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TRADE REPORTS. CRISIS IN THE TIN-PLATE TRADE. MEETING OF DELEGATES AT CARDIFF. AGITATION FOR INCREASED WAGES. A verv repre!1enffitive and influential meeting oÎ delegates connectert chiefly with the tin trade in Monmouthshire WitS held at the Black Lion Hotel, Cardiff, on Saturday afternoon, to consider tho present deplorable outlook. Strenuous efforts had been made to et. a delegate from each works in the trade to attend, but, to n. certain extont, they proved futile. There were,however, about, 70 present. Great dissatisfaction was expressed that the different works in thp west were not represented, 50 that united action llJÍht be uiken to resist, tho present redl1ctlOl:. The feeling of the mooting WI13 that if all tha man in the tmde wcre !Uur¡;- united than they tiro at present, and adopted a set of rules to restrict tlw output, the status of the trade would be considerably raised, and the market improved. The delegates who had been sent around the diffe. rent works to inquire the conditions under which they were working having given their reports, it was resolved that the works which are at present working at the reduction shr)Uld continue to do 80 until the (lnd of the vcar, and after then stand out for the standard price. Some of the delegates who wero un:1ble to reach Cardiff ,in time for the meeting sont in written reports, which were read. It was after- wards resolved that the works in Monmouthshire should resist the reduction, and that those works wùich are at present receiviD the staudard price shouldue asked to contribute towards the support of the men who will In consequence be thrown out of work. The CMO of tiw two men who had been dismissed at Pjntymail Works in consequence of their having taken a prominent part in the agita. tion to rcsist the concession, was afterwards con- sidered, and It was resolved to contriuute towards their support uutil such time as they got employ- mont. GOOD NEWS FOR TREFOliEST. Orders have beun given to place the Treforest Steel and Iron Works in au immediate :st:.J.te of repair, with view to re-start operations. The works have beel] long idle. Hepàiring will be entered upon to-ÙI\y (Mouda.y). It is stated that tllcre is every prospect that the iron and steel trades oi South Wales are about to oxpcrience a powerful revival. MONMOUTHSUIRK AM) SOUTH WALES COLLIERY ASSOCIATION. A HI-oel.ill; (It the Monmouthshire alld South Wales Colliery Association was held at, the }.ll:el Hotel, Cardiff, 011 Saturday. Mr. Edward Martin presided, allll L1Jre were prlclI L, besides numerous oLher gentle- wen, Sir William Lewis, Mr. ArchjlJal.1 Houu. alld Mr. E. Jones. The principal object oî the meetilJg was to reedvea report, froan the ¡Sliding Seale CÖlJll11ittee rela- tive to certaill important slJlojects atrectill tiw slidillg scale arrangements, auù wo hopc to rJe able If I furnish parLieulars of the subjects uuuer discussion attir a lI¡>œiallnetilJg oi the Sliding Scale CUlllluittee lJa ueen held. Other SlIlojCCt3 wiLli reference to the internal workillg of the association were discussed, and COlli- munimlliOIlS frolll the workllleu "Iso recCÎveJ "tteHtiuH. These matters wiH, however, he further considered, ItIlÚ a report of the proelcuiugs appear ill due course iJllur!se columns. STRIKE AT TH NORTH DLAINA. COLLIERY. uuu LOU A t. U]!;l'01:l'jw.j This strike has uow existed for tifteeH weeks, alJd. it is to be regretted, docs not Lear any sign of coming nearer to a termination than at the eoimusnefctr.