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FOOTBALL. SWANSEA r. LLANEFLY. This match, played at Swansea oil Saturday, awakened more interest among the public and brought a far bigger gate than any previously played this season. There could not have bpen less than 5.0 0 persons pre- sent during the game, and the excitement shown during its progress was inten. The continual rail: did not prevent, the use of the 9plendid ground of the club, which seems to absorb moisture like a sponge. The Swansea team this year are becoming the centre of revived interest in the western portion of the county. Up to the present they have only met with defeat once -when Newport lowered their colours by a ratt-er sitady try-and that defeat they thoroughly and effectively returned a week or two afterwards, when Newport, visited Swansea and got well drubbed. Their match with Moseley, also, was a revelation, whilst. Saturday's defeat was the most decided they have yet, admin-s- tered. Swansea won the toss, and kicked off from the Pavilion end. For the. lust few minutes the game was tremendously last, the forwards beiuJ lurious and persistent in the scrimmages. Then, as it settled down, the Llanellv forwards got the leather away by ;rcapit;il dribble into the centre of the ground, and would have rushed it over but for the action of a Swan- sea three-quarter back. Griffiths then got. away with the ball, but was called back, and play was confined closely to the centre, till Powell handled it from a pass, and made a very good run. He was effectively tackled by Bowen and had to go down. Some scrimmages followed inside the Swansea 25 the ball got suddenly loose, and the Llanelly forwards rushed it very smartly over thn line. The Swansea backs appeared to be out of their places, and the result was there was nothing to stop the sudden advance. Griffiths duly touched the ball down, and Llanelly scorcd the lint trv, Harry Bowen kicked the place, but did not get near the bar. From the ensuing ldcU off the Lall W.LS returned into touch within the Swansea 25, when Griffiths shortly afterwards got a free kick. A very poor kick against what wind prevailed enabled the Swansea forwards to return the ball well to the centre and to hold it there till the Llanelly forwards, by anothercomLilleù rush and some decent pusses, ag;iin sent it into the Swansea 25.—Thorogood was in lii3 place this time, and —as lie always ttoes when that is the case—returned it smartly and well. Neutral territory was the scene of operations now, till the leather a^ain approached the Swansea 25. It was well followed up by Koberts, who, when Thorogood returned, was able to charge down the bail near the 25 yards fluy, where play for a little while centred. The Swansea men now (¡vgall to show their form. George Bowen made a splendid dribble, which was rather muddled by the Lianeliy men, and which cousequcntly resulted iu the depositing of the leatlier for the lirst time within the Llanelly quarters. Here they were intent upon tcoring, and although on one occasion the leather was kicked back into touch in the centre, the Swansea men were not to be denied. From a scrimmage directly afterwards, the ball was sent out. and splendidly followed up. The com- bination passed away through the Llanelly backs and across the line, and Bishop, who was as lively as an eel all through, neatly touched it down and scored the first try for Swansea. This was converted into a goal by D. Gwyun. Some very good drop kicking followed the kick off, H. BowclI replying to the Swansea back and Cr. Bowen. Then D. Gwynn, by one of his pretty kicks, completely frustrated a rush of the forwards, and the ball passed into touch,amid rounds of applause. Givymi exercised this useful accomplishment onca more directly afterwards, and following this a dribble and some passing by the Swansea men took the leather right away ou to their opponents' goal line. They found nothing to bar their progress, and the leather was taken across, John Thomas making a try amid ringing cheers. David Gwynu's place kick was agaiii successful. On the kick off some free drops took place, and at the cud of this the bwansea men were oil the ball before Boweu could reply, aud tried uusucccsuully to rush it acrOiS. In the ensuing play Iiichards, the cap- tain, got a nasty kick oil the ankle, ;ntd had to retire from play. From this period 2.11 sea. played with tour- teen iiicii only. The visitors, shortly before half-time was called, forced Swansea to touch down in sd [-JefClICt!. They also forced the home team to act on the defensive, and got the ball ou to the goal-line. George Bowen did good work in preventing any scoring, and shortly afterwards Bishop considerably relieved the position by kickill cut a good t1it,allcc. After changing sides, il Bowen did some good kiekiug for the visitors. 