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JlfctoSaSS. _I" ,r-j'" -oJ WATCHES AND CLOCKS. WATCH MAKER & JEWELLER By Speci Warrant TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, And by Special Appointments to R.R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, AND H.I.M. THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. PRIZE MEDALS-LONDON, DUBLIN AND PARLS. BENSON'S WATCHES I GOLD AND SILVER Of every description, suH- JEWELLERY. able for all climates, from 2 to 200 guineas. The Latest Fashions. CHEONOGEAPHS, CHBONOMET<0ES, BEA.CELETS, CHEONOGEAPHS, CHRONOMETERS, BRACELETS, KEYLESS LEY ICES, I BKOOCRES. EAUEING1? PEESENTATION, LOCKETS. NECKLACES REPEATERS, I CHAINS, RINGS, STUDS SOLDIERS', EAILWAT PINS, CROSSES, ETC. GUAEDS', AND WOEK- ALSO IN DIAMONDS & MENS' WATCHKS OF PEECIOUS STONES. EXTEA STEENGTH. BENSON'S" Workman's" English Lever, as abovj, R5 Bs. (Warranted.) BENSON'S" Everybody's" Silver Watch. Crystal Glass, as above, L3 3s. (Warranted.) BEN SON'S CLOCKS SILVEB & E^ECTEO- Of all kjndn at 1 to 1,000 PLATE Jguineag. For Presentation. Jto. CBTJECH, TURRET, T.VTNNBR HliRVI "33, CARRIAGE, CHi'lIV, TEA. AND BREAKFAST DINING & DRAWING. SERVICES ECOM, CHTTKTS. BASKET", HALL, SHOP, INKSTANDS, CLARET 1IBEAEY, BRACKET, JUGS, &c. SPOON3. FORKS, &o. BENSON'S new PATVTPHLET of W A TC HE. th^nnst comprehensive in the World, givin prices aud illus- trations of every kind. Just published, 2 stamps. BEtfSOS'S new PAMPHLET of CLOCKS, the largest yet published, with designs and prices. Free, 2 stamps, BE>iSOJi'S new PAMPHLET of JEWELLEBY, il- lustrated. 2 stamps, BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of SILVE3 and ELECTPO-PLATE, illustrated. 2 st-amos. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of TUfiEET CLOCKS, illustrated. 2 stamps. WATCHES eent FREE and SAFE by POST. Watch ell, Clocks, Jewellery, and Plate repaired by skilled workmen. Plate, Jewellery and Watcties ex- changed, Clubs, Merchants, and Shippers sup^li^d. STEAM FACTORY & City SHOW BOOMS- LUDGATE HILL; WEST EN ESTABLISBMENT- 25, OLD BOND STREET, LONDON. ESTABLIS3ED 1719. ^STIFFS STABOH, > _j gSfi&s- |§OTFS STWj gffjliji | J Q 3 Stiffs staboh « 3 S;gi3«-s?8S ITiW ■ *— *—■•T—■ n-1 him>i W* 25 r*mk Ti 2_ g 5B§A<iH e: gT-TF-, WA30H. & |B|lg!|| || Q'i'rms g _i mizhi § gTIFF'y 8TAR0H J SEVEN PRIZE MEDALS awarded to GOODALL'S HOUSEHOLD SPECIALTIES A single trial solicited from thoae who have not yet tried these preparations. -IOODAIAL'S YORKBEARE RELISH' G The most dolicioup bauoe in the World. The moat delioiou? Sauoe in the World. Krrioliea Rot Joints, Stews, Chops, Fish, Ac With Soup it ia ch i.g. Blends admirably with all Gravies. Makee Cold Meat a Luxury. Makes the plainest viands palatable. The daintiest dishes more aeumouj6 A great addition to Cheese. Every dish is improved by its addition. £ piourea pronounce it the Best Haaoa. Beware of Colourable CA UTION.-IT hav-g oome to our knowledge that an imitation of our celebrated Sauce, the Yorkshire Relish, is being palmed upon Puroh".sers. we 00g tbat they will insist upon having the only genuine Yorkshire Relish. having a Laim with the rrade Mark, a "Willow Pattern Plate," and our name. Goodall, Eackhoubs, and Co., LEEDS," with a protecting Label over the stopper. We are sorry that respeotable Tradesmen should lend themselves to auoh an imposture for the sake of a little extra profit. Sold by Groucrs, Oilmen, Chemists, Sto„ Id bottles, 3d., Is,, and 2a. each. Prepared by GOOD ALL, BACKHOUBI-. and CO. Leeds. OOODALL'S BAKING POWDES, Awarded Seven Prize Medals (or Superioi Quality. Unrivalled for efficiency and purity, Recommended by all who have tried it. Manufactured from the purest Iagredienta Dispenses with bowers- yissat. The best in the world. Dalies comparison Makes delicious puddings without øgg8. pastry without butter, and K- autif ul light bread without yeast. One trial will convince the most soeptioal of its superiority over -tbors. -Sold by Grooers, OUman, and Chemise, 1150.. In Id, paoV«t,x. 6d.„ a. tins.—Pre- oered by, GOODALL. BACKHOUSE, and OO. Leeds. r>!OODALL'S QOININB WINS. The _^best^and oheape&t tonio yet introduced. StrecgthenB the whole system and stimulates the appetite. Ib invaluable for indigestion, nervous- ness, gout, rheumatics, Ao, wine-glassful twice or three times a day will be found both grateful and efficacious in all oases in which a oordial tonio is required, far superior to sherry and bitters or bitter beer. Sold by Chemists, Grocers. Ac^ at Is., Is. ltd. 2e^ and asTidTper bottler-Prepared by GOODALL. BACKHOUSE, and CO. Lftcli6 tlOODALL'S OUSTARD FOWDEU Jor making ^lioiouB cuatarda without egga, less tame and at half the price. Jelicions to Plum Pudding and Jam Tarts. Delicious to Stewed Eice and all Hrnlg of Fruit. Delicious to Everything Delicious alone. li p^nT^.8 Sold in boxes, 6d. and Is. each, Italian Ware housemen, Ac. n^fnrfwh til ^^DALL, BACKHOUSE and CO^ White Horse street Leeds. GOODALL'S GINGER BEER POW- PUlons of the best Ginger threepence The moat valuable preparation for the production of deiioioua and invigorating Sii Powder atanda mmvaUedTpoaMBaSf vaJu^ble medicinal properties to a It is not only oooling in n,tn« but also to invaluable stomachio, thereby rendering it the. moat whole^TSd perfect beverage ever discovered foi ,^th WintoT^d summer. It ia