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A WOLF HUNT. How the Sport is Pursued. Acuriespondent in Russia sends to the Stock, Keeper an interesting account of a wolf hunt, It ie, he says, absolutely necoesary to have < good pack of driving hounds. These are simtlat to the English foxhound, but somewhut coarser" They are very fierce auiuials, but do not excef in sugacity. It is necessary to keep them undei very strict discipline, otherwise they might becomf dangerous when out in the field, and, not obeying the liorn, get among csttle or sheep in the fielJa and do more damnge than the wolves. When thi hounds are tiken out for a day's hunt they ure all coupled in pairr-, led by the huntsman on horsebacte a long brass horn hanging across his shoulder, a bis dagger about lft. long in his belt, and a Whii; in his hand with a handle about 2ft. long and the thongLut 5ft., ending in a thill string fOJ cracking. The hounds have to follow his borBf as close as possible, aud must not get in front oi the s'.in up. About the beginning ol Septenibei the huntsman goes out to some 'neighbouring village close to some w.)ody country and mttkeí inquiries about the wolves. Be may hear trom the peasants long ta'es about slieep having bees killed last week, and a cow haviag come hom( with her side fearfully torn, &c.; then th< huntsman goes at night into the wood, espe- cially near a marshy pia e, and begins to bovo like a wolf. If there are wive* in the place that are sure to answer him. An experienced hunts- man can distinguish the voice of the old sire, the dam, and the youngdLer8, The next thing is to find out where the nett is. This lie ascertains by approaching the place where be heard the dam how). When close to the plaoe he may hear hot grow! at the youngsters, or he may chance to hMI! the young ones playing with each other as dojjg do. At d»ybieak he may chance to see the aire bringing a sheep or a dwg on his twek to the nest, or it may happen th..ë the mother was out ateaM ing, and now is bringing a sb"ep or something elsa on her back; two or thvee of her cubs mav be following, each carrying a goose or a duck. Tltt huntsman watches where they all go to, au4 when he is sure of the place tie goes home. The next day the whole coiflpauy attttt a g.<od breaks fast starts for the place, either on horseback, if neur, or in vehicles of all sorttf if far away. Here is the descriptiou of an incident in thft day's sportThe hounds drive the wolf out a^airif and the banter waits patiently tUt the wolf is half way from the wood, then pointing at him with tiifl finger slips bis dogs, calling out to the dogs, "Atoo, yevo!" aud then, "A loo, loo, loo l" The dogs are off like a shot, and the ilOfiC never waits for orders, but follows theifl at full gallop. The dogs are gaining the wolf turns to the right; one ot the dogs has caught him by the hind quarter tha wolf turns and snaps at the dog, which leLíf go again; the second dog is coming up to the beast from the other side, aud makes a bite or a tug at the wolf, but does not manage to get at bis neci4 All the time th«y are proceeding at a t remendou( pace, and are getting very n>Mr the spot when another hunter is posted. Ho, seeing that tfitf wolf is too quick for those two dogs, orders hit attendant to keep two dogs in reserve, and lets loose his favourite piebald Nagiajda^ Thfs noble specimen of the breed, now three year( old, is off like an arrow, and runs into the wolfy catching him by the throat; but from Uie shock the dog and wolf turn several times over each othert and tiien remain b th strctched on the ground; tho first two dogs now get up, tugging at the wolpq legs and coat. At this moment-the hunter flings himself off his horse and makes an enormous gasq in the wolf's body with his dagger. The horn ii blown, and the riders come up congratulating) th<> lucky hunter. The wolf was quite dead, bid Nagrujdai could not open his jaws; tltey wer< l ickeu. His master stroked his head and cheeks some of the bystanders suggested to blow t baccfl smoke into his ears aud nostrils but the expet rienced hunter would not allow Buch cruelty to bil favourite, he simply continued to massage thi uiuwles of tbe head and neck, which proves aftoj Home minutes to relieve the spasms of tht muscles, and the dog lets go his hold.

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