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,The Prolonged frost.-- The…


The Prolonged frost. The Longest Since 1813. A Landon evening contemporary of Monday says:—The severe frosr, which .>as now endure.: for nineteen consecutive day?, shows no signa of breaking up, and all thosa liersotis who have so long yearnsd for a good "old fashioned Chrid^ mas" should nowjh £ The part iil • -r^rhsir ssf in in manv parts on Boxing was of very short duration, and on Saturday moinmg it was freezing again over a great part of tfae cottHtry, «»kUe snow wns falJinf in p?ace«. Y«at«rday the weatl>«r «aa still very coM o^rer tfa» Mrticis of the British island-, and frost was pretty geaetal ever England. In London tba weather has been very raw, and snow was falling almost throughout the day on Siturday, although the total amount measured wns very small. The tem- peratare on Saturday was only one degree above the freezing poini, and yesterday morning the thermometer registered eight dsgreea of irost, whilst it continued to freeze, throughout the (hr. and at timeq iliere waS a very slight fall of iioe anow. Last nigl^t the type of weather prevailing over ollr islands, ani, indeed, over the wh!¡le Confinent of F.uropp, indi- cated a fui titer continuance of the frost. The mean daily temperature has now been below the freezing point for nineteen days. Taking this teat for the length of a frost, Uwt Greeoiwich observa- tions do not show a period of cold so prolonged as the present since 1813. A very severe frosr com- menced on December 26, 1813, which cor.t'mued without a single break till January 26,1414, or just 32 days. The absolutely lowest dally tsna during this frost was 19 6 deg., while the daily meau last. Monday, the 22nd, was 206 deg., or only one degres in excess. In the frost of 1S13-14 the roads were blocked in r.11 direc- tions by the saow, and it is said that twenty inches 1 feil in Plymouth in six hours. The next prolonged I frost since 1813 was for eighteen day?, from January 9-26, 1623. In the Crimean winter 1854 55, the dsily mean w-s below the fretzina point from February 7 to 23, seventeen days, but the frost had continued with but very little- inter- ruption from the 15th of Jwmury, whilst a verv Iteavy fail of snow o<curred, whicli lay on the ground from the 16 h oi January uutil the end of Februsry. It is now just a fortnight since the ground in London has been covered with snow and in the snburbs it still lies to tbe der th of four or fTVe inches. or are inches. I.'