easily made, aad acknowledged to be by far the cheapest and best Ginger Beer Powder ever offered to the public. Sold in rackets 3d. and 6d. each. by all Grooers, Che. mists, and Italian Warehousemen, fco. Proprie- tors, GOODALL, BACKHOUSE, and CO.. White Horse street. Loads. ClOODALL'S MUSHROOM KETOH- T UP. This splendid speciality is confidently re- commended to alio ruel overs ot the Pure Mush- room. It is prepared with; he utmost care fro. the PURE JuICa by a speoial steam process, secured at great oost by the Proprietora, un rivalled for producing a Ketchup uniform io strength. with a FULL AND hick FLAVOUR unpos- sessed by any other preparation of its kind in the market. One trial is suffioientt 0 convince all of its Great Strength. Perfect Parity, and Unsur- passed Flavour. Sold in bottles at 6d-, Is., and 2s. each by Grocers, Oilmen, and Italian Ware. housemen all over the kingdom. Prepared by GOODALL, BACKHOUSE, and Co.. White Horse Btreet, Leeds. /?<OODALL'S EGG POWDER. The vfl most valuable preparation in the world. Umver- sally acknowledged to be the only real rsbstitute for eggs jet dibcovered. This truly wouderful Powder has not gained its high reputation with- out meriting it to the fullest extent; its action on Cakes. Puddings, Ac., Ac., resembles that of the egg in every particular, enriching them in colour and flavour; also rendering them most wholesome and nutritious. Those who have not given it a trial, should do so at once; they will fird that one penny packet will go as far as four eggs, and one sixpenny tin as far as twenty-eight, thus making the cost one-fourth that of eggs. Bold everywhere, in Id Packets; 6d and Is Tina. By Grooeis, Oilmen, Chemists, Italian Warehouse- men, Ship Store Dealers, Ao. Shippers and the Trade supplied by the Sole Pro- prietors, GOODALL, BACKHOUSE, and CO.. White Horse street. Leeds. d'IOODAI,IlB BRDNSWlOK BLAOK lkx for Painting Stoves. Grates. Iron Tin. to. This invaluable composition is superior to ant yet oflered to the public, possessing great 5PV1110-?'. mnd„ thoroughly protecting th* articles it is applied to.—Sola in Bottles at 6d, AGENTS IN WALES. Brans and Co., 7, High street. fiwcH*. Webb and Co., Bute Docks, Arkell. H.. 161. Bute road. Cardiff. Btranaghan and Stephens. Angel street, John, W„ John street, Pesartn, CardiS, Williams, John 16 The Hayeo, Cardiff. Sankey, J. and C.. Working street, Cardiff. Budgett, B. H. and B., Nelson street. Bristol, Leonard and Co., Nelson street. Bristol. Northam, J, G. and Co.. High street. Bristol Ackennan, T.. Sedoliffe HiH, Bristol. Jrhillips and Sons, Castle sqoAre .Swansea. Taylor and Co., Swansea, Arthurs, S., Walter's road, Swansea, irazer and Co., 34, Dock street, Newport, Jfcon Jones, L. P., fcbbw VaJe, tarris, E. W.. 128, High street. Merthyr, J<ewis,i Angt., Supply Storer0 Burry Port. Bandall, J,, 1, Vacgban slreet T^TESTi'EN MAIL. If THEfAffiES'QKWAliSS „ EF ITK !i t FEPPKB'8 QUI^JM'E A1SO.V TON I- Carefully Tested aud Cliermcailv Fvre. PEPPFR'S QUININE &I 110;rC Pu) ifles aDd Eiirichsa the Ecod, PEPPER'S QUFNIiv'E & IRON To¥Fj Strengthens the Kerv6S and JT'iscularSyBtsiii! PEPPER'S QUININE & IRON TONIO JL Promotes Appetite and Improves Digestion. PEPPER'S QUININE & IRON TONIO Animates the Spirits and Mental Faculties. PEPPER'S QUININE & IRON TONIO in Scrofulr, Wasting Diseases, Neuralgia, Soiatioa Indigestion, Flatulence. Weakness of the Chest, anè Bespiratory Organs. Ague. PEPPER'S QUININE & IRON TONIG thoroughly recruits the General Bodily Health and induces a proper Healthy oondition of the Nervous and Physical Forces. Is sold by Chemists everywhere, in capsuled bottles, containing S2 doses, 4e 6d, next size lis, and in stone Jars 22s each. The name, address, and trade mark of OHH Pep pee, 837, Tottenham Court road, Loudon, if- on the label. Sold by WILLIAMS, 11, Bute street. Cardiff. f^RACROFT'S AREOA NUT TOOTH PASTE.—By using this delicious Aromatio Den- trifloe, the enamel of the teeth becomes white, ound. and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, and especially useful for removing inorua);ation of tartar or neglected teeth. Sold by all Chemists. Pots la. and 18. 6d. each. (Get Cracroft's.) Deafness, NOISES in the ears, D ¡\o.-JJEIJLAB'S ESSENCE for DEAFNESS has proved an extraordinary remedy, Italways re lieves, generally oures, and is strongly reoommended bj thousands who have derived ooaetlt. It is quite harmless. Sold in bottles. Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each, bj all Chemists. rpAKAXACUM and PODOPdYLLIW. T A dose of this fluid is reoommanded for Liver Derangement, particularly when arising from siik-hi congestion. By gently stimulating the Liver aiid slightly moving the Bowels, the heavy, diowsy feali 4 and heidaol>e> with, generally, paras in the ones anc back, especially after eat in a-, la dissipated, Tartxnwiit and Podophj llin is much safer in its action than el or blue pill in removing dyspepsia.—Prepared by J Pepper, London, and- sold in bottles, 2s. 9d. aad 4a. 6d, ea. by all chemists. SULPROLINE LOTION.