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THE STATE OF IRELAND. GOVERNMENT PROSECUTION OF MR. DILLON, M.P. II In the Queen's Bench Division. Dublin, on Tues- day (before Justices Lawson, O'Brien, and John- j son) Mr. John Dillon, M.P., appeared to answer a summons tarred on him at Ballaghadereen, to show cau.. why he should not be called upon to provide bail for his future good behaviour. There was a large attendance inside the court, including j several members of Parliament, Mr. Dillon was cheered as he entered the court in company with the Lord Mayor of Dublin. ,01 On the opening of the proceedings Mr. Healy applied, on behalf of Mr. Dillon, for a. postpone- ment of the case for a period of ten days, on the i ground that there had not been time for Mf. Dillon to prepare his reply to the summons ngainsl^um. He (Mr. Heaiv) had only that day been instHffed,. and only two days had elapsed since the summons was served, and he submitted that that was not a reasonable interval. He quoted the case of Seymour 11. Davitt as a precedent for granting a postpone- ment, when Mr. Davitt asked for time to instruct j counsel. The Attorney-General, for the Crown, admitted that tho request was a reasonable one. Mr. Healy suggested a postponement for ten days, and. after some discussion, it wa.3 decided that the case should stand adjourned until Satur- day week. An argument ensued, in which Mr. Healy urged that evidence shnuid not be given by affidavit, but orally. The Attorney-General submitted that affidavits j were customarily filed, and be contended that the custom must be observed in this case. Mr. Healy declared that the action of the Attorney-General was unfair and ungenerous, and declared his intention not to tile anyamdavits, but to raise the question when the case came on again. CONT PROTEST BY THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. The Central News" learns that it is in con- temptation by the Irish National League to eon- test the legality of the action taken by the Sligo police on Saturday. It d contended that the j Lord-Lieutenant's proclamation referred solely to the Sunday meeting, and it is asserted that the; local authorities at Siigo exceeded their instruc- tions when They forcibly dispersed the meetings on Saturday evening. THE DUBLIN TOWN COUNCIL AND1 THE GOVERNMENT PROSECUTION. At a meeting of the Dublin Corporation on Mondav the Lord Mayor said that a requisition had been presented to him, asking hiui to call a special meeting to take into consideration the action of the Government in suppressing public meetings and arresting leaders of the people. He would summon a meeting fur Friday next. INTERVIEW WITH ML. O'BRIEN, M.P. The Press Association" special correspondent had an interview with Mr. O'Brien, M.F., iu Dublin on Monday en the subject of the Govern- ment prosecution of Mr. Dillon. Mr. O'Brien expressed the opinion that the Executive were acting in a manner which would bring defeat on themselves. They were trying an impossible Biove in at tempting to stem the tide of opinion which was supporting the movement for the reduction or existing rents. The Government were convicted out of the mouth of their own agent, General Bulier, who had declaiyd in favour of a produce rent, which, if adopted, would mean that the tenants would pay no rent at all, as the bnd, especially in the West, no longer ptoducv.d the rent. Mr. O'liricn observed that the poorest tenants fared worst, and tltose landlords who could afford to reduce rents had done 80. Therefore, it was ail tue mote necessary to protect those tenants who could not defend themselves. He was apprehensive that tiie present prosecu- tions and the suopression of the National League, if curried out, would lead to months of troublous times, but he expressed his confidence in the judgment of the English people that they woutdheKtn to see the justice of the claims of lite Irish peasantry, and that if a repressive policy were adopted in the immediate future it would speedily be followed by a revulsion of feeling against such expedients "f a Government con- trulied bv ins0lvelJt, landlord?. ne took it as" logical consequence of tha policy initiated by the impeachment of Mr. Hilton that other prosecutions would follow. THE NO-KENT AGITATION. The "Fre«? Association" correspondent tele- graphs that, from inquiries made on Monday in official quarters, it doe* not appear tint any steps will be taken at present by the Government against the leaders of the no-rent movement b.yond the prnspcut70ns now pending against Mr. Dillon, or. at least, not until those prosecutions lave been determined. In fact, there is a strong fueling, which ili shared by loading iren cf all shades of opinion, deprecatory of such prosecutions, on rue ground that they are likely to serve any useful pur- snJ are iiieiik-acicus to prevent the spread of the movMuenr. At the same time there is a Dounlnr irfaa chat » "Uses against- M> Oill/in win o« io.mweo oy stronger assures directed against, the machinery of 'he whose National move- ment, anc; that, t.her»fort, r;P-5!t troubles will ensue. Titfrfi ia plenty of evideitfse that the plan of campaign" has captivated the