^ut. The men ou trike. it appears, are It.I; determined to stand out against the present terms offered. J.ieputa- tions tWIH tiie work turn have repeatedly watted Uj):J1l Mr. cilotis ithe proprietor), allll loug i¡¡V:rview,: IHn been obtained, but to ill) ueHciici" t 1>1' s'itisfacto1",y result. The me1J are very desirous Jilt the present grievance blt,\yctn them and the masters l1()uhl Ud deeioed uy a lair, arbitration, but thl) masters cLllltlmd thaI, t here is nothing tQ arbitrate UPOIl, aud rejue to grant such a proceeoii.g. A f.1jr amount of suppoi t is otill given tu llie mell uU strike by working people and tradesmen ill tJw surrounding neighbourhood. The rumour- which has been a/loat tuaL sOllie "t tlw wcn have started working at tile above colliery is withouL any 1011 I1d at.iOIl but \Ye have bC1I given lo llllucrstôllld that, £ "iue little cQalll:Ls been raised at this colliery, aud a lew strange men employed ull Wages ÜI cut coal. The stoppage of tl1i:¡ colliery has now UCCII proved to make matters very gloomy around tlw immediate neighbourhood, aud :!ùmcthill; tUII"ll".h coming lo a settlement is very desi- rable and needful. The masters are also, llllduuùLcdly. experiencing much loss by this strike, alld tlw state d tbe workings underground anJ HOt, expected to bd ill a very goud eOllditioll after slIch a long term of idleness. It is to lo greatly desired, fur the sake uf the colliers in particular, and the welfare of all. that the masters 1I1ay see tbmjdTS olear to cOllceue to arbitration, and of, as CllY state, thre is nothing to artJitmte UpOll, the easier it seems a 1inal arrangement could ue arrived at. THE STEliL WOKKS. A correspondent writes there. "eeIU every proba- bility that wo arc ill tor a gouu winter's wurk. Dovviais lias turned out a WJlId Ileal or rails and ted sleepers lately, aud all of tn'st- rat-e brand. III l'è9l'ecl uf rails, j,1'J lengt h llOW worked Í3 UQ Iel-t" wbich is worked at ouee, tiie length ut.;ing aftorwavus divided into three. Rut all engine is HUW iu cuuræ ut working at the»c works which will tura uut a leugth of tin; raib or 150 feet uy oue operation. This will" weigh exaetlya ton. Itlld. frollJ tlw Mnle having been effectually done ill tile l'orlh of England, we have the fullest a!lint.lleethat it cau be l1uue ill Dowlais. The Inal'el is how a tou of metal can bc handled, fur strong a art: the rail turners generally, tLie: oul.1 try the strongest unaided by lIIechanic:¡.1 appliances. J3y hydraulic and other means, however, this difficulty is surmounted, aud t'-o result will ue a still more rapid inciease of production than betore. GYJ..nhfa, we are informeu, is turning out. at present hum its t%yo furnaces tue same quautlty fnr. merly turned out troiu eleven. A clearer instance of the iinprovemellt ill our make COL1ld not be given. 'CAR1>17l". Saturday. Although tbe shipments of ,tea.m c.<1 fi '.uu Cardiff duril!" the past. \c6,l' have beeu 1!6à.<y 30,00i fowaln e.I,;i:3é."t 'the quantise -wp-a-ted ill tiie six days luitnealalely preceding, t ¡¡is. cirClIliIstaJjCe ean ill 11(, wise I'll taken its :t1l indication 01 all improve- meat. in t rad.for here has uceu .n almost proportionate decrease ill the sister purt. of Newport. Prices are,l f liiy- fching. weaker th:>11 uv-r, auJ tlJÙugl1 lies:, qualities are quotÙ;\t SJ. 6d., anù Monmouthshire C'1a:s 7s. 3d., a material reduction upon these iigurea lias beeu accepted ill many eacg. There arB many 0t t he more optimist merchants at tile Docks whobelieve that, the 11 uctllations which take "lace weekly ill the iJiplllClIl indicate a moving market, and think that l'y Iwxt January the de- mand tor Welsh coals wili be greater than enr. On the other haud, it is CüutellueJ that, liS tuc for the pas! year have fallen 400,000 