«An external means of curing Skin Diseases. T-ii,r,5 is sosu-C'jIj auy erur,fion but ■will yield to Su'phi^line in a few cays, and commerce to fade away even it it seams pas': cure. Ordinary pimples, redneas, blotches, scurf, rou.. vanio,h sb it by magic; whust oid, enduring s'tm dis, orders, that have plagued the sufferers for year", how. evei deeply rooted they may be, 8ulpholine wiil sno cessfully attack them. It destroys the aniraalouia which cause these unsightly, irritable, p/iinfnl a See- ti"tB, and always produces a ol<-ar. healthy, natnss;; condition of the skin. 8u!pholine Lotion is sold by most chesnigls. Liottias, 'is!hjL, DELLAR'S CORN AND BUNION FLA ^TSTiS. Boxes, Is, itd., and "4. 91. eaah. The Corn Pk-.ere nre a coirain cure for h&rc^ ci ti corns tho a and enlarged tee jtiiits, Scid b ? all ;hei:cjACs» L( OKYEE'S SULPHUR HAIB RE- STOBEB will dareea Grey Hair, and iu a few days r-Fi-o" oon-pittely the natural colour. Th" efleot is aup^nor to ,.hl',t prodn-'cd bv on iast.autaneous fha. and the Sulphur Bestoror does not injure the 8irin.- Sold iv targe b-tJ..e8 Is. 6d., each, by ehemista. LOCKYEIC'S SULPHUR HAIR RI3 STOEEE, while keeping the hair its prop»» oclooig, ie useful for romcwing scurf, no other applica- ttoii beine nrc-panr? tc encourage the growth of sew Hair. Looker's Restorer bae powerful CII-ansir pre pertira, rendering it a deeirable Hair Fluid. ti%r,;e bctwes, la, bd, tiold by chemists an4 hair dressers. 2171 Set ^MEFJCAN EOTANIO DI3PEN. iSAHY, 97, OLDHAEKET-STEEET BRISTOL ESIABilSEED 1847; G. STEVENS'3 AMERICAN COUGH SrKDP. Thia preparation has been sold in Bristol for upwards of thirty years, during which period its dema.nd has steadily it cremed, and its reputation gradually extended to other parts of the kingdom. It is aa agreeable, safe, and efficacious remedy for those who sufier from Coxd, Cough, Influenza, Asthma, ShortneGs of Breath, Hoarseness, anc all other TMseaies of the Chest aad Lurgs. By its use thousands are Cured annually. One bottle will in recent canes effect a perfect oure; and io even those of the most obstinate character relief wiL be found from the first few dotes. To the oid aui young it is an invaluable remedy, and a sure cure for Whooping Cough. In the last stage of consumption it is known t. relieve when all other remedies LB ve !ul&d. and thus Las won for itself a reputation possesses by no other cou^h medicine in existence. In bottles, ",lid., 2s. Sd., and 4s. 6d. G. STEVENS'S BLOOD PURIFIER; Or, Compound of SarsapariUa, Roots, Barks, &0. This preparation has been sold by us for upwards of thirty years, and its efficacy proved beyond all others in curing Bad Legs, ScrofrH Scurvy, Ei-ysipe- k., Pimples on tho Face, and all othbr diseases of the Skit and Blood, from whatever o&uae arising, purify- ing the blood and streastheninir the evstem. Thousands can testify to the oures efiected by us in the above diseases, atterthemost eminent medioal men haveifailed. Sold in Packets, at Is, lid. and 2s. 3d. ea-abi G. STEVENS'S DANDELION PILLS. Ther-e Pills have been before cue publio for upwards of thirty years, and have gained a reputation far beyond any other Pills which have been introduced to the public. They are prepared from the pure extract of Dandelion. and contain all the medicinal properties of the fresh herb and root. Theyare not to be classed with the compounded nostrums of the present day, throrrn hastily and at random together; on the contrary, they pre the result of much study and re- flection, combined, with an accurate know, led of the action of the different articles of which they are composed. Being purely vegetable, they are a safe and efficacious remedy in all" diseases of the Stomach and Liver, Giddiness in the Head, Constipa- 41?^ ,of £ .e. bowels. Indigestion and Piles, likewise STa.uJent Pains in th6 Stomach and Bowels, restoring tone And energy to those organs aad intestines, the bile and other secretions, on the right state of which health and life principally depend. They si>rengthen the Chest aad all inward p^rts help those who have fallen into a low state through impaired digestion and a morbid inactivity of tbe bowels. Persons who feel a fulness after meals wil derive great benefitjfrom them. In Boxes. Is. ltd., and 2s. 3d. each. AGENTS FOR CARDIFF Mr. Salisbury, 14, Royal Arcade. Newport. Mr. Frederick, 103, Commercial-street Frome. Mr. Druce, Palmer-street. Bath Mrs. Phillput, 8, Fountain-buildings. „ Mr. Pinch, Cheap-street. Agents wanted a liberal discount allowed. J.'JWSBUBYft p | £ MTflf So BSOWN'S Hell tN ik: i'i L N q P% EKM p.'T) v a LY It,. TOOTH PAST !H_ Ensujes, by its ase, WHITE and TEETH. Established 50 yeers 0.7 (ht A. Sl U tnott ogrtrabit and fJrC'is. 11 Pruxrvative for tie Xcat< a,ld Gurits. v'fj OBSERVK A this Trade MarK V/W'^ e ontnelabel each Pot. wlu Jold universally by Chemists and Perfumers. is. 6d. and 2s. 6d. Per Pot. J-MPOETANT DISCOVERY SANDELL'S HAIR RESTORER tor BESTORING GBEY HAIB to its Original Colour. a Is the only reliable Prenarition "3 It is perfectly Harmless, being free from that unpleasant and usurious sediment found in other For Restoring, Preventing Baldness, and Dandritf it is un- eq flaIled. It has also marvellous power in causing New Hair to Grow on Bald Spots. In Bottles, 2s. and 3s 6d. 3s. 6d. Bottle sent Carriage Frte from T. O. SANDELL, Pharmaceutical Chemist, West Kensington, London. Agents :-For Cardiii, Mr. Kornick; SwaD8«a, Mr. George; Neatb, Mr. Hayman; Builth, Mr. Thomas; Merthyr, Mr. Thomas. Melburv Osmond. Dear Sir,- I pnrchased a Bottle of your H Lir Refetorcr in May, and by the end of August my hrdr waa restored, both in growth and to its original colour, equal to when I was 20 years of age, and I am now over 60. I was almost bald when I triedyonr Restorer, with the exception of a few email spots of white hair. You can make what use you like of this, as I feel very grateful for the bendlt I have derived from the use of your Hair Restorer. remain, yours truly, "WILLIAM CHILDS. To Mr. T. O. Sa^delh 4521c *V yDILl-AHU B v.