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Family Notices

Family Notices

-w_-= 35ivU)i",iHarrti»(it^ant5 BIRTHS. CAT-Es.-On July 25, the wife of Will is ;n Cites, Rail. way Inn, Cwmaman, Aberdare, of a son. DAVID.—On July 28, the wife of George David, Solicitor, Cardiff, of a daughter. I)E.ERE.-On Jniy 29, at Primrose Cottage, Llantwit- Ivlajor, the wife of Mr. John Deere, jun., collectar, Of a son. £ aule.—On the 28th inst., at Bryn Cottage, Cwm avon, the wife of W. Norcliffe Earle, of a daughter. GItIFFITHS.-Ola the 29th inst., at 8, Brondeg-terrace, Aberdare, the wife of T. Evans Griffiths, of a daughter. Hambiy.—On August 1st, the wife of H. P. Hambly, of a daughter. IF./INK.—On July 26, at Southerndown, the wife of Henry 0. Irvine, of a daughter. JON-ES.-On July 30, at Graig Ddu, Dinas, the wife of B. W. Jones, of a son. LFwis.-On July 29, 1894, at No. 5, Kincraig-street, Cardiff, the wife of William Lewis, of a son. BERWICK.—On the 26th inst., at Milford House, Penarth, the wife of W. H. Renwick, of a. daughter. TATE.—Ou July 28, at Portlica-ivl, the wit's of fitmes Tate, of a daughter. MARRIAGES. Ducx—GRIFFITHS.—On July 24, at St. John's Church, Cardiff, by the Rev. Canon Thompson, Mr. William George Duck, chemist, to Miss Amy Amelia Griffiths, of Canton. Banbury—Daviks.—On July 26, by licence at Pontmorlais Chapel, Merthyr, by the Rev. T. E. EdwLirets, Civinavoyl, John HanVuy, tin-house superintendent, Cwmavoll, to SarRa. A.,in. eldest; daughter of Thomas Davies, Engineering Works, Merthyr. No cards. Hague DAVIKS.—On July 24, at Lynnombe Parish Church, Bath, by the Rev. A. J. Clark, Charles Alfred,' third son of Alfred Charles Hague, of Cobden House, Bloomfield-avenue, Bath, to Henrietta Kate, second daughter of the late Rice Davies, of Myddfai House, Cardiff. JOKES—ROBERTS.—At the English Congregatioual Chapel, Pontypridd, by Rev. Dr. Roberts, Ponty- pridd, assisted by Rev. J. P. Jones, Bridgend (brother of bridegroom), and Rev. W. J. Morris, Pontypridd, William M. Jones, manager Maritime Colliery, to Sarah Roberts, niece of Rev. Dr. Roberts.. Phothk rok—Bknsos.—At Ystrad Parish Church (by licence), on August 1st, Joe Protheroe, eldest son of 'Mr James Protheroe, Pencoed, to Sophia (Sophie) Benson, eldest daughter of Mr. C. Benson, Wheat Sheaf. Cardiff, and grand-daughter of Mr. John Penduek, Penygraig. STEVENS-IVI)RTO'-i.-bu Jitlf 30, by licence, at St. Woolos' Church, Newport, Mon., by the Re r. Percy Mortimer, T. Stevens, 122, Queen-street, Cardiff, son of James Stevens, of Wrexham, to Clara, third daughter of the late Jno. Worton, J.P., of Blaen- avon. ■ t, ■WILLIAMS—DAVIES.-At St. Catherine s, Pontypridd, by the Rev. F. B. Williams, James Edmund Williams, Metropolitan Bank, Bute Docks, Cardiff, eldest son of the late Mr. Philip Williams, of Coed- pexnafiin Engineering Worlds, Pontypridd, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr. Lewis Davies, and grand- daughter of the late Mr. David Davies, Gelly wion, Pontypridd. No cards. DEATHS. ALLEN.-On Sunday, July 29, at 246, Castle-road, fq'rdiff Bessie (in her eleventh year), the belovea daughter of Bessie and W. H. Alien. Is life worth l'viucr ? Funeral took place on Tuesday. Bazzakd —On July 27th, at Briton Perry, Annie, aged 49 dearly beloved wife of Charles Bazza-rd. BURROW —On July 28, at the Imperial Hotel, Mount Stuart-square, Cardiff, William Burrow. formerly of Bodmin and Boscastle, Com all, m Ins 72nd Cot—On Julv 26, at Lletai, near Bridgend, Catherine James?widow of Samuel Cox, aged 82, dearly loved CKO^r-On July 27, at 73, Stacey-roaA, Cardiff, Anne Sadlier Crowe, relict or C. H. Crowe, M.j/I., exaest daughter of P. F. Collins, Solicitor and grand- daughter of John Sadlier, sen., the Dublin ^an^er. DAVIES —At Castle-street, Merthyr Tydvil, Bertie Davie's, in his 23rd year, the beloved son of Mrs. and the late J. E. Davies, Temple of Fashion. TnTvsDALE.-On July 27, at 3, Rawden-place, Cardift, ^homas Twidle Drysdale, aged 79 years, late Slnp- owner, Town Councillor, and Commissioner of the Pier and Port of Hartlepool. Interred at Cardiff EDMUN^On July 28, at Llandaff, Ephraim eSs-On' Jidy 29Ulat6 Oid Post-office, Cadoxtoa, James Evans, aged 69 years. Deeply regretted by his fap-lily. GEAClI.-Oll july 27, at 152, King's-rood, Can- ton, Emily, the dearly beloved wife of George Geach, aged 48 years. GIBBON —On July 17, after a long illness, Sidonia Lvdia' eldest beloved daughter of Christopher Pride' Dion Hotel, Castle-square, Swansea. In- Ghipkths!cTn^he 31st inst., Maiy, the infant daughter of T, E. and J. E. Griffiths, 8, Brondeg- IiEW??.—bn^July 25, at Greenway House. Narberth, Elvina Margaret Lewis, eldest surviving daugnoer of tte late William Lewis, of Greenfield^ Narberth. XswiS.-On July 31, at Ardwyn Dims (her brother's residence), Jane, daughter of W. R. Lewis, Rangoon, Burmah, aged 23. Funeral oaair- day, at 3.30 p.m., for Ebenezer (C.M.), Dmas. Wnnr iv-On Wednesday morning, August 1, John ^Morg^i, late of the Clives Hotel, Caerphilly, aged 47. Funeral Saturday, at Three p.m. for Saint 47, Funeral Saturday, at Three p.m. for Saint Martin's Church. Friends please accept this inti- Mkml—On July 28, at 23, William'-street, Swan- sea, William Michael, aged 50 years. Deeply re- IfKWBm.—On July 29, at 3, Glynrhondda-street, William John Newbery, aged 43 years, on.y son 0i the late John Gustavus JSewbery, ot Mili-lane the late John Gustavus JSewbery, ot Mili-lane Foundry, -PUT,LMAN-On J-uly 24, at 89, Bedford-street, Car. diS Dock-police-sergeant Thcs. Puxlman, aged 51. ■SAXIHLASDS.-On July 24, at 18,Sanqiihar-street, Adamsdown, Cardiff, Hugh aanttilands, aged 70. STRICK—On July 30, Eachael, wire of Edward Stnck, of Brynnewydd, Swansea, aged 72. of Brynnewydd, Swansea, aged 72. Thomas —On July 25, Maria, the aearly beloved wife of T. J. Thomas, of LNeiiacld AVen, Bargoed.

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