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tiubltc Stontsftmtntsf rjlHEATRE J^OYAL, 0ARD1FF. IJEMM ILWD tfAVAtXS MR. BBTTARD FLtTCItM. AsTilwo MANASER MR. JOHN BHKRIDAN. TO-NIGHT AND EVERY EVERY EVENINQ UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, The Magnificent Pantomime, g I N B A D THE gAlLOR. Plan at Thompson and Bliackell's (Limited). [62008 13tibltr futures* FlVB PER CENT. INTEREST. THE BRITISH BANK OF AUSTRALIA (.LI ML TEH). Head Office—MELBOURNE. Authorised Capital £ 1,000,000 I Paid np £ 153,848 Subscribed 619,240 Reserve Fund, Ac. 72,-371 London 0<E?e:-M and 85, KING WILLIAM-STREET, K.O. „ London Bo.yRD BIR EDWIN F. GAI8WOR1BY. CHA8. MOLYNRUX GRENFELL, Esq. BIR FREDERICK YOUNG, K.C.M G. JAMES MAlillK, lisq. Bankers; London—Messrs. GLYN. MILLS, CUR TUB, and CO. Full particulars on application to the Bankers or to LQiyJ WH LI AM MARTIN. Secretary. BAURY DOCK TOWN (CADOXTON) MARKET COMPANY (LIMITED). ™?P £ I0E 13 GIVEN, that the CADOXTON MARKET will l>e OPENED EARLY IN THE NEW YEAR. General MArkets will be held ou Saturdays and Btock Markets on Mo.idays, The Directors sre now prepared to Receive Applications for Renting Lock-up Shops and Stalls. t DAVID JONES. Secretary. ^Vere-street, C^foxt n. Nov. I7«h, 1890. 97ofc8 KEVEREM) Ji)HN CL EE YES LI.EWELL1N (DECEASED). PURSUANT to an Act of Pailiament made and passed in the Twenty-second and Twentj -third Years of the reign of her present Majesty, chapter 35, intituled An Act to Further AmL-nj the Law of Property and to Relieve Trustees." NOTICE IS B. LREBY GIVES. that all Creditors and Persons hiring any CLAIMS or DEMAND8 for or against the Estate of the Reverend JOHNCLEEVES LLEWELLIN, J.P., late of Trevethin Vicarage, in the Countv of Monmou'h, Clerk in Holy Orders, Deceased. ?° 1 on or at>outtlie -2"d rfay of September.1890), and whose Will was proved bv John Charles Lleweliin, of i, Htow-iiill, Newport, Won., William Cleeves Lleweliin, of 6, Queen Anne s Gate, \V sstminster, and Charles John Legge, of 7, Grosvenor-pface, Claujjhton, Cheshire, i. ,2™u'.ors tllerei" named, on the 2nd day of Decem- ber, 3890, in the Llandaff Registry of the Probate Divi- sion of the High Court of Just ice), art, hereby required to send in the Particulars of their Claims and Demands to t.-e said John Charles Lleweliin, William Cleeves Llewellin, and Charles John Legge, or to the under- MA'RCH 16°1 "'or' 011 or bef^e the 1st day of And JIIotice Is Merelr al!r% Given thst after that day the said Executors will proceed to Distribute the Assets Of the Deceased among the parties entitled thereto. having regard only to the Claims of which the said Executors shall then have notice, and that they will not be liable for the Assets or any p-rt thereof so disiri- buted to any person of whose Debt or Claim they shall not then have had notice. Dated this 3rd dav of December. 1890. JOHN CHARLKB LLEWELLIN, 1, Stow-hiU, Newpjrt, Mon., Solicitor for the Execut- ri ot the sail nr., "ev- J- C L'.eweliin. n nness to the Signature of Joha Charles Lleweliin, Frank RIlQ, Clerk to Mr. J. C. Lleweliin, .1, Solicitor. Nw»pfir». Mon. Qf.7V i ITITI I IJ HJI.J fuDhratioito. T R.G QiiluJs 7 Mu r J:IAI„ A MONTHLY COLOURED MAGAZINE. PiicsEd. oUhfi a^Ih1^'8 Pr70R[AL is intended for children t i f between four and eight years; but It will be found interesting, it is hoped, to thosj beyond that »erP fm^rnKCm<4 e bepn ",ade wi h a view 10 further lud ne*r™ e."gravi"C *,ui Printing of tlie Magazins, "e*1 refr s issue will leave nothing to be desired in tiiis p.*rLic»j ar, Mr w'6' a" Mr'- Mo'esworth. J iVw *• *"??', Pi. well, Mrs. Lowndes, the A' ,u'e I'vans, and Mr. F. S. Potter. w,il. l*Urn w't)j the illustrations, w l,jr Greensway. Mrs. Hallward, W. J. !