- S, ''balk?, C ;es, at,d T'ps< at HENNIG BtlOti'. Ivory W rka, High street, Lmdrti, W.C. Ctieapest h"u?e iu tbe trade 'or jgy 3 Billiard Table Requisites and Ivory bsuj^ Goods in general. O^o bills ad- justed or exchanged, and tables re-covered. Price .Lists on applicaticn. Established 1862. UPDEB THE PATRONAGE OF THE QUEEN AND THE PRINCIPAL NOBILITY. TVrOTBlNG LIKE THE OLD 1.1 REMEDY—It has stood the tost of time, and after being before the JTublio Fifty-five years, is in greater request than ever. Diseases of the Chest oauee nervous debility, prema- ture old age, and shorten life; and. THE ONLY REAL CURE WITHOUT MEDICINE IS ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTERS, for Coughs, Asthma, Hoarseues", Indigestion, Palpita- tion of the Heart, Croup, Hooping Cough, Chronic Sprains, Bruises. Lawbago. or Pains in the Back, Spinal and Rhsumatio Atfeotions, Diseases ot the Chest, and Local Pains. "p OPEB'S ROYA.L BATH PLASTERS, JLV during the nast 65 Years, have cured thousands of cases of Bronchitis, Cough and Asthma. TTIOR 55 YEARS ROPER'S PLASTERS _I_ have been tbe most successful remedy in the cure of all Diseases of the Chest. X> OPER'S PLASTERS give immediate JLV) relief in all Rheumatic AHeocions and Looal Paius. Prepared only by ROBT. ROPER. BON. snd Co., Sheffield. Full-sized Plasters, Is. lid.: aud for Children, 9id. or by Post Id. extm in P. Stamps. Sold by ail Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World. CAUTION-BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. ASK FOR ROPER'S PLASTERS. 4-6300 A Certain Cure for Nervous Debility. (2J. RAT IS, a MEDIOAL WORK, showin X sufferers how they may be cored ana reoovei Health and Vitalit.v,without the aid of Quaokn with Recipes for Purifying the Blood and Removing Skic At)eo*iot-s, Free on receipt of stamp to prepay p jat. age. Addresa .Secretary, Institute of Ajaatcry r^hsm, og rglJiis PErNOiPALIT?; JL KMM WSZ&ltY m W*>t*S8 r s4 _.v v.•■» 1-^ k.^fe5 .R T E!rr F TiiE FRINGE c: F L !r -{t. o Exhibition ifiipGoKouRs ^1 Paris 1275 tcSL oftee KnightOF the Legion A ^QuALrrr^-i UNir^ sfHtoour U9su j M ASK FOR LIEBIG COMPANYS (1EXTRACT OF MEAT TR*DE A slight addition cf the Extract gives ere at CAtTTION.—Genuine ONLY with fac-simile of t th d.Q. Baron Liebigr's Signature, in Blue Ink, across StreHgtH d-IlU. jLltiVUu.i. Label. THct^,op' In use in most, households throughout the kingdom. F Ask for Liebig COMPANY'S Extract, and and Sauces; and effects see that no other is substituted for it. great economy. PRIZE MEDAL, T O n P"DTr,1? JP-r 1)000! P EI2E MEDaL, Paris, mr. d, 06 v. 1 06 JJiiUOr, Philadelphia, THE OLD STONEWARE POTTERIES, ESTABLISHED, 1740. BRISTOL. OFFICES, Yictoria-pt, Manufacturers of the far-fa-ed B IfcTOL STONEWARE (glazed and out with a vitriiled enamel). Soirit Jars, Pi'tJiug n: d Preserve Jam, Stopperaa Jars for Acids. Filters, Ink Bottlea, Kxpc-r<- Ja&>. Mustard, and Salt Jam. Ei-port Ale aud Porter Bottles, Drug Jars, Gicgsr Beer Bottles, Jsrfi Cased in Wicsor Work, and Oovared Jars Of kvcry .description, ES30 <- PIL» I I PILS md li^BOEG^S FILE use KL FSIIjS—Vii* *««? | vJi G'EivEI. PlLLB—fo* Feici> J \T GKAVE'I- » medioiue yet dtecovereii for FJe j In the Back, ^latr^ncy. Griping, 1 f« .*» teportap' and Gr&ve.I,ard sJl LivsrCoaplsinw. I Co'ic, s sense of wwgM ia the Baet 1 T><Et T«rtlw<roal» fw» po-:«tor% The Proprietor bas re jeived apwar*!?. ?.t>d Ixntsi, .Tiartin? Pairs fe tbe | •■O-# (1 Of two thousand TeF-tiaioait1! ir i wrion of the Heart, Liver, and Ki i- 5 part* ot fche o«nntr? bat fivou? of these Pii's. Sold by si! J oeys, Pa^m ic the Thighs, Busv S wholesale from vaow^ Pattnt Oaemiats in boxes, It, lid,, acu ] ^eBsion ana Retention of Urlu'e, I oiae W_sar«b»>as«f: in I .sz.&oz, F* • 2s. K, each. Proprietor, J. S. { Paine in the Stomach, 4c. May | and JUiTerpfol. Sold ia «.i GEGBGE, K,V-.P.r„ Wjrwft'n, f be bH1 C-IM tV." *>i «-!rf<\tor, T t 1* U- anf 3p M *.i«» Gtemn bT T>ost, fow 1>, W, «»•. j QFOii^a, »r,IS.JPkf i .T.E-.If Htfpr; I Wmi* ] r- Licensed horse SLAUGHTER JLJ WOiiES, CANTON, CAKDIFP MESSB3. B. GVSH & BE03, Hfir'nf la^el- thrn th'! abv!l Business from tD(';r fatho! J..ha Gisli, b-g wpsctf l'y to s;a-e tbat itey will give tte tlishest Prica for De-id and Disable-! Horses, fllso Dead alid Diseased C-ttle. All Crd-rs tf) be adores bed to 2, LT-r^aMc-l, QxlUh, Kkicb will fce ptmo'uaUy atc:ld.: to. JJEAFNESS Si OHFQ DISEASES. IMMEDIATE RELIEF AND ULTI!iIA.TE C03 3. Tho Fev. E. J. FILV- ETON is sending out, free by post, thousands of his Health Adyocate," which ob- tains a treat quantity of infor"ratio 1 concerning the laws of Health. Every r-erson Buffering from Deafness, N ises and offensive diii. V,arge8 in tbe e -r:a, shoull at once send to r. 8. No person ought t,, deioair; thousacdr are rece-vitg benefit. Sufferers from Ioldi- L,eslic,u, Constipation, FiliouaiiesE, Sick Headaca^, Wind, Langour. General Weakness Broken-down Health Epileptic Fits, Decline and Conguojption, and ell others not in health, should send f,)r the above journal -Rev E. J. Silverton. Albert H -u-ie Park street, Nottingham (Pastor of Exeter Hall Church). 