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OUR LAWYER, 0. uonaucted by a Barrister-at-Law. Lejial untitiom must be stated fully and clearly, antI a full copy must be sent of any document on which advice is sought. All communications must it endorsed 11 LEGAL," per Editor, WEEKLT MATT," Cardiff. EQUITABLK MORTGAGE.—We have returned the equi- table mortgage sent by W. H. C." (Pontypridd). We assume that his title deed has been returned to him, although he does not say so. The agreement ill of no value now that the money secured thereby bag been paid off. If the lender were to write upon it thaT all the money secured thereby had been paid no stamp would be required but if a common receipt has been given with a penny itanop there is no need to take any further trouble about the matter, if the receipt clearly refers to the same transaction. There is no necessity for any deed to release the property from the equitable charge created thereon. PROPOSKD INCREASE OF REST.—" E. M." is advised that his rent cannot be inereased until the end of his year's tenancy, and at that time he may give up possession without giving any previous notice of his intention to do so, the agreement of tenancy being for one year certain. As to notice, be is in a similar position to If leaseholder, no notice being requisite on either side. The purchaser could only acquire that which the vendor was able to sell, that is to say, the property subject to the existing agreement of tenancy. BASTARDY.—" Bastard (Tondu) has no right to inter- fere in any manner with the custody of the child 01 which be is the reputed father. He must pay accord- ing to the order for all the time mentioned therein, or the mother may have him arrested on a warrant and sent to prison. It is quit* a mistake to think that sixteen years means thirteen years; the order must b^censtruecfaccording to the plain words contained therein, DIRECTOR.—" J. J" (Swansea) forgot to enclose the memorandum and articles of association which lie wishes us to construe for him. If the genteman id question is a registered shareholder to the proper amount, there is no reason stated for doubting his qualification. DEATH OF EXKCUTOR.—" W. H," (Treorky) is advised that the death of a sole executor before he has proved the will does not invalidate the same. Letters of administration with the will annexed will be granted to one of the residuary legatees, or to some other person interested under the will. FAIRPLAY" (Machen) writes to say that it was not the Oaerphilly Second Fifteen with which the Machen Greys drew last Saturday, but with the Caerpbilly First Fifteen. PsoPOSED DEED OF GIFT.—It would be very unwise for 11 J. G." (Briton Ferry) to make a deed of gift in the circumstances stated for two reasolls-First, because itl would be costly, and, secondly, in case his wife should die intestate in his lifetime, the property would descend to her heir-at-law, and thus he would loseitJ1 But, by making a will in his wife's favour, he could have the enjoyment of the property in his lifetime;" and his wife would have it after his decease. If he is willing to do this we shall be happy to give him 6* simple fonn of will which would answer his purposel but we will not have anything to do with a deed of gift which might have the effect of depriving him of his property when he would most requ;re the benefit thereof. LAKDLORD AND LODGER.—"A Subscriber" (Riverside) might sue his late lodger in the county-court for tbe amount claimed, but we are not in a position to advise upon the prospect of success, which would depend upon what passed between them. POWER OF DIRECTOR.—" Brutus" (Merthyr) is advised that it is not usual or proper for a board of directory to delegate to any single director the privilege of sign- ing cheques, whether in favour of himself or of any other person. The proper number of directors and libo 7 secretary may sign any cheque for a payment authorised by the board of directors to be made, and this would not be invalidated by the faco that the cheque was pap,ire to one of the signers. INTESTACY.—" Dei. ;ike" is informed that letters of administration i.; ast be obtained. Neither the lease- hold property nor the outstanding debts could be dealt with without an administrator being appointed!; The actions to recover debts, &o.. will have to be com- menced by the administrator as administrator, and not in his own right. ,¡ WASTE OF PROPERTY.—" Epsilon (Cardiff) is advised that a solicitor should be instructed in this matter without further delay, and notice should be giveu to the purchaser of the property. Delay might lead to everything being wasted, and then the children of the intestate would be destitute. LIQUIDATING DEBTOB.—"X. Y. Z." (Llandovery) it informed that the debtor made a great mistake in not securing the life policy when it was of no value. At that time the trustee might we' have disposed of it for a nominal consideration, but hi would not now be justified in parting with what is a valuable asset belonging to the creditors. The best course would be for our correspondent to instruct his solicitor to enter into negotiations with the trustee on the subject. HUSBAND AND WIFE.—" A. Z." Is advised to instructs local solicitor to take the necessary proceedings for.. obtaining a dissolution of his marriage if sullicient evidence ean be obtained, on which point his solicitors will advise him after hearing all the circumstances of the ease. INSPECTION or WORKS.—"Llewellyn" (Bryn) does not state the nature of the prooes*. If it involves any valuable secret he cannot claim to be allowed to see it merely because he is a shareholder. If this were to be permitted, the prosperity. of the company be endangered. t NOTICE TO LANDLORD.—" Justice" (Rhondda) forgot to tell us whether the property to which his inquiry refers is real or personal estate. If the former.H tfoakjt descend to the heir-at-law if freehold, or to the ens- tomary heir if copyhold. But if it Is leasehold, it. is now vested in the administratrix of the persoaafv estate of the late owner. Notice must be given to the person now the owner accordingly. MONEY TO RECEIVE.—" X X.X" (Abergavenny) may manage this either through his banker or his solicitor. LANDLORD AND TENANT.—" A Constant Header" (New- port) is right. Therent is payable from the date when possession was giveu if the tenant will not pay, • certificated bailiff should be instructed to distrain for the amount due. HUSBAND AND WIFE.—" An Anxious Inquirer" (East Moors) had better setk the advice of a local solicitor. Or he may tell us in confidence what he complains of. lie need not be afraid of telling us all about the caM- as all communications are treated as strictly confident ti«l- £ DELAY IN DELIVERY OF TELEGRAM.—The only thing which 1. M." (Dowlais) can do will Be to report the case. The messenger or other person in fault would be reprimanded or punished. as I he cam may be, but our correspondent has no legal remedy.

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