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IMITATION-" THE INSINCEREST FORM OF FRAUD. "ThEre imitation or mimicry goes no further than fairplay, there is something to be said in its defence. It argues a certain humility of mind that a. person should acknowledge 'him- self incapable of originality, and it is better to louow liummy a [)eaten track than to do nothing. In some other ways, however, imita- tion itj an unjra-rdonable. crime. Where some great discovery has benefited thousands of people. and is being sought after by all on that account, it ifl a cruel swindle for anyone igno- rant of the true discovery to foist upon Unsus- pecting people something resembling it in name or outward show, but worthless in com- parison with the true invention. Of course, the worst example of fraudulent imitation in this sense is the? fabricating of pretended medi- cines, useless in themselves, on the strength of a superficial resemblance to a. known remedy. Such imitators literally juggle with life and death. This journal has, in common with all the newspapers of this part of the country published during the last two years a number of remark- able caees, in which apparently dying person? have been cured by the discovery published Undfir the name of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and a large number of persons suffering from various disorders have sought the same remedy. Advant,age liq-, unfor- tunately, been taken of this demand to, play upon the innocence of the sufferers by offering a substitute for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. It is important that the futility of such imitations should be publicly knowiu Any retailer or dealer who pretends to have "the same thine" as Dr. Will iams' Pink Pills is trying to cheat the customer. Anyone who tries to sell Dr. Williams' Pink Pi I lis loose or in bulk is trying to sell a worthless thingi under false pre- tences. The genuine Pills aTe never sold in that way. Anyone who say. he can prepare the formula, himself sa-ys what is not true; no one can possibly know what is in Di*. Williams' Piuk Pills, or divine the, new curative prin- ciple that they contain. Not (long since a so-called analysis of Dr. Williams' was pub- lished— it was an absolute failure, and entirelv failed to show the composition of this impor- tant remedy. Anoth.r point is that "cheaper" substitutes for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a self-confessed fraud. There is no substitute at any price; but in no event could Dr. Williams' formula be sold cheap. The com- position docs not admit of it. But the price at which Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold and their extraordinary curative etfeets make the cast very low indeed compared with other remedies or mtdioal treatment. As a final word, the public should be warned I'll against the statement sometimes made that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are identical with: the ■wlell-known French. Pharmacopoeia, remedy Blaud's Pills. Anyone who save so manifests 'the most ludicrous ignorance of the very elements of pharmacy, and the public will be well advised not to run the risk of huyintf medicine in any form from a self-confessecl incompetent. When RJn- difficultv is exne- rienced in obtaining Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale P«-opii\ in woolen tube, with pink wrapper, and the full name printed in red ink outside and in. or whenever doubt is felt as to the crenninemes? of the goods supplied, the nublic are invited to applv direct to Dr. Will Medicine Co.. 46, Holborn-vialiiot. London, F.. ().. for suppliers, which will lp sent Post-free at 2s. 9d. a box. or six boxes for 9d. Lei3 56






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