1). GWYlJU returned well, and once more beforeTI. BowclI could reply h-j was hemmed down by the Swansea forwards. After wme 5c:rimma"c:! the ball got loo-e, and a splendid dribble was executed by the Swansea forwards. Nothing could slop them, aud the ball flew across the line. A splendid and determined l'ace cnsued for the touch down, but the Llaijelly back kicked the leather out of bounds, and saved a try. The Swansea inen seemed now to have made up their minds for further scoring, whilst Llanelly were equally deter- mined oil a stubborn defence, bome open play took place, and George 130well fell with the leather, õllld iIo rush WitS attempted by Llanelly, Thorogood dealing with this effectually. The ball went back into Llanelly quarters, and soiiie kich-iiir took place. Llanelly muddling a return, the Swansea forwards got well on the bail and took it over, Bishop securing another try at a rather moro dillieult an^ie. D, Gwyn made a splciidivj. shot .it. the L)z;i-. but did not pass it over. On the kick- off LlII; stvausesf ineii followed up so well that they were on tile ball before it was returned, and a scrimmage ensued right oil the Llauelly goal-line. Attempts weio here mide to get across, and from a line-up oil the verge of the goal W. Gwyn took the ball across and neatly touched down, securing a try. This was converted. Shortly atterwards the leather wis again taken across, and a lurther try scored, which D. Gwynn concluded his successful day's work by converting into a goal. Nothing of note occurred from this up to the call of time, when Llanelly was showing good v;u by penning the home team iu their 2b. The gumc resulted ill a victory for Swansea by four goals alld a try to a try. The following were the teams Suuaitsta: Back, E. Thorogood three-quarter backs, D. Gwynu, George Bowen, John Thomas, and E- Bishop halt-backs. \V. H. Gwynn and George. James; forwards, E, D. Jtielmrds (captain), William Lewis, \V. H. Howalls, D Morgan, 1. Howells, W. Croniu, \V. Bowen, and J..Meredith. Llaudhj Back, \V. O. Lvana; three-quarter hacks. JL>. li. Boweu (captain), F. N. Powell, lidward J'o'oi'its. and 1). Jones: half.b.wk3. Lt. B. Williams and Gril1iths; forwards, W. Gritiiths, E. Koberts, X. Jones, Jacob Davies, William Thomas, C. S. Antony, J. Jices. and D. Fiji CA1IDIFF I XE.!TH. This match was played in the C o'diff Artits Park Oil Saturday before about 1,1)00 spectators, aud resulted in a will for Cardiff by live goals and live tries to ltd. The visitors made but a poor 31ww against the Cardittians. Neath, losing the tots, kicked off from the Itácq 11(;[, Court end, and a eeruiu" was formed ill Cardiff teriitory. Dribbling forward, the visitors gained ground, but. Hughes returned into neutral territory. A responsive kick from Clarke equalised iiiatters, but CarJ¡rf. headed by Briggs, soon relieved, and the game was continued 011 even term". Luuse. play, in whid. some neat passfii £ was sho.vti by the hour: team, ira- provta grottiy tatiiUif> f .siUou, but Clin f.'a ag-hi earns to ti t', fore." HBrl t4j¡:Jeù matters for the visitors. "Bates" failing to take a pass froUl Andrew Price, Neath charging the leather, iuvadetf their OP!)¡;1I'"1It:gl'lJ1JI"1. Further play increased their advan- tage, and tie ball want, into touch 111 the Cardiff 2b. Hughes, however, hereabouts secured a free kick. and tiie game was renewed in tho centre. A pass was well- taken by Douglas, aud, he transferring to Bates,"opera- tions were removed to the visitors' half. A siuiiUv effort was made ou the opposile wing, and G. A. Young all but scored. The inevitable was scored the nest second 1>:1" Douglas, who cleverly planted the ball near the posts. 