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Part 12 now on Sale 1 ïI 1 OUR GRAND ART ALBUM. "WEEKLY MAIL COUPON. J For one of these Coupons (of any date) ant SEVENPENGE j HALFPENNY in Cash or Postage Stamps, we will deliver, post j free, to any Address in the United Kingdom, Portfolio No. 72 or any earlier number of our Grand Art Album. If delivered at any of our offices, or by any News Agent, J the price will be SIXPENCE. OUR PORTFOLIO OF PHOTOGRAPHS ill Bac Numbers now on Sale. "v Part 12 of our Grand Art Album is now ready. The Pictures have been chosen with rare discrimination, and will be found to equal in interest any of the former parts. As to what these Photographs represent, let it merely be stated that they are the selection of John L. Stoddard, a man, than whom there is no superior in con nection with such a task. In a condensed and highly entertaining manner Mr. Stoddard describes what has impressed him, and our readers and all those who are induced to profit by our offer and obtain our Portfolio of Photographs, have the benefit of his experience, his judgment, his artistic ability, and his admirable descriptive powers. In the wealthiest and most lavishly adorned homes this collection could but prove an added adornment, and it certainly will be an acquisi- tion to the best and most complete libraries. In what we have said about our Portfolio of Photographs we have not exaggerated a particle, and its value must therefore be at once apparent. We are distributing thousands upon thousands of of them, and it is this fact alone which enables us to supply them at so small a price to the purchaser. In our Portfolios are contained many lessons of great value, and they are one and all presented in a way to attract everyone. In four weeks' time, the final part will be issued, and as we shall shortly thereafter close our accounts in connection with this scheme, we advise all those who have not purchased the earlier parts to order them from their Newsagents or from any of the Offices of the Western Mail, without delay. When completed the Volume will be the handsomest and most instructive jtfid entertaining ever published, and will consist of SIXTEEN PORTFOLIOS, Each containing Sixteen Exquisite Photographic Yiews. The Price of each series is one Coupon and sixpence Or by Post, SEVENPENCE HALF-PENNY. t At the head of this column we print a coupon. If you will cut it out and send it to us with sevenpence halfpenny worth of postage stamps, to pay the expense of postage, wrapping, etc., we will send Series Number 12 or any earlier number of our Grand Art Album. Or if you will take a Coupon and Sixpence to any of our Offices, or to any Newsagent selling the Western Mail, you will receive, in return therefor, one of these charming and artistic Portfolios. Contents of No. 12 Portfolio. 16 Pictures (size llin. by 13in.). 1 The Gutenberg1 Morjunjent, Frankfort. 9 Statue of David (by Michael Angelo), Florence. 2 The Madonna di San Sisto, Dresden «■« j >. „ Gallery 10 Interior or Grand Gpera Jfouse, Parts. „ II The Transfiguration (by Raphael), 3 The Palazzo Yecctyo, Florence. s^ome w e1 4 Borguqd Church, Norway. 12 Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem 5 The Column of July, Paris. 13 The Immaculate Conception (by 1 3 Murilio), Pans. • D*»» £ NaP°lecn at St "•>«!* 14 Tl,. Mountain of the Holy Cms, w Colorado. 7 Tomb of Hapoleol1, Paris. 15 Vendome Column, Paris. < 8 Church of St. Basil, Mosqcw, ussia. 16 Niagara Falls. PORTFOLIO CASES. WE have received from the Manufacturers Samples of Portfolio Cases, designed expressly for containing the Sixteen Parts of our Art Album, They are C' n n ICHLV EMBOSSED "NO GILDED, re made with Flaps to protect the edges of the books, and are provided with Tapes for the purpose of securely preserving them. Desiring to increase the popularity of our Albums by pursuing the POLICY OF LIBERALITY towards our Subscribers, which has characterised the production of these exquisite views, we have made arrangements which enable us to offer the cases at 2s. Each. This sum should be given to a Newsagent, or sent to us, with 6d. to cover postage. This should be done immediately, as we must RECEIVE ORDERS AT ONCE, word,-r to arrange for the supply from the manufacturers. The loose parts are f TOO HANDSOME TO SPOIL, by lettingthm lie about, when at so small a cost they can he made a PERMANENT ORNAMENT ¡ ?r every drawing-room table. s r ])UÍlttg 20TH YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. Q. RAH AM Y0XJNG' DENTAL SURGEON (By Examination), 37, PARK-STREET, BRISTOL. PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE, CARDIFF AND BRIDGEND. 