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TL P'-R0NIDCRCT) D EY THE EDITOR.J 'n2not»f *f°r w'h6 g'tt<3 to receive inlerest- ^8 will o »r Plication in Litis column, and S as P°ss*t>le answer through its him. nnr qi,e'-v t,iat m,,y be addressed to TOOTH POWDER. thantre j14 no better or cheaper dentifrice cined *ry wheaten bread, slowly eal- aod t v,n a 0Ven Qntil it is perfectly black, thro»^^n P0Dnded in a mortar and sifted 8n a piece of fine muslin. Ii- G NVOOD. Cleaning- PAINTKD WOOD. on riw f,nrd.8iffc 8ome Soo<\ whiting; put it Piece If n"gt,gh'.ly out of w»rm water a fhir-i,, Ce?n' 8oft >* diP on the adheiv.f UP as much as will N«xt lioMi v pai.nt S'ently with this- Wat^t. J I w&#^ the paint down with pure J and dry with a soft, new chamois cloth. Foe HINGES THAT SQUEAK. Take an ordinary blacklead pencil or, it on tiIa e of hard blacklead, and rub Th« g hinges of the door of your room. than^fk crev'cea better diffi n °a your windows are blaoti j draw aP or down, a Rood rub of the in h t • °n wooc* iining acts like magic either g window to slide smoothly GREASE FOR Boors, oallp Jre^now" military aurgeon emphati- meif eCjm™1ec a to military men, sports- saidV« 0 fr« a grease for boots which is tecta rf^eV*n- *°re ^eet entirely, and so pro- eSritn8 from th« whole train of accident &Sf 0ns causecl by that minor of l.rri V °,ritmentis made of four parts of caont KUF ^at °f olive oil, and one part to»ethpT 000-'»w tnbber—which are melted th« aoleof^h k H*rinK moistened Warma fK iTC water, inventor and then in a Btove or before a fire, bootS™ear8 'fc over compound, sbininff Wat 8ai^ to become soft, pliable, e^proof, and even more durable. The jiEntal State OF THE DYING. the w'8 ibe mental state of the w'8 ibe mental state of Physical g Jepeilda very much on their US:?ndltl0D- As »n»l.f in acute felt re6t 111 their own danger is rarely l>odilp c" « • enoe' exG8P'i"S with regard to man des^T^' °/ to some dai? the d*in* state ti perform, is the far more usual frenn ti Fatients who die of consumption pea d'e *n a state of seraphic joy and ja oeJ countenance almost expresses rap- on atientswhodieofcholeraandipsri tonitis, on J* COI)trary> °^'en die in a state bordering 'I, deapkir., • In dysentery, diarrhoea, or er, the patient often dies in a state of in- difference. On the battlefield, the expression on the faces of those who have died of gun- abot wounds is one of agony, while the dead by sword have a calmer look. A rapid death dir.*J J 18 *lmo8t painless, the nerves are ym<»ed so quickly, while a bullet lacerates. A SIMPLE AND KFFBCTIVK METHOD OP RENOVATING OLD GARMENTS. Old clothing may be made to look as good *» new by pursuing the following plan e°J 'nst*nce, a shiny oltl coat, vest, or dj ° trousers, of broadcloth, cassimere, or warm ^1' 5° 8courer makes a strong, it, souwfit 'upan^T8 frment int° places, if Heoessar, rubs the dlrty #nd«, then rinses 'it +l through a second and hangg it to dr r roufih several waters, Nearly dry he takes H^°a ^ne- ^°ar or tvro and rolla it up for an cotton cloth is Uid fh prefes »t. An old and the iron naae outside of the coat, i™ out" ,^°r no4iI tt»i before the et«am rL • on removed they would 1 l° nse ^rotn the goods, °*« them and n ? •r'"8 » wet cloth &nJ fihinv P»"«n« the iron over that, Jf Se wrinklVsT/rTleen tht,y.are treated aa ^he fuji cJqj-j J.ron is lifted, while naP up with u steam rises, and brings the ^•hinga bt,a i ood c'oth will bear many of them^' "°ok better every time because GraiI)e(1 Brevities. lea. ^ood should be washed with cold Mortar j ^i^dow el,^ „ tnay be removed from *"hi"ot,»h.rp vinegar. CBlUr with whitewash put upon t.1'MM„,Z'"keePve"ni» -">y- t-'ctor f0r ■ ^th turpentine is a better pro- ln3eed ojj Qwork than paint mixed with "hould be^ ,orn&meni* °f alabaster, borax applied wWk s°lved i° boiling water, and fqllj a oloth or soft brush rinse eai e- Stai„ i the sun. ^ixed crt>mb8 »nd plaster of Paris anH +k water to the consistency of dough, Dr en. lfift to dry, make a most efEeotiv« preparation for cleaning old waH-paper. A good way to clean oil paintings is to out a raw.pouto in half and rub them over gently vvitn irr '7rttter bo«n done the paint- ings should be carefully wiped with a clean cloth. Jewellery can be beautifully cleaned by washing in soapsuds, in which a few drops of spirits of ammonia are stirred, shaking off the water and laying the articles in a box of dry sn ^'s method leaves no marks or scratches. marks where people have rested their m ■ on. wa11 Papers may be removed by Xing pipeclay with water to the consistency ot cream, laying it on the spot and allowing to remain till the following day, when it brush eaS1'^ removed with a penknife or


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Dreadful Pottinger's Holiday.



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