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J. Q ESS IONS AND Q0N3 (BKOWROOMS AXD OFFICSS), CANAL WHARF EAST, CARDIFF, Solicit Orders for GARBLE WORK OF ALL KINDS. Including MONUMENTS, WITH CARVING OF ANY DESCRIPTION, BUTCHERS' SLABS, GROCERS' COUNTERS, CHIMNEY PIECES OF ANY DESIGN. Prices Quoted on Application. tlPOD WORKMANSHIP. QUICK DESPATCH. 7742e TWENTIETH YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. T71 GRAHAM \OUNG (Succesior to r the late Mr. W. M. Parson). DBNTAL SURGEON (by Elimination), 37, PARK- 8TBEBT, BRISTOL. Atttttdaneet—OAJMIFF and BRIDSEND. 1st and 3rd WBDITESSAT in every month, CARDIFF, 22. OBARLBS STREET (Next te Cathelie Church), from 330 to 7 p.m. Next Visits, WNJCNEXBAY. January 7th and Zitt and February 4th and IStb. BRIDG- END. 22, CAROIJNE-STBET, from a a.m. to 2.30 wm. Same dates as above, ORZFBTOW-EYBILT TFBSDAT, from 18.30 to 6.30, at 1. BEAUFORT. BQUABB. No Fee for Consultation. Moderate Feee with Efficiency. 6854 rpc TOBACCONISTS and PUBLICANS. JL -Commen Clay Pipes, 10d gross; beat id Pipes in one vross bexes, Msorted, 12 patterns, 2s; Cream- washed. 7s; French fancy, 7e 6d beys' Jd, Is 9d Jd, 3s 6d a gress. Id weod pipes, 4s 64 cress; 3d, 2s; id, 21 6d; and H. 4a a doeen. Leq and short Chnrch- wardeae, 6d. M, la, Is 3d. Is let. Tn ene dozen bexes. Tobacco, Rag, is 44; toperf ne, 4s; best Irish Twist and pigtail, 3s M; Bird's lye, is 6d Returns, in lOd; Out and Cake Cavendish, 31 6d. Franklin's, Wills' and other makers' at their list prices. Id Cigars from 4s 8d per 100; 2d from 8s 3d {rem lis 6d; Pins, Courts, Wbi&s, Cigarettes, Ac., 6s per lb. Send for what you want; will be carefully selected iod packed. Money Orders payable to E. OIBB8, TOBAOOOWIATW SUNDRYMAN, 33. CASTLB-6TSUT, BRISTOL. Baubished 1843. 9633 QETZMANN AND CO. FURNITURE 87, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, and 79, HAMPSTEAD-ROAD, LONDON. (NEAR TOTTENHAM COUBT-ROAD AND GOWER- STREET STATION). QETZMANN and CO. 5 GUINEAS. BEDROOM FURNISHED COMPLETE for JE5 5s. Illustration and Full Fartioulars Post Free. QETZMANN and CO. 51 GUINEAS. THE LYNTON DRAWING ROOM SUITE, SETTEE and TWO EASY CHAIR3 for JB5 15a. 6d. Illustration and Full Particulars Post Free. QETZMANN and CO. 27 GUINEAS DINING-ROOM FUlWliHED COMPLETE For 27 Guineas. Illustration and Full Particulars Post Free. ETZMAN,i'S FLLUSTRATED CATA- LOGUE. the bee. hmlshlng Guld. extant, OETZMANN'S ILLUSTRATED CATA- containing coloured and ether Illustrations, with full particulars and priees of every article required In com- plete House Furnishing. Post free on application, QETZMANN AND CO. HAMPSTEAD-ROAD, LONDON. Lc2 JJLISS' QUIPPING NORTON rpWEEDS. These celebrated Tweeds may be obtained DIRECT FROM CHIPPING NORTON. Also their Reyal Navy Sloe and Black Suiting Serges. Patterns Post Free. and any length, supplied by ALFRED MACE, Chipping Norton Tweed Warehouse, Chipping Norton. Oxon. Lc773 EL&CTRIC BELT, FREE. HOW TO OBTAIN IT. To introduce it and obtain Agents,, the undersigned will Give Away a few of their iCl German Electric Belts, invented by Frofeesor Van der Weyde, President of the New York Electrical Society (U.S. Pat. 257,647). A positive Care for Nervous Debility, Rheumatism, Loss of Vitality, to., Ao. Write to— BERLIN MANUFACTURING 00. (AGENTS), 28, ENDiLEIGH -GARDENS, RUSTON-ROAD, LONDON. N.W LC782 DR. T ALOR'S J> HOSPHODYN E For TWENTY-PIVB 'YEA'(lS has maintained its WORLD-WIDE reputation as the ONLY SAFE, RELIABLE, PHOSPHORIO CUIUJI FOR Brain Wreckage, Paralysis, Sleeplessness, Harassing Dreams, Premature Decay of Vital Power, and all Functional and Diseased Conditions of the System, dependent upon the Deficiency of the Vital Forces. It Cures Dyspepsia. Nerve, and Heart Disease. Cares Kidney and liver Complaints. Cures Depression and loss of Appetite. Cures Consumption and General Debility. Checks all Wasting of the Vital Forces From whatever canae arising. rl'he effect of this Standard Phosphoric Remedy in Hervous Debility and its Kindred Evils is immediate and permanent, all the Miserable Feelings and Distress- ing Symptoms disappearing with a rapidity that is BEALLYMARVBLLOUS. a DR. LALOR'S PHUSPHODYNE etually Create* New Nervous Fluid and Brain Mattel by supplying the Blood with its Electric Life Element Phoaphortu." the very Core and Centre of the