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OUR LAWYER. Conducted by a Barrister-at-Law. Legal questions must be stated fully and clearly, and, a full copy must be sent of any document on which advice is sought. All communications must be endorsed "LEGAL," per Editor, "WEEKLY MAIL," Cardiff. PRINCIPAL AND SUHETT. — A Constant Reader" (Bhondda) forgot to enclose a copy of the promissory note on which he wishes to have our advice. If it is in the proper form (joint and several) lie may bring an action against the principal debtor and the surety, or either of them. and if this is promptly dene he will, probably. get paid. But if the balance due is nob made immediately payable in default of payment of any of the instalments at the appointed time he can only sue now for the amounts in arrear. It is im- possible to advise definitely without knowing all the circumstances of the case. LANDLORD AJoóD TEVANT. — A Constant Reader" (Rhondda) is advised that as the property was agreed to be let by the year and there was no arrangement made as to notioe, the teaaney is a yearly one, and half a year'* notioe would have to be given before the tenant could be ejected, and such notiea must be so given as to expire at the end of a complete year's tenancy. If the event which is anticipated should occur and there should be any di&culty in the way of his regaining possession, he may write ns again with full particulars, and we will advise him. WANTON INJURY TO PROPERTY.—" Ego Amo" (Lan. dore) is advised to place this matter in the hands of a local solicitor, with instructions to do willú; is neces- sary. Bueh an outrage ought not to be allowed to go unpunished. SEATS OF LEGATEE.—" J, L." (Abbeydore) is advised that as the legatee died in the interval between the decease of the testator and the time for paying of the legacy, the nmount must be paid to his executors or administrators, and will form part of his residuoaf personal estate.


Illness of Peter Jackson,

The Archbishopric of York.…