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LEGAL. Loan to Broiher-in-Law.Anxious One" (Sheffield), bue lum lit tlv; county-court Adj wmug BuiHir.g.A Forty Years' ileader.Your remtuj win oe against the building owner. Sue him i for damages in tile county-court. Husbands \Lll.ó'1\o"'C.The widow is talking fcdead"56' 0116 Can alter a man'8 wiU after he Notice by :Serv8,nt.May.A domcstle servant B?r ut1|Ve U6UaI lu0Ilth 8 aotice al &DY time in the Water Kates. "T. H. J."—A water company can recover arrears for the six years prior to the com iceiicement of the action. • Carios."—Yes all instance of eases in which the Government lend money for the construction of ligh,, ndways is that of Ireland. fiegistration of Births -Ilie Act which established the, piesent S.rSu,_lJ ut. registration was passed in 1836, »na came into operation on the 1st of March, 1837. iVains.—1"V. B. -1es; the local authorities can maie you relay drains and put in proper ventilat- ing "halt*" even though you have made no complaint a* to the drains. 1 in Arrear.—"Constant for the lent ariear, ayd as 1>0011 as the current notice to quit 'nas expired take proceedings in ejectment as to which you must consult your solicitor. Speudtlirift HU8b:md.Gigmonda.If your friend does as you suggest, the bouse will be hers and the furniture, too, and they cunnot be touched by any of her husband' creditors. Tenancy. —"Landlord."—The tenancy does not ter- minute by the death of the tenant. You must give his representatives (ha same notice as you would have had to do to him if he hill lived. Ni ice to Servant.—"Ynysybwl.If a servant goes t:, a situation for a month on trial she cannot be com- pelled to give a month's notice to leave, but can leave at the end of the month. Property in &otla.nd.Mary Quorn.—We fear that if your grandfather was really entitled to any pro- perty, the right to recovcr it has been long since Barred by the Statute of Limitations. Writ of Ejectment.—"Anxious One" (Brentwood.)— If writ of ejectment against you, Ton can be turned out into the road whether you Lave another house or not. A writ of ejectment esanoo be obtained ia a woek IE.we think licences are granted t_) marnfil women under special circumstances, and thai t'ipy are never granted to a man who lias not •t-tained 21.. These matters are in the discretion of the licensing magistrates. Kett:ng Mail.—"J. It. C.Your letter is, of course, one which we oamiot print. If you think it your to run the risk of a libel action that is your affair, but we must respectfully decline to run the risk (HIrčel Vf3.. Inhabited House Duty.—"I B.The inhabited house duty must be paid, whatever the value of the heme. It is not like the Income-tax, from which incomes under £ 160 a year are exempt. Agreement in Ke.raint of Trade.—"Uncle."—We are serry, but, unless you can get the precise terms of the agreement, we cannot advise you. You ought not to have signed the agreement without having a properly executed counterpart for your own use, or, at any rate, a copy. Mother's Propeity.—"A. B. C.You should take out letters of administration to your late mother's estate, and you can then compel your brother to lnnct all he;' property to you for division. Your brothers, your sister, and yourself are entitled to the property equally, a,, it appeare to be personal estate. United States Pens-on.—"G. M."—You cannot be a cit.izen of two countries at once. You may be entitled to a pension from the United States, but we can give you no opinion on that point. The United States Consul at Cardiff is the Hon. Anthony Ho wells. Dock-chambers. Deceased Sister.—"Forty Years' Subscriber" (Salis- bury.)—If the niece was the daughter of the sister who dif.d, she was entitled to do what the did. If she was not, you were, and still are, entitled to take out letters of adniinstrutVin, and to compel the niece to return all the property which belonged to vouv sister Tenant's -"Inquirer."—You can sue in the county-court, but you may have to pay all the costs for having refused to accept the rent when tendered. We do not follow why you (i d so The accep- tance of rent docs not affect a notice to quit, unless. it is, reut which has accrued due after the expira- tion of the notice. Poor Kates.—"Old Broll You will probably have to pay the rates in the long run but, as you say that some of your neighbours are going to contest the point, we think you had better do nothing till you see the result of their action. It is always desirable (when possible) to obtain legal exjierience at the expense of other people. Apprenticeship.—"Garwite."—The agreement to ftrve binds the apprentice for the full term agreed uprn, though there were no i1.denturE3- Tl!e master, however, would find it by no means easy to recover from an infant apprentice the damages which he would be entitled and able to recover if he were of full Gossipping Wife.—"E. J. B'. R.It is very hard for you to be kept from your wife in the way you describe, and you would certainly not incur any punishment if you locked your wife out if she did not come in at reasonable hours. She would. how- ever. probably be held to lie justified in breaking into the house at any rate, if she did so, no police magis- trate would punish her. Insurance.—"Pollie."—Unless the policy was taken out by your Jaw husband for the benefit of yourself and your children, under the provisions of the Married Women's Property Acts, the policy moneys belong to his estate, and must go to his trustee in bankruptcy. If you have paid the premiums since the fa-ihtre, you may, perhaps, have a valid claim for the amount so laid out. isitor" complains that in Ll-uidilo Park, where so laid out. isitor" complains that in Mundilo Park, where children had hitherto been allowed to play at will, sentries have now beei placed all round, who shout themselves hoarse, and threaten all manner of conse- quences if a Yisitor-young- or okl—steps off the be? ten path. This, adds the writer, can have but one effect, and that is to ruin Llandilo as a resort for visitors. Copy of Will.—"William."—We cannot tell' what the solicitor would charge for giving you particulars of a will, and he probably would decline to furnish them unless you are directly interested under the will. You had better get a copy from Somerset House. Yon would ha.ve to get someone in London to search for you and bespeak a. copy of the will. The search ft e will be Is., but the cost of the copy would depend upon the length of the will. Cipy of Lease.—"D. W."—It is unfortunate that the original lease has "withered away." The proper course w,), Id he for the society to have what is called an "attested copy" of the lease made at ome—that. is, a copy of the whole document, signatures and all. Your solicitor will make this for you. The society could then sell the property on the original lease and the attested copy. You cannot expect the owners of the estate to execute a new lease. Leaving Service Without Adrice.—" C. A. M.— We do not think that any cause would justify a mar or a body of men in leaving his or their employer's service at a moment'- notice, or without giving proper notice according to any agreement he or they may be under, except at their own wish as to forfeiture of wages aud action for breach of contract. Nor do we think that it has ever been said that railway men are under any circumstance justific 1 iu leaving the com- pany's service at a moment's notice. Of course, a man may at all times decline to obey unlawful orders given him by his master, but that is a different.thing from leaving his employment at a moment's notice.











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