minds of the tenants ,'n many estates where rack rents are in force, ami there is iln apprehension amon* the landowning cia»3 that the idea way betaken up still further it no check be pl.tcci on the spread of the movement. In Ulster, as well as in wilier purrs th« country, a disposition :s »liown to deiiiitnd substantial reductions. The facts have J^-en placed before f.he Government, and that the unexpected growth of the new agita- tion hus impelled the Executive to iht course indicated by tiJa prosecution of Mr. Dillon. The succession to ti><» Irish Secretaryship is still in abeyance. Sir Rnbert Hamilton's tenure of ofiica ceases at 'he end of this month, hue it is believed that his successor will not be appointed at present. ANOTH MEETING DISPERSED BY THK POEICK. An open air meeting, organised by Mr. John O'Connor, M.P., for the purpose of intimidating the jurors at, Munster Winter Assizes, was on Monday night disDersed hy the police The crowd paraded the streets, headed by Mr.- O'Connor, for soma time. After singing "God Have Ireland," they were followed bv the police wherever tl-.ev went, and not, to re-assemble. Mr. O'CemnOr advised them to go home, and not give the police the chance of beating tiletl1, but called on them to attend a. meeting on Skwdar to denmince jury paekiv.p. d THE STATE OF THE WEST AND SOUTH DISTRICTS. On }Iou«Uy afternoon in Dublin Castle Sir RL Hick3- Beaeh had an interview with resident magistrates from the West and Smitli of Iral-.in,-j concerning the of their districts. rLLLL OE MOONLXG RTERS. M t.' H £ )i-; UKRS (.'HKKSEO. Un Monday;evening over 50 prisoners connected with Moonlighting offences in Kerry and Clare readied Cork, under strong police escort, to undergo trial at M: un:3ter A "s:z.,s, which opeu on Thursday. Th. y were met by Mr. John O'Connor, ;.i P., and a lartre crowd, who accompanied them on foot to the gaol, Mr. O'Connor calling for cheers for Poff and Barrett, recently convicted at Cork for a murder in K?rry. The jurors were bt-fpri. OUTRAGE ON A FA MMER. A FORTUNATE ESCAPE. Tha "Prfas Association" Sewry correspondent telegraphs that a murderous attack was made on Monday night upon farmer and shopkeeper named James Wilson whilst on his way from Xiathelr.iiind too Custltcwellan. Wibon, woo was on hunreliiick, was only a short, distance, wit. of Kathefriland when he was attacked by men, who commenced to heat him with sticks, and tried to pull him off the iiorse. Wilson retained his seat in the saddle, and the horse bolted, thus in all probability saving tho man's life. Wilson was Boycotted for having taken a house in Castle- wedan from which a tenant was evicted. Sill 11. HAMILTON'S SUCCESSOR. The Daily Express says that Genera' Bulier has been appointed to succeed Sir Robert Hamilton as Under-Secretary for Ireland, but, the Dublin corre- spondent of theCentral .sews" has ascertained that no permanent appointment wiH be imme- diately made, and that Sir Kobert Hamilton will remain at Dublin Castle till the end of December. There are at least a dozen candidates for his post. The Under-Secretary's Department is being; re- organised wi.'b a view to a division '>f the duties. E OF .MAYOR OF BELFAST. At a meeting of the Belfast Town Council on Tuesday Alderman Haslett, who unsuccessfully contested West Belfast at the recent election, was un;)ni'v.o.jsiv {i-f.r-ted mayor for the ensuing year. N -i TloN ALIST DEMONSTRATION. A Nationalist demonstration was held at Castle- blansy on Tuejdav, and was addressed by Messrs. W. Redmond, Nolan, Pinkerton, and Patrick O'Brien. M Resolutions were passed adopting the United Ireland plan of campaign, and condemn- ing the action of the Government in prosecuting Mr. Dillon. Mr. O'Brien said he was prepared to endorse everything :\1r, Dillon had said and done. A Government reporter was present: FIRST FRUITS OF THE GOVERN- Ml:NT'S NEW POLICY. A "Sligo Landlord" thus writes to Tuesday's Times'.—On Friday last my a^ent attended a market town in Connaught to receive rents. Would he give an abatement on judicial rents? JCo. Then no rent would they pay impossible titnes were too bed; they had not. got the money it could be made. Very well, replied the nsrent, shutting up his books and going off to his dinner. Meanwhile the mail train from Dublin caine in with the news that Mr. Dillon, M.P., had been cited bv the Crown to appear in the Court of Queen's Bench on Tues- day and show cause why criminal information should not be taken ag-'inst, him for intimidation. Within an hour of the papers being so distributed every penny was paid. These impecunious tenants even came knocking at the window of the room where the agent was dining, to urge him to come out and receive rents that an hour before ttiev de- clared they bad not got at all. THE IIHSH SUNDAY CLOSING ACT. On Tuesday, at :11. annual meeting of tha Irish Grocers' and Vintners' Association in Dublin, a report was adopted against renewing th* Sunday Closing Act, recommending the prosecution of sham clubs, and that the Excise should resume tha system of registering transfers of the ownership of spirits in bonded stores. Resolutions were adopted to give a preference to home-grown barley as