1ST asd 3RD WEDNESDAY IN EVERY MONTH. NEXT VISITS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15. SEPTEMBER 5 and 19. OCTOBER 3 and 17, CARDIFF.—At 22, CHARLES-STREET (adjoin- ing- the Catholic Church), from 3.30 to 7 p.m. BRIGEND.-At Mr. DA VIES', CHEMIST, 22, CAROLINE-STREET, from 9 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. CHEPSTOW.—EVERY TUESDAY, at No. 1, BEAUFORT-SQUARE, from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. No fee for consultation. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. jgjADE'S ^J-OUT & J|1IEUMATIC JpiLLS IN A FEW HOURS THEY GAVE ME RELIEF. "TTIADE'S PILLS. "West-street, Firsprove, IIA I XT "R Adale, Dec. 14th, 1889. EADE'S TTJU'IjS. "Dear Sir,—I have had JL the Gout in my hig toe for TRADE'S TJLLLS. six years on and off, in spite JL.' JL of the numerous liniments and pt./s I bought. At length my brother advised me to try your pills. So I sent for a small bottle, Is. ld., and am pleased to say nothing1 ever did me so much good. IN A FEW HOURS THEY GAVE ME RELIEF, and in four days I could weai7 my boot and go to business. The second bottle made irie all right, nor tl OUT has the pain since returned. I will never be without RHEUMATISM your pills, and shall recom- mend them to all I know.— GOUT Yours truly, "A. CHAD WICK. H E U M A T I S M Mr G, Eade." JgADE'S QOUT & J^HEUMATIC JpiLLS. Prepared only by George Eade, 72, Gosvrell-road, London, E.C. and Sold by All Chemists, in Bottles, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. EADE'S out & Rheumatic pILLS. DR. F 0 x's £ JOUGH AND ^yOICE "^yAFERS rjlHE ^QJREAT JgEMEDT FOR COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF VOI AND ALL AFFECTIONS OF THE CHEST AND LUNGS. These invaluable Wafers, being prepared from Herbs and Fruits only, do not contain any delete- rious ingredients, and may be taken with perfect isafety by old and young. JQ R. JIOI'S -'IOUGII AND -VOICE WAFERS, c Prepared only by GEORGE EADE, 72, GOSWELL-ROAD, LONDON, And Sold everywhere in Tins, Is. ld. each. Post free from the Proprietor on Receipt of Stamps or Postal Order. Lcl212-1 ^JJWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS ^TWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS This renowned preparation is undoubtedly the best restorative that can be taken at this season of the year. On all sides of us, in town and country, we hear n-amero, is complaints of a want of tone, a feeling of langnor and depression. Many who have successfully resisted the trials and hardships of winter feel weary, languid, and depressed. All who s-uffer in this manner onlyneed a good Tonic preparation to invigo- rate and give tone to the system and new life to the blood, and brace the nerves, to withstand the trials of the coming season. The virtues and efficacies of the Quinine Bitters are so universally known that they have won for this preparation the appellation of THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE FOR NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, WEAKNESS. CHEST AFFECTIONS, LOW SPIRITS. LOSS OF APPETITE, MELANCHOLY, BLOOD DISORDERS. LOW SPIRITS. LOSS OF APPETITE, MELANCHOLY, BLOOD DISORDERS. See that the name Gwilyh Evans" is on tha Label, Stamp, and Bottle, without which none are genuine. Sold in bottles at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. Cases containing three 4s. 6d. bottles at 12s. 6d. per case also sent, carriage paid, for the above prices to any address by the Proprietors. o UININE BiTTERS