Brain itself." and kindles afresh the Fire of Life from the Sole of the Foot to the Crewu of the Head, restoring the fullest and most vigorous conditions of Robust Health of Body and Mind, so that all the Duties of Life may be pursued with Confidence and Pleasure. (Thousands of unimpeaehable Testimonials from all parts of the world and from the Highest Medical Authorities. Bold In Bottles at 4s 6d., by all Chemists or sent free in Great Britain, on reÕeipt of P.O., from DR. LALOlt'S PtKJSPHODYNE faABORATORY. HAMPSTEAD. LONDON. N.W.ILOS21 Or At) tE jA P, TAAF POWELL'S lBalsam of Aniseed CURES A COUGH. UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL. (jlADAME MARIE B.OZX, Tin VORU>OU(*OWKBI> PRIMA Doonu wxHfe *a HBamr—" JamULrr TTFC, ISM. My $311^33 ALamjmGN." 'ALL WHO HAVE NOT GIVEN IT A TRIAL SHOULD DO SO AT BNCJJ. Ia palace «md wt^re ea^PoweU** Bdttmot ArfWfd 11 world prooteiirjlitel SOLD BY 20,000 CHEMISTS THEOUGIIOTJT THE WORLD. f Ask for p$wKLL'B *&*<# Prej»*r«d by THOMAS fQjfW jneflJuarSTWVi, I,- lid. Md 21. 3d. fro Cali -N A MINE OF WEALTH FOR YOU IF SECURED TO-DAY. ONE THOUSAND POUNDS IN FREE PRIZES These Prizes will be this day and with each issue of this paper distributed ABSOLUTELY FREE amongst all readers of the WEEKLY MAIL. It is expected that if the demand be as great as hitherto the above-mentioned sum will be exhausted each issue, and thus what amounts literally to A MINE OF WEALTH will be distributed amongst H. Samuel's patrons. EVERY PURCHASER RE- ONIVBS APRIZN. When you have read this, write a letter to H. Samuel. Enclose in your letter a Post- office order for either C 12s. 6d. or 258" and yon will receive by return from this celebrated manufacturer, who deliveM DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTORY to the pocket of the wearer (YOURSELF, READER) a magnificent and valuable ENGLISH LEVER WATCH, with jewelled Movement, fitted with dust and damp-tight cap. and enclosed in Solid Silver Hall-marked Cases. Worth Five Guineas. II, Sam uel'. prfce, dB2 12s. 6d. Or. the CELEBRATED 11 ACME WATCH (Lady or Gentleman's Size), f-plate, extra jewelled movement, in Solid Sterling Silver Oases, handsomely ornamented. Worth Three (guineas; H. Samuel's price, 25s. On the arrival of the Watch the purchaser will be SURPRISED AND DELieH- TED to disoover a HANDSOME AND APPRO- PRIATE FREE PfiJZE included in the box, from this date up to December 31st, 1890. Full par- ticulars of this GRAND PRESENTATION will be sent on application. EACH WATCH WARRAN- TED FOR FIVE YEARS, AND SUPPLIED WITH A WEEX'8 FREE TRIAL. Write for H. Samuel's latest Catalogue, and compare the STARTLING REDUCTIONS made on the ordinary retail prices. Over 1,000 beautiful Illustrations and hundreds of astounding testi- monials from wearers in all parts. Sent to any Address on application, GRATIS and POST FREE, No. 101. Weekly Mail Headers. Available £ 1,000 SPECIAL FREE PHIZ* Distribution. COUPON BOND. ig'go, The holder of this Coupon who cuts it out and encloses It, with order, to H. SAMUEL, is entitled to receive the Watches described above at the reduced prices of £2 12s. 6d. and £1 6s., and to receive ABSOLUTELY FREE, with each, H. SAMUEL'S 8PLENDID FREE PRIZE. (Signed) H. SAMUEL, Manchester. All P.O. Orders to be made payable to H. SAMUEL, at General Post-office, Manchester. WATCH CLUBS.-Five thousand In successful operation. No Watches give such satisfaction. Liberal terms pleasant occupation. Readers who are Clerks, Timekeepers, Railway Men, Foremen, to., are invited to write for particulars. Cihbs formed for Sewing Machines, Wringers, Bicycles, H. SAMUEL, LEVER WATCH MANUFACTURER, 97, 99, and 101, Market-street, I MANCHESTER. 9764c Spearman's Serges, the Royal Navy, Woaded Blacks, Browns, Coloured and Fancy Designs, Is. 6td. and Is. Hid. the yard, unsurpassed for strength and quality, in Weavings for Ladies, Gentle- men, Boys, and Little Folks. Send for Samples direct to Spearman and Spear- man, Plymouth. [984,'c LONDON. HOT E L WINDSOR, VICTORIA-STREET, WESTMINSTER, S.W. SPECIAL NOTICE. ELECTRIC LIGHT IN EViiRY ROOM. MODERATE TARIFF. TABLE D'HOTE at SEPARATE TABLES, from 6.30 to 8.30 (Open to Non-residents). TURKISH AND SWIMMING BATHS. INCLUSIVE TEKMS FROM 12s. PER DAY. J. R. CLEAVE & Co., Proprietors. L649

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