1ÍlI;]¡es however, failed to improve. Directly after the kick oft "Bates" secured the leather, and, bursting through the Neath ivnks, scored at the corner. Tha angle was difficult, aud Hughes again faileu to convert. Evans returned the kicko.it into touch iu the visitors' 25, where the game was contested for some time. Andrew Price, however, cleverly got the ball from the scrum," and, chucking to Douglas, the latter giving to Arthur, that player got through again, and scored behind the posts. Hughes now lIeotiated the point. Aftti- the kick off the visitors played up pluckily against their opponents, but some excellent passing between Dougl s, Price, aud Youim again confined the gimo in the visitors' half. Passing was again exhibited by the sauie trio, but with no apparent gain Shortly after- wards, by a eimibr exlubition, Hernert Jones secured a trv, Hughes again converting. Although the visitors played up well, they were quite unable b cope with their opponents, and the game up to half-time wa waged in their territory. Immediately after the resump- tion tiie visitors had to aci; 011 the defensive, and a huge kick from Young transferring the game to their lines. Price was enabled to cross and score behind the uprights. Hughes again failed to do the needful. The game, how- developed into a procession, aud but seldom were the visitors in Cardiff's half. Douglas, by 1\ splendid, corkscrew I "Il. reminding one of Hancock's famous essays, scorcd behind the sticks. Hughes hid little difficulty in converting. O.J. Evans shortly afterwards passed to Arthur, who, showing great 3pced, again forced tlio'game on to the visitors''lines. Neath, for a short time, relieved the pressure, but, the Cardiff forwards renewed their energy, f 1 the visitors were compelled to touch dowu in selt-deieiice. The major point for the home team was only deferred for a short time, a try being quickly securcd by Duncan, but which Hughes again failed to improve ..I. liollowjng these reverses, Bates and O. J. Evans in quick succession scored tries, both of which Rushes CJU verted. Jusl before the cessation of play Bland m-iiiaged to cross the lines, but Hughes tailing to con- vert, Cardiff won by five goals ana live tries to nil. Teams -.—Cardiff: Back, H. Hughes; three-quarter backs, C. Arthur, W. M.Douglas. G. A. Young, and "Bates" half-bucks, O. J. E\ ans and A. Price forwards, A. F. Bland, J. ALahoncy. Q. 1). Kcdzlie, H. T. Duncan, lL W. Jones, W. il. C. Williams, Briggs, and J. A. Saul. Xeatii Back, Broskbtiru three-quarter backs. S, Clarke, T. Brooks, T Harris, and H, Evans; har;-0acU3, .). Williams and T. Evans forwards, IV. GrecH, W. Brocks, J. Norman, E. Hughes, J. Baker. U. A. Jones, Pk. Jones, and E. Evans. Umpires—Cardiff, A. DUllcau: Neath, E. Gwyjnie Jones. Keteree, W D. Phili¡po. NEWPOirr r. GLOUCESTKK. About 2,000 spectators assembled oil the groullds of the Newport Club oil Saturday afternoon to witness the first match this. season between the above teams. The wet, disagreeable weather experienced in the early part of tho day had to a slight extent given place by the time play began to a better condition ot atmosphere, though it was still dark aud dull.. The ground was in fairly good condition, considering the heavy rainfall recently experienced, and, as to the game, that was well contested throughout, and was characterised by a very friendly spirit oil both sides. The score, as shown at the end of the appended description, indicates all undoubted win to the home players, but Gfoucester made all excellent fight, and it was a Strode of ill-luck on one occasion in particular which denied them the chance of getting a try. At 330 p.m. Bub Gould kicked off for Newport towards the ballast bank,aud Coares returned ill touch towards the Gloucester end. A scrimmage ensued, and Oil being set loose the ball fell intothe hands of one of the visiting three-quarter backs, who sent, it a trifi- forward, but Webb, picking up, threw back to Powell, who again sent it ill touch. Alter the line out Downe passsd to Webb, who, crossing the field, chucked to G. Thomas. That adroit player put in a neat run, and i'yilowed up with a kic1; in touch closc to the Gloucester line. The visiting forwards worked it off, however, hut it soon reverted again io the same point, w here a series of •• scrums took place, some strong play being shown by the respective halt-backs. On being worked out the ball fl, ttcd about several times between the Newport halves and Webb and Powell, three- quarters. The iast-named made two attempts to get in, but afler two repulses Coates put in a good drop to the ccutre, and ultimately, by a splendid rush, transferred the scene of play to the Newport quarters. It was soon rushed back, mainly by a good kick off the ground by Webb. At length, after a tight scrimmage, Downe chucked back to Webb, who transferred toeowell, and lie sent the leather in touch in Gloucester's 25. It was worked across the