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MAGNETIC HOCKS. MR. PHIL PHILLIPS'S RHEUMATIC CURE. Rheumatism is a compla-m t with which few elderly peop.e are altogether unacquainted, and upon its cure depends the future comfort and physical well-being of the unfortunate sufferer Much has been written resisting Mr. Phil Phillips's rheumatic appliances, but fresh otones are to bt heard daily of the marvellous cures which have been wrought by the energetic Caruittiun s socks, wristbands, &c. On Satur- day one of our representatives made a casual call at the shop of Mr. J. n.i JI^ in St. Alary- street, luud there met Air. Lewis William Lewis, of Bryn Gias Villa, Brithdir. Mr- Lewis was telling the story of his cure to Air. 1 hillips. He had pulled the socks out of his boots for Air. Phillips's examination. '.Ah! 1 see, said AXr. Phi..lips, "titty are doing you good." "Yes, that they are," said Air. Lewis, his face beaming with smiles- "They'll com- pletely cure you," said Air- Phillips and, con- tinuing, said, After you have worn this pair an- other couple of weeks come to see me again, and, in order to show you how much I am interested in your recovery, I wul let you have a, new pair ot socks at hall-price. The re- porter here chimed in" "How ion? have you been troubled with rheumatism, Air. Lewis?" "Since January," was the reply. "Were you ever troubled with it before,?" "No. I am employed at the White Rose Colliery of the. Powell Duffrvn Company at Brithdir, and at Limes 1 am obliged to go through water. and T t is in con- sequence of my getting wet that, 1 believe. I have got rheumatism." "Have you sutfored muAT' "Yest considerably. At times the pains were excruciating." "I presume you have \ried several specilice to get rid of it?" Yes, a large number, but nothing seemed to do me good, At hist I determined to try Air. 00 Phillips's appliances, and I am now right glad I did so." "When did you first weir the socks?" "Last Saturday week. I started from home on that day,and it was with great diffieu\*y that I reached Cardiff. I could not walk pro- perly. I, however, managed to limp along. and I eventually readied JVLr. Phillips s shop, and I had the socks and wore them. I con- tinned to keep them in my boots and stock- ings night and day for some time. At li"t I did not receive any benefit, but I did not desist, and now, as you see, I can walk pro- perly, and. what is more, I am free from pains. Indeed, my friends and neighbours are surprised to see me walking so soon." At this point Mr. Lew-is nut his boots on, and said. "Do vou see this. He had his hot on a dhair- "Do vou see this?" lie again shouted. "A fortnight ago I could not 'lossiblv lift mv foot vi>- I had losfc all use of it—animation seemed to have oeen suspended. A frer a few other remarks Air. Lewis exclaimed. "Vou arp a Welshman. T know." "Yes. said the prfss man. afte- which he b^olrp into Welsh, m.d again related the «torv of his cure in V)!\ native tongue. wIlcn.}] proved even more interesting and pronounced. On Knturdav. June 1 Mrs. -Tur,lor-k. of 18 flfiri-'tins-st-rort. T~)or-=. cabled it D oJ, ,%fr. Pl,jl Pil ^ard'tr. 55be was accompanied br rr iittT<= davgHp". about "'even vears of anre. who had snPernis with rheumatic in hcr legs and Vnee^ por th° nast. six mort'os. TI, e ,:htf' thflt ",11", had hipd everything, bur ,1' daughter cot no rpKof. The rrft-l wrs tprv lame. and nearlv doubled 'i-n. whop she etPprl ind asked for n, nair (if Phil PhilliiVs rheu- matic socks, with w'hioh slip was ommhpd 4 fter wporinsr the socks for week «he nalip,! IT thp "llOn again ON RAFNRDNV HIST, IN T7M OOM-NNNV OF her MOTLIPR and THORP WAS ;1, won. DERFID ''mrrovpment. mlP coidd walk ILL R;RR-T,F nT)(-l TVfrs Mnrdnok stated that HER dan.-rhlp- HAD no T>AINS now. but ordv A warm SENS^+'O" ;n the feet, from tfie sOffcs sfte liga worn. TPtp fnTTowmn- tTie Tmrcftw of tso n" "q had idl left her, and she is now well :1)1(' strong as ever.

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