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"E IT^NAMELLED SLATE AND MARBLE) CHIMNEY PIECES, j BATHS, LAVATORIES, Ac., RANGES, GRATES, AND ALL HINDS i OF BUILDERS' IRONMONGERY. j HMBE8, SLATE, AND GENERAL MERCHANTS. J I STONEWARE SANITARY PIPES, CEMENT, I PLASTER, STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BHtf'SS, UtB ALL XaD8 OF BTRN.DI.SA JJA^SSIALS.; WIlIJEltY AND MOULDINGS. YROTIYB AXNNY GK^BN AND OTH £ » IU)OF;N £ SIA^ES. ■ CARIHRE. >W J OBTnCB9 AND CANAL WBAHF KAIVT, CARDIFF. WORKS: JOHN-STREET, CARDIFF. AND AT DOCKS, GLOUCKS J 'IT:I?,e A F R E E G 1FT. Vany HUNDREDS OF R>»A LEI'J .\f TTIS WEEKLY }f-a.i¿ HAVE TS V'H ADV.VICAA* I OF FT. A.MCKL'.S GLIAJTS) 'BJTTF&T' to purchasers, R»IE >NT;IHWCE- j Wtenr which HIT* wce.'jtly APPEARED in FI' columns. IT> UUMEIXVN IR>starn«e» ill columns, in UUIIIC? <>V-* M:>R.REES reuu after receivfnsj tiieiv VFIFCR. have •MM. O* her orrfei'J FT* THEIR P-I» VIS, SO T»»' THEV ALSO RMIJHT, I.*MSLIT UY H. IVALLT'K»»8 JLAGJTFIE&ST OTFFKK. TNE -A-AUMPT STOCK IS. THEREFORE. RAUUILY I BAUSLED, ANA AS THESE ARE TH* LAST Y £ .»*■» OF THE PRESENTATION, TLIOSE REA-LERA WLT« OAVA NOT YET OBTAINED <■ OF TH«-S» BIUTTTRTIN CHAINS SIIOUKL N<-8 DELAY. TMK SEMI OW ORDERS M OUEE, SO AS TO U; >» U-UKJ TO R ,L"EIV 4 one. H. SAMU^!I inesenis WRTH GE«!EIB.3 vVa: T A F.ISWIONA.VK* •• ACTKJLN'IAN GO<L!> ALIMKS?*. »«<I every L.F.V'T W T IEH -IJF KLI-IB AA» JIT'RAMAN" OB'ALIU. LB'* AUIAIK.AII *HW 30 WE!* AUD BSARS SUCLI & EICST; I ESE;UBLI«IIK« TO RW.I JFOIRT THAT TILE TWO EAMIOT- !»« READILY UISTM- MUISIUSIT- I BK IX TIMEI! ON DR. 14 .4"? QSCE J F>.N V F JL-;LA.Y T CI, SAMFFI.-S WORHI-FAR»E.L W.TTC.IW ARE | JUSTLY CELEBRATED tor THEIR WON OSMJ! T L V.í.C8 A3 WELL AS FOR THEIR IURATHTITY AOL-'CIIATE XLMIIISCSEPISTIF, twiug ill THE J ISVTTER REAP^U'. WI&NOUN EVEN in -a..cn<M COSFFTITS 1 £ SA.TTI :^L3 PRICE. THUT;^ANX)B ARE <UVF LIEH^H-TED ANRL sur- PRISV-I AT r.He ;UI\I RUTX>F«| WA -"HES THEY RECEIVE. | II. SAVWL'S CEIEIYRATEI* BNGKSH J LEVUR, RN LA-.> SIZES, I'AR LUL1* *MI TI'JNTWIMCJI, AIKI WITH O UTIST AIKI AARMP TIIJHT C.VP, j n SOIFU. .SILVER U.L' MARKED CASES. SO J AM .I IICV, *URILI T5 J 11. -LAMOSL'S FIMWAS ••ACIWS' I W'TTEHEA. a "VO SU«, FOR KA<II«3 J AND TJCMFCIEMETS, INOVEUIFRR.T, J?| JJ |) J JEWELLED "UtX USOAR. ACCURATELY rimed, r SRIIIRT SILVER O«SES, VNLU' SRIIIRT SILVER O«SES, VNLU' WORTH £ 3 3S J BACH VVA.ELI WIITUIXIKLI FOR K1VH YBAitS, FTRNJ SUPPII^D JH ;» WIVSK'S J8J8I4 TKIAL. WRITER,O H. SA*RC £ L for SAR^E IK'SCRIPFEITE cnUiugtte of WATCHFS AND J«weHery, 96pp.. ^*A, -oiitaini. ITPWIRUS of VOO IWAATIIAI ENGRAVINGS A.I<l euiaptete descriptions «F all M. DAMUBL'S s;IAII-L !MNUF;»cruros. HURI- ured3 (if A3T.OANDI:I.