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IThe Toque Supreme.


ALL BIGHTS RESERVED. I n In vain do I search the shops for some F novelty wherewith to season my discourse. quest is productive of nothing that can t *y_tihe smallest claim to the term "novel," f am bound to fall back on such trifling Rations of familiar modes therewith to content readers wto will search my column I ^hi0Itle *n^0rmi^0'11 rela'tive to prevailing I The Toque Supreme. i I observe that toques are becoming more I S^a-eral every day here in deserted London, I know for a fact that at Goodwood, I e the smartest toilettes are worn, the r toque reigned supreme among feminine head- I ^ars- It was thought some while back bonnets larger as to size and with longer not to speak of the threatened return ) of curtains—would come in with the first f °f autumn. Not 'so, it appears- Only i Joiwnalist—who is nothing if not up- but who has to write in some eases ] in advance of publication of a weekly | j^Per—can tell how mortifying it is to find ( «,* weather or the fashion to which j i e called attention has changed and put 1 ^together in the wrong. Such was my Tre last week. I wrote my article when •UiYering with oold and sorely in need of 's 8-nd flannels, and bv the time the J pnw-l was published the" grasshopper had i eco»ne a. burden by reason of the prevailing T^A' ^*ou prophesy that such and such 4 will maintain, and are convinced that 1 n Will verify your statement, and *hen, j l's if out of pure malice, the unexpected f| j^ppens, and you find yourself altogether B a^T mark. However, learning caution, H must, I see no danger of any falsifica- » ii011 the assertion that toques will prove p 9 headgear of the future. The new toque r ^und—not oval, as were those of seven -sars ago—and the crown is slightly uome- :.»iaped. Occasionally there is a turned-up j"1, more or less indented with rosettes of tivet or of ribbon. Sometimes quill feathers l&ce, with flowers, figure on the same :-ld laoe, with flowers, figure on the same j'Oque. Anyway, the aim is to keep it quite w and give a wide effect by trimming it k olUld the edge. Colours a.re there brought ™ Proximity that hitherto were considered Qkly antagonistic, and even now, wjtli }-, ,? sanction of fashion, appeaar irreconcile- V jJ. e- Toques made of deep yellow straw U a rough plait are the favourite basis for 9 milliner's operations. Maj.enfca flowers, e eea wings, with a touch of pink or of r *vi constitute the trimming, a -;n kless disregard of all pre-conceived1 rales 1 ;/e?;ird *0 colour propinquity being a oon- 'Plcttous feature of our latest millinery. Quilt? and Coverings. af/!L^laS keen a Puzz^e to ine the °n ^10usie^s,eper9 entertain for marceila they are weighty, without eorre- ^"onding warmth, and in this respect cannot of jy?^eRic coverings; and then the expense .*au-Qdrying them is not small, for the ^aite quilt soon soils, and repeated washing jj. 'aPt to tend to discolouration, for it is P°Ssible to rub it in the ordinary way, tlie said size and weight, and the is often tardily accomplished Wing to these drawbacks, unless, indeed, the ^J3"1,> exceptionally fine or windy. Out- lu) 8 the conditions named, the marcella quilt, Wsver immaculate as to colour, always I SIDE HAT. I ?a<le of Pretty hat for watering-place wear. It is j Sold straw, the inside of the brim being f Static! rjK w.ith green. It is simply trimmed with a th roses and black mercury wings, ft ilJh a no„i ?eck is worked a band of green velvet sta buckle. I?6«5S + | ?^e "(a,0 some dainty bedspread to re- fte- "^re-looking expanse of white that Z", 0 It unfurnished appearance to a i t is the custom in many houses for Mien 1?Senaaid to remove the counterpane xtfJ^ring tihe bed for the occupant j- ^tiretv the blanket exposed in *ts | Qj teaves much to be desired on the j '!rflaite KJ.f'-ance' There are many extremely gM^teads made for decoration by 1 ^4e,l-» » squares, richly embroidered and r white muslin-lined coloured ( ft°ver. r a 10in- frill, .is another popular Iton ^or use^u^ wear, I find printed Ox vi shcetmg excellent from every point is artistic and inexpensive, and 86 o^test admirably. With 18 its retention during the night ^^sistent with the views of the most y housewives. Then there are V Printed cottons, which make very "*8 bedspreads. That the patterns C°1ji°UTinJlS goes without saying. The ivM s0j?' too, is delightful—rich, dull tone 0j er blends also. This material is a Sht. ci-ape, and is very light in tih'np 6 price, I believe, is one shilling SPeQce the yard1. Ready-made, with ce all round, the spread costs le exrii' or a trifle more. Made at home W Wou^ 'J3 considerably less. I hv p?T give an adequate idea Jajvr.°Ur'nos of this artistic fabric; like Ka ailese designs, there is a quaint irre- j4s regards colour and pattern that Ig^Ption. Printed Bolton sheeting exPensive, and cretonne is cheaper rp}" of tine materials previously Ott^^ide,- i 0 a Pretty cretonne, with ftin a amount of yellow in it, whiclh ^P^n-co the yard, and with a wide ^QWTI a- Yer^ spreiad. Our quilts, which are not now in



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IThe Toque Supreme.