tons below those of the previous tWI;>e months, t hero b every reason lo believe that tile maximum demand has now been reached as far aJ this district is concerned, and that the only remedy is t,) keep the output strictly wiLhill the existing dem<tud. There cannot ue the slilltet doubt thaI, fur many months ntiiJlyof nur colliery proprietors have 1101, beeudearing their working expenses, aud with the only prospect oi a reviyal in the tlistallt future those who do 110t curtail thdr upcratiolls will very likely before lung have tu cluse altogether. If half the IUlJlOUrg current at tite Docks have any foundation ill fiter. more than one important colliery undertaking is 011 tho; verge uf pecuniary disaster. With legaru to the small steam coal traùe, matters are far worse than ¡ l1t'Y were last week. This cOlllltlOdity during the past few Jays ha. beell a drug in the market, and that fur whICh 55 aud 5s 6d was reaùily tendered a few weeks ago now tilld very tew buyers at 4i 3d. The statement ill sOlne of the trade papers t,hat small co,1 is ill guod demand at 6s ÎSa mistake. It has not 11eell sv slack fur months. This unsatisfactory state of affairs i. <1ol1btles, of a temporary nature, aud with a revival ill the patent fuel traJc 01' tJH; arrival of toll!1:lge. which during (he week has lo eell very scarce, the trade will in all pwbaùility return to it normal condition. Tiie house coal traue is very bdsk. and prices are firm for best qualities, trOCtI GJ to 8s 9d. A further advance has taken place ill prices ot pitwood, the qnotaUolI now Leing 18s 6d alld a fairly sati3faetor.v tone prevails in the manutactured irull trade. Eubio ore is" in fair demand at 10s 9d. In the freight market tIJere has not been mnch change. Outward rates gene- rally remain firm, aud those for the Mediterranean ports are rapidly advancing. Tonnage ha been very scarce, but order are very plentiful. SWANSEA, S,tlJrJa.v Night. -There l1asbeell a substan- tial increase in the import (Ia,le ill the past as compared with the previous week. Shippers, however, have again l>el1 much inconvenienced lo.Y the short supply of tOIl- nage, little 01' uu improvement iu this ùirectiou having beeu shown. Inquiries tor tonnage contiuue tu become more numerous, and, comparatively speaking, Gome oLJll freight are offering iu nearly all directions. Amongst those fur stealllers the fo¡¡owilJ are quoted Valencia, 9s 6d; Denia, 10s 3d; Gibraltar, b; Algiers, lit 01'1111 awi BOlLi, i2t Barcelona, 163; Mataro, lis; .Marse¡¡le, llf; Genoa, 10s 3d; Civitta Vecchia (urge'it), lis 3d; 8avona,lls; .Leghorn, lis Ifaplcs. I'l3 3d Veil ice, Ib; Ancona, 10s 9o Alexandria, 10s (id; Stockholm, 7s; Copenhagen, 6s 9d, HOlllcwa1'lb To Swansea Bilbao, os; Bordeaux, bs bd; Milu, l; Cadiz, 9s; Girgenti, 7s. A large number ot SIÚ1illg freigbt are also iu tlw market at tirm r.Lte2. There are offers tur outward tin-plate and general e:uuc3 tor Philadelphia, Baltimore, alld Kcw Yol k at 93 tiJ milli- ILIum, and Sew Orleans lOs 6d. There have been 110 tin- plate eXpolts fur .llller,c.L úUl"ill tbe week, bllt; IIU lcs than eix steamers are due tu arrive ami lead withill the next tell days, which, ill the aggregate, v/ill take not leos than b.ULO tullS. Soma shipllJCllL ut tin-plates have been made for France and Germany, ill all ahuut 2,431 bJxes; addiUollS tn stocks amount to 42,503 buxes, Stocks to-day ill dude warehouses, c., bèill 16;),691 boxes, as against 122,189 UoXC3 tbis day week, aud 79,513 boxes this dav last year. o new feature has been developed a:; regards the tin- plate trade in the past week. There bas beeu rather au increase ill the number of inquiries