^ tt-sttrnoiiisls from an ,1.1'1. Sent A,raiis ITID P"5è TREE to any ADDRESS on receipt of LETTER OR PO-3T card. Instructions—Cut, OIIF. fbis Advertisement atnl ff>rwafd it. to H. TIASLUBFJ. witn ordtor and F.O.O. ENCLOSED, AND WATCH wit1 &• despai CTK-D by next post..icoo>np*nied by ii. ianiuei'S ITATJIIILICENT Pre., Gift. 1' H. SAMUEU LEVER WATCH FACTORY, 97. MARKET- STREET, MA-NCHESTKU. 8721c BENSON'S •* ROYAL EXCHANGE" SILTSR Foot o JjU.. KEY LESS JHWZZS LEV E R EOYAL EXCHANGE1 WATCH., WITH THRBB-QCARTEB PLATS MOVEMENT, JJBWBLLED THROUGHOUT. BENSON ^"FLLOR KS.—M ARB'^ B K NSON^S~CLOC KS.—GILT. BL'IS SON'S CLOC KS.— Carriage. BENSC/RS'S CLOCKS.— Chime. BK'NIDON'S CLOCKS.—Church. BENSON'S Illustrated Pamphlets Free. J. WNR"S7TF' QUEEN'S WATCHMAKER. STEAM FACTORY, LUDGATR HILL; 28, ROYAL EXCHANGE and 25, OLD BOND-STREET, LONDON. Lc62e POWELL'S BALSAM OF | ANISEED.! THIS (tRAN1'* Oi.[> KKMKDY FOR JOUGHS. BRONCKITISj ASTIDFA, INFLUENZA, i Nieni COUGH, &C. EXTRAORDINARY OUUE OF A COCGH. H.M. Griinboat,. Ifetler, Wick, Scotland. ••Bear SIR, —Having had a IU<«T DFSIRT-SSINOF AND severe cougrfc, »rhte}* ET»T«E<4 ME MIINX* AJE#PTE3S nights and re». LES» DAYS, I ■WAAREEOMTNENJED VY HIS Lordship, file L?arl >F C^ITU'.ESA. V.. try your most. INVAUTAHUJ HALJ^A\R ot" ASiAE&L). AND [ C'L'I assure Y ,t, with the iirst dose i found immediate relief, even hiving tú suspend uy VARIOUS duties ami MIE IIRST .tmllltllttlê ;UVED me. t-hwefore I have the GREATEST confidelJee in fnliy recoinm.EW<lina: IT tiie revilr .HI. j •* W. LIT.VAELI., JL.ii.6r.B. Setley." 4M sboya sracie Marie on eV2ry SETTLE, AND on HAVIMF POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. Sokl BY C.'inm.'st? IUID Henieir.e Ve;vuoM throughout F the WcrM, at Is. Hd. arid '<#. 3d. <> PJIKTARKD BY THOMAS ¡>O\VHL.L, LLSTITEP, 4, ALBIOM-PF.AC^, BLACSFSTFARS L<WQOS. LIITABLISIIED :M7. IFADICA! A T*C<" '\R.AT13 DaBy; Q T E V K» N S AMERICAN BOTANIC DISPENSARY, 97, OLD MARKET-STREET, RHISTUL. TIM* TSST OF'FFTPTH. AMKMCJLN' COU^H Sir P. This PRENARATIOH HAS been sold by ita tor neM-ty forty YEARS. It is a safe, agreeable, and certain CUILE for all kinds of tiough. Asthma, Whooping Goujiii, >li«rtness of Breath, Hoars«ues», Bronchitis, and all D: *as \I ot the Chest and Lunga EVEN in the last STA^E of Consumption affording relief when all other retnetlie3 HUREFAILED. One Bottle will in most cases eJcct:i. perrect- cuie. In Bottles AT Is. lid. and 2S. 3d. each. G. STEVENS COMPOUND DANDELION PILLS. These Pill, have been sold for neariy forty years .iLh the greatest success. They are a safe and certai n CUSS for all DISEASES of the -STOMACH and L1VEU, Indi- festien. Piles, (Jiddinpss in the Hesd, Oonstipatiort, latuleut Paius IN the GTOIU.ICH and BOWEL.? THIOO^H im* ,.1re4 digestiun. Being purely Vegctabie they are sate UODCR ANY circumstancee. Xhojsands are cured anau. ally by their use. BOLE AGENT FOB CARD1,i>r-.M:J:. KOSSEK. 