ground, and G. Thomas punted over the line. Oswell failed, in his return, to send it further than the 25 flag, where the oval went in touch. Another pnnt by Thomas put it over the line, and Gloucester had to touch down. After the. drop out, Gloucester worked to near the centre, but the home forwards put in all the pushing they knew and pressed the visitors back to their own quarters. A little open centre play followed, ended by a scrimmage. When tho ball was worked out. a pass intended for a Gloucester man was well taken by C. Thomas, who made a clear run for the line. When he looked like being tackled he passed to his confrere, Downe, who. on being ussailed, let the leather drop, and it was then taken over the line by C. Thomas, who brought off the lirst try. The plaoo was taken at a very awkward augle by U. Gould. who made a splendid kick for goal. Gloucester re-started from the 25, and C. Thomas failing to return as smartly as he might. the visitors invaded the home half. It was worked back to the centre, but from a line out the strangers pressed for- ward to the Newport 25 Hag. Their three-quarter backs made several attempts to break away to the Newport line, but C. Thomas and Webb made:1 capital defencc. The ball. however, was eventually brought to within half a dozen yards of the home line, where it was sent in touch, and severe scrimmaging ensued. When the leather was worked out the Gloucester three- quarter backs attempted a lot of passing, but the Newport tackling was too dead for them to score. They kept the play close against the home line for a spell, and the ball at length being kicked over G. Thomas touched it down for Newport. After the kick off the Gloucester backs showed a very credituble passing game, and kept Newport penned in their own ground. C. Thomas, however, dropped it to the Glou- cester ground, from whence Oswell sent the leather in touch at the centre. He repeated the movement a minute later from a kick by Webb, after which the Newportforwards started a dribble which took the ball to the Gloucester 25. As it was being worked back Powell got a free kick, which was effected by Gould. Half time was called with the ball about the centre, the Gloucester backs having just before displayed a little fair passing. Gloucester now kicked off, and the ball was sent back bv C. Thomas. A Gloucester man ob- tained a free kick, but gained no advantage from It, a rush bv the A- forwards bringing the leather to the visitors'25. They kept it just outside the Gloucester goal for a minute or two, uutil at length Taylor. tor tae visitors, broke away and made a clean rush over the ground to near the Newport 15. He was there smartly overhauled by G. Thomas, and where he was brought down a "serum" was formed. Downe got the ball out and followed tip a short I;m by passing to C. Thomas, who took it. to the centre. Oswell made a capital punt from the quarter which he vns defending to the Newport half, where the visiting forwards continued the advance by a deciiedly good rush, which was stopped bv G. Thomas in the home 25. Downe, Stone, Pepperall, and Hannen suc- cessively had the credit of taking it out. of this dan- gerous position to he centre, anr'. the advantage was followed up by a dribbling rush on the part of the home forwards to the Gloucester 2o. It was sent in touch just at the (lag. D.iwue threw It, out, where the line-up was formed, and the ball immediately was caught. b) C. Thomas, who dropped a very neat The kick eff from t.11 centre was an Ll ortive attempt on the part of Gloi .j'.a! ert aud a 11 scnnu" was torn; frolH \bih a good dribble was started towards the. visitors' line. Gloucester at, length had to defend by touching down. After the kick off from the 25 the home forwards made Liei- go.-d rush, and Gloucester had to resort to the expedient o)l;¡;ltiJ1 touch- iii, ( down. From out of a scrimmage slightly in the Newport half C. Thomas, Harding, and M'Dauiel rushed tile play aloilg, to the visitors'25 again, where a scrim- mage was formed. When the ball came out Charlie Thomas passed back to Webb, who in turn transferred to G. Thomas, and the last named, getting off with a lovely sprint, passed all his opponeuts and landed a try. No goal resulted from Bob Gould's kick. Dark- ness was now coming on, and with it New- port continued to hold the ascendency, pressing the visitors in their 25. Powell had a couple of chances to make a shot for goal, but he preferred to hug the leather until he was t.ac1¡led. From