46;3 3 THE REY. JOHN SHEWARD, of Milton, Kent, writ'es, Ootober 29. 1878:—" My r nerves were so shattered thi, I drealod the simplest duties, and lost all energy and t lsasure in the per- formsnee of them, The d-spondenoy I eu-Ia-ed became almost unbearable. Since taking C03DEJTS PILLS the change in my health for the bat-tar is very marked. I have lost that horrible depression, my terves are muoh strcneer, and my general health very greatly improved. I cannot express how truly thankful I feel for the remarkable and pl»asin« change. COB- DEK'S QUININE ANI) PHOSPHO5Uai PILLS give strength, energy, and vigorous vitality tl) constitutions in any way enfeebled. Infallible in Neurabria,—Ask fur CO-3DI N'S PILLS," 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d an-J have no others. Any chemist will tret them if they are net in stock, or they will be sent Poet Free on receipt of 33 or 54 stamps (great saving), by the Sussex Drug Go., 1S5, • Qneen'ii roø., Brighton. Looal Agent—2(Lr Hatchiofi, Chemist, Wind street. o4425 HE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.— JL THOMPSOK'S BURDOCK PILLS purity the onlost blood, and relieve every Disease of Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys, Pure blo: ,:) gives health, Thousands have been cured by these wonderful Pills whose diseases oould not be reached by ar-y other medicine. For rheumatics, lumbago, piles, gravel, pains in the back, scurvy, bad legs, wounds or wiiitc swellings, ecrofuia or king's evil, cancers, pimples and olotches on the face and body, swelled fnst cr les-s, erysipelas, jflundice, dropsy, and fevers of all In boxes at Is. lid. and 2<>. 9d each. Sold by all Chemists, or from the Burdock Pill Metul actorv, 44, Oxford-street, Swansea 3400c LIVER OOMPLAINTS DR. KING'S DANDELION kVD QOINI^E LIVER PILLS (Without Mercury). The Bust Remedy FOR Biliousskbs, Stomace PEMBGEMtCKT. FLATRLENCK, Paiks Bi-.twesk THE Shouldjes, Bad Appetite, Inpigestioh, AcinrrT, HEADACHE, Heaetbubjt, and all other Symptoms of Disordered Liver and Dyspepsia. Acknowledged by many emirent surgeons to be tha j safest and mildest PiJIs for every constitution. f In boxes at la. lid. 2s. 9d., and 4s. C-d., at all chemists. 32077 Another Gold Medal again the ONLY ONE o 1(.1 n^crnvERoiT, U. PARIS, lb78, aBGrB!'EE.1tD HOLLEfi'S GQD-L!\i*R O f I BIB WMMtMnBTTMiaM ||J'I'rilillMii II Iiiiii mm njiimiii v Prepared by Koller', 13peaial itetaofl, ir, from tndlgvatihle iits of other oils, i. su, •« Co 7 j to Attr is dslioacy of taste and inc.: nal vlvtto and purity. The most esui:! t London kropear. Phyeioia-ns pro-i i '■ it the Pwwt and Best. Gives tSse h- • award at IS tmunA.TioyA^.n3t«rwynoti». ~inu-, to tiqpmfof bnrtl«n. of aii ofe-wUt*. O. .-rh' A PHYSICIAN'S GIFT.—NSRYOUS DEBILITY, ITS CAUSE AND CCTEE.—A new Medical Work, on the cause of Nervous Debility and Premature Decline of Manhood, with instructions, whereby the following Maladies are speedily and per. manently removed:-Lassitude, Depression of 'Spirits. Pimples, Unpleasant Dreams, Pains in the Back, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fairs, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Ears, and General Prostration. Postage, two stamps.—Address J. Barnes, Secretary, Wellington House, Tavistock street, Bedford square, ijondon. Just Published, Post Free, Two Stamps. ATREATISfi ON NERYOUS DE- BILITY. and the Diseases induced by it, with a Sure Method of Cure.-Address Dr. J. Hamilton, 404, Oxford street, London 1'444.5 GLAZED MANILLA G/A&TBIDGfi Jja.B stf. IN JEE<iT niSMAND. These La?>*l* &rt comiiderabiy Cho%>wuut. One*, "ll ttrishedposses* tbe vneri4- o? b-i!ag ""A:. to *1 it« apon, and bi>ii.h- iioii. V»:eKit'le Tib;» ■peoially for Labels, can be reootcmended u a v-.f-' article that wiD ataud as avera»» c,! ^.a-av,. DANIEL OWEN AND COMPANY ØTEAM PiilNTJN' WQRKö, GAHIMV>" BtAKmas or fcUOUAGB LABELS, DIBECJIOJ? SAMPLE LABELS. CLOTH LABELS, PAECHMEJSX Labels of all kinia, to Pattern or Order, Printed oi Plain at the above Works. 21C8S LAMPLOUGHJS PYRErIO SALINE t < is found pre-eminently beneficial in preventing and curing Gastric Irritation and Fevers, by PUlilving Invigorating, and Vitalising the Blood. Anv Deranr' who has small-pox should take it, and be kept in a cool and darkened room to prevent its leaving anv traroTari the features. It will curethe worst form of ordinal or sick headache in ten minutes." Dr Pront okV^T terised ite discovery as unfolding germs S benefit to mankind." The late Dr Tr^ll, M letter, that in the worst cases of saarlnt f B ™rLB £ °s £ &. H LAMPLOUG n6^' "^d the sole maker, CKEYS, NEAR NEWPORT, V • —^Hb<iuld any di^oulty arise vb Obtaining Coi-iart of the WESTERN MAIL, Subscribers and respectfully informed tha* Mr. W. B. DAVIES, Pi st Office, Or-. B« Kevg, will be glsd to regu- larly Kupily ,be Wi.<bT¡':RN MsIl. and WEEKLY MAIL on Ti, e murniiigs of publication. DANE2L~bwSN~* OG-'S A E C RAILWAY Tliia TABLES, or.lj on* jE Wales, prioe Id. 3ft. 'f: ;cit by post, ^t. Mary-^rf-et. WrESTERN MA! L.—GL'ARIFTEED II lABGBtt'L gzafiUl-WIOK by i>oat. gt. Mary-^rf-et. WrESTERN MA! L.