68, ADAM-STREET. LIST EL AGENTS (ire HAVE no ETHERS, travel 11 or ether- 1 wise) S—London, Mr. E. Taylor, Y, Leitii-terrace, EHgh- road, KUKURA; Cardiff, Mr. RoMer, 36, AD.INI-street; liath, Mr. finch, 5. Cheap-itreet, and Mr. Phillputt, 3, Pountaiu SNUDIAXA; Frocift, Mrs. Drucc, i. South Parade: Amenta wanted, hiberal Discount alfowed. 2123c JJINNEEORD-S MAGNESIA. MAGNESIA. LNNEF@RDS PURE FLU IB MAG- Xi;3IA. DINNEFORD'S MAGNESIA, Fer acidity OF the STOMACH. FOR HEARTBURN AND HEADACHE. FOR Gout and INDIGESTTEN: INNEFORD'S MAGNESIA. Sateet and most gentle a»«rlenfe fer delicate constitutieas. HFTDIES, Children, aad infants. U>Si)QS, AUD ALh 0AEWT^T9 TO BE GIVEN AWAY. 1 TO THE READERS OF THIS PAPER. 77,000 MA0NISS. scliAP I ALBCMS, A!FX> üSE MILLION CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S II CARDS. TQ be presented, entirely Free of Charge, to the Headers I of tliis p .per, in addition to the above GI;A>T) CHHIS'NIAS GIFTS. X'A G U I N K A S TJ\J I-« CASH PHIZES WIH BE presented. Eutirely Free uf Charge, to the Twenty perSO:13 wt:o /ORM 1 ile Fii;;b.,t NUMBER Lf Dictionary W urds OUR, of THE WORD P R E S I'I N TAT I 0 N TLIIN, FOR EXAMPLE, P1IE3E5T," 8E5T," BE3T," "^ATIOX," AC.. S,> -JECT to R,I*E CONDITIONS below. I'TILNNIOUIIT WILL BV DIVIDED AS TODOWT :— { FIRS'F PRIZFE> K:20 0S. OD. J SKCOND PRIZK £ 1010». Od. THIRD PRIZE £ 0 tho OJ. AND SEVENTKLIS." OTHER CASH PRIZES vi ONE POUND EACH. HENCE EVERY l'omp..¡i;"r WSH FCAVETWESTV CFTAJFCE3 OK WINNL>"T> U), E OF 1'HE ( WEN'TV CASH PRIZES. EXTRA SPECIAL N'OTTCS. GUARANTEED G-ENUISB. The Kensington YINE Art A^SOFLI.ITION, HEINA desirous of IU, Mier EXTENDING tile 9.1e of their Aft Pro.luctiou3 "t, P .paiar Prises, ¡J¡J;V8 DECIDED tn OSER rht; abova CA3U Prizes, ENTIKELI FKEE OF ClLUm E, to all readers WHO 3'tnl! patrons of their GRAND CMRIVFMAS PUESI5NTATION PARCEL. For P,nt.;>inc:e Order 13. Id., or twetit v-six stamp?, carriage Tn-e. Every mucel wilt con.ain the WHOLE of the MAGRIFLIEERT!) articles enumerated BELOW, t.he mag- niKcefit Scrap Album and ACBARNIIIIG PACKET of Christ- ITIAS and Sew Year's C uds being included, eutire'y free of any :{f.ra. char;4e, ill IVERY D.¡I'Cfl1 appliecl jor before Dwinber H. A MAGNIFIC2ST SCKIP ALBUM. l'uis ""wa.rk! IMVIIORAS SCI4AP ALBUVI ha3 a very beautifui and elabor.W E eover. finished in «o:d, splen- diiily ittUUlitla!ed. the FINE Arc design BEING really exquisite. E ICH measnrt:5 lLiIl. by Him, A MAGJFLFI-1 CEKT PACK iiT OF CHKISTMAS A^D RTEW Y EAR'S CAIIBS, CONTAINING a o;*ery Choice and Splendid AssortiBenr, "f tÜe N'EW REASON'S PRIXLUOF 101:3 from tne j origiri.il tle3i¡,{lIs of the most ewinent Ecalish .a..ti$r,¡, with appropriate prU86 ,.