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A NEW COUNTING COMPETITION.! "Caib Prizes! Entrance Fee Is. only. to that all may anter The task is to count the letter N in the 1: Chapters of Daniel, omitting the word "and." Over jM.006 has already been paid! Pain's Grand Crmpetitions for the Season ef 1890. Easy Biblical Cent petitions 1 Easy enough for all! Evening work around the fire, which will be found both pleasant and instruc- tive. Oash prizes: £ 20, £10, £ 5, JBS, iC2, and 20 at 10s. each (JBM in all), to be paid in full. certain, no matter htwfew enter the CernpetUwn, to than counting most correctly the letter "N" in the 12 Chapters ot Daniel. Use the authorised version Bible, and not the revised. Count all letters together, both capital and small, of all sizes. No mistaking rules, as only those letters in the actual words of verses to count, and not headings of chapters or references. Simply oount the letter N in all the words of the verses, excepting the word and." Don't forget you have N02sto count the N from the word "and in any of the verses, but count the N's"froin all other words. Thus It is a perfectly le^al, fair,and easy work- ing Competition for all. All prizes given to those who count most correctly they are given for best work and net by chance. Simply get an ordinary sheet of writing paper, and write very, very plainly, with pencil or ink, on the top of th« paper, lirjt the words £ 50 Competition," your full name and address, and then the number you maka in each of the 12 Chapters, and total of all. Write on one side of your paper only. Enclose nothing but your list, Is. Postal Order, or la. Id. stamps, entrance fee, and 2d. stamps for full printed resnlt in envelope, and post same as 800011.8 possible, but not later than Wednesday, January 14th, as Competition closes, certain, Thursday, January 15th. Printed result, oonKaining j winners' full nttmes and addresses, and the correct number in each Chapter, will be posted to every Competitor posi- tively not later than Friday, January 30th. Prizes come same day. Thus you have only to watt ten days to know the result after sending in your work. If entries permit, prizes are largely increased in Pain's Competitions, but never decreased, no matter how few may enter, If no one counts correctly, prizes will be given for the nearest correct work. If several send the correct numbers, PAIN reserves the right of either adding the prizes together, and dividing them amongst the correct workers, or giving further free deciding wotk to the tyij £ competitors. Only one person from same addr4» to enter this Competition, without help of ar.y kind, and each to declare at foot of their figures that they have done the entire work alone. (If stamps are sent as entrance fee, halfpenny ones are preferred, also for result, although, of course, penny ones can be sent.) Address lettersW. T. PAIN, Ths Prizeries," 39, Queen-street, Folkestone, and 14, St. Mlchael's-street, Folkestone. "so*-



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