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LEGAL. [CONDCCTBD BY A BABBISTEtt-AT-LAW.'} Legal questlfms must b. IStated fully a?itt clea?,Iy, and a /MM copy must be sent of any document on which ad-mce is sought. All CCWtMMt?:!C<t<tO!< must be endorsed LEGAL." RttHBTRATION O? TRADB MARK.—If Bhttei wi)I tend 7d. to etampa to the ilatent Omee (Trade M<*)rk Departtaent), 25, South imptan-buildiitgb, ChaQcery- lane, London, W.O., and ask for the ru)ea, Ac., relating f to MtC ret[ittnt<)ion of trade Ttarit*. he will obtain the information which lie devii-es. Perbape be And it convenient to have the matter attended to by an acent, whose chargM would have to be added to the oflicial feel. FMKNM.T SoMZTY.— The remedy for the grievance complained of by "A. B," (Sketty) it timpte and obvioua. If the business of the Meiety cannot becum- pleted by the time for chninj; the pubtic-bcuae the meeting mi?ht be hetft etaewhere. There woutd be thi< additioa-t! advantage in tbia arrangement, that the members would not be tempted to take iatox)- caUag hquor for the good of the honM," which hM been too often the result of meeting in pubtic-boutee within our own knew!edj;e. iNttEMTBD PROPERTY.—" J. J," (LolIghor) doee not aay whether he inheri!ed the property as owner thereof i<r fee aimpte or merely as tenant for Hfe. If the former waa the CMe he may give away the whole estate if he withe* to do so; but we do not advise thi< cour<e, because Be miaht. need the income for his owN maia- teHanoe. He mij:ht, howevef, 'eU the property, or dispose of it by his will. The latter course would be very mach better than giving it away.aahewcuid enjay the iuMCM theteof dtM-ing? hie lifetime, and eouM make a new witt at any time if it should appear to beneoeMary or earpetHent to do <o. If he is merety tenant for life he oannot <M<pe<e of the land M M to bind the reveraion oxpoeltut upon hit deee<ne. We tbtU he happy to advice him dennitety on teaming in whtt nMmner he haiNa the iand. A* ANNOW CeMMtAttT*" Atfn "A RADICArl CBmby).—Weareeoavineedthat neither of out oor- m"ndwntwio d*Aing honeet!y by ura" the pubno. Qfttidv. ffttux omaeoftd with theot and pfeviout letters dtatinz with the tMtter of the appointment of returning ofilewfbrtfmbmustilre point Htuntttekaeiy to the Gendusion uu&otm convapeadents have eB<t9 in titw ettMt MMm those oeteBatMy farward. If we we wro". our wrnwpoaouts Om Mt ur rl)tht by eeneemtt«)t w have u. tetten pobuebe* wtM* MMir pfpef muam-"d addvwm saaabod therat4r. !NIQTMR70 QMiT.—lf "Fire*tde" (8w<mMet 1iUl tteer- tain and istorm up what tems i-i ore -trr' nfw Tt'en 1 ttw tenMcy CMnnMuaedt mwtlil)g m eo ? r agreement if it was reduced to writing, kt)owinganyt))ingabt)utthe case. The perMa who COPY Wn.r..—"Destitute" (Merthyr) shoutd write to rR-TACY OF !iUSL.AXD.—" M. W' (Jtoath) is informed °' require the surviving partner to pay thou the <i.:nonnt LANDLOKD AND TK!ANT.—"M. A. I." ia advised of the parties to the other of them, or A new.trr.mge- Aj< INSANB PuBHCAN.—lt ''A. B. C. win inform us the circumttaueea of the case and' the mnon tm' the December) we sh<<U be happy to advise him. BRtAcn OF CONTRACT.—Of course, 0. H. V. (Merihyr) d<ua&gM and costa in &n action fo<* his breach thereof. A3 to what he had better do. the answer it p'ain. His for it. rather than havea)a)'ger, DuTiM o? Ex)[CUTOR3.—"&. H."(Abergavenny)'shoutd order through hit booksetter a emaH book caUed "Tha Duties of Bxecutora," by F. \V. Dendy, pubtished by Wateriow and Sona (Limited), at Is. 6d. We practicat, and correct. After he hM got it ho 'nay write u) ttgain on any point not mentioned therein, and w« thati be happy to advise him. But we do not think thtt he wiii have any such if he carefutty reade the instruction*, un!eM there thoutd be Mme- thiag verj; in the circumstances of bis case. DtATK oy TRUSTaE.—" Executrix (Whitchuroii) i* advised that a new truatee wiit have to be appointed appointment mutt be made by deed, prepared by a )oe*t Mticitor. TRADit MARK.—If Potter wisbei to have the ?ote use of hia trade mark, he ought to have it registered in the uanat manner. BANKRUPTCY O? MORTGAGOR.—" J. P." (Cardiff) is advised in ease of the bankruptcy of the mort- gagor the mortgagee may either exercise the power poiseMion or receipt of the renta of the property ut.tit a favourable time comes for seUing, or vaiue the secu- which case the trustee would have a tight to redeem the property at the amount at which it was so ta)ued. In case of taie, the mortgagee woutd have a right to prove against the estate for the de6ciency incase the Mie of the property shoutd not produce stifScient to 8BABKOF QRANT.—" Grant" <Brecon)wiU be entitted IJMOMK-TAX, ECHEDULE D.—"A Constamt Reader" (Fensrth) win have to pay to the elector the Income- tax according to the asaeasment on wilich he is his accounts for the year. if his :u:tnat income as ascer- LoAN AND "V. C." (CardiFf) is a partner in the business, and if 90 he witt be responsible for the discharge of a)I))abi)itiesott)ie firm which the partnership assets witi not extend to satisfy. However, if he wit! send us a. copy of his mentioned, we sha.U be happy to advit3 him upon his ButUMNG BoctKTY. A Header" (Uanetty) may write TRtES.—The ttees referred to by A Reader" (Ltattetty) betong to the frecbotdcr. as they are not mentioned AQREXMKMT Of TKNAXCY.—If J. 8." (Neath) wi)l happy to advise him thereon but we do not give forms ef that kind in thia column, and if we did we be 2s., the rent being between JBi5 and JMO per annum. It wouid save trouhte to use a stamped sheet of ps'per, which could be obtained at the Intend Revenue OEnce. BAaTARDY.—" Z. Y. X." ahouid apply to the magistral's after the date of the chitd's birth. She ought to have the of t toca) soticitor. \\e coutd ttot advise her on the other subject referred to in her tetter without knowing the circumstances of her ALUMED BLANDER.—" Cymro (Ewantea) woutd require th< aMtatanee of <t !ocat solicitor if he intends to go to iaw about this matter, which we do not advhe him to do. SxwAaz GA9. — In certain states of the wind the remedy proposed by "A Reader" (Pembroke) woutd would send the gas directly into the windows of the bedroome in his neighbour's house. To be of any use it must be higher than the roof of the hou'e in it* highest part.





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