¡. verse, written 1-xpressiy hy writers of the BEST talent. Also A PACiiST OF EMBOSSED CO1 OCREL> SCR,\PS, ready for screen or album, t."1nLdnini: SPLENDID ami vtrrv charming vade. ties. A VEIJY PUETEV TABLE MAT. AS H!»EG-ANT fMfTA110X BL.OSZB RA:liE witil lloral DESIGN and. apprwprmte wording III the eeritre, A PilB OB" U.LG- MINATET1 TEXTS. Ino"r. (;!1¡¡,rmilJ<7lv einbosscd and coloured. TaB GOLDEN" STAB "ASD CRE"CEST. heing I. realiy ex-^ui-iite floral dC'3i;;I1, "ith twO) saiiable texts "iedy iilum¡nate<¡ »nd eoiistraeted to 9ta.nJ..i. PAIK <IF RKLLE? FRAlI e'i. oon3t.rueted to stand, being two exq-iwitely-designed miniature imitation mirrors i i1 beautifully-painted floral designs, with mit- able MOTTOES In t IW e«utre ur each. A LLY- [LLC M1 ATRD O KG A X. This a perfect specimen of the Printer's Art, Ueisig aehwrming orspwi ùd;jtn, with suitable music and words. A BI!1AUTlifUL B[ tHJ0 TEXT. XtOELY ILLUMINATED, AND FRAMED COMPLETE IS Á. CAABMINGLY EM30S3ED BLACK FUAMK. In EVERY parcel SENT out will ABO be enclosed :1. signed PRIll!: CERTIFICATE, WiiicFf will entitle the holder to compete, ENTIRELY FKRE OF OH.iKSr., for tlse ABOVE Prizes. FU:l ruies and particulars u1' the Competition will be FOUND piinted on tb", Prize Certificate, which will be encIoseù ÍII every parcel, entirely fre of Charge. A c)I«QU# will tie ro e:I-;h of the TWENTY sue- crsslulcompetitorson Deconfb. r ?0th, and the NAMES amI full addresses (1' the TWENTY successful competitors will he published ill Ute advertisement columns of tbe London -Sla;;Ù4rd of DECEMBER 3ist, 1336. All order3 must be accompanied bv the BonJ, which 9hould be car. out and lor warded, with remittance, BEIORE OEEEIUOER 14. R WKSTKRX WEEKLY 21A/L PP. ZS BOND. | 3O. 499. DEC. 4TH, "1886. J J (PLEASE ORDER L>EFORE DOWMBER 14TH, UTIIEI# J FROM ABROAD.) J On receipt of this Bond, accompanied by Post- oftice Order vaiusIs. lid. (or 2b PSNNY stamps), FROM ABROAD.) J On receipt of this Bond, accompanied by Post- oftice Order vaiusIs. lid. (or 2b PSNNY stamps), we AGREE to forward. CAII iage Paid, to any Ad- dressiti the United Kingdom, one GLJANI) C1UU3TMA3 PREBENTATIOJT GLJANI) VHJn:nl.\S PREBENTATIOJT PIKCEL. CONTAINING THE WHOLE of tl1e GOODS described above. 1 WE also AGREE to enclose in each parcel, ENTFSELY FREE OF CHARGE, one PHiZ& CERTIFICATE, wliich will entitle the H'-tJer to compete, ENTIRELY FliEE OF CHARGE, for the TWENTY CASH PRIZES, amounting to FIFTY G0.NBAS. (Signed) W.ILTEFT H. BACON, MIINAX^R. The KENSINGTON FINE ART ASSOCIATION, Keiisiiiajtori-roal, Kensington, London, W. The KENSINGTON FINE ART ASSOCIATION, Kell¡)iugton-ro:1d, Äei1$¡I1¡¡¡ton. London, W. To ensure safe delivery the A:tSf}(:L1.tion will be horppy to register the parcels for safe transmission, provided two extra stamps are enclosed. if y> >U can I;ET four of your friends to become pur- CHASERS of these cheap Parcels, we will send you an 'extra Certificate, THUS ERIABLIN^ you tu compete with- out IWNMINQ a PUrdli1.Ser AN assortment of our Works was sent to the Rev. C. 11: Spurgeon, and in ACKNOWLEDGING ssm# he wrote AJ foilows :—" These arö the orettiest and cheapest things that have ever come under iny notice. For how smail it sum may houses he made beautifulj Post-otiiee OrdeN are preferred to P03ta.1 Orders, '1n,l to be raad<! payable at Kensington Park-road Post-office, London. EXTRA SPKCIAL NOTIC!?. The follo-win¡: is the RESULT at the PRIZE COMPETI TTON 0'1 the WOL'.U KENSINGIONIAN FIRST PITIZE.