—and, after all, the gold of the la l'th, like the birds of the air, is free, let mining *s, and game laws, and all the other devices for ^king black, say what they will! And, "'e or black, it's too late to turn back now." And Evan—who trusted ou think I've been playing the poor lad a dirty ,j.. I suppose v No I like Evan Roberts—he's only real. man in the parish, and he shan't lose t he's fairly won. I don't mean the trumpery *^ard he'd have got from Caer Groes for filling eir pockets with what they have no more real gbt to than he. But. as one of us, he'll be paid as a good gold miner ought to be paid, and life besides." Q ee father! surely there is but one right thing to is good now—would you ruin-" I don't want to ruin any man. Rut beforeyou like that, Rachel, Evan Roberts must be one whether it ruins him or no. You know now "at I am you shall know why—and then tell ,.e'~—Yes, you yourself shall decide. Are you I can't tell my story within four walls." Mer heart sank deeper and deeper; but bodily eaMness was out of the question. She listened IJetJ.tlv and with all her beating heart, while her her what she longed and feared to l1ow,



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