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iBusiiwse aiiUrtssts. OETZMANN & CO., 62, 64, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, and 79, HAMPSTEAD-ROAD, LONDON, W.; DUBLIN 61, GRAFTON-STREET, AND AT RYDE (ISLE OF WIGHT). iLL CARPETS MADE UP FREE OF CHARGE, For oonditions upon which goods are sent carriage Vd please see ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO HOUSE FURNISHING. CONTENTS :— lcmiplete Estimates for Furnishing at £ 120 and £ 250, With l'ull-pa^e Illlustrations. Not< s on Furniture," by M. F. FRITH, late or the "Lady's Pictorial," Articles on Artistic Furnishing, Be- printed from The and over 2,000 Illustrations, with descrip I and price of every item required in complete House Furnishing. GRATIS AND POST FREE. I Edition de Luxe, bound in Cloth 2s. 6d. (post free), pr bound in Leather 3s. (d. (post free). Le2 2JRD YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. Tm GRAHAM YOUNG, DENTAL SURGEON (By Examination), 37, PARK-STREET, BRISTOL. ATTENDS PROFESSIONALLY, CARDIFF, 1ST AND 3RD WEDNESDAY IN gVERY MONTH, at 22, CHARLES-STREET, from 4.0 to 7.0 p.m. NEXT VISITS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19; JULY 3 and 17, AUGUST 7 and 21. BRIDGEND. — EVERY WEDNESDAY, at Mr. JONES', CHEMIST, 22, CAROLINE-STREET, from 10.30 [\In. to 3.0 p.m. CHEPSTOW.—EVERY' TUESDAY, at No. 1, BEAUFORT-SQUARE, from 11.15 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultation. Free. Nitrous Oxide administered by Appointment Only. 6854c EADE'S GOUT AND R HEUMA'rIC JPUOUS THE FIRST TWO PILLS TOOK THE PAIN AWA1. EADE'S TJILLS 2, College Park Villas, Ken- I sill Green, London, W,, EADE'S "plLLS. May, 1891. I Dear Sir,—I feel i: my duty EADE'S T3ILLS. to tell you I had Rheumatic JL Gout twice, and I had to stop at home for three weeks. I cannot describe the pain 1 suffered. I read year advertisement, and looked upon it as all others. A brother signalman said, Try Ihem. I did so. THE FIRST TWO PILLS TOOK THE PAIN AWAY in a few hours, and I was able to resume my work. No one need be frightened to take them. I have re- GOUT. commended them to all whom I have heard complaining of RHEUMATISM. l'keumftti*m, Gout, Lumbago, Neuralgia, &c. I hope no one GOUT. will doubt my statement.— Yours sincerely, T>HEUMATISM. JAS. PETTELGALL. XV. Mr. G. Eade. XV. Mr. G. Eade. E AJDE'S GOUT AND R HEUMA TIC pILLS Prepared only by George Ende, 72, Goawell-road, London, E.C., and sold by all Chemiats in Bottles, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. JgADE'S Q.OUTAND J^HEUMATIC J>ILLS THE BEST MEDICINE FOR BILE. THE BEST MEDICINE FOR WIND. THE BEST MEDICINE FOR INDIU TION a ■JADE'S Å NTIBILIOUS J3 I L L S They quickly remove the irritation and feverish state ot the STOMACH, correct the morbid condition of the LIVER, relieve the system of all impurities, which by circulating in the blood injuriously affect the actions of the JISHXTS, and, by removing the causes of so much discomfort, restore the vital energies of body and mind. E ADE'S ANTIBILIOUS pILLS Sold by all Chemists, in Boxe3, is. lid. and 2s. 9d., or mailed Free on receipt of remittance by GEORGE EADE, 72, GoswELL-MAD, LONDON, E.C. -FADE 's ANTIBILIOUS TRILLS Lcl212-2 G WIL YM EV ANS' QUININE BITTERS This renowned preparation is undoubtedly the be3 restorative that can be taken at this season of the year. On all sidesi f us, in town and country, we hear numerous om plaints of a want of tone, a feeling 1 langour and depression. Many whD have successfuliy resisted the trials and hardships of winter feel weary, languid, and dopressed. All who suffer in Viis manner only need a prood Tonic preparation to ill. vigorate and give tone to the system, and new life to the blood, and brace the nerves to with- stand the trials of the coming season. The virtues and efficacy of the Quinine Bitters are now so universally known that they have won for this preparation the appellation of the VEGETABLE TONIC. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTEKS IS THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE FOR VJRVOUSNESS, WEAKNESS, LOW SPIRITS, MELANCHOLY, INDIGESTION, LOSS OF APPETITE, SKIN ERUPTIONS, CHEST AFFECTIONS, BLOOD DISORDERS GWILTM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Sold in 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. Bottles. Samples Is. IJd size. «T See the Name Gwilym Evans on Stamv, Label, and Bottle. This is important, as there are numerous Imitations. Proprietors- QUININE BITTERS MANUFAC TURING COMPANY (LIMITED), LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. 26185 A BOON TO LADIES.- COLLINS' MARVELLOUS FEMALE REMEDY.—Mr. COLLINS (who was 30 years a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England), will forward, free of Charge, full PARTICULARS of a REMEDY, which •luring an extensive practice, both at home and in the Colonies, he has never known to fail in the most OBSTINATE CASES of OBSTRUCTION and IRREGULARITIES. Send addressed envelope for particulars, and waste no more time and money on useless Pills and so-called Remedies, &c., which in the majority of cases are nothing but PURGATIVES, and cause SICKNESS, PROSTRATION, and PAIN, without having the desired effect. Letters to be ilddressed- D. COLLINS, Gothic House, 9, Erskine-street, Liverpool. 1690c CLUBS An easy way of IN- CRKASIB6 YOUR IN- COME bv starting WATCH, "&c., CLUBS for the supply of BENSON'S Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, and other Good. Sound, and Reliable Articles at Moderate Prices. Terms Liberal. Particulars Post Free.—J. W. BENSON, 62 and 64, LUDGATE-HILL, LONDON, E.C. Lcl394 KUPTURE CTTRED WITHOUT OPERATION or DETENTION from LABOUR. WILLIAM KING, He-nia Specialist, 25 yeais' experience, attends 14, High lJolboni, London, Daily. In his treatment there is no operation and no loss of time, but immediate relief, safety, and iestoration trom all the ailments caused by Rupture aiul the use Of trusses. No charge for consultation a..d examina- tion, und cost of treatment M within the reach of every Mifferer. BOOK post fre three stamps. PREVENT INFLUENZA, COLD, AND COUGH BY TAKING ON FIRST APPEARANCE OF COLD OR CHILL HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HORE- HOUND, the most certain and speedy remedy for Asthma, Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, Influenza, Difficult Breathing, Spitting of Blood Whooping Cough, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, &c. It ftrea prompt relief and often effects a lasting cure. STOPS COLD. CURES COUGH. Prepared only by A. HAYMAN AND CO, I 15, ALBEMARLE-STIŒET. LONDON, E.C. IaiW BY ALL Ita&fH.—Price, Is. lid. aud 2B. 8d. £ U0II»6* AATIIFS»F9. 1 Have YOU Tried u iitoa the great SKIN -CURE? Its cures of torturing, disfiguring, humiliating Id fl 'amours are the most wonderful ever recorded. Sold throughout the world. Price, CUTICURA, 2-i. 3d.; SOAP, Is.; RESOLVENT, 2S. -id. F. NEWBKItY & SOKS, la King Edwai'd-st., Newgate-st., London, E. C. IifJr How to Cure Every Skin Disease," post-free, LONDON. jSAl Ipril* ) u ) S Clew* t0 Near the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Convenient and Central Pouition for Busi- ness or Pleasure. Telephone: 3,165. Telegrams Earnestness, London." ONE OF THE FINEST HOTELS IN THE METROPOLIS Electrically Lighted throughout; Passenger Lift The Exchange Company's Telegraphic News. The only Hotel iu London with a complete system of Baths, including Turkish and Swimmmg. Visitors received at a fixed rate, from 12s. per Day, according to situation of Bedroom. FIRST-CLASS CUISINE. fLcl441 FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE THE L ANGHAM H OTE]" PORTLAND-PLACE, At Top of REGENT-STREET, LONDON, W. Situated in the Most Fashionable, Convenient, Healthy Locality, near the best Shops, Ac. MODERN IMPROVEMENTS. MODERATE TARIFF. PRIVATE APARTMENTS FOR WEDDING RECEPTIONS, DINNERS, Ac. Under the Management of WALTER GOSDEN. Lel371



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