—GL'ARIFTEED II lABGBtt'L gzafiUl-WIOK iVfe- i 'i' ;< v '): •- V; > i t .r i < P -I'! -"r ••-v- -i -Sr.. uetai p'a- •' •>d 1 S>r-s ;-»d i ai-, Co-«oh a'-d T'air £ 9 on )bs^ 4 (, 0 r->ird-elP3-; | .¡, fj- >>- 1 •« aui" i-I' ■- -'i.' >J- at ii'.i.. AX ;■> •. ;■: wA "C;; v AT?? VT. "1' :p ¡. :T !-T;(.' ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILIS ie warranted to cure all discharges from tLe urinary organs, in either sex, acquired or constitu- t-o.isl, gravel fwd PIlÍJJS in the back. Sold in 00X"8, 4^ ji each, by all cht-mists and natent medicine vfrdorg ;or eetjt to at>y address tor 60 stamps, by the ma- or, F. J. Clirko. Consulting Chem'st. Apor heo-tries' liHli. Lincoln. Wholesale Agents: Barclay lind Sons, Louden, and all the Wholesale Houses. REARING T:^p Rearing" I ACTCSEl C IS LI 5t sPOU^C}'.] I and SONS, GAINSEKO'. a hierhly Nutritious and perfectly Soluble Food, th«' nd prohtably reai a Call from a fortnight old, at tht .a¡",lj cost of One Peuay per Feed, and is invaluable foj Ceding Pigs. It requirea no boiling, but only miring witt wiling- water. Hundreds of Testimonials from some of the largest 'armers can be shown if required. Sold by Agent* throughout the kingdom In hags, with full aii ections, at 9d., te. &L, and 28a. each, or S6a. per cirt &X=W wanted In Zowxa aot rffrriwnntrt. BLA]IR'S GOUT PILLS F" GOUT ANDTfffiSGLISH BB^BDY The excruciating Pain is quickly relieved and red in a few aays by this celebrated Medicine. These hils require no restraint of diet during their use, ar dare certain to prevent the disease attacking any vital part. Said bv all Chemisia at Is. lid. and 2s.9d.. per box. tiiic BECKl T 'F' S A.S ojsed IN Th& PARIS LA UNDRV I o T TT i? or TEB I 9 PRINCE OF WALES.! SF: £ ^hYOV AS BAD QUALITIES ARE OrrEh apBSTiTOT^tt Diseases op the hair and SCALP Mr. HADDINOTE CHUBB (of the Hospital St. Louis, Paris), may be consulted personally, or by letter, at his residence, 26, New Cavendish-street. Lon- don, W., between the hours of 10 and 12 a.m., and 2. and 4 p.m. daily. Premature Balaneas, sreyne&a,.ft 3. peci; Jly treate 4 A New Medioal Work of vital hnportanoe on the Cure of Debilitating and other Diseases.—Revised Edition, Just Published, Free Edition, 136 pages, by post. ir envelope to all parts of the world two stamps. rriHE WARNING VOICE; or, DEBILI- A- TATING AND NERVOUS DISEASES: THEIR CAUSE, CONSEQUENCE, SYMPTOMS. AND TREATMENT. By HENRY SMITH, Doctor of Medicine ar d Surgery of the University of Jena. Thia s a New Medioal Work on the Nature, Treatment, and Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Low. ness of Spirits, Indigestion, Dimness of Sight. Want 01 Energy, Deafness, Epilepsy, Piles, Premature Decay, Headache, Ao., resulting from Loss of Nerve Power, th" results of Intemperance, Late Hours, Worry,Brain Toil, &c.. which, if neglected, will end in con- drmed Debility and Premature Decline. Gives the Advice and Instructions, by which thousands have been restored to health. Illustrated by Cases and Teetimonials from grateful patients, with means of Cure used in each case. Henry Smith (Doctor of Medioine of the Royal University of Jena), S. Burton- crescent London W.C. 81 I TEIE LEADING UAILY PaPER .A AJTI? ?EB LARGEST CIRCULATION IN WALES. D POSTAL DE LI VE JO OF TIn '-YJ ESTE P,.N MAIL." I By a speclia oonoeaa]<.n of ttile P-jsr«j A .rt-e.-iu; "be a JtwA.SJuflr 16 SQHOl&d to dcgJ.Ojvoii tb.^ frsv J* ot the WE3TM.K Mail e«;b jornm? by tee tmiil tram* Oardif at 2.3S i.;S. anient witcm toe iinnt* PEidbUOKlfiSaiiUii, uAj^sIAA.j 'JARDIGA-WSHTEE _D' those portions of Sbkcojfshis* and MoKaioirrj! 3kie» compnseo withir the Tredegar and Rhvmn** Vulify Podtai Districts, are ensbled c fc«-ve the delivered at their resiiiei.o-ss. on the Booming of publication, bj the saai* voct, as that which oonveys tneir London letter. The b^coKD EniiiOA of ihe WssrEaa M* ;c. jm, lOrwaruoa to Eesi&ente of the foilcwing and ait ot^ei peaces wi.Lm the CardiS Pct-vA1 Dis.nct in tin: ror he urat monmig delivery barrt Lianionei, su AudreWe. Marsaheia ou Bonvi.stona MehsgrifiitL j St. Fagan's ■^adoitoi) Ja.ich9elstor.«<-ie- | at, Mellon's iJaerphillj Vedu ( St. Niohoix* Ua^tleiown Morganstowi. j Sully ^efn Mably Punartb Ta3fe Weil -ourtyraiia Pencoed } Tongwynlaii Dinas Powii Pentyroh | Walnut Tree Brja» Landough Peters tone | Whitchurch Lisvane Pwllyp&atJ I Trtrad Mynaor. Llandafi Radyr I Lisvane t Fwll ypeat. I Trtrad Mynaor. Llandafi Radyr < LOBDOJII aad West of England subscribers their papers on the aftcraooc of publication. Any irregularity m the deliveryof the Westek> m.A 1. Should be reported at oco» to ihe Vabliahar »» +1. Head OfSoe Cardiff. tj3# TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. £ C8' » 4 m Hail-rear. „ .„ 0 19 6 Year 11; 0 IØ 411 Subgcripttou* b-1 bt poid in ade-acs- The above remarks a^ly to the WEJBKL1 MAIL, which can be sup .ijed by post to subscriber* at the following rateg ot liubscriptiOD per Qnnrter, pobt f eft 9 fJ&M-year*, .7 0 8b » Tear m, „ «. •« 0 II u As in the oase of the WZBTZJLJvt MAIL, ltihun" lion* ust be paid m ød, Post 06< e Oruers to be made payable to the f-ut lpner. W, x. R. EVANG. 