out. of a loose scrimmage near the Gloucester line Downe got over, but was tackled, and a maul ensued, which ended in Glou- cester touching down. Oust before "No side" was called. Brown, for Gloucester, made a splendid run to the Newport lin;, but was tackled before he had landed the try he made so splendid an attempt for. The home forwards were rapidly transferring the game to the other end when time was clIed. and Newport had tbe victory by a goal, two tries, and four minors to one minor. The players were Newport: W. lothtrgill, back J. E. Webb, G Thomas, aud 11. W. Powell, three- quarter backs; C. Thomis and T. Downy, half-bucks; R. Gould (captain), IL Pepperall, T. Harding. T. Edwards, F. Stone, T. G." Jones," X. W. Ledin-cou. H. M'Daniell, and J. Hannen, forwards. Cioucesttr J. Oswell, buck H. G. Taylor, G. E. Coats, and 1:. W. Stoddirt, three quarter backs T. Bagwell, Brown, and Ball, half-backs T. 6. Smith (captain). II. B. Slowniati, Broughton, Taylor, H. A. T. G. Baiikes, C. E. Tandy, and Moore, forwards. CABDIFF HARLEQUINS V. BIUDGEND. A match between these clubs was played oil Saturday at Bridgeid. The home team, owing to several circum- stances, was a weak one, and it appeared evident from the cOlllmeneement of the game that the, Harlequins would win. They soon obtained a try, which was not converted. Aftcr "buut a quarter of an hour's play i, second try was scored, and the kick for goal was successful. Just before half time C. Howells, who was ;icting as captain for the day, was seriously injured,and ifiegatile was abandoned, it is only lair to the Harlequins to say that the injury was due to pure accident, and IIU to auy rough play. I XTWPOKT STCOM) v. Glolc^sieu SECU.nl>,—On galur- day the Nc.vpori second jotiruei! to Gloucester to play the local Second Fifteen. The match proved uninterest- ing fioiu the spectators' point of view, the visitors wisdy keeping the ball close.. Gloucester captain kicked off, and li. C. Joneo returned to half way. Here a number of seril¡!lI\ag-c3 took place, the. home team at length working their way into the Newport 25. A driuble by Griffiths transferred the ball to tiie middle of the lield, but Gloucester with a rtioli made the wearers of the black and umber touch down. The home team for some time acted oil the aggressive, but, uiiiuccess- fully, the visitors at length carrying the ball into Gloucester territory, A rufh by the Newport for- wards took the ball doe 1.0 the Gloucester goal, when half-time wns called. Ends having been changed, the ball was re-started by the Newport skipper, the Glou- cester buck replying with a lJ\!IIt,illl u touch. Glollceskr were quickly compelled tu tauch down, alld after the kick out play of a give aud take nat ure ensued. Davies made a good run, and the onward'movement beingcon- tillued Newport nearly scored. The pressuit3 was re- lieved, but for a time only, the visitors again getting cloie to tlrtir opponents' goal lint, and here a succcs- siou of tight scrimmages ensued. Gloucester worked away t > the 20 ilag, but a kick over the linj foiced theiu to resort to touching down again. The shades of eve were tailing fast, aud the fluctuations of the ball were followed with difficulty. O H. Jones and Derc removed the scene of action to half- way, and thence the ball was taken'into the >ewpjrt ,,5, where it was when no side" was whistled, the match beiiiK left drawlI in favour of Newport, who scored two touches lIOWII to one. The following were the names of tile teams :-1.Y"I1'jJQrt: L. Stephens, back U. Badger, F. O. Jones (captain), and E. J. Williams, three-quait*r backs L. Edmuuds and 11. ])i\vjes, half-backs II, S. Clapp, G. E. Fothergill, T. II. Griffiths, S. Fox, T. Wat- son, T. A.Barfoot. F. E. Ifiekard, Greenway, and Hampton, forwards. Gloucester A. F. Hughes, back G. P. Dere, O. H. Jones. A. Cromwell, and F. Jackson, tILice-quti ter backs; W. G. Boberts (captain) and A. Matthews, lialf-backs A. H. Brown, 1.1. A. Trimmer. A. II. Gorin, U. George, P. Lewis, E. Elk, W. C. Bailey, and E. Kiiminster, forwards. LLANDOVLRV TOWX r. LAMi>ja'KB L'OI.LI:;(>],TJ¡is match was played oil the ground of tho former, and, after a tiht contest, resulted ii: ,t for the visitors by one foaland two tries to one try. Afterwards the visitors were ciiter(aiiv?d by the 110 ro r) team to a dinner at tlw King's Head lun, r. LA.FT3 WTIL. —1This''match was p¡a}erla 011 Saturday, and euued in a will f-v 1 he home team by "He droi ped g>*l (disputed}, oue try, and 4 minors t.o nil. The following were t he .teams, both SíÚC8 playing short ;-f.tullil'1! Bacts.T. Evans three-quarter backs, L. Howe, X. Harry, and D. liadlev half-backs, B. Davies and J. Jones forwards, II. Suell, J. SLerens, F. Buse, C. Emery, Ji. Loughcr, W. Hughes, undW. Davies. TaJTs Well Back, — Smith three-quarter backs, T. Hopkins, L'twis, and E. half-backs, S. Evans, and J. Dutheld; forwards, Hicks, 1). George, A. D, 1'icbards. Mountjov, D. Brown,and H. Thomas. PTSATAU (Stco.vn FU-TEE-V) v. Sr. Asixtbivs (FIUST FIFXEEX).