COMPANY, LMTD. LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES T26185 TO MARRIED LADIES A NEW BOOK has just been published by R. Forder, entitled THE WIFE'S MEDICAL ADVISER," 60 pages, illustrated, and bound in cloth. This most/valuable work should be read by every married woman, as it contains important information concerning large families. information concerning large families. For a limited time only we will supply copies Gratis on receipt of stamps for postage, or our New Illustrated List of Domestic and Surg'ical Appli- ances free on receipt of name and Address. E. LAMBERT AND SON (Surgical Dept.), Manufacturer of Hygienic and Domestic Appliances, Est. 1835, 60 AND 62, QUESN'S-EOAD, DALSTON, LONDON, N.E. Lel277 The GREAT BLOOD PUIRFIER —THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS purify the foulest Wood and relieve every Disease o £ Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys. Pure blood gives health. Thousands have been cured by these wonder- fnl Pills whose diseases could not be reached by any other medicine. For rheumatics, lumbago, piles, oravel, pains in the back, scurvy, bad legs, wounds, or white blotches on the face and body, swelled feet or legs, erysipelas, jaundice, dropsy, and fevers of all kinds. In boxes at Is. lJcL.'aiid 2s. 9d. each. Sold by all Chemists, or from the Burdock Pill Manufactory, 44, Oxforcl-strect, Swtiisea. 8400c BREAKFAST-SUPPER. e% I e% Ica& E P P S S GRATE FU L-CO M FO RTI N G. A COCOA SOILING WATER OR MILK. cABBAGE, NEW, UNEQUALLED. ——- Thousands of customers pronounce this variety the earliest and best Cabbage in cultivation. Hearts of medium size and very compact. After the first cutting the stalk produces four to six nice hearts at second crop. Per oz., 9d.; 2oz., Is. 3cl.-GROVES and SON. ONION. WHITE MONSTERS. This new and handsome Onion is the largest in cultivation, measuriug 6in. to 7in. across; thin, silvery sliu, very mild, and embraces every good quality. Grand for exhibition. Suitable for autumn sowing.—6d. per packet; Is. 6d. per oz.; post free. GROVES AND SON, SEEDSMEN, 1591c PIDDLETRBNTHIDE, DORSET. I T J] P I L E P S T GIDDINESS, SENSATIONS, FAINTS. I will demonstrate to the whole world how tha most dreadful of all complaints, "Epilepsy," which has been hitherto considered incurable, can be per- manently cured, (without the chance of failure). Write to the" Secretary," Burwood House, Burwood-place, Hyde Park, London. He will send you, Gratis," full instructions for cure." Lcl307 PREVENT INFLUENZA, COLD, AND COUGH BY TAKING ON FIRST APPEARANCE OF COLD OR CHILL HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HORE- JLjL HOUND, the most certain and speedy remedy for Asthma, Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, Influenza, Difficult Breathing, Spitting of Blood Whooping Cough, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, &c. It gives prompt relief and often effects a lasting cure. STOPS COLD. CURES COUGH. Prepared only by A. HAYMAN AND CO., 15> ALBEMARLE-STBEET, LONDON, E,C. ir all DWers Price Is. lid and 2s. 6d Botrisu LONDON. J!@IT@IT '.V@UA 3 R Co ,t\Clw.<"o Near the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Convenient and Central Position for Busi- ness or Pleitsure. Telephone: 3,165. Telegrams: "Earnestness, London." ONE OF THE FINEST HOTELS IN THE METROPOLIS Electrically Lighted throughout Passenger Lift; The Exchange Company's Telegraphic News. The only Hotel in London with a complete system of Baths, including Turkish and Swimming. Visitors received at a fixed rate, from 12s. per Day, according to situation of Bedroom. FIRST-CLASS CUISINE. [Tcl311 NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS. The editor of the WEEKLY Mail cannot hold himself responsible in any case for the return of MS. or sketches. He will, however, always be g-lad to consider any contributions, literary or political, which may be submitted to him and when postage stamps are enclosed every effort will be made to return rejected contri- butions promptly. h



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