-TEI^ OUXNKAS).-Tno ReT. THO.aas Ellaby Wertsrdile, We,í;¡:n Minister, Ba)"j.,ó\ter, 131, Uxbridsfs-road, LondoD. W. SECOND PRIZW.-FIVK GU1NSA9.-Sarah J»N« Tans- j, LTY, shation-roswi. Feuny Stratford. B'I"1I, THE F..[.LOWIXP. TKV COMPETITORS WON ONE GUINEA EAf!H.-Alf1"e({ H. \( .seley, 8, «.'batlkain-3roye, Burton-road, Wiihina-tou, MAN.:htrster; Percy L. L»ACANTOR, 13, \-Vbo.:rtort-rn&t4 VV»st KENNNSSON I'ark, Loodoa, W. Florence Thortmm, 5, Ed¡;e.me, Lfverpool; Francis W. [Lancaster, 1, lias;H»S»-TERR»ce. ST. ").t)trf¡ J .Jol1l1:oon, F\>"miiir.¡r. 8, Gui1ùford-pl_. LfJinlon. FF.O. Alice Gray Na.yler. Th. Cottages. UFTNSHTOU. near i'lhifud j SULON: -TNSEPLI Wilcox. 13. Cheat WESRERN-square East, N'.rth Circutar-roail, rrubtin EFIWARD A'FRE-L U*»JOL,«RW-R IF> TIAH^-I holra-eresceni. DavltnsftOn J. p, Jlawke, 13. YAFCUEOOO-RR.SCI. West Kensington. London, W RIDIAID Koblnson, J anior, 12. Ashmore-road, St. Peter's Part. Londoo. W. The Winners of the KEN31NOTON1 AN Cash The Winners of tlM KEN31NOTON1 AN Ca3h Prires will, of course, NOT he "How",1 to cnm:>t'f.8 AGAIN, thus GIVING other readers every possible chance in the PRESENTATION Competiti M. | AU Coninumicatioos to be plainly a.1 :r-;S.?#d:— W ALTI R HENRY fL\(;OX, THE KENSINGTON FINE ART ASSOCIATION. KENSINGTON-ROAD, KENSINGTON, LONDo"" W. I3en,lone Stamp fot" our NEW Caralogne of l'ictur"s. | mas Novelties. Christinas Cards. Ac. To VA»rroR.».—Two HJinnbes' WA^V to THE 'EFT on 'E?.VR->G Keaaiagtoa Rõ;h-stree; 5toUoo(U uilergrouud LT.>ilway) JLELOI | | I Cor. M A N s M C; S T A U D. MR. GRAHAM Y»»N«, DENTAL! SSS»a#N. PAilS-»TRKET. B.WrdL, C AKWLFF—Att,e:I<lance CrafcssUna!! V tiie 1st arid 3rd WEUXBSBAr In everr nifittli, at ":8VVBLLTY C rtÐOIi I K TIBTO WN( Corner of Charles-street), NEXT fisits, WE1>NESJ»AT. Dec. LPE-TA and Jau. 5th and 19th, from 11.3i t.o #.3& p.m. •RI*SEND—1st and 3ni ISSTBSBAT in every MO7»TH at 22, Cars>HUE-9treet'. inml:; 3"ru. tit 2.3J ».». Next VISITS, THURSDAY. Dec. 16th and Jan, 61h' and: 20th. ClIEPSrt*W—1. 8EAI?F»7LT-»^3ARS, 1st &H<i 3RD I T»CKSJ9aY, 5 to 7 P.M 2nd and 4ttl TAKFTSBAR in everr month, 11 a.m. to 4.3$F> nR. NEWPORT—2nd and 4th THURSi)..1Y by appCli.lt- meiit. A Yacancy for a Pupil. 