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PROPOSED PURCHASE OF CARDIFF TRAMWAYS. QUESTION AGAIN ADJOURNED. On Monday afternoon a meeting of the special tram. committee of the Cardiff Coi-poration was heid under the pres.dency of Mr. Jamts I Tucker. At the outset Alderman David Jones desired to know whether the committee and the corporation were prepared to purchase the tram- ways and depots by agreement, provided satis- I factory terms could be obtained. Unle-s the principle of purchase was affi1 med, it was simply a waste of time to consider terms. Mr. Wm. Evans said he was not opposed to the purchase, but he contended that Ae terms submitted to the general purposes committee were not satisfactory. Mr. Robinson asked whether the company were still prepared to negotiate. The CSiairman understood that they were. Mr. Robinson remarked that he understood they were not prepared to negotiate further. Ihe Town-dark. in answer to questions, said that, in order to finally settle the purchase, 't was necessary, first of all, that two-thirds of the members of the council should be present, and then that there should be a majciity of those present in favour of it. Alderman David Joneis moved: — it ia desirable, in tha it terests of the cor- poration and the public, tha.t the purchase of the tomways shall be effected, subject to the terms meet- lIlg with the approval of the corporation. Mr. Andrews seconded. Mr. Goad then proposed: — That the purchase of the tramways for the pur- pose of leasing them to the company has not the confidence of tne council, and is also opposed to the general wish of the ratepayers, and that the con- sideration ot the question be deferied until the expi- ration of the present lease. Mr. Crossman eebonded. A question was raised whether this wag an amendment, and it was pointed out that the views of the council and the ratepayers had not been tested. The Chairman, however, accepted the amendment, and, after putting it to the meeting, declared it to be lost, seven voting for it and eight against. Alderman Jones's motion was then agreed to. A discussion thex took place as to the best means of re-opening the negotiations, and the Chairman incidentally remarked tha.t he had before him a verbatim reporb of Mr. Evans's remarks at the town council meeting, and Alderman Jones said a copy had also bean gent to him. Alderman Sanders: You are better off than some us. Have you given that Mr. EnLIlB ? Mr. Evajis: No, I have not. I have a. private letter from Mr. Glenn, which I think i shall now be perfectly justified in reading. It is a strange thing thait ser- taxu members of this committee are getting information from Mr. Glenn, and being coached In the terms thait are put be tore the committee. Mr. E. Thomas then moved that the ver- batim report be submitted to Mr. Evans for revision, printed, and forwarded to t'vny mem- ber of the council, and that the meeting be idjourned for that purpose. Alderman David Jones seconded, aid the met ion was agreed to. The Chairman said he would not like the meeting to conclude without hearing the letter Mr. Bvans liad received from Ur. Glenn, if any overtures had bee.i made to Mr. Evans it W3, right that the committee should hear what they were. Mr. Evans said he would read the letter. Whatever part he had taken it wa", not right that he ehould receive a letter of that charac- ef^i av.111 i,'r' ^e?11 Ho then proceeded to rea<l the letter, which was as follows: _r ,n arrallged to have a verbatim leport taken ot the meeting of the council on Monday last, and on rtadmg over your statement with regard ne5°tiauons for the purchase of the lines depots of the Cardiff tramways by the corporation I notice that you are under a mis- with regard to several points, sure you will permit me to point tW +if t already been understood that the tramway company were to pay the ground rente of the depots, in addition to the interest upon the purchase money. Secondly the term equal to new' is, as you say ridiculous and it appeared for the first time in Councillor Illtyd Thomas's resolution. The term used throughout the negotia.tions has been tha.t the lines should be put in a perfect state of repair. Thirdly, the understanding with regard to the lines from Oakfield-street to Beres- ford-road, and from Llandaff-road to Clive- road, a8 well as the line from Queen-street to Crwys-road, which are constructed with box rails on wooden sleepers, is that they are to be re-constructed with girder rails, although the present rails would last another ten years at least. Fourthly, the corporation would, un- doubtedly. have the power to re-construct at the cost of the company any of the lines which require re-oonstruction. (See draft lease and agreement.) Eifthly, you are quite mistaken with regard to tne London County Council and the North Metropolitan Tramway Company. Litigation has been going on between tohem. for the put four yearns, and it was only on the council passing. a. resolution to 'negotiate' to purchase and lease -that the litigation: waa stopped, without prejudice-to ttfe company*! right to go on with their appeal, if necessary. Sixthly, the depots are to be kept in repair brtbe company. (See draft agreement and 1 cr.ee.) Seventhly, with regard to the company tr.irrg the xmncil into their confidence, I can only say Lhat the company did not Geek to sell. but the corporation sought to purchase, and the direc- tors have endeavoured to fall in with their ricnv*. At a meeting of the council held on April 22, 1895, it was decided that a draft igreement and draft lease should be prepared md submitted to the tramways committee. this was accordingly done hy the company's solicitors, but, so far as I can ascertain, the ii afts have never been laid before the committee, I have, therefore, had them printed, and I here- ivith enclose you copies, which I have marked where they treait upon the poinit s in your {State- ment which I have referred to. Tno purchase negotiations have now been going on |or over two and a half years, and I am 'afraid the matter has developed into a party question, as seme members of the council appear to 1, -ypp^so every suggestion without giv ng any ralid reason for so doing, and although I feel ?ure the directors, in the interest of tho ph?re- holders, could not accept in its entirety the proposal you shadowed on Monday, I can issure you that they would gin) very careful [consideration to any businesslike proposal which was laid before them, as they are anxious to work in harmony with the local authority." Mr. Evans, in commenting upon the letter as he read it, said rt had been distinctly stated by the chairman of the committee that the corporation would have to pay the ground rents. Alderman Dajid Jones said the whole of the points m the draft agreement could not have been In the chairman's mind. Mr. Evans also said that he knew nothing <tbout the draft agreement up to Monday's meet- ing. Alaerman David Jones said he could see nothitisr offensive in the letter. The Chairman: I don't think there is any- thing for you to get in a temper about, Mr. Evans. The Town-clerk said the draft agreement had been in hi" hands for a. couple of years, and bad been produced to the committee. Mr. John Jenkins moved that the companv be offered £50,000 for the tramways and depots, that they be granted a lease- of seven year*, and that tb-ey pay 10 peT cent, on the outlay during the period. (Laughter.) The Chairman pointed out that it had been ) greed to adjourn the consideration of the ques- tion. and, therefore, be could not accept the motion. The meeting then adjourned.