1. "L^isTATE^, Hsase*. PahJkvhonsM, Shipping, ^ar^ in Companias, Life Assuna;yt Ooilieurisc Baflway Trwm. ttevenio&B,, JHjniiw* PlsDt, Crops, or ^arvjm? bcooc Boa^Lt or ^old Loans natwJ« uieir^onr T. J. Bust, Swansea; Coile.c e-.reet, i„ S. Market Aberj"?twith. »111:d, FT^ X- Y j -.muBBs KYJtfii BATua&Ar, i tt.t:r¡.zs Ãhù¡£ss F-•') F uirE SHOULD 12Y -4 | "\ONDE\SED gSTfiAOl v 01' ill?AFAlvILLA aki> ^^UiNI.VE. ooni free by Zi-etoraPost with CuXipyyculars,tor 2ia.64 IK'FALLIFLF Restorer of Broken^iown Health and Blood Pariflcr; OT86 Indigestion, Liver Com. ptamta, Gout ana Skii Diseases; Prevents Coneump. tion; Restores Nerve Power, and Prolongs Lite., A Case of Extract diasolvea in three pints of wat-v forms an Essence equal to that sold at 4s. 6d. per rant or more. r™ THE GREAT OBJECTS OF THIS MEDICINE ARB A.-To purify the system of all earthy deposits and morbid matter, and impart to the blood sach pro. perties as to make it new, pllra, and rich. B.—To cleanse the stomach and bowels of Acrid Humours, Acidity, and Mucuous Matter, which oause so many and fatal diseases. C.—To establish a healthy and natural flow of the ftp cretione of the Kidneys and Bladder. D.—Te impart tone and strength to the Digestive Organs, and to give great vigour &D4 vitality to all the organs o jthe body, E.—To counteract the il leSects produced by the use of Mercury, and to remove ail Sooroutio JSrtuw tions. E.—To cause a separation of all Diseased, Impure, and Poisonous Particles from the blood, flesh, and bones, and effect their complete expulsion firon the body. G.—To cure Rheumatism, Carbuncles Bad Lega, Glaaa dalar Swellings, Scurvy, Debility, Piles, 11811- rslgia. 8oresof all kinds Ulcers, twang trouu whatever cause. W. E. WILLIS, REGISTESED Ckskist, NOETHGATE, GLOUCESTER. NO AGENTS. 4uft KEENIOK'S VEGETABLE PiT.TA — Ho&daohea, Bilioaf Com* Inaig'estion, Gostireneas, Bheamatigm, or Tin. Doloreox, try KERNICE'S They are easy to swaliow, being very smaii. requir no oonfinement inuoora, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who praaoanoe them tc b6 the beat Mod-ciue Ln the World. Is 7tè.. ic. It" 2s. 9d. Boxes, of most Chemists, "|Z"ERNIOK'S YEGETABLS WORM ■I » LOZENGES.—These i<ozeng«» are the mo«| eihaacious remedy ever inuoduoed iot WUli&ij. lialm innuoen t in theil {;a.I.<.1tef, tltl,- nu y lit CiksL by children of all ages with perfect safety. They are most useful for cli i 0 stimiohs and p%le oont* plexion, as they strengthen the ersttm by ginngt appetite. Is t f<l. and la. ltd. Boxes, of most Chemistl KEiiaiiOK'S OOMPOONa) YJBGliU TAbL.K ESSENCE immediately relieved L-oUfihs, Asthma, -bronchitis. Influenza, Ditic-oity ot Broatiujig. bo., pioiuoinb, azpwLoriLton oi phlegm, in-iuooe an eaty anc. healtay respiration, and prevent* 'Fl"hI1lJlt\t!D by a speedy removal of d:"1:LIIe from The Suugo. A/me doffs are Qtixtralh, .t14;f"f tt ) emx>iK th* ■>*osici>e'W+ oug)4 12 la Lid- Lj M. 1M a,t IEKNU.E'8 DANDELION O.JKDr. 1.. MES-JT. Prepared Irr-m tat hn-v-c Ootlsss, wit-k an aSmisture of t'cw lIo1611rat.e(, Dandel: ">* Bf-ot (80 sucoessfoliy euspii ye-1 in caees of Liver OoKpiwutaJ, t;.ier wl-it r wboiwmome iafreJMpta, formiitu a aeirjiooB aco ny bvsjtKtast beversire. Lr tne, at Sd., and izi. 6d. -saob ot must Groonrs. RFLIEF FROfti COUGH Xiv TVu MiVi"1, wts. HAYJ^AN'S BALSAM OF EOiiE. .B-JL L .N'I>. the- mo.<t oertaui an-J FLL.txiw for Asthma. Oonsumiiaon, Brosohitia, Cougi* ladu- MlZa., DMeult Breaihing, Spotting uf Elotd, VThoopia* Cough, iioar.H6ues>4, L,.s. 01. v OhF, J¡.. h, v- inBw.n. taaeous. relief Bad raoijjv 8iJ a c'ira. IT HAK A MOST PLEASANT TAS' T'BtinAonitu.- ar* onneofisssrv. ar there 'u> •~?ely faniiAj iu ciciuljl. Wales which ii-aj-. uoc urovec >*ott'eiay, IN THE KU'RSEET It is invaluaDlt as ctuldreL are font of 11 II. ,;Q take il eagerly. Immediately It 'a taken oo^giuing '& roatp» ie8SlJ.e8S lE gots. anu refreshing sloor enRnsw. Kc. !iy who ha4 one theo it would ever ajfJ-fcr*"1 Fiji, t. "T.b. out ii. Prepared oaiy 1;), 4 A M A Y M A I* CHEMIST, KEATii, tsold by c:1 Caeousts.—Price la. I$c, r,er Bottle. Trbtte Waf* •• H&attamike t- -r:-<i 1 e <_>W A HJR.- i uU f—Ii fou s-uflsr from jL.Jft Biiious ana trfver Complfints, <S.0.?i-n»>8b, Ps-n» i" t.D<;o tioo.(1" f'¡o m the Baot a-tid ;r tbe Htio iioers, Gnpimt te.ioe ill the Bowels, Io'wol. and iwhiiing of the Abdomeoc, tf-kf TH*. AMEEICAK MaNDEAKE FILL8, IKDIG EeiT^C-iv ai d tli its titam o £ diaoomrort-r -vr* removed as if b) ms.pc.. and the Patient r'f'ored t life of nervous cesposdeney to appwaift* tP bieaeings of full health aad vigour, it yon coffer troir PI1 ES, Tske the Amarioaa iiomit t. lis T" > c-a sufier from GRAVEL, Ttkt the American ttt-cumt* "'HJ' it you r.uffer from DROPSY, or any ct the EIDNEIS. Take tne American MauOrai r-Pi ic, i' ja win not be disappointed, tot iheir is uortMU, »¡d in Boxes, Is lid. Ste 9d, as od, aud lis ah. GU jat 01- ;:ig ty taking the larger boxae. Sold by all Oheusists fvet ywr ere.—F. P. KEALL, Chemiat, 19 £ t HigS, streak 8"hhka, Free bv Post bv the Propnetor Sold in H oath by Mr Robb; Oardifl, Messrs Ooleman and Co j Newport, Mr J Young Neath, Mr iiiil Lianeiiy, Mr Eughes; Pontypridd, Mr Baseett; Cardigan, MrEO 1: vans. London, Messrs. F. Newbery and^Son. IWIBD TO PICTUHJS FRAME MAKERS AKIj DECORATORS — Groat Reductioa in Pi-ne of English and For&ign Piotuo-e Frame and Room Mouldings, all the newest designs thousands of different patterns always in stOOll, Vtnoerea and Fancy Wood Mouldings, Picture Framei of every iiescripcion. Oleographs, &c. Every requisite ici tne i.r&ab and Exportation. Special attention 60 country orders. Full particulars in Book of patteras and C&' F- log-ue, for »bici send three penny stamps to B. MOiiEx.L,18 Great St. Andrew-street, Hiooms&ur j London 46.!Oo "FOR THE BWOD IS THE LIFE." WORLD-FAMED BLOOD Auxruaa. THE GREAT BLOOD PUiilflEa. &,2, .b.i")fj¡'¡'r.:d, i or cieaniiiiig ana clearing the bboc1 f.