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mqhtg an SATURDAY, JANUARY S, 1891. THE WEEK'S NEWS. -———<<t-—— (From Thursday, Dec. 25th, to Tuesday, Dec. 30th, 1890, r'nclusive.) A steerage passenger on board the Britannia liner has committed suioide by jumping over- board. A lllau named John Healy is in custody at Mitchelstown charged with having killed bit wife on Christmas Eve. The Scotch Railway strike shows no marked improvement, and an unyielding attitude is ttill maintained by masters and men. General Booth's son, who is now in New York, declares that his father wroto every chapter of In Darkest England." Mr. Thomas Richardson, Unionist member of Parliament for the Hartlepools, died suddenly on Monday. The North representatives of Rugby foot- ball on Monday at Leeds gained a victory over the South by one goal and three tries to one goal. It has been finally determined to present a petition against the return of Sir J. Pope Hennessey for North Kilkenny. An appeal to the people of Ireland to stand by Mr. Parnell has been extensively circu- lated through Athlone, Roscommon, and Westmeath. The severe frost, whioh has now endured for nineteen conseont;™ days, is the longest since 1813, when a frost was recorded for 32 con- secutive days. Alr. Justin M'Carthy, in an interview with a press representative at Paris said he believed that after Mr. Parnell's decla- rations after the Kilkenny election all idea of reconciliation must be abandoned. Details are to hand of severe fighting between Redskin Indians and United States troops. After desperate hand-to-hand con- flicts, the Indians were routed, with terrible loss. On Monday at the adjourned inquest on the body of Margaret Hewart, or Isabella Cowie, who was murdered in a cab by Arthur Penfold, now in custody, a verdict of wilful murder against the accused was returned. A Pine Ridge telegram says that Major Whitesides, with a detachment of cavalry, has captured Big Foot and 150 of his Indian followers near Porcupine Creek. The hostile Indians in the Bad Lands have surrendered. The American Government has discovered a system of fraud by its own consular offieers, defrauding the State of one million dollars, by selling to exporters for a nominal sum con- sular certificates in blank. A deputation from Scboll, County Cork, waited on Saturday on Mr. Balfour to urge the advisability of loeal improvements, and to obtain assistance from the Government. The Chief Seoretary said the proposal would receive his anxious consideration. Professor Lant Carpenter has committed suicide by shooting himself at his residence, at Craven Park, Harlesden, a suburb of North- west London. Owing to signs of failing mental powers, he had been under the care of an attendant, but lately his condition appeared to have improved, On Saturday evening an inquest was held at Carmarthen County Asylum into the cir- cumstances attending the death of a female patient who had evaded her attendant, pulled the guard from the fire, and set herself ablaze. A verdict of accidental death was returned. The strike of railway employés in Scotland remains unsettled, and the determination on each side to carry on the conflict appears to be unrelaxed. The railway authorities are enabled to increase both passenger and goods traffic by the aid of additional labour obtained from England. Mr. Frank Smith, "General" Booth's prin- cipal coadjutor, has withdrawn from the Salvation Army Mr. Smith, who is credited with having written most of the work In Darkest England," has resigned upon a ques- tion of principle in the management of the organisation. In an interview with a press representative Mr, Parnell said he believed that time was on his side, and that he looked hopefully to the result of a dissolution. The Kilkenny elec- tion was lost, he said, in consequence of the pressure brought to bear by the priests, and a petition would be lodged. The body of a young lady named M'Dowell, who with her husband recently returned from the South African diamond fields, where the latter amassed a considerable fortune, was on Sunday found lying on the road leading from Bangor to Groomsport, County Down, and a small bottle labelled Carbolic aoid" was found beside her. At a meeting of the Sliding-wcale Com- mittee for South Wales and Monmouthshire held at Cardiff on Saturday, it was decided that the sliding-soale arrangement should oontinue, without prejudice, pending the result of appeals, which the ooUiery owners are determined to carry through, against the decision of Judge Owen, respecting payment for small coal. On Tuesday Thomas Macdonald, aged 37, was exeouted in KirkdaleGaol, Liverpool, for the murder of -Miss Holt, a schoolmistress, near Bolton. Robert Kitohing, aged 34, a gardener, was also hanged yesterday, the execution taking,place in York Gaol, for the murder of a police-sergeant on the 19th of September last. Both convicts confessed their crimes and were penitent. A disastrous fire broke out on "Tuesday in Queen Victoria-street, London, in which several large warehouses were destroyed and damage inflicted estimated at £ 400,000. The Metropolitan Welsh Church of St. Benet was endangered, but, fortunately, escaped with but little injury. The frost was so great that the water froze M it was discharged from the engines. On Saturday a special meeting was held at Lampeter of the Cardiganshire Joint Standing Committee, which was marked by a heated discussion, Mr. Willis Bund protesting against what he considered the irregular manner in which the majority carried on the business, and, on the other hand, complaints being made of Mr. Willis Bund trying to over-ride the aotion of the majority by com- municating with the Home Secretary. Mr. Gladstone yesterday celebrated the anniversary of his eighty-first birthday at Hawarden, and was the recipient of a great number of telegrams of oongratulatioii from all parts or the country. During the day a memorial fountain commemorative of the jolden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone was unveiled by Mrs. Johnson, of Wroughton Hall. The fountain is the gift of the resi- denta of Hawardan, irrespective of politics, and is erected just outside the principal entrance to Hawarden Park. A farmer named Joseph Leathcrdale, of Salopt, a small Essex village, was missed on Saturday last, and his body has been found doubled up in a cupboard in his lonely home- stead. There was evidenoe of his having been shot at close quarters, and at the nape of the neck there was a deep wound. A halter had been twisted round the neck, and the head tied up in a sack. Suspicion fell on the dead man's nephew, Arthur Leatherdale, a youth of seventeen, who has been arrested, and who admits that he was present when his uncle was shot, and that he helped to put the body in the cupboard. He says that four or five were concerned in the orime, and that he will not split."


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