\ftlrlit: I:;cq" H",rríson WI/ir. Dtlier j Ann»lVoIum.i-r»per Bonds, 2s.; Cloth Boards, Vs. 6d. AIM? In 'Tt ,T!" l^- "Pare'1 to nuke tLh tle Aiost attiactive of its ciass. The Society's pmlcq m.y b. ob!.)nfJ ILL Ih. D,t,Ot 1,, Cardiff—Mr. DOtSKiN, 1, 8L. M<*i'y-*trcet and of all Booksellers. QOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHiflS- k3 TIA N K V U yv 1,81>G I?. LOWDOJT: Northimberl .ud avr-r.iie, Charing Cross W C 43, Queen Victoria str«e!, K C. J»RI«MT0*136, Nwth^Ueet. £ ,^75; J w rpiiE STt )R Y~ W y, u ST B E prf^pa ?»ys T!* fpc* '"I "AW HIRSE SHIPS, by Q. au'h^r of "De. d v Vock,' whicn ippears in YULK TIDE. It is a, ,„a.-ce full of luaint humour. A DiMIUABLY JlXl'iUiJ Fi)," sava The n'4ri\-mr £ "?Z' "is 'PH1NC1? OJARLIE'd FARE- I'LOrtA MAl! ON4LI),' f^e large Co ouunn [iDE*" W1 Messrs. Casscil's Annual, 1ULE YOLE TIDE," with (lve beautiful Plates and Q's trew Story, is now le at all Booksellers.' L<.79) RAPHAEL'S ALMANAC EOR 1801 NOW READY, Contaiiifnff Hints to Farmers and Gardenrrs, an Every-day G"id» tor aii the Afxairs of this Life, when Ja Buy, Sell, Spec ie, Travel. Ac., &a. Jjiniidav Information for every diy, also Fate oi a.iv Ciiild l orn juring the year. The largest an.) Best Almanac published. No ono who has not seen it can form anv opiiiion of its usefulness. Hifeli andiow, rich and poor can L!r,tiL by it. Get a Copy this year and j-Ige for yourself. p, Ice 6d.; Past Free 7d. RAPHAEL'S B OR OF D UEAMS, ?». An infallible Interpreter. Insist 011 having RAPHAEL'S. RAPHAELS lJOOK OF FjtXS, is. A sure cuide to the future. and CO., 4, I'grimslrcct' I-udgate Hill, E.O. WEBB, LEWIS, and SMITH, Cardiff, and all Stationers. kot Y IMPORTANT KOiJCE V Just Published, a Book for Young Men, By Va. J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), Entitled, "IIOW TO ENSURE HEALTH." On the LAWS GOVi BNING LIFE, and the CAUSES IYMPTOM8, and TREATMENT of ail 0ise» £ es depend^ run1^3!1?" of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility. Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart. Noises in the Head and Ears, Ind-cision Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration' Lassitude, Depression of Sp'iits, Lose of Bnerev and Appetite, Pains in the Back, Ao. 8y ana Bent Post Free for Two Stamps, or by Letter Po t Three Stumps. If THE FEMALE'S FRIEND AND ADVISER" Will be sent to any Address on receipt of Two Stamps. Address Dr. BARNES. 48. Lonslale-tquare, Barnsbury, London, N. Lc757 INVENTION, a Weekly Journal for Manu- JL facturers, Engineers, Capitalists, and Scientists wth Supplement. Published at 54, Fleet-street, Lon- don, E.G. Inventions—Tlie Best Patent Agency, conducted by a Solicitor and Government Exittniner. Secifciy and Despatch. inventions—Best Scientific, Professional, and Technical Advice Gratis. litt-entiom-Belit Method of Financing and Selling Inventions and Patents. Large Sums to t)e Realised. Jnventions.—Descriptive Notices and Illustrations, ee Curier.t Number (Supplement; Invention, 64. Fleet-strict.. B.C. Lc409 Qmmg; ftooms, &c. I BRISTOL. ANVEAN/S S W A N H O T E L 62, BROAD-STREET, BRISTOL, (All Old Welsh House.) Thia old-established Hotel is situated in the very centre of the City. It has been thoroughly renovated, and is now unequalled for Comfort, nomUined with the utmost Moderation In Charges. HOT AND COLD LUNCHEONS, TEAS AND SUPPKKa. GOOD BEDS. ^W^HCTRI^OCXTOMROPWHOJ. CIA i: 1 >JI L ADVEHTlElNlT, B1LL- C POSTING AND CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (LIMITHD). Established 1877. OFPICK8: CASTLE-STREET CHAMBBH3. bECIltXAKS:: FRANK H. SIMPoON. Best Pemanent Posting Stations In Cardiff anA If ngfcbourhood. Coiitractors lor ail deseriptiaaj 0: Advei-iisiug. Circular Distributing, Ac. .4 ff ()rdpt-< flronln,f,ly a(f*p ill.i. I 02sES BROTHERS, PRINCIPAL BILL rOSTERS AND DELIVERERS. HIGH-STREET, NEATH, AND BR ITON FERBY. Circulars Addreased and delivered. Bill-posters to the Great Western and Neath and Brecon Railways, and the rrinclpftl Auctioneers, Z,«Mes>«| U» PrilJCiPll fe»U»a W»W.gfl8tfiiru,

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