for special sizes in cokes alld Be3semer stee's, the demand for the usual ordinary sites beillg quiet. But it must be re- membered that buyers have placed large: order3 0: late, alll1 which are now Leill¡; ùelivered here and elsewhere in increa3ing qU;¡,1Ititics, alld these must, naturally ue cleared off before any eOllsiuerable busincss is again ùOlle. Maker3 are aloO unwilling to aceept sellers' offers, wuicll lor tile above sorts ate 11O11l0re thaH 129 9J IC. In some C'les this has beeu ta.ell, but gene- rally business ùming the wck for cokes and Bessemer steels has been at 12s lOJd aud 13s up to 13. 3d aud 135 6d IC. For Siemens steels u. ood demand is displayed, but. prices are stilt 13s -6d 10 t'or the geueralrull of plates, othcr brands beiujt 133 Sd and 14* 10. The coal shipl11cnls amount ) 2,818 tOilS, and patent fuel 3.7C0 tons, othcr exports kjn 110 tons chemicals anù 1,717 tons suudrics coastwisc ;Jor France, 100 tons general aud 50 tons wllug,iI1esc; Hamburg, 150 tons geueral alld Laguna (Mexico), 293 tons steel rails, presumably for- Panama Canal works. Tile imports amount tu 12,111 toas. including 451 tons tin-plate bars, 843 tons pitch, 154 tons turllt pyrites, 32 tons flour and grahl, and 4W tons lIndries coastwise; fiom Bi! hao. G.451 tons iron ole: Huelva, 1,200 tÖJI3 iroll pyrites; Girgenti, 1.3G5 tOll3 briH.5tolléi Seville, a toll3 sulphur l'omarou, 245 tons manganese ore; Hamburg, 50 tons general; Little Hay (Newfoundland), 2.000 tons copper ore; Guayacau, 8bb tons mintralores aild Port r\olloth, 719 tons copper OJ è. SWANSEA EXPOUXS AND LXROIRRS. -• Jixphrls .-—Coal; Franca 6,099, Germany qlO, Norway 4u0. piu 2.370. Madeira 2,300, alt3 833. Algiers 225, Italy 2,721, SOIlt11 America LOlO, and Korth America 1,360 tùriS. Home 7,134 toiij. Patent fuel: France 1.860, Alliers 1.200. and Italy 600 tons. Tiu-plates alld sl1:¡dric 2,425 tons. J-Kpr..rts Tin-p!<ite bars 461, iroll pyrites 1,354, irou ore 2.4.M. brimstone 1,G. manganese ore 24b, copper ore 2,'I,. 111illtral ore" 963, pitch 843, slates 182. timber 160, limestone 60, llour dud graill 332, and sundries 510 tOllS. KKWPORT COASTING THADI. CúaJ shipped coast. whc during the week ending the 20th of November, 27,457 tOUS. NEWPOKT EXCHANGE, Wedlle<lay .Dcspile llle attractions uf Lord Tredegar's Show over 30 gentlemen were prescnt 011 to-day. Producers ill the distiet of pigs, bars, and steel were aaiu linn at the latest advance, although the volume of business was somewhat less iu consequence of vai ious works been fully contracted uutil well into next year. Welsh hematites were tirm at 455" delivered trorn local w orks, aÜd steel rails were held until sellers' prices were realised, makers exhibiting a finu determination to make no concession whatever. 8teel blooms and tin-plate barS ullderweut 110 change ill prices, makers being under coutraçts tùr deliveries covering the cmd ot June. 1887. and not a single order was booked except at enhanced rates. Scotch pigs were fully recovered, and were lo-day from 4s. to 5s. higher. Middlesborough pigs were flat, the consumptioll in this district decreasing, steel bars JoimI. blooms taking their place. most of the iron fores bem practically stopped. Few inquiries were made for tin-plates, it bein well-known that nearly the whole of the makers were under contract. Prices quoted were somewhat easier, but tbe unanimous opinion was expressed that they must recover. In the Iron ore trade rubio improved, the freights from Bilbao being somewhat better, and sellers were freeiy asking 115. 3d. In the pitwood trade quetations were unchanged.




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