—Played oil the ground of the latter. The home team, although tlley had the assistance of Emery, of Cardiff first, were defeated by four fries toml. 1:1.' lioVKits v., EKECILTTC.-7-THE above uiatvu was played at Ely on Saturday, and resulted ilt a win for the llovers by t IIrce tries. The Lice; vics brought out a com- bination team. r: Jannn n made one it the tries by a run from the half-way flag. Garrett played a good game for the Electrics. • LOAGCUOSS c. WHTICHL.NCU SKCO.NU.—This match was played at the Barracks Field on Saturday afternoon, ,and resulted in a win for the Whitchurch Team by ouu i'oai and a try tû ld.. }-o: V ISny.NHVI KVD v. matuhtwas playo I C I Saturday at Skeweti, and resulted in a draw slightly fit favour of Skewen, by live touches down to two touches down, ILANKLLV Secosu illViL&S V. SWANSEA "A" TEAM — A weil-conieal ed match fcaiwesn these teams was piaje at Llanelly Oil Saturday afternoon. The visitors were victorious by two dropped goals and ft try to one dropped goal. Webb dropped the -oil for Llanelly. Mr. Fred. Margrave (ex-captain of the Llanelly First Fifteen) was referee. CAKDIIT CBUSADEKS v. CARDIFF Ul1'E1J.-Thjs match, played on Saturday, resulted in a decisive victory for t lie Crusaders by two tries and three minors to nil. D. Thomas scellrd both tries, and J. Bowen (Crusaders) played a splendid forward game, dribbling splendidly. CHAIILES-STHEET ItAKGKKS FLFTST FnrEJi.N TF.'YSTJUD SECOMJ FIFTEEN.—This match was played at Ystrad on Saturday, aud, altera pleasaiitgaiue, resulted in a win for Ctiarics-streetby one drop goal to two tries. Keuzlie, the captain, dropped the goal for Charles-street. Teams Charles-street: liak, D. Kedzlie; three-quarter backs, T. Maehen, J. David. and D. ^Morgan half-backs, B. Faulks and W. Hill; forwards, n. Davies. Lt. Hill, E. Lewis, W. Juljit. A. Money,,G. Baker, C. ValJcuder, E. JoneSj and J. Thomas. I'-trud ■. Back, M, Davies three- quarter l acks, J. Davies, J. W. Jones, and A. T. Evans half-backs, F.M.Jones (captain) and W. Davies; for- wards, D. Abrahams, F. Boyaii, G. Hughes, W. llobortham. ti: lies, D. Davies, W. .Abral1d!ll, i j Williams, and S. Lewis. CHRIST COLLEGE (BSECON) v. MO.XJIOUTH GJU:\DUR" SCHOOL.—This match wits played at- Hereford oil Satur- day, and resulted in all easy win for Brecon by live goals (one dropped), two tries, and four minors to Tne tries were obtained by A. C. Evans l2), Longdou (2). Coxe (1), and D. li. EVal19 (1). The goal was droppedby A. C. Evans. The following composed the Brecon team —Full back, L. Jb. Williams; three-quarter backs, Cockburn, Evans, Longdon (captain). aud Cuxe; half- backs, D. R. Evans andArelue Rowlands; forwards, W. D. Williams, F. Grundy, J. H. Pugh, Stuckey, Fowdeu, D. L. leec, B., V. Phillips, Walters, and Kelly. CAUWFF PEOI'l«EfAI:Y SCHOOL V. FOMiPllIDD GHAM-itut SCHOOL—This match was played ou Weù-I nesday at Cardiff, and, although the former had all the best of the game, resulted in a win for Pontypridd by two goals tofotir tricc and several taiiiorpoiatb. It is to be observed that the Pontypridd team was largely formed of players chosen from the tuwli club, wliile that of their opponent s was strictly composed of boys of the Proprie- tary >1. CAKNIIF liovKtia LLWYNPIA. -This match was played ai, Penygraig 011 Wednesday, when, after an exciting game, Llwynpia won by a goal and a try to iii. The liovers took up rather a w eak team.whilst Llwynpia were assisted »»y six or seveu of the Penygraig First Fifteen. The liovers' back was severely hurt at the end of the tirst half, aud was, consequently, unable to do much ill Llie second half, wIlen Llwynpia scored the two tries. The R0% el-5, team W:13 as followsSmith, bllck; Beynou (captain), Haynes. Richards, and Williams, three-quarter backs Nash and Gorman, half-backs A. Davies, Hiùg- way, Harding, Kiggs, Gaceon, D. J. Davits, Edwards, "net T;1 lor, tl.r\Varu..







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