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Our Children's Christmas Corner.,




A NEW THOUGHT READER. [By CLUBBITE.] L A remarkable addition to the ranks of psychical phenomena-mongei s has come amongst us. The late W, Irving Bishop and the present Stuart Cumberland seem to be completely ontdone by the wonderful feats of thought reading I saw performed at the New Central Hall, Holborn, the other evening by a young Frenchman with a ltussiati name— Dr. Onofroff, of Paris. He never failed once. The usual metaphorical murder scene was enacted by Mr. Edward Terry, the actor, Captain Probyn, and Mr. Herbert Burrows. Dr. Onofroff entered the room, was blind- folded, and immediately led a fourth gentle- man who was acquainted with the figurative crime directly to the spot where the murder took place, found the knife with which it was done, and the person who had committed the crime. I do not quite see what use it all is, for if a witness of a real murder is once in the hands of the police it is not often that he refuses to tell what he has seen. If, now, Dr. Onofroff would scent out the particulars of a mysterious crime by being led to the spot, say, where the body was found, then he would be invaluable to Scotland Yard, but at present he merely acts upon the involuntary nervous energy of aperfroily willing agent, who knows all about it. Of course, he told the figures of numbers known only to one person in the audience, and, of course, he fouud all sorts of hidden articles, but unless by the same occult means he is absolutely able to detect the seat of disease, or trace criminals to their lairs, I am inclined to look upon his manifestations as merely those of any ordinary person who can so closely concentrate his or her attention upon the will of another as to entirely obliterate any will power of his own, which is exactly what Dr. Onofroff doee, and then acts or speaks as that person to whom he has voluntarily subjected his will would act or speak if asked to do either. All the same, it must be confessed that this young Frenchman has succeeded in completely subjugating his own will power, and obtains during the after process some very remarkable, and, at tirst sight, even startling results,



Christie Holmes' Last Tot.

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