- m cli t m- puritiefc, cannot be too highly teoomxandea. For Scrofula, SctiiYy, Siia iiiSics.-i-iB, o tt kindR, it is a nevftr-fail-ng and perma je-ji OW" It Cures old botea. Cures Uicsr^tno borev oa che -(;It Cures Uic&Tfctea bOr., Cures BiackhoadR, ()7' Cunpi*, »c tn-j }< Cures Scurvy /:1;)-611. Cures Csneerous -Jloers. Cures Blood and Sim i>iHaa#r>s Cares Gianouiar Swailin^t. Clears the ijloo-. tiomiu Irnt j c 5a^rt«r From whatever cause irioaaj. As this Mixture ia pleasaat to ti.-e tas-.o, iuid rented free from anvr.hiug co t-ts C.i.;Utlt delicate oonst-itutaiii of either sei, the or soucits sufferers to give it a anal to e l I LP, j "4'1 i boattando of testimonials cs .-Uj iit CCRE OF DROPSY. M GoB er&al, 1 iti^- ls, S t r. fi -■ -tn. Dear &r,—-Th?n ie to oerttly tha-* r-wo ftluven Bnuiing boti""8." Ctarae's Bl.¡",d Micture eared u. wiie nen three e. w- Luau dootora -or. powerless. Ii"-r oooipiajpt was dr_ .Jt>, aud sht tao I bea7. iti neariy to6" 'i:i,>; V -i arr at iio«! tIo publish this u you pxvsa*. M Yours truiw, Johb ÜOX," So;2 m bOttltl 2" t)d iu ""1:1" "HÙ8.l"lU,, six times the tiEitiifi, 1.1.. asaii. so ad. a par- mandnt oure. in ths gzea* mn; jh..v of ^ag-ataudLtf »ses BT ALL CHE t IsTS and -ATENT KilDlCIN V tSKD<;KS shroughoui the -«ar,d, 31, sent on reoeipt of 3C or 182 stam yB, by F. J. Li aiiKt., Chemitil, Aiot, £ i"jii.imj' tL" LIUCOI A FACT WuRTts KNOWING BkLCHAM^ PILLS Are admitted., II,) cbuuetuut oo oe »o» it; above a GUINEA A ijv'Iv foi biaouf û uei :«s disorders, saoh ab wiuu 4uo paiij 1.4 ,he 8\n&ch. aiuk uead ache, ¡.¡id.:1ines8. fuilnese ana after meals, cizzi- 1 e-is and Clr wtmess, aoid chills, flushings of heat, k-ss fit appetite, shortness of breath, oostiveness, scurvy, biotcnes on the akin, disturbed sleep, frightfoi dreams, and all nervou* and tremDliag sensations, Ao. The first dose will c' ve reiier in twenty minutes. Thia is iu fiction, for tittly have done it in thousands of cat es. Ti-e Pro-,rie-,or ot tnes6 Pilis have obtained (at tat f;ipfcijt-e> « pwtent ior them he challenges the thr •vholt- world to pruouoe a rueUicine equal to them, fur removing tbe at* ve compLnnto, and restoring tile pat sett to souca ana n« Every sutSsrer i earr.estly icvit-ac u- try oat cox of thOA6 PiUs. nud thty wiil be Plctu"d4>r. tc be WOiiTH 6 (iijlNEa A BOX. For females of ai; et. tnese ilia are ^nvaloabie, a»a dDses ot tuerj arry 0:1 aiJ grttse huaioura, apat "'1 detractions, ai-d fr-i>v %t>oab a a uiat u requirtxi. (10 female shoam br- she-t. There ia 00 medicine to be found to»>q "■ t, H tnM'S PlLi«S for retuov^xag aiy üt.tttru..ctloJ «- pf1r.t} ,;t;ltb ayetem. it taaen accoidia^ tc Tin- i>: -1 <ivi.-n w:ii box, taey will soon res'or.1 ,.tai, aa»»ir so«oaud and roooal health. For weak 8'aiiuhoiu, w.rft<1 and all die- orders ot the liver, thoy -t liar*; JiAtSIC," auu a iew dostas wiii be foanu too wtirk wooaore upon the oiosj important organs ÍL 'tie nuina.xi ouuihiue Paaj strengthen tne whole aausoaiar y8t! rest ore tne long lost complexion, or.n* fts- K r^e atea eia-e of appetite,and arouse into action wsc:, the ti uf ^enaiaQfr^2 all DlasB&e n* r- ^"1? 1 am umaiug 8^i G1&SB&6 Oa b-Aielj, ana ot b^t. eaaruMb co have^thl0?18 d'.biJi.ated U, BEJ^CHaM'S flLUt world esi* of 8'11-v Patent medioine in "i» wor.d.. BEECHAM'b MitilC COUGH PILL&. tT, for^meCi-8 £ ?r :ou-Shs Ui general, astujan, iliSoulSj X. i sh-irtnesii of breath, tightness ana ob» V Sb'iou 11 oiiest, wheeling, ate., tUeae Pills stau uu:-vaued. i <iey ^peeduy remove that sense of doprea- 'a of breathmg which nightly depr-va ^v, reat parson give Be.aCaiaH'8 lltf rlLijc-a -rial, and tne most violentoough will \ii u snort 'ime be removed rh^^ ^estefl to aoiioe was r.he words" BEttCaAM'sS PIuLb, St.ieien's ar- oa toe Cjovtma-cat .^taaap affixed to each bo* of the Pilla. it L.t ou4tbey arc forgery. Prepared orA ly, ,i; d soid wh olosais aud retail by tiDe proprietor, T. BaeCId1.a., Clieniibt, St. 1. snue, in boxee at it lid aud B 9d e:wh. bout yoø' tree from txie propnt>i^r for 15 or 36 by v 0,7,d Pat.t MecZvcwn Vmtdorsin fVoi* Q'i1 N.B -Full P'rocMoaB arc given vritJi box BLTPTURES.BY ROYAL LETTERS PaTENT W'HITE S MOO-MAIN LEVER ▼ TRUSS COMPANY LIMITED.. Wi-^JTE'S MuO-MAT« LEVER TRUSS is allowed by ui wirc s of 500 Medioal Men to be tbe most eflaclav^ iunin of Tiio ut>* ot a steel spr ng, so often hurtful in its effeots, 14 her* -voided; a soft bandage being worn round th* tn-cy, wh.lethe requisite reeisung power it suppuad by 'h< b OC-MAif* PAU and PATENf L&TEa, fluiiw oo much ease and closeness that it oannot be de ectec, and may be worn dunngsieep. descriptive ci- cular may be had. and the Trass (whicti eannot tail t tiii forwarded by PoaV°n Clroumtorenot) of the body, two inches below tne Ioma. beiag sent to the MTJOHK WHITE, 228, PICCADILLY LONDON /"ice of a SiBKle Iruss, lbs, 21* -kJ A' H • f-, b agfl free. Pnce of a Douuie T> »and |ls bd. ?n< b'iB 6a. Postage free, p, ;Cf. TuaT8 3l-.& 6d. 42s, 42(8 and 52B 6d. 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