against imported grain. FORMATION OF A HOME RULE UNION. The Central News learns that the two societies known as the British Hom& Rule Association and the United Kingdom Home Rule League respec- tively have arranged to form themselves into an entirely new organisation, to be called the Home Rule Union, and having as the single object To support Irish people in their demand for Home Rule, entirely new organisation, to be called the Home Rule Union, and having as the single object To support Irish people in their demand for Home Rule, and to secure such a solution of the question as I may satisfy the Irish nation without impairing the rights of the Crown or the integrity of the Empire." The first meeting will be held on December 9. CONFLIC BETWEEN A MOB AND THE ¡ POLICE. I During the row between the people and the police when dispersing a meeting held to intimi- date jurors on Wednesday night at Cork several persons were injured; amongst others Dr. Tanner, M.P., was wounded in the head by a policeman's baton. Mr. O'Connor, M.P., Mr. O'Shea, M.P., and the mayor-elect received rough usage, whilst the ¡ police were stoned. OPENING OF THE ULSTER ASSIZES. JUSTICE LAW SON ON THE BELFAST RIOTS. ¡ Mr. Justice Lawson opened the Commission of the Ulster Winter Assizes at Omagh on Wednes- day. Addressing the grand jury, his Lordship expressed regret that the business before them was of a very serious character, and that their duty would be important and prolonged. The principal cases coming before them had reference to the riots at Belfast, which had been the subject of recent investigation. The catalogue was of a formidable character, for there were no less than 73 cases to be tried. These cases could not with propriety be tried in the atmosphere of Belfast, and, therefore, the Crown, in its discretion, brought them for trial to Omagh. His Lordship con- eluded by advising the grand and petty juries to discharge their duty carefully and dispassionately. POLICE APPOINTMENT. Mr. Henry Thynne, resident magistrate of Kil- kenny, well-known as an expert rifleman, has been appointed Deputy-Icspector-GeneraI of the Irish Constabulary. ELECTION OF LonD MAYOR OF DUBLIN. On Wednesday at a meeting of the corporation hold to consider the question of the incoming Lord Mayor it was decided that Mr. T. D. Sullivan, 1 M P., the present Lord Mayor, should continue his tenure of officc. AMERICAN SUPPORT FOR MR. PA UN ELL. Mr. J. Fitzgerald, President of the Irish National League, America, cables to the National League in Dublin that twenty millions of Irish Americans will support anv poiicy that Mr. Parnell adopts. Mr. Fitzgerald h.is also issued a circular to ali the branches calling upon them to make special efforts to assist their brethren in Ireland in view of the threatened prosecutions. APPOINTMENT OF THE GRAND M ASTER OF THE ORANGE LODGE. On Wednesday, at a meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, in Dublin, the Earl of Erne was selected to succeed the late Earl of Enniskillen as Grand Master of the Orange lttati- tution. CHASING A GOVERNMENT REPORTER. An extraordinary scene occurred in the concert hall of the Literary Institute of Clonmel on Tues- i day night, when Father Sheehy, a parish priest, lecluied in aid of some evicted tenants. Mr.Condon, j M.P.. in putting a vote of thanks to the meeting, remarked that he saw a shorthand writer from the t Tory Government taking notes in one of the side ■ galleries. (Groans, and a voice: Throw him out.") Mr. Condon continued. Little Cistlereagh has sent a gleuthhonnd to follow Father Sheehy. (More groaning, and several voices: "Throw him out," Teat. up his notes," Don't let him escape.") A number of persons made a rush towards where thfl Government, reporter was sitting, but he jumped up, and by running along the seats escaped into the street by a side staircase. He was followed through the streets by a large crowd, but succeeded in reaching the police barracks. BAILIFFS CHASED BY GIRLS. The bailiff employed by Lord Dilion proceeded with an Assistant, to Tullaghana, near Ballyhnunis, on Wednesday, 'o servo ejectments nn tenants. Tiveir mission being anticipated, nbout 200 young girls pelted them with mud Itnd tried lo capture them. They escaped, however, by crossing the river, leaving their horse and car, coats, and eject- ments behind them. The horse nnd car were after- wards recovered bV the poliœ. PURCHASE OF HOLDINGS BY IXS.ltlTC, Ail tenants on the Armagh estates of Mr. Ferdi- nand Loujdiran have purchased their holdings, under Lord Ashbourne's Act, .t 19 years; PAYING RENTS TO AGENTS OF THE LEAGUE. The Press Association Lotighrea correspon- dent telegraphs that Uie tenants on tho Dnnsandle Estate on Tuesday offered the rent less 25 per cent. The agent offered a reduction of 15 per cent., but, the tenants refused, and subsequently lodged the half-year's rent, less the reduction, in the hands of the trustees appointed by the tenants, Mr. Sheehy, M.P., who was present, giving receipts for the same. After receiving the money, Mr. t-Mipehv proceeded to Tynagh, where he was joined by Mr. Harris, M.P.. and they collected rents, less the reduction, on the Earl's Westmeath estate,