5U7S6 OIL bas been known for 85 years itS tbe nest, and safest preserver ana be<1tIMlict of tile bair, and has a most delicate and fragrant \]onquet, lte'mt3ms no lead or MINERAL ingre- dienes, and Cân aiso be had in a golden colour for fair and golden-haired people and children. Avoid spurious Irritations, and "Iao cheap hair oils, which are mostly composed of cheap and rancid oil. and produce eruptions on tiJ", scalp, otl1d buy only Bowiands' Macassar Oil, of 20. Katton Gar ien, London. Size",3s, 6d., 7s., 10s. lid. S toft.ur smaJÍ I, AND 21s: OVVLANDS' MACASSAR 0 £ L. MACASSAR OIL; MACASSAR OIL. I MACASSAR OIL; H OWI.ANDS' MACAS.3AH is the original L and only GENUINE! article sold under that or auv simitar name. Avoid spurious imitations, and buy only ROWLANDS MACAS3..iU OIL. 83i c-L P ITS; EPIL EP3Y "• H FALLING RICKNE88.! G'DDINEAS, SENSATIONS, AND FAINTS. I wi:1 demonstrate t., the whole worid how that most dieadfut of all complaints, Kpdspxg," which has beton hibherto consi(!ere<t incurable, can be permanently cured (without the chance of failure). AH atSitfted tnay wrile wit!1 full hopu AND confidence to Mr. WILLL\1S, C, Oxford-terrace, Hyde Park. London, who wHi send full particulars to ani person, free of all char1.e. LC69 A R T 1 N C I A II T E g T H. A COMPLETE S T FOR ONE GUINEA; SINGLE TOOTH, 23. Sd. A Written Warranty for Five fears with every Set of Teeth. Teeth Seated, Fitted, l1ud fcxtraeted upon all improved IMD advertised !.rinéiples, at moderate charges. MR. GOODMAN, SUKGEOX DENTIST (Late MANAGER l,iessf3. Eskfeil, London), SHANNON-COY HT. 7. CORN-STREET, BRISTOL. Dr. ANDR.1 Vf WLLSOS 9ays I can recommend Mr. Goodman s a very skilful an 1 human* III-utist Ili5 reasonable charges sí!ould Itttrttet to BLM all elasses.'T86 ;6e FIRST PIHZS OARTS, \VAGON9, CARRIAGES, AND AGIUCU(lTüHA1-l IMPLEMENTS AT P 0 THE 11 G I L 1,; S, D 0 U K S T Hm E TWO R K 8 J N'EWPOH,T, MON. J. S. STONE, MANAGKB. Catalogues Free on Application. 72093 N COUOATINA Ant:- fli/spepite C'tcem t CheceUte Airier. FTSARA2TTEE5 P*2TE C3«»A, IFTKA Ii rtt: quality, with tÀ0 excess d tat extr1!cte¡(. rhe flU!!1lt.y prO/MIUlCe. it, "the M*sfc nutritious, pericctly DIGESTIBLE beVera¡8 far Breakfast, Luncheen, or Supper, AND ¡loIva!u1&ltie for Invalids and Ohil.-1ren." J!:I8J1LT C«MJIINITS 31" THE ENTIRE MISTICAL PlSiaj. Bela: without sugar, spIce, er otfter admixture, It suits | all palates, keeps f«ryears Ht all climateS, AND is L«R.r 1 times the strengthafOciA* yet TTEAKISSE \ità A tr"e;t rHt,. 15t:nch, 3:c.. ani IS RSAUTT CIfIliJ.p:11: than 91.wh Mixtures. Made instantaneously witb boiling water, It teaspitonfu! t. a Breakfast Cup, costing less than a hali>e»NV. Ce.A.lUfJ. A LJ. YASII.LK Is the mest delicate,diges- tible. cbeaaest Taniiia (Jhecolate, anti. may be takan W-HEN RICHER CHOCOLATE 15 PREHIBITEI. In TINS at 1$. 39.. 5S. 6D„ AC., FEY CHEASISTS AND 8ROOERS. 81224 I C E CREAM FREEZERS PEWTEB FREEZING POTS. ICE GLAS8B3, MOULDS, AND every REQUISITE. Price List AND Parti. EULARS on appJic1\tion. „ CONFECTIONERS* SHOW GLASSES, SHOW J 8TASTDS, AND UTB.Nl1!tLS,TEAand COFFEE URNS, &c PARNALL AND SONS, > COMPLBTFT 8HOPFITTEHS, — OHQW WiBE-STBBBT, B.lü6'fOL. 85450


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