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GENERAL. —No name alld address. Xemo."—"No name and a duress. "fias Generator."—No name and address. Pedlar."—A pedlar's police licence costs 5s. -The trial of Monson ended on December 22 in a verdict of "Not proven." "Brlton.Å. reply to your query will appear in a day or two. "Pees."—See letter signed "\V m. Smith in our issue oi: Friday. brana.—Nutiall's Standard Dictionary;. price & I .<t1er.; received from 1Y[1. T7. T. Jones (Llwynypia) «>< A Lover of Justice." rf. L."—Write to the editor of the Builder," C iejme-street, London. W.O. ""1.1:1." (Llanwrda).—We could not say from the d i. You had better consult an expert. :.óèt; -3 received from Air. Thomas Andrews (Tre- h- >> Tafli," Mr. David llees (Ahera von), "Rees" (I ) and Mr. Wiliiam Smith (Cardiff). ••u."—Wo cannot recommend particular dealers. 1 xi re e plenty of respectable traders in such com- modities. Look in this directory. 45 iV. B."—Certainly there was a Sunday delivery of letters in London. It was discontinued somcvihere Wtween 1858 and 1876. We have written to get the exact date for you. We have not seen the trial ill book form. You had better consult some newspaper files for the period in question, viz., 1671-74. 2. Yes, (several. Inquirer."—1. The Stationers'Hall is a building in London, belonging to the guild called the" Com- pany of Stationers," in which a book is kept for the registration of copyrights. 2. Your question is too vague. H. Jones.—Executions occur from time to time at Hewirate whenever a murderer sentenced at the Old Bauev is not reprieved. Kaozula and Schmerfeld's e + an for the Avenue tragedy was fixed for ISTew- g this week. t>iminal Law Amendment Act.Vigilus" calls tateruiou to the inereR8n;; number of prosecutions under thi Act, and suggests that a nuge petition should be framed praying the Government to make still IH0l'e rigorous iav>*3 than are enforced at present. Mr. E. G. Danger, hou. secretary of the Glamor- ganshire Ornithological Society, sends us a letter further answer to Mr. J. Muir re the Margam Show. He states that the society in -question "have-had the honour to hold the first' Cage-bird First Feather Show ever held in Wales." Bational Sunday Movement.—" An Ex-Cardiff Trade.s' Councilman questions the right of t he Car- diff Trades' Council to resolutions without noti- fication oil matters suell as this, and calls upon the council to fall in with the movement "in the interest of the unemployed Rl1d the public at large. Hcnesty.—"Oft Bit" writes :-Doji't you tlÜnk that the teaching of honesty (in preference^ to religion) in our public schools would be a good thing'? I am one of tfie few (few seemingly) who believe that the "noblest work of God" is an honest man, and, per- haps, such teaching would give our colirtry a gene- ration of honest men. What consummation more devoutly to be wished Bate Docks .Pontoon.—"C. W. E." (Cardiff), writing in reference to the recent accident at this spot, says ;—" It is utterly astonishing that dozens of people do not walk into the water every day. In addition to the pontoon being miserably insufficient with regard to space, there is no attempt made in any way to make it secure, either by stanchions or ropes. Surely this would be a simple matter. It would be a serious thing: for the authorities to have the loss of human life laid; at their door. This, however, will assuredly be the case unless something is done, and that soon," Explosions in Mines.—"An Old Collier" writes: — I have ahays suggested for the information of philanthropists and the good of the collier that to diminish the force of explosions we mu3t ventilate each district of miners with a distinct and separate current of air. Should one of these districts" then fire, the others are safe, and 1 say, in the long run, it will pay and save much life if the old working is properly filled up. In my opinion, this is far better than trusting too much to a patent gauze lanlp or a Welsh inspector. Glamc: gu-nshire County Hoads.—"A Ratepayer" writes :T could hardly belmve the e, oil read- ing the last estimate of the amount winch it wag. proposed to spend this year on the county roads." He suggests that the "trimming" of the sides of the road for some score of miles on which men are kept for mouths could be done away with once and for ever by the entire removal of the strip in question, the same being- thrown on the waste ground between the hazard and the bank. Wang."—The correct spelling- is Korea--the. other is obsolete. The native name of the country is Cho-Sen, which is literally Morning Clllm. It has a king (now a prisoner), his Majesty Li l<iu, but the Chinese Resident ruled the roosS for many years -.a, very able and energetic gentleman llf1.ll1ed Yuen. Seoul is not strictly the name of the, but t-I 0 Korean equivalent for "capital" The. name of the town is Hanyang-the fortress on the Kiver Han. Bat it is next to impossible to give you the correct spelling- of Korean names. Ono place alone is variously known as Fusan, Ptisan, Wonsan (the most correct form), Gensan, and Yneiuan.