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The O'Shea Divorce Case.

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OUR LAWYER. Conducted by a Barrister-at-Law. Legal questions must be stated fully and clearly, a full copy must be sent of any document on whiC" advice is sought. All communications must be endorsed" LEGAL," per Editor, "WEEKLY MAIL» Cardiff. PERJURY. "Filir Play" (Llanelly) has got ratber, mixed. Does his inquiry relate to as affidavit or to* statutory declaration ? The crime of perjury consist* j in taking a false oath, and although making a fal* declaration is not technically perjurv, yet practically! it amounts to the same thing, because it has been specially enacted that the punishment for makings false statutory declaration is to be the same as w* perjury. INDIA Oi'Fica.—" Next of Kin (Cadoxton) may write to the Military Secretary, India Office, 8t. James'# Park, London, B.W. POWEB TO MAKE WILLo-" Cymry (Crickhowell) doef not give the date of his aunt's marriage or of this decease of his grandmother, and without these dettf it is impossible to advise him definitely. Bat as it does not appear that his aunt has anything to ImYCo there is no point upon which to hang any claim bY her husband. lIe may write us again with full pariii- culars, it he likee, and then we will advise bim definitely. SNARE OF RESIDUE.—W by did not R. T." (filamee* gan) claim her share at tho time? It ia absurd tO stand by for a quarter of a century and then endeavour to claim. Her right of recovery has long been barred by the Statute of Limitations applicable te UlS case. SUCCESSION DUTY. Succession li-ui-y- "-(-I-re-li-e-rbeirt) is iuformed that this is a charge upon the land in the hands of a purchaser. Probably he did not give so much for the property as if there had been no web charge thereupon, or his solicitor may have retained out of the purchase money sufficient to pay the sue-, cession duty, as is usual and proper in such cases. Hal our correspondent seen his solicitor who prepared bit conveyance and inquired how the matter now standsi If not, he ought to do so before be answers the letteri from Somerset House. We cannot think that hit solicitor would negligently let him in for such A charge, which he knew would have to be paid. BASTARDY. -If M. 8." cannot arrange terms, she might have a summons issued against the reputed father, which might bring about some satisfactory arrangement with him, but we most say that we think the otter which has been made to her is a very liberal one. However, she must use her own discretion as (0 whether she accepts it or not. LIFE INSURA'iCl. A Devonshire Lad" (Cardiff) doet not say how the claim of the brother arises. Did be pay the premiums or any part thereof ? Probably WW whole affair is illegal, being merely a speculation, and neither of the brothers having any insurable interest in the continuance of the life upon which the policy was effected. However, if he will inform us all tM facts we will advise him. RAFFLE.—" Taffy (Swansea) is advised not to bring this into court; the whole affair was illegal from beginning to end, and all the parties implicated are liable to penalties. SALE OF HOUSE.—" A Subscriber (Newport) is advised that the repeated sales of the property do not in any manner affect his tenancy. As he is tenant from yetf to year, and his tenanoy commenced in March, be is entitled to half a year's notice to quit, which must be served on or before the September rent day, and possession must be given in the following Maxell- he earliest time at which the tenancy could now be determined by notice will be March, 1892. If Be wished to leave next March, be ought to barf written us sooner. TELIGnAL-AS. LLIage" (Hereford) is informed ttet wh-n the address is within one mile of the post-office to which the telegram is sent, no-porterage is charged and if such office is the head office ot the town, no porterage is charged within the limit of the town postal delivery, although it may extend more than one mile from the post-office. Beyond those limits is charged for each mile or part of a mile from the free delivery buii, 1 lary to the place where the tele- gram has to be deh -red, if within three miles. Beyond the lftst-mentionc distanee horse hire is charged. NOTICE TO QUIT. T." (Builtb) is advised tite* I in. both the cases mentioned by him. bd" tenancies from year to year without any ilipo- lation as to notice, the tenancies may respeetinty be determined by half a year's notice being gives by either party to